Elon Musk: The Bird Is Freed

Find your frens.


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  1. Google’s YouTube, that has banned so many of our like minded friends, revenue growth has dropped like a brick.
    Next quarter they should see actual revenue declines.

    YouTube , a brilliant concept in the wrong hands, just as Tv has been, for 70 years.

    • Yeah, this site doesn’t seem to like Elon Musk, but he’s pretty genuine about what he does.
      Another good thing he did, was to fire most of those employees at the top. No rehabilitation or any guessing.

  2. Twitter/Elon MuskTwitter will be forming a content moderation council with widely diverse viewpoints. … No major content decisions or account reinstatements will happen before that council convenes.

    LOL — next he’ll be running for Congress so he can hold hearings and be on committees.

    • linkIt is likely ‘advertisers’ will be an important source of revenue for TWTR in the future, and Musk signaled he would try to appease ‘advertisers’.

      linkGeneral Motors says it will ‘pause’ Twitter ads after Musk takeover

  3. Record number of strange user names Hitlure, Auntie Cemight, etc added in a 24 hour period has Twitter watchers “baffled”… Stay tuned…

      • Yep.

        Nov 4
        Since October 27th, a 4chan-driven campaign in which trolls are deliberately flooding Twitter with antisemitic imagery and memes in response to Musk’s takeover – has increased in volume. As of today, it’s received over 16,000 mentions.

  4. Food for thought:
    I’m as excited as anyone to see Elon Musk buy Twitter, even if only because so many are losing their minds over it. Sorta like when Trump won. I hope Mr. Musk does good things, but let us remember that the only reason he was able to take over Twitter and fire the head trash is because he is a billionaire. This is Clash of the Titans and in this case the Titans aren’t gods but billionaires. That seems to be the only club that has any power in this country, the club is exclusive, and we ain’t in it.
    Huey Long was right. We need to make billionaires obsolete. Billions don’t buy you nice things, billions buy you power.

    • You’re naively wrong. We need more billionaires that are doing things for us. Not against us. Money is only a tool. It’s about the motives.

      • I hardly think I’m naive, look at who the billionaires are. Where do you think the Jews get there power from? It ain’t from voting or the model for society they set.

    • Billions can buy you free speech, when the powers that be want to silence you. Oligarchs will always be the power behind the throne in any political system, so its good to have some good ones.

      Huey Long spoke about billionaires, because he wanted to help the poor. If you want to help a poor person, you need something that can build them a nice little house. Make them a productive garden, and harvest food from it. Operate a small business on their behalf to raise a little cash. What could do that?

  5. Update: A few weeks ago I had a Twitter account locked for an alleged anti-Trans Tweet to Pres. Biden.

    Last night I made another account but it got locked out again.

    Might need to invest in a burner phone to be able to hop in the Musk Motorcycle band wagoning.

  6. Andrew Anglins twitter has been restored, If they put him back on this maybe for real guys

    Will you be back any time soon Brad?

  7. Would be nice if Musk would “buy” Charlottesville, VA and drive all the Communists out and invite defenders of Confederate history, heritage, monuments, etc to a rally to restore all the things those Commie Red Terrorists have removed and make Charlottesville a free southern city again.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  8. Per the above it looks like a lot of familiar names are back on Twitter.

    Speaking of which:

    linkCutting ties with Cooley and Perkins Coie is a positive development. [ed: Twitter did business with this law firm; Must cut ties with them] … This activist law firm was involved in the failed Sines v. Kessler Charlottesville lawsuit. One of their partners, the Jew Michael Sussman, provided forged documents to the FBI claiming to show Trump having ties to a Russian bank. … Twitter private messages and identities were a major part of the data plaintiffs collected against defendants in Sines v. Kessler. The chances that the corrupt Jews at Cooley, which has worked for Twitter since 2016, provided and obtained this data through their ethically dubious conflict of interest is very high.

    I wonder what dirt Musk may find.

  9. One thing both sides have in common is their love of splaying their ass-cheeks for climate change mobster globalist Musk. Smell your own farts nice and hard when you get to go back on shitter. You all should have moved on or even better, not give 2 shits about it at all.

    • Umm, would you be surprised? — Musk used billions of other people’s money to buy TWTR and has to service the debt and restructure the company before taking it public again later (almost a certainty) — revenue from ads will be by far the single most important factor in determining whether TWTR can be a viable, profitable business — do you really think companies will pay to advertise on a platform where it is allowed to say nigger, kike, etc?

      It’s possible to talk about black dysfunction without saying nigger — it’s possible to talk about Jews without saying kike — if you want to use that kind of language you should really be on Gab.

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