We’re changing course.

This has been a long time coming.

I’ve pretty much had it with the comment section. I only have myself to blame for the situation. I default to free speech and letting people have their say and the inevitable result of this policy is that we accumulate trolls who hijack all the discussions here in order to push their own agendas.

I’m trying to do two things here which are mutually exclusive: 1.) appeal to a more mainstream audience and attract normal people who are pro-White, pro-South and pro-Christian and who are interested in a National Divorce and who would support dissolving the American Empire in favor of a breakaway state based on the South or the Heartland and 2.) running a free speech comment section.

If your thing is atheist or pagan anti-Christian White Nationalism or atheist fascism or National Socialism or antiracism or whatever the hell it is that has nothing to do with this site, you can go post about it elsewhere. You can go back to Renegade Tribune and the other movement ghetto websites and talk about race and Jews all day and how much you hate Christians and how miserable you are there. Feel free to go create your own website and appeal to the 1% to 2% of atheists who agree with you there.

Years ago, we had to switch to this annoying system of moderated comments because of the threat posed by people who would post violent comments which would then get reported by “journalists” and the other “extremism” hall monitors who would try to take the site down. The problem isn’t talking about race and Jews so much as it is becoming absolutely obsessed with those subjects and descending into monomania which occasionally erupts into violence but more often just comes across as extremely aggravating to anyone who isn’t deeply immersed in this marginalized internet subculture. Monomania is a major reason why I no longer identify with the White Nationalist or Alt-Right labels.


  1. HW and I have had enough of y’all’s nonsense. You can post your autistic rants about Alexander Dugin and other esoterica on the Daily Stormer if you want, because frankly we don’t want to hear about it.

    • Mr Wallace, I long ago stopped commenting here. I came to get a Southerners perspective on things but in fact I had stopped reading here because of my perception of the actual madness of some of the commenters and because I had no interest any longer in encountering those sorts. It is rather easy to consider that the tone of the comments can be reflective of the blog itself.

      I think it very wise in order that you defend your South the comments be well moderated. Last night while channel surfing I came upon a “Documentary” titled “The Civil War” on MSNBC. I gave them five minutes which was all it took to understand their motive. It was clearly another hit job against Southerners. These people cull everything they can get their hands on to paint Southerns with darkened colors. They are as obsessed with Southerners as they are with Trump. An open forum only serves to provide them ammunition. Thus wisdom demands that one cultivate the perception one wants to project as the basis of ones character and culture.

      I think Mr Spahn stated a wise comment in his post. Maybe one measurement of the moderation should actually be that all posters show refinement and gentlemanly behavior which is to my mind one element I associate with the old South. Propagating that is a major tactic in the recovery of both Southern and National culture. All that to say I whole heartedly support you moderating. To blazes with free speech this is a propaganda war now as much as anything else and the good side needs to win. Do what it takes.

    • @Spahn I third you and Hunter. My crime is being a blackpiller and I apologize for that. After a day of going through what was once my families area for five generations and seeing not a single white or Christian face anymore depresses me and I come to vent but I shouldnt bring everyone else down.

      This site is great because you dont have the cartoon character right wingers pretending to be Goebels, talking about asinine violence that no one normal wants or using vulgarity and needless slurs. There has been a ton of anti-Christian commenters which I loathe but that is not Hunters fault because he has tried to be fair and open with discussions. It is one of the main reasons i took a break from OD, the constant anti Christian and Catholic mockery in comment but the articles have been fantastic for a decade

  2. Thank God. The comment section has been a dumpster fire forever, and anyone coming here to read your mostly reasonable articles would, upon seeing it, immediately conclude that anyone involved with this stuff is a bitter crank or an insane weirdo. Hopefully this will expand your reach and make people comfortable sharing articles with folks they know, without worrying about whether acquaintances will think you’re secretly one of the loons in the comment section.

  3. I admit that when a person, on this website write is opinion or try to be rational, some people become angry, others are more kindness and available for conversation. Regarding me, as a lot know i’m not american, but i think that on these website there are a lot of foreigners like me (from Europe, Australia, South Africa, etc.). I don’t want to repeat how i come to this website, i’ve been always right wing (since 2011, before i was too young to interest politics). I’m a naturalist (not in the trash sense of radical shit vegan new age) in the sense that i believe that makind must always keep in mind that it is part of nature, that there are biological laws and human whims to destroy human nature and the world are leading to destruction. Societies, which are useful certainly, are, however, moving toward a transhumanism, a metahumanism that distances people from what is real. In today’s societies people think that a male can become a woman and vice versa, that two men or two women can have children, that it is wrong to be proud of one’s ethnic and cultural group. A society where relationships are based only on social and the Internet and not on meeting people as it has always worked, if society has increasingly become individualistic and against tradition, it is also the fault of the virtual world that has captured our time, especially that of young people (and I say this as a young person who does not have social). There used to be bars, village festivals, churches and traditional festivals in which people met….. today, however, most stay in an office, room or elsewhere in front of a computer, living perpetually in a virtual world. I don’t know whether nature created it a God, Gods or chemical interactions, surely nature has existed for a long time and has precise laws: no trans, no LGBTQ, it is fundamental to be faithful to the group to which one belongs and to create traditions that bind each group together with its history. Today in the global society of economic religion, there are no longer the various groups of belonging with their traditions and history (in their place is a vague idea of humanity that responds only to economic and virtual rules); there is no longer the healthy and biological concept of male and female and family (in its place is the sick concept of transgender, gay); there is no longer respect and pride for history (rather there is a rewriting of history in ideological terms and an erasure of it). As I said in the other comment about the Maasai, I am pro-white and I am proud of our history, for me we should separate because we are trapped in an economic globalism with no way out, only separation and the creation of our own communities can move us away from this declining world. That is why as I said I envy tribal peoples a little bit, because they may be poor, but what really makes a person rich (his family, his territory, his history and traditions, his contact with the non-virtual world) they still possess.

    Marcel, italian friend, pro secession, defender of monuments and history, always anti leftist and anti globalist.

  4. It seems to be just a specific handful of trolls who post a lot under different handles. In real life no atheists, agnostics, or just plain secular people would use a term like “Christcuck.”

    That is just a troll tailored for you and to bait the kind of people you want to attract.

  5. Thank you for making this decision, HW.

    There are many things that observant, open minded people will likely discover along the way. I’m certainly well versed on these subjects, and have broached them more often than I should have. The problem is, repeating the same chorus from the same song over and over and over and over and over (and over again) appears paranoid, hysterical, irrational, close minded, narrow focused, and a whole lot of other negative things to normal people who are willing to give our ideas a fair trial.

    We are far better off watching from the sidelines, commenting here and there, and offering intelligent analysis, and just letting the wheels come off on their own. We don’t need comments about roller coasters of death and lampshades and other nonsense. None of that is going to sway anyone.

    When I drifted toward this sphere of discourse, my main concern was the following:
    1) Not losing my freedom to speak my mind. This never meant that I didn’t understand there were social reasons to be measured in what I say and how I say it. I still believe that.
    2) Having my thoughts heard and represented by my political leaders. I know after being involved with this discourse for almost a decade that there are a sizable number of people who share at least some of my views. Yet, “our democracy™?“ doesn’t recognize us.
    3) I’m concerned about the dissolving trend with white families and white birthrates. It is stunning how many white women I see with mixed children. It is mind boggling to me how this has come about. It isn’t “white supremacist” to be concerned about this. It is normal.
    4) I am befuddled at how cities such as London have given over themselves to non-English immigrants. I’m terrified at how many major, important American cities have reached or passed a tipping point where normal white people will never be enfranchised in these cities, ever again.
    5) As a southerner who was raised Baptist, I’m horrified that the church (leadership) doesn’t at least speak to these issues with a fair and balanced approach.
    6) And yes, it is deeply troubling to me that (apparently) normal people are being led toward acceptance of child abuse (trans) and pedophilia.

    I’m amazed that even whispering these things, things that I’m certain that at least 25-30 percent of us have at least “cause for concern” over, gets you labeled a fascist etc. it’s still unbelievable, and very few things are unbelievable to me these days.

    I do not hate anyone. I do not feel superior to anyone, though I am a “western chauvinist” who does believe that European history, culture, tradition, etc do deserve protection from this encroachment. I’m just as disturbed when I see other races and cultures destroyed by globalism.

    I don’t think any of these ideas are extreme, and I think this is the core of much of your readership. However, I do agree (wholeheartedly) that there are about 25% of your commenters who just seem to want to maintain this antisocial ghetto that they exist in. They’re cynical, nihilistic, have tunnel vision, and I truly believe that many of them resent MAGA for adopting these talking points, because, like they always do, when their ideas appear to find a mainstream forum, they accuse that forum of being enemies, feds, gatekeepers, controlled opposition, and then they flee back to their ghetto where they’re comfortable and cozy.

    Cul-de-sac is the best possible word for it.

  6. I’ve never commented here, however, I’ve followed you for over a decade.

    I’m atheist but overwhelmingly understand the positives of a unifying religion. I am also fully prepared to accept Christianity if it unifies and helps continue my people. As someone outside looking in on Christianity I believe the religion (as Westerners interpret it) would not exist without white people. So, I believe my race is more important than any religion. However, this means I am willing to support a religion that saves my people.

    I came to that conclusion over a long period of self reflection and experience. Part of that was breaking out of the echo chamber I was in during my college years (White Nationalism 1.0). So, ideas and commentaries like yours help people with that.

    I think you have just as good of a chance converting or at least grooming the NS, atheist, etc. white nationalist crowd to something more tangible and palpable than you do “normies.” So, while I get a little frustrated with the repetitive jargon in the comments I think shunning them and running them away may bear less fruit. At the end of the day I believe they may be allies in a tight spot, irregardless of ideological stance. That proof was seen at Charlottesville when most stood shoulder to shoulder with us against the horde.

    I can see what you are trying to do and I know a purity spiral is more often detrimental than it is helpful.

    This is just my two cents as a pro-white, southern nationalist, who is also an atheist.

    • @Southron…

      I appreciate the constructiveness and thoroughgoing nature of your comment.

      Yes, even if I were not a Christian, I would be in favour of a Christian South, because a people must have a spiritual backbone, and in The West that has long been Christendom.

  7. It has bothered me more and more lately that my comments usually don’t support and even contradict the posts, and are often tangential or completely off-topic. I do respect your knowledge, clear thinking, writing skill and years of effort expended on this blog.

    You may be correct and I could be wrong about many things, but I am open to persuasion with facts and logic. I will continue to read, and if I do comment here again, I will keep on topic, asking pertinent questions or adding useful information, per the website rules.

    I realise that as government censorship increases and sites are being shut down, the need for strict moderation of commentary and banning of some embarrassing or troublemaking commenters (trolls) also increases.

    Even the Moon of Alabama blog, with its excellent comment sections has been flooded with trolls lately and has begun to crack down and ban commenters. Bernhard’s post on moderation yesterday is very good and is pertinent to yours (on topic):


    • I wasn’t referring to your comments which are civil and respectful.

      I’m just tired of waking up in the morning and seeing dozens of atheist anti-Christian White Nationalists bashing Christians in the comment queue and posting long diatribes from conspiracy websites which I don’t read like Renegade Tribune. I am sick of people like that. I am sick of publishing toxic content like that which has nothing to do with this website.

      • Thank you HW, I’m glad you made the decision you did. I don’t mind comments that disagree with mine, but there’s a way of expressing a viewpoint that doesn’t come across as so bitter and hostile that some persons never seem to grasp.

        Concerning Renegade Tribune, I’ve read several of their articles and even commented on some of them over the past two years. The thing that stood out most about the site was how virulently anti-Christian they are. Currently, they have a long series of articles on Jesus and the truthfulness of the New Testament that reveal their complete bias and misunderstandings. Outdated higher-critical arguments that have been debunked many decades ago by responsible biblical scholars are employed (e.g., the theory of pagan derivation, Jesus did not historically exist, the New Testament is replete with contradictions, etc.). It seems they only read the works they think supports their own side without any serious interaction with the works of conservative biblical scholars such as Daniel Wallace, D.A. Carson, Gary Nash, Douglas Moo, Gary Habermas, and many others.

        If the host imagines that he will win Christians over to his viewpoint by being so acidic and contentious, he is sorely mistaken. As the old saying goes, ‘You can catch a lot more flies with honey than with vinegar.’ The host and others who write articles on the site seem eager and ready to fight at the drop of a hat. This more or less sets the general flow and attitude of those who comment on the site.

        As critical as I am of Jewish cultural subversion, Renegade Tribune is filled with some strange theories such as the notion that Christianity was created by Paul to deceive the Gentiles. Christianity, then, is a false religion concocted by the joint efforts of the apostle Paul and the Pharisees/Sadducees to forever enslave the Goyim. It’s all ‘part of the plan.’ There is no historical reality to any of it, but it convinces people who have no knowledge of the subject. The assumption on their part is that no Jewish person – neither Jesus nor any of His apostles – could be genuine and truthful simply because they are Jews. There is also no willingness on their part to face the truth that Jews have opposed Christianity since the very beginning not because there is some coordinated ‘plan,’ but because the two religions are fundamentally at odds with each other in every way.

        One last thing. I had a blog years earlier and I too had to find the balance between allowing informed and irenic comments and those that were bizarre and mean-spirited. It’s not always easy moderating comments. I finally settled on allowing all sorts of comments whether they agreed with mine or not. However, they had to be comments that were relevant and generally respectful of others. I also didn’t allow my comment section to be inundated with endless links to this and to that. I urged commenters to be succinct and to say what they wanted said in their own words as opposed to simply adding lengthy links.

        Regardless, keep going the direction you’re heading.

        • Renegade Tribune is the poster child of the sort of self marginalizing descent into monomania which I dislike and want nothing to do with

      • “2.) running a free speech comment section.”

        Not possible, with all the trolls, troublemakers, saboteurs and kooks.

  8. >We’re returning to moderated comments

    The comments are already moderated, in that they are held until approved — while I’m not sure what you have planned in practice, what you seem to mean is that you will implement your own ToS regarding comments: you will censor comments ‘at will’, i.e. no longer publish comments whose sentiments you disagree with, or otherwise disapprove of — is that more or less accurate?

    Could you point to a specific comment you find objectionable, in the sense that it and ones similar to it prompted this announcement? — I gather there must have been a great many, but I’m only asking for one — several (or more) would be OK too — more than anything I’m just curious to see a specific example.


    • Here is an example of the sort of the garbage that I am talking about:

      Know Nothings and totally reconstructed Dixian’s know not their ancestors
      0 approved

      Sola Scriptura, eh? says:
      August 31, 2022 at 12:05 pm
      GAE Transhumanist Templar Matrix vs. the Wave Sheaf of the Defender and Kinsman Redeemer

      The misogynist GAE Transhumanistic Usury Judeo-Chr-islam Templar Matrix contra the Tree of Life Yggdrasil and symbol of the Lady and Cosmic Temple of Wisdom

      The insidious programming of the Matrix suppresses racial identity and seeks to pasteurize all peoples into a raceless, rootless mass of homogenous humatons. The reality of divine oneness is falsely invoked to legitimize this dehumanization, with the cant that if All are One we should live together in peace and brotherhood forever. The truth is that there is no contradiction between the oneness of Supernal Spirit, which underlies all creation, and the infinite variety of separate forms and beings which it spawns. In fact if all went back to unity, it would be the end of the cosmos.

      Spiritual enlightenment awakens an individual to the love of God for all beings, called Caritas. We have also awakened to the reality of racial identity; from this arises another kind of love, the deep primordial philos that binds together a family, clan, or tribe. Again there is no contradiction: enlightened white individuals have philial feelings exclusively for their racial kindred, and this does not diminish their Caritas for all humanity. Awareness of the overarching unity gives us the wisdom to draw the line of separation exactly where it’s needed. Dharma/Logos requires strong boundaries on every front…

      Wave Sheaf of the Defender and Kinsman Redeemer of our Ethno-Nation’s contra the Communist Third Templars

      ODIN, as we read in the EDDA, “stands in no need of food; WINE is to him instead of every other ailment, according to what is said in these verses: The illustrious father of armies, with his own hand, fattens his two wolves; but the victorious ODIN takes no other nourishment of himself than what arises from the drink of wine” (Mallet, Vol. II, p. 106)
      A study of Danish literature reveals that SESKEF, sometimes spelled SCEAF, is a TITLE OF ODIN. What does this title mean? Seskef, or Sceaf, literally means a “sheaf” of grain. ODIN claimed to be a kind of lord, or advocate/defender/preserver of his kinfolk people, and laid claim to being THE SHEAF represented in Leviticus 23:9-14 as symbolically referring to anointing as the hero, defender, preserver of his kinfolk!

      … and out of his mouth doth proceed a sharp sword, that with it he may strike down the nation, and he shall herd them with a “rod of iron” (Gungnir)(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gungnir#/media/File:Odin-Lawrie-Highsmith.jpeg), and he doth tread the press of the wine of the wrath and the anger of his God the Most High Almighty (the pantokrát?r (from 3956 /pás, “all” and 2902 /kraté?, “prevail”) – properly, almighty; unrestricted power exercising absolute dominion https://biblehub.com/greek/3841.htm) Revelation 19:15

      Sacrificed himself to himself for WISDOM:

      Sacrificed himself to himself for WISDOM!! … not for glory, kingship, and riches or global POWER and Dominion, … but FOR WISDOM! Odin is very closely associated with his powerful weapon the Gungnir, the mighty spear which never misses its target and which Odin used to indicate which force would be victorious when two contending sides met on the field of battle. That he would be wounded by his own spear when he sacrificed himself to himself is clearly not inconsistent with the tenor of what is taking place.
      His sacrifice took place on Yggdrasil, the World-Tree and Cosmic Temple, symbol of Lady Wisdom and the “Beginning of Wisdom” (Proverbs 1:20-32; 9:10).

      Many (and many don’t realize the long psyop of history) are in bed with the ((())) and are only all about protecting their extra national (going supra-national, aka communistic) usury franchise … globally… and is why their all in for the middle eastern foreign alien’s “second temple” religion of full spectrum dominance (aka “dominionism”) “messianic” global monarchy …

      They are committing treason for the foreign monarchy and it’s goal of third temple global usury communism as they wage 4th (wide open borders used to blurring of the lines between war and politics, combatants and civilians) and 5th generation (conducted primarily through non-kinetic military action, such as social engineering, misinformation, cyberattacks, along with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and fully autonomous systems, ie. “Jade Helm: Mastering the Human Domain thru Artificial Intelligence”) war on the sovereignty of the several American Republic’s both Dixian and Yankee… see Article III sec 3 of both the constitutions for the Confederacy and the US both under the Article’s of Confederation limiting the enclaves powers… https://www.abbevilleinstitute.org/poison-under-the-wings/ http://www.margaretbarker.com/Papers/RestoringSolomon.pdf

      tell everyone who you are says:
      August 31, 2022 at 12:16 pm
      You tell everyone who you are when you delete these contra the left right north south dialectic apposing the north south left right kinism!!

      GAE priests rejection of the Cosmic Temple Goddess says:
      August 31, 2022 at 12:30 pm
      This thesis explores the economic rationale behind the Deuteronomistic reforms of centralisation and aniconism, as demonstrated through the biblical texts and extra-biblical material. The aniconistic centralised Temple complex promoted by Dtr was a repository of wealth, power, and influence, which was threatened by the iconographic system of shrines and temples spread throughout the Judahite and Israelite areas. This is evidenced through the economic underpinnings of the society which have contributed to these ‘reforms’, such as the development of an ethnos Israel and the fiscal manipulation of the temple complex and system of tithing. The iconography of the goddess Asherah is used as an example of this, but other forms of iconography associated with the early cult of YHWH, the great Angel, a son of El Elyon (God Most High) the second god of Judaism (https://archive.org/details/TheGreatAngel) are also considered.


      tranhumanist usury harlot says:
      August 31, 2022 at 1:06 pm
      “The harlot of the Book of Revelation, dressed in purple and scarlet, represented the second temple, and instead of pouring out the holy anointing oil from a golden vessel, she poured out corruption. Presumably the harlot had replaced the banished Lady of Solomon’s temple, who would have poured out the anointing oil.” ~Margeret Barker (this author and biblical scholar will irk the GAE priest of the usury communistic empire) ~margaretbarker.com/Papers/RestoringSolomon.pdf

      • Here is another example:

        Totally Reconstructed Incep’s of Dixie
        0 approved

        wow, y’all totally reconstructed Incep’s and alienated form your ancient kin-folk ancestors heritage and culture (religion) have totally fallen in line with the global “messianic ‘dominionism” (read communism of the oligarchical collectivists where you will own nothing and you will love it being slaves and serfs for the neo-feudalist “lord’s all the way down”(ie. they the “lord’s” will have absolute right of ownership of everything including you Incep’s)

        Aid ans support for any global monarchy “messianic” or not waging any form of warfare on the sovereignty of any of the several Republic’s of America under the Articles of Confederation is TREASON! See Article III section 3 of both the constitutions for the Confederacy and the US, both subordinate to the Article’s of Confederation and placed to restrict the enclave from forming despotic MONARCHY… how it was done was the placing of the private political-economy of usury within the enclave : “The story of the American political order, at least to this point, is the collapse of the influence and autonomy of the local into a consolidated political and financial order, what Jefferson’s people called monarchy. This order is not merely political, it includes cultural, social, RELIGIOUS (deep inception of foreign propaganda doctrine), and political mores (https://guidingthestorm.com/is-god-good) and habits trans-national in their scope and often emanating from institutions closely aligned with the centers of supra-political and economic power (ie. usury capitalism is international communistic oligarchical collectivist “socialism” (ie. privatize the gains and wealth and socialize the risk and losses onto the prols) contra ethno-national political-economy (ie.national socialism, see Gottfried Feder) https://www.cobdencentre.org/2011/10/the-second-crisis-of-socialism/. https://www.abbevilleinstitute.org/poison-under-the-wings/

        Inception: “information” placed by infiltrating the subconscious of the target peoples to be destroyed”

        Re: https://identitydixie.com/2022/08/09/blood-soil-and-faith-the-fundamental-building-blocks-of-a-nation-part-i-blood/

        Who is the “god” of Dixie that Dixie has incepted for the total reconstruction of Dixie’s people that y’all gonna build your nation and culture around? Is that incepted “god” a “god” of your ancient racial ancestors and thier culture (religion, polity, economy) and heritage?

        Is that incepted “god” by Dixie going to be her ongoing heritage and future? Is this what y’all believe and have faith in?

        Luke’s Surprising and Oft-Ignored Views on Marriage and Resurrection

        “Stewart Felker wrote an article about what he suggests may be “the true most embarrassing verses in the Bible” — quoting a remark famously made by C.S. Lewis regarding Mark 13:30 (“This generation will not pass away until all these things have taken place”). What Felker has in mind, though, is a statement by Jesus about marriage and the afterlife found in Luke. In fact, when I first saw him mention it in an online discussion, I almost didn’t believe it was actually in the Bible.

        The remark occurs in a well-known Synoptic pericope. To understand it, we should look at Mark’s version first. The context, chapter 12, is a loosely-connected series of sermons and other opportunities for Jesus to dispense wisdom. In vv. 18–27, some Sadducees, “who say there is no resurrection,” pose a trick question to Jesus, perhaps in the hopes of discrediting him and the Pharisaic belief in a resurrection.

        The scenario they pose is one in which a widow ends up marrying seven brothers in succession due to the Mosaic law on levirate marriage. Since polyandry is not allowed in Judaism, these Sadducees demand to know which of the brothers would be married to her in the resurrection (afterlife).

        The challenge is easily met by Jesus. His response is that marriage will not exist after the resurrection:

        For when they rise from the dead, they neither marry nor are given in marriage¹, but are like angels in the heavens. (Mark 12:25)

        Matthew (22:30) follows Mark’s text closely with no change in meaning. Luke’s version, however, changes Jesus’ response to something quite astonishing:

        The sons of this age marry and are given in marriage; but those accounted worthy to obtain that age and the resurrection from the dead neither marry nor are given in marriage. Indeed they cannot die anymore, for they are equal to angels and are children of God, being sons of the resurrection. (Luke 20:34b-36)

        So while Mark and Matthew describe a difference between the present age, when people marry, and the resurrection, when they do not, Luke describes present-day humanity as being divided between the “sons of this age” who marry, and “those accounted worthy to obtain resurrection” who do not marry. In other words, Luke’s plain meaning is that only those who are not married are worthy to be resurrected in the next age! As New Testament scholar David E. Aune (Notre Dame) puts it:

        The correctness of this interpretation is assured by the fact that it is difficult to conceive of an act of “being counted worthy” as occurring at any time subsequent to physical death. This logion, then, reflects the view that humanity is currently divided into two classes, the “sons of this age.” who marry, and “those who are counted worthy to attain that age and the resurrection from the dead,” i.e., “sons of God” or “sons of the resurrection,” who do not marry. That is, celibacy is regarded as a prerequisite for resurrection…” more at link ” ~ https://isthatinthebible.wordpress.com/2016/12/18/lukes-surprising-and-oft-ignored-views-on-marriage-and-resurrection/

        …and the often unconscious Judeo-Christian theology at the heart of officially atheist/secular transhumanist thought ~

        To wit: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatian’s 3:28

        If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. Luke 14:26

        Who is this foreigner “god” y’all have faith in to rebuild Dixie?

        Sola Scriptura for Dixie … correct?

        Sound’s like y’all are pushing surveillance full spectrum dominance (ie. “dominionism”) usury communism to me bro’s …

        How do I know, because there is a critical fourth component or criteria to sovereign nationhood contra the internationale communist’s of the “Second Jerusalem Temple Cult of Usury” (http://www.margaretbarker.com/Papers/default.htm)

        There is a fourth critical component or criteria to sovereign nationhood… sovereign political-economy or true commodity capitalism, both with “non-interest-bearing current liability” currency (ie. usury that is used to build global personal and national propertyless communistic oligarchical collectivist monarchism (ie. the structure of the nation’s money should BE SOVEREIGN, whether commodity money as Thomas Edison and Henry Ford described both land owners and resident in Florida or national socialist contra the private international communist monetary system run out of the “extra-territoriality” enclave of the DC:

        “Why is this system socialist? There are two ways in which a monetary system can be organized: Either the market chooses what is money, or the state does.

        The money of the free market, of capitalism, has always been commodity money that is outside of political control. Wherever the trading public was free to choose, it picked commodities of fairly inelastic supply as monetary assets. Almost all societies, throughout all cultures and civilizations, have come to use precious metals as money.

        Commodity money is apolitical money. Nobody can create it at will and use it to fund himself or to manipulate the economy. Crucially, human cooperation via trade does not stop at political borders, and commodity money has always transcended such borders. If gold was money this side of the border, it was usually equally money on the other side, regardless of whose image was printed on it:

        By contrast, complete paper money systems that have no link to an underlying commodity are always creations of politics. In such systems, money can be “printed” at essentially no cost and, thus, practically without limit. But not by everybody. Money printing is the privilege of the state and its central bank. Money, in this system, is entirely elastic. But it is political money and closely linked to political authority.

        In a paper money world, if you cross a political border you have to swap your money for different money. All the efficiency of today’s 24-hours-a-day, multi-trillion-dollar foreign exchange market, which so easily impresses the untrained observer to whom it may epitomize global capitalism itself, is nothing but the market’s attempt to cope as best as possible with the inefficiency of monetary nationalism and monetary segregation that is the result of every national government wanting its own paper money under its own territorial political control.

        To call this system capitalist means depriving the word “capitalism” of its meaning.” ~ Detlev S. Schlichter (Hampstead, UK) is a writer and Austrian School Economist. Schlichter has a degree in economics and spent nearly 20 years working in international finance, including stints at Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan. He served as a portfolio manager of fixed income portfolios at J.P. Morgan Investment Management and, in 1996, moved to London to work in the global bond team of the company there. In his career, Schlichter has overseen billions in assets for institutional clients around the globe. ~ https://www.cobdencentre.org/2011/10/the-second-crisis-of-socialism/


        Empire of the (enclave’s) of the “City” … see Acts 7:48! https://ia801202.us.archive.org/31/items/empire_of_the_city/empire_of_the_city.pdf

        • I can’t imaging that anyone here would even read anything like those two examples.

          I still think it’s better to just let people scroll past such nonsense after a cursory sampling.

          If they are spamming the comments, that’s different of course, but it hardly hijacks the comments absent doing that.

          I guess there’s a difference between comment moderation on ideological grounds (disagree) and moderation just to protect the integrity of the site in general (agree in principle).

          Not an easy call. I think less is better with exceptions however.

        • Thanks for these examples — I do not recall seeing that stuff here, but maybe I missed it — I agree with MPO that it looks like spam and I probably wouldn’t have read it had I seen it (so I wouldn’t blame you for not publishing it).

          I think it was Greg Johnson who complained about the comments here — I didn’t particularly like the tone of his remarks, but that was perhaps due to what he was writing at the time (about Ukraine) — anyway, I did partly agree with him: some of the comments here are bizarre and objectionable, and might be a turnoff to new readers, but you could handle this via a disclaimer — it’s up to you.

          • I shared that as an example of the nonsense which I don’t let through the filter and how being immersed in an internet ghetto can cause some people to become utterly deranged

    • If you must know the truth HW and I don’t appreciate your swaggering, arrogant pedantry, your excessive use of block-quotes or whatever you call ’em and your hostile condescension. The comments section is reserved exclusive!y for refined Southern gentlemen, not perpetually aggrieved ruffians.

      • >HW and I

        Who are you and why should I care about your opinion? — and how do you know what HW’s opinion is?

        I use what you call ‘block quotes’ to highlight content from others, to make sure it’s clear it is coming from someone else, to give them credit (or blame, as the case may be) — that’s all — also I don’t really think I do it excessively: the vast majority of the text I have posted here is my own.

        What you refer to as ‘swaggering, arrogant pedantry’ and ‘hostile condescension’ is perhaps just your resentful characterization of some (not all, but some) of what I have written here — people whose own arguments are weak, lacking merit and rigor, are often resentful of others of whom that is not true — after all, the level of discourse in the US today is generally very low; perhaps you have become accustomed to that.

        I do demanding technical work requiring a great deal of ‘pedantry’ and attention to detail; it is difficult to jettison this in other contexts — so you may have a point there — you can think of me as a sympathetic member of the ‘coastal elite’ (it would be helpful to attract more such people to your ’cause’).

        But since you stated your opinion of me: I find your comments/contributions here mundane and uninteresting — oftentimes it isn’t clear to me that you have a point.

        >refined Southern gentlemen

        I see — well, for an alternative view of the type, I refer you to the (in)famous ‘not a single canon factory in the South’ speech of Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind (link).

  9. Poland has what one might describe as a rightoid ‘Christian Nationalist’ (albeit Roman Catholic) government, 10 points or so ahead of the leftists … but it’s interesting to look at how even some of its voters think their power will unravel by the next big Polish elections in late 2023

    One factor is the economy, the EU energy price disaster, all the spending on the Ukraine war and on millions of Ukrainians who arrived … the ‘left’ is promising to somehow make things economically better, and because people are desperate, Poles are turning to the left out of ‘socialist’ hope

    Also, women and abortion … Poland is super-restrictive on abortion, but the big centre-left party has just ended its ‘no comment’ sort of policy on it, in favour of supporting abortion in early pregnancy months … this was a big difference between the big centre-left and the ‘far left’ … now the ‘left’ will be united about this, and Poles fear women will now tilt into the left camp more and more … as we possibly will see somewhat in the US this November

    Another factor right-wing Poles lament, is that church leaders themselves are not supporting the right-wing positions strongly … Roman Catholicism under Pope Francis is fairly lefty-friendly, and in the US there is the same issue with a lot of the church leaders, especially ‘mainline Protestants’, being even more lefty

    The question of Christian Nationalism, in the context of the good points about the ‘internet ghettoes’, is whether Christ-Nat will also be a sort of semi-ghetto, tho a much larger one than those with the Adolf fans

    Possibly the real power for the US right, I suspect, would be in a sort of more loosely-defined ‘trad culture’ movement, that now must include the trad-family Latinos

      • >Poland is so wonderful

        Ignoring politics, actually it is; I like Poland, anyway.

        I used to take trips thru Poland at Easter time — it is a very Catholic country, and at Easter there is a nice reverent, holiday atmosphere — seeing a farmer on a horse-drawn cart waving at your train as he rides on a road parallel to the tracks reminds you that you’re in Eastern Europe (although even today the eastern part of Germany still looks more like Poland than it does western Germany).

  10. Well, it’s your website and you certainly have every right to run it as you see fit.
    That said, I think you’d be better off if you eliminated comments altogether rather than attempting to “moderate” them. Not that a comments free site focused on Nationalism, Populism, Reaction and all that, is likely to be all that popular; but it would be more honest than a Breitbart lookalike set up for “mainstream” and “normal” people.
    Most people visit sites such as OD explicitly for the comments if not more than for the originating posts and other content. That interest is only sustained by the understanding that those ideas and opinions exist in “a free speech comments section”.

    Notwithstanding the limited number of trolls, morons and agenda pushers (present on all venues with open comments of any kind), most people can and will moderate that content on their own. Plus, it’s always interesting to see the overall distribution of opinion relative the center of gravity on specific issues. Some of the more outlandish stuff is often humorous as well if not particularly informative relative to the issue at hand.

    I assume that the ideas noted in you first goal for the site will define the filter for comment moderation.

    Pro-White and even pro-South are unlikely to be a burden, but just what is a pro-Christian litmus test supposed to be? Christianity is at best controversial within WN circles if for no other reason than its origins, history and its current embrace of Zionism, equalitarianism etc. I would think that Christianity (pro & con) would need to be up for discussion in order to be intellectually honest. One simply cannot have an interchange about the predicament of the White race, and the potential solutions, without invoking Jews and race.

    While interest in a so-called National divorce is admirable idea, just how is that supposed to work? Are all the normal, mainstream White people just going to declare their independence and say keep out? Lincoln invaded and all but destroyed the Confederacy over the pretense of one small Federal holding, namely fort Sumpter. The federal government currently owns over 27% of the land in Alabama alone. It only gets worse as you move West.

    I do visit Renegade Tribune now and again, but I don’t see nay commenter names that appear on OD troll or otherwise. Ironically, I was completely moderated (banned) from the site just for criticizing veganism and feminism. It’s not quite the National Socialize fever swamp that you think it is.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. I do hope you’ll reconsider.

  11. Will Orthodox Slumlord be allowed to post still or will we still see him around? I mean I’m a more moderate pagan but I liked the Old Dominion Anglicanism and am not hostile to high church Anglicanism.

      • Mr. Wallace,

        i am glad you are tired of all of this. Your moderation has already protected me a lot and I appreciate it. The first year or so I was on here was hell but it has improved a lot and it looks like the comment section will continue to be more civil.

        The first time I noticed your moderation in February 2020 a man called Carl Green came on line and bashed you for protecting me. So I still possess the gratitude for you..

        I am not making an extended curtain call but will continue to be on here on occasion whenever I am in the USA. I am pro white but of course southern nationalism has no appeal to me or mine. I am very confident that my interests will win out in the end and I think you know it as well.

  12. Thank you Hunter. Some of the rants I’ve seen on here , sounds like an old man drunk in a bar letting it all hang out, telling everyone what nobody wants to know about about his inner id…..

  13. Fair enough. The Comment Guidelines have always been sensible.

    I agree that Christian bashing, and promotion of atheist and foreign ideologies from 100 years ago, complete with weird looking foreign uniforms and flags turns off people. Most of us come from some form of Christian backgrounds.

    That said, I recommend not falling back in to 1980s Reagan, Pat Roberson and Jerry Fallwell wage the flag, support the troops, fight the Russians worship all things Israel and feature Televangelist $ hustlers like Jim Baker, the Christian Coalition. Also the lie that everything bad in the USA is the fault of those Gosh Darn Liberal Democrats and nobody is every allowed to mentioned exactly what tribe are the worst Lib Democrats like George Soros, Brian Seltzer, harvey Weinstein, Rob Reiner or mention the fake (Oh they used to be Trotsky Communist/Liberals now they are born against New Conservatives, Neo Conservatives like David Frum, Jonah Goldberg, Max Boot, William Kristol, David Podhoretz etc.

    I think Vdare does a good job with this – “The war Against Christmas was extremely popular with our target market – Trump Used it to get elected”.

    There should also be some added comment guidelines about not bashing various kindred White European people like the Russians, Serbs, Poles, Germans or here it’s all Catholics.

    But, in all things this is Hunter’s Blog, he calls the shots.

  14. If someone comments here and their stated beliefs aren’t polling well at the moment, they’re probably a troll. Maybe there’s a way to check a disclaimer box before posting here? Like “by checking this box I affirm that I’m a normal White Southern Christian that disavows unlawful acts and is committed to a peaceful secession. My views and personal life are mainstream enough to not alienate people I seek to influence.” Keep up the good work fencing out the schizophrenics.

  15. Mr. Wallace,

    I am a daily reader of your polemic. I would appreciate it if you did not censor the comments, I find it interesting to be able to read the views of different persons who visit this website.

  16. I’m all for greater moderation. One of the problems in the pro white movement is that we tolerate anti social kooks in online and IRL spaces. It has dragged our movement down for decades. Even though I’m a Yankee and a Catholic, I support Southern nationalism and you tailoring your blog to that focus. It’s interesting to hear commentary on current events from that perspective. Southern culture is one of the great White cultures and it should be preserved.

  17. Mr. Wallace, I know the usual suspects (SPLC, ADL) label you as a “racist” or “hateful” (Of course, no halfway intelligent person should take these groups seriously), but I’ve always found your writings to be of interest and worth reading, even though I don’t always agree. For example, I don’t agree on your views of “Christian nationalism” and if I were a betting man, I’d bet my life savings that we will NOT see anything close to secession in our lifetimes at least.

    But even when I strongly disagreed with what you write, I’ve always thought what you write is worth being read. However, the comment section here has been a cesspool and a huge turnoff to this site. It’s made me wonder why I bother reading this site. Then again, I, too, support free speech, so I understood why you were quite liberal in what you allowed to be posted. All that said, I support your decision and think it’s the right one….and since it’s solely you who is making this decision under no pressure from the Biden regime, this is not a violation of free speech. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about youtube, facebook, and twitter.

    • I’m not a Christian nationalist.

      I just write about the news and Christian nationalism was in the news in July and August.

      As a Christian, I am sympathetic to Christian nationalism, but I have repeatedly learned through bitter experience that even good ideas can be dragged down by bad people and bad leadership, so I was hardly inclined to jump on that bandwagon. That’s the mistake that I made with the Alt-Right.

      The fact that Christian nationalism was in the news provoked an explosion in anger from the atheist anti-Christian White Nationalists and National Socialists who sperged out in hundreds of anti-Christian rants over the past two months. I got sick and tired of seeing that shit day after day.

      Then college football season started and even though I wasn’t paying any attention to football and was in fact watching videos about 16th, 17th and 18th century English and Scottish history a bunch of people started ranting about how miserable they are that normies are watching football. It just really drove home the fact that these people are deeply, deeply, deeply cranky and miserable and the thought that someone they don’t even know is out having a good time angers them.

      I finally just got fed up with it. This extremely angry, bitter, negative, cranky, miserable, depressing atmosphere makes even me want to go do something else like drink a beer and I don’t even drink these days. Who is attracted to this stuff? Who looks at that and thinks to themselves … that’s how I want to feel every single day of my life. That’s how I want to spend my time.

      I just couldn’t help but be struck by the misery that I was seeing from these people and the joy and happiness of the normies that I was seeing driving around town in Auburn. The thought crystallized … no wonder these people don’t want to join the movement because that is the tone and what it sounds like is just repulsive to everyone but very selective personality types who enjoy being angry and miserable and talking about Jews all day and heckling people aren’t don’t share their monomania.

      • Our world really is one of paradox, contradiction, hypocrisy, etc.

        One of the things that very deeply impressed me growing up about communism was the drabness, sameness, dullness that many of those people suffered under. Their existence had been completely reduced to being cogs in a machine that only valued them for their labor. A lot of people in our circles will go on a rant about Ayn Rand, but her writing did do extremely well at capturing that drabness and contrasting it with the vibrancy of the West at the time she was writing.

        I personally have largely given up on “sportsball”, but I haven’t forgotten that southerners bond over the competitiveness of SEC football. Even “sworn enemies” tend to be putting on an act. Just yesterday I saw a black woman wearing a “Roll Tide” tee shirt, and as someone living in an area that cares very little for Alabama football, I took the opportunity to ask her if she picked up her shirt at a garage sale (and that got a lighthearted chuckle out of her because she knew I was joking).

        Anyway, I find people who go overboard with their criticism of college football culture to be more akin to communists than anything that I’ll ever be able to identify with. They do take all the fun out of life. I do UNDERSTAND the intellectual criticisms of “grillers” and football fans etc, but we have to make those criticisms with language that doesn’t repel normal people.

      • I appreciate your response to my post, Mr. Wallace. It is well said. However, I am a little confused. You say that you are “returning to comment moderation”. I was under the impression that comments were already moderated. Am I mistaken? All of my posts at least have had to be approved before appearing on this site. I assumed this applied to everyone. I thought everyone’s posts needed to be approved by you before appearing. Was I mistaken?

        • I generally screen the comments for violent fed posting that could get the site taken down or worse. Otherwise, I was pretty much allowing a free for all

      • Mr.. Wallace,

        That was a good comment. As a latin Catholic I expect people to be morally weak. But it never gets me down. In my society we like to have fun. To have fiestas, to eat, drink, etc.

        So do not over think or worry about these matters. Do what you can while enjoying life. God is in control, not you or me or anyone else. With all the problems we have in Mexico I am happy. Anglos are perfectionists. Not always the way to go.

        The following song always makes me feel good. So enjoy. Remember stay away from Tijuana. By the Kingstons.

  18. I am glad there will be some limits here – some general decorum.

    It has bothered me for years that every time we try discuss Southern welfare, in light of this devolution of this nation, that it has to be seen in the company of genocidal trolls who USE nationalism as an awning for bloviating like Oskar Dirlewanger on a bender in the Warsaw.

    As a Southerner, who has lived all over this country, and out of it, I am keenly aware of how kind, civil, nice, and well-meaning my average fellow Dixian is, and it is terrible to see that image constantly tarnished, especially when we have so many Yankees here who, not only are genuinely sympathetic to Southern existence, but, know very well how to bring good and stimulating conversational elements to this blog.

    In fact, some of our very best commentators are Yankees.

    That said, our host has bent over backwards to give everyone the widest latitude, to such a point where he was daily crucified at this, his own blog, during the Covid Affair, for merely advocating a moderate position.

    The abuse spewed forth during those months was epic, and I often wondered how he could bring himself to read this stuff, without winding up in the hospital owing to some intestinal complaint.

    As to criticisms on Christianity, Southerners, Yankees, Jews, MAGA-ites, Cuckservatives, Zio-Christians, RINOs, Progressives, LGBTQers, or who and whatever, it is a reasonable thing in which everyone ought feel free to participate. Yet, when it comes down, over and over, to one or two parties as being denounced as solely to blame for this difficult time in history, it is incredible puerile.

    We live in an enormously complicated nation, something which is to tempting to miss for those who would like to shoot someone and then shout, ‘hurrah, hurrah!’

    • Ivan,

      If everyone here was as civil and respectful and moderate as you are in your comments, then we wouldn’t have a problem.

  19. I have often thought how much time it would take just to moderate a simple blog such as this especially when one has to go through all the comments and chose who remains and who gets banned every day. I read several blogs a day and it takes me quite a while to do that. I can’t imagine running a busy website like this.

  20. Hunter, I’m a Southron. I read your post daily. I enjoy your take on current events. I also enjoy the history lessons.
    To your point about trolling, I only responded a couple of days ago to a Mr or Mrs Browning. I seldom reply to or comment on any blogs I read. I just got a hair up my arse that time.
    I won’t post a reply to Bobbi Browning again. He may need gender affirming surgery or something. Best of luck to him/her.
    I’m one of those “normies” you talk about. Although I’ve given up the idiot box and sports ball 10 plus years ago.
    Best Wishes! Keep up the good fight!

  21. I think the atheist and pagan white nationalists who aren’t willing to ally with Christian nationalists to defend their race and conservative values, probably aren’t really white nationalists or conservatives but progressives who’ve fetishized and adopted white nationalism just to seem edgy, like Richard Spencer.
    When it comes down to it, these people will side with progressives against white nationalists and conservatives.
    By and large, if white nationalism is going to succeed, it’ll take a Christian form, albeit more evangelical protestant and less Catholic in North America, as the Catholic church, along with the Anglican/Episcopalian church has been largely corrupted and liberalized.

    And yea it’s not just about white nationalism, a black person who’s conservative or moderate has more value to me than a white person who’s batshit progressive, even if said white person is a supposed ‘white nationalist’.
    White nationalism and woke progressivism are incompatible, whites can’t protect their race, and embrace degeneracy (gay marriage, trans, unrestricted abortion) at the same time.

  22. This is an informative and motivational venue, trolls and assholes included.

    If you read through the detailed racial history of the US here posted, you’ll see that anti-miscegenation laws were enacted (and needed) as early as the 1600’s.

    White women are simply whores, and without a firmly controlling society and culture, we are doomed because of that.

    All of our political and ideological interchanges are without meaning if we don’t address that substantive fact.

      • Ok Sir, so just what would you call White women that were having sexual intercourse with niggers as early as the mid 1600’s? Why were those laws even needed?

        The only way White cultures historically controlled their women was through rules both cultural and legal as needed. Stop thinking of you Mother and Sister and get real.

        Today we have no rules; turn on your TV and take a look.

        It’s you who should apologize, not to me per se, but for your inestimable ignorance.

        A true example of “normal” and “mainstream” I guess..

        • Mpo, I share the same concern , you do, but for a whole lot longer, that being, because I am probably older than you, even as I love my mother and sister, my first thought and concern is my DAUGHTER, I hope sir, God will bless you with a good wife, who will provide you with a daughter, I apologize.too you mpo and everyone.else for my inestimable ignorance and I thank you for your response…..

          • I appreciate your sarcasm, a lost art indeed.
            My point was that our women have always required societal control. That’s self evident and historically provable. It has nothing to do with whether you worship yahweh or any other “god”. His blessings won’t get the job done, believe me.
            I was married thank you and I have a Son who is wide awake in this respect. He still kisses his fiancés ass, but he knows the score.
            I was born in 1961, you may be “older” if not wiser. I remember that my sister couldn’t even go out in public wearing pants. That she could go twerk in a bathing suit with male niggers to “wet ass pussy” was beyond our familiar consideration.
            Brother it’s time to stop being a sarcastic smartass and to really do something to protect that daughter of yours,
            I suspect that Eliza Fletcher’s father felt just about as smug as you do.

  23. I’ve got a thought experiment for you all. It’s an “optics” thought experiment.

    How much different do you think things might have turned out had the attendees at UTR all been adorned in Christian symbology instead of NatSoc and even southern confederate?

    Before I get pummeled with defensive comments about the battle flag, I’m not implying that it doesn’t have a place and that we shouldn’t have the right to fly it. All I’m saying is, what if the masses of people at UTR had all been flying Christian flags, and had crucifixes on their shields instead of swastikas? What if there had been enough discipline and agreement that those optics would have garnered more sympathy? I’ll agree that in the media, for the most part, it would have still played out as a fascist display. However, in the hearts and minds of normal people, I don’t think it would have been so offputting. In fact, I think it would have been sympathetic.

    I made a lot of mistakes along the way in my support of this counter-movement of dissidents standing athwart globalism and antiwhiteism. I fell into some “edgy” echo chambers. There were two driving motivations. One was the actual desire to change things, but the other part, the part that I let control me at times, was the resentful, angry, helpless and unpowerful, very small and insignificant person who wanted to flip the system a big “FU” middle finger. I wish I had stayed focused on my desire to change things.

    • FYI, The Confederate battle flag *is* a Christian flag. It’s the Cross of St. Andrew. The Union Jack is a merger of the Scottish St. Andrew with the English St. George. There other Confederate flags of course, like the Bonny Blue and Stars-n-Bars, but the one that triggers the Church of Woke and has literally gotten folks killed driving past dindus is the battle flag. The result would have been exactly the same in C-ville if the participants had all been flying overtly Christian banners, praying the Rosary, etc. BLM and Antifa have burned churches down in several states.

      • I’ll only argue that the battle flag’s historical symbology is mostly lost to history, ie very few modern people, let alone modern Christians, let alone Southern Christians, have any idea that it has Christian symbology.

        Knowing this, I argue that easily recognizable Christian symbology (that doesn’t have to be explained by southern nationalists) would have been “better optics”:

        As far as Antifa, I’m not concerned with how Antifa would have reacted to Christian symbology. I agree with you, they would have reacted exactly the same way. What I’m talking about is the public. Regular, well meaning people like my cousins, aunts, and uncles who do not have a political ax to grind. I’ve had conversations with family members and despite my entire family being from the south, very few of them have any sort of positive feeling about the confederacy or the battle flag. Most people view the history of the civil war along similar lines as the signing of the Magna Carta, or the Battle of Hastings, or the Visigoths sacking Rome. It’s just a piece of history that they read about in school. No different.

        This isn’t true about their Christianity. Their belief in their faith is tangible. It is still important to them. When they see Christianity being attacked, it bothers them.

        My argument is that it would have been much harder to sway public opinion about the attendees at Charlottesville had they not been dressed in costumes and waving flags that most modern people feel no connection to.

        It is unfortunate that even a simple white flag with a cross on it doesn’t have quite the resonance that it did a few decades ago, because there are fewer self identifying Christians. Yet, there are enough that it would have been more sympathetic.

  24. @Brad “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”
    ? Aristotle, Metaphysics

    We do hear too much from those great Roman Catholics, Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco here on a Southern political website.

    • Hitler and Mussolini weren’t Catholic. Hitler was reared in a Catholic home, but by the time he reached 18 years old, he repudiated Catholicism for the occult. Mussolini was reared in a socialist home, and was very Anti-Catholic from his childhood. Kindly educate yourself before you make an ignorant statement like this again.

      • I guess you have never read about the “Concordat”, a treaty signed between Mussolini and the Pope, described by the Pope as
        “God to Italy and Italy to God”. LOL. Yes, Mussolini was a Roman Catholic and so were Hitler and Franco.

        • Strephen Dalton has a point however (he is accurate) regarding the early lives of H and M.

          I forgot to add in the previous comment that Franco was also not very religious in his early life, but became fervently Catholic later, when it was necessary. Franco portrayed his struggle to destroy the Republic (the democratically-elected Spanish government) as a Catholic “Crusade.” He said: “we are faced with a war that is taking on each day the character of a Crusade.” It was called “Crusade against communism in order to save religion” and also, a Crusade “against the Moors.” Republican forces were called “the Moors,” while Franco was using real Moors, Muslim mercenaries from Morocco, to fight the Spanish Republic. Franco’s neighboring fascist dictator, Antonio Salazar, who ruled Portugal and assisted Franco’s Crusade, had studied for priesthood and was even more devout than Franco.

          This is in response to Orange’s post-related (“Enough”) comment, that “We hear too much from (…) Hitler, Mussolini and Franco here on a Southern political website.”

      • “by the time he reached 18 years old, he repudiated Catholicism”:

        However, he remained at least a nominal Catholic all is life. Hitler said in 1941 at the height of his power, “I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so.” But he supported, and also identified with pro-Nazi, anti-Jewish “German Christianity,” and with Lutheranism.

        “Mussolini (…) was very Anti-Catholic”:

        Until he became PRO-Catholic – when he had a Catholic church wedding, had his children baptised, and made Catholicism the official religion of Italy – and his only serious difference with the Pope was over Jewish citizenship, which the Pope would allow. Hitler’s mother and Mussolini’s mother were both very devout Catholics who sent their children to Catholic schools, and they became at least nominal Catholics.

      • Stephen,

        The 1933 concordant between Germany and the Vatican was the most pro-Catholic treaty in Germany’s history. Even after the war Pope Pius XII stood behind it, No such treaty was possible with the USA and diplomatic relations were not restored between the USA and the Vatican until Reagan in the 1980’s.

        The Church traditionally has been extremely racist. It forbade from 1593-1946 any non white with even a drop of Jewish and Moorish blood to be a Jesuit. Modern “conservative Catholics ” love to ignore that.

        While it remains difficult to find on yahoo the comment between Mussolini and the Vatican when it was approved in 1929 the Pope said that “Fascism is Catholicism and whoever is against it is a Bolshevik”. The Church only sometimes condemned Mussolini later when he deviated from Church control on religious matters like marriages and Church appointments.

        The Pope congratulated Mussolini for his anti Jewish law in 1931. The Pope condemned Mussolini for strong racism instead of a milder form but then it was pointed out to him that traditional Church racism against Jews was far stricter than Italy in the 1930’s. I think the Pope knew this but was feeling international pressure.

        The Church was even more favorably in support of Franco who fought against the Red Republicans and their communist Soviet allies. The Republicans used the Abraham Lincoln forces which were primarily Jewish against the nationalists. The nationalists used some moors. I think they were mostly useless.

        Using non whites/non christians against whites is what all white countries do when they fight. Examples:-The usa in WWII/WWI/Spanish American War/Civil War. The British in WW2/WWI etc.

        I think the South may have used some freed slaves against the Federals.

        I could go on and on but you get the point.

  25. WAR ON


    If you do not see the above as 100% true you are not legit.

    Trolls have never been legit.

    Learn some European History, sure bad things happened,
    Western History, Man, is pretty brutal at times, we are still
    unique, creators, we are deliberately being cut off from our
    history, culture, traditions, beliefs, and it will be the end of all freedoms. Our enemies have a hitory too, they are good
    at what they do and have done it before. All of Europe will
    become like Ottoman Turkey and all of North America will
    become like Mexico, brutal, corrupt, you speak out challenge\
    the establishment you are dead.


    ONE MAN !

    Nobody is telling this story. THE ONE MAN !

    It’s not Jesus, but without this man, there would be
    NO HELLENISTIC KINGDOMS, no Christianity as
    we know it, no Jesus as we know him,
    nor a University System that is unique
    to THE WEST, and many other unique things.

    MOCK ME ! It’s mainly about leadership.
    We have all the building blocks, no leadership
    to get it done. The time is coming with the pain.

  26. It’s tough to not seem obsessed by the Jews when talking about politics or even anything, because they are stirring the pot everywhere. So even if you “wished” not to talk about them at all, it’s difficult. Not talking about the Jews when describing our society is like the blind Men describing an elephant as a wall, a rope or a tree depending on which part the blind Man touches. I wish it wasn’t that way.

    I personally believe that the Jews saying they are only 2% of the population is a lie. I don’t think it’s possible for that small amount of people to cause so much trouble.

    • I talk about Jews on this website.

      I’m not, however, OBSESSED with Jews to the point where it is the only thing that I ever think about or write about and get angry at people who are spending 24/7 obsessing over it. It is the monomania that is aggravating.

      • “the Jews saying they are only 2% of the population is a lie.”
        Amen to that! I encounter far too many for it to be just 2%.

        “OBSESSED with Jews”
        Difficult to avoid, as they control all major media and consequently the national mindset. They are the pernicious force behind nearly all of the degenerate policies.
        I’m glad you don’t harp on the subject, the rest of us can do that 🙂

  27. Can I still comment? I like to think I’ve been civil, even though I don’t like Christianity as a religion and I believe in one of those “crank ideologies” that Millions of Americans agree with but can’t state openly due to persecution.

    I simply will NOT settle on a multiracial State, Whether its Christian Nationalist or Constitutionalist or whatever. Hunter, you seem to agree with this, which is why I try to post counter-arguments (respectfully), and counter the smears and lies against a Worldview for which I have sacrificed so much.

    • One thing that frustrates me about people of your persuasion is that you talk about an “ethno-state” or homeland….but you never go into detail about how you will make this happen. It comes off as a big larp to me. Why not peacefully and lawfully take action now instead of just writing about it? Why not move to Iceland or Greenland? Those are peaceful places that are close to 100% white. Even in the USA, there are several locations on the great plains that are close to 100% white, which are not seen as desirable by both white shitlibs and non-whites….and therefore are not vulnerable to demographic changes. Those towns can be pretty close to white ethno-states. Why just write about this ethnostate on the internet, when you can have something pretty close to it right now in a peaceful and lawful manner?

      • America is my Nation. My family line traces back before the Revolution. My ancestors did not fight so that the land could be populated with freed slaves and indios. I’m not going anywhere. I’m in a decently White area as is, but having your little corner of the country be OK temporarily is not the point.

        The way I see it, establishing a new country and casting off the old nonsense is as American as it gets. This time we need to get it right. Americans are primarily a Celtic & Germanic people, and basically our own branch of the White Race at this point. This ethnic core needs to be maintained and codified in the new State to keep our Nation alive.

        “Never go into detail”

        Here is my step by step plan on how to achieve total victory…

        Move together with other racialists, discriminate amongst the White population for those of good character, push for secession. It’s very simple. Hunter Is not wrong on this, it’s just that our visions of the future are different. Moving together means jack s*** if you can’t get secession and are surrounded, and secession means about the same if we have to bring the non-White fifth column along with us.

        Btw ALL White countries are under attack, even Iceland. NO PLACE IS SAFE.

      • It’s impossible to have a White “ethnostate” in the USA. It would be targeted by the federal government. Even if an area happens to still be incidentally White, it can easily be flooded with brown people and destroyed (and the government would do so intentionally if it were known that Whites were using the area to form an “ethnostate”). This has already happened in many rural areas.

        Whites shouldn’t be forced to flee to far corners of the earth to have space for ourselves.

      • There are more “minorities” every day in these white enclaves you speak of. Besides the ones brought in by white virtue signalers, it seems brown people really really want access to white people for some reason.

      • el cazador del oso,”…One thing that frustrates me about people of your persuasion is that you talk about an “ethno-state” or homeland….but you never go into detail about how you will make this happen…”

        This is not true. I have shown that there are a few laws and illegal Supreme court decisions that have greatly hampered our ability to organize and pass laws for our own benefit. If we would ruthlessly work for our own interest, then we could roll all over these people.

        National Socialist,”…The way I see it, establishing a new country and casting off the old nonsense is as American as it gets….”

        It confounds me that everyone is willing to dream so meekly and sacrifice large portions of our country. I want the whole damn thing and make them do what WE wish instead of what they wish. We can do this.

        Dart,”…It’s impossible to have a White “ethnostate” in the USA. It would be targeted by the federal government…”

        This is not true.

        Here’s the way to do it. Combine with the left to get real, honest elections. We have the majority if you take out their cheating. We have at least enough to get over 50% voting in the House and Senate. With that, we pass laws that make it almost impossible for widespread cheating. Let them howl racist, White Supremacy all they want. They do it anyway.

        Change the Supreme court decisions that forced ALL States to elect their Senators by population instead of on a regional basis like the Federal government and like they used to do in most States. Regional Senates. This devastates the rule over the whole country by city centers.

        Change the law so you can discriminate. Another illegal court decision. Make voters qualified. Maybe even raise poll taxes. Make sure they have a high school diploma, speak English and can pass a test at high school level. Don’t let first generation immigrants vote at all. They don’t like it they can leave.

        Change the Senate election amendment back to having “our” regional based States Senates appoint Federal Senators. This will once again take serious power from the city centers.

        I would go farther and take everyone who has ever become a public charge who immigrated, deport them. We could deport 50 million like that. Plus, really get rid of the likely 40 million illegal aliens.

        So in just a few years you have totally taken over large swaths of the country. Without the city centers making ALL policy, the anti-White attack plan will be ruined and those pushing it fired. We could start deporting them to the Congo. If we actually started telling the whole truth about the Jews, break up their media empire first, then I think we could have a good shot at deporting the whole of the Jews. Every one of them. It’s happened over a thousand times in the past, I don’t see why we can’t do it again.

        I discuss the details, the laws, the relevant Constitutional clauses that show we have the power to do this with only just over 50% of the vote in the federal House and Senate, and how the power shift looks in the most anal absurd detail in these comments linked below. If we make these three things THE ISSUE in all elections, we can get enough politicians to do this. Those that won’t, we turn out in the primaries and defeat them to get people who will.





        It confounds me that everyone is so filled with despair and that people keep coming up with silly ideas like breaking the country apart or civil war, (playing right into the Jews hands to split us into small pieces or kill off more Whites like they are doing in Ukraine), when we can have the whole thing and run it as we damn well please. The Germans were far more pozzed than us, more controlled and they got rid of the Jews influence. We’re in much better shape.

        My apologies for repeating some of this over and over but it seems to me the only straightforward way to counter the path we are on without massive bloodshed and a total disruption of the country while following the laws, and mores, we have made for ourselves. People who are against this must explain how the first step, making sure elections are not fake, is somehow anti-American. It will be difficult to do this.

      • bear,

        No need to worry. The Southwest looks increasingly like Mexico. The United States is an United Nations en petite. Therefore I do not see how a white ethnic state could be formed. If they do it well then okay. I can pass for white.

        Most anglos here have treated me good so I bear then no ill will. Either way some interesting events are just over the horizon.

  28. @HW

    It’s more than fair to point out the role of Jews in tearing apart the South and attacking Whites. Ignoring the Jewish role is ignoring a major part of the problem. It’s also fair to question Christianity, especially mainstream organized Christianity, as a cause of decline. It seems that the only roles of the major denominations are to protect and funnel money to Israel, wash the feet of minorities, guilt Whites, court political power, follow social trends, and generally make Christians and Chritianity irrelevant. It’s all depressing and disheartening.

    I’m nothing but a product of the Protestant South, but I don’t know what an independent South would look like. I don’t know of any direct ancestors who weren’t colonists, and all were living in the South at the time of the Civil War. All were Protestants. It’s a pretty mixed bag, from what I understand, made up of everything from Methodists and Baptists in Georgia, to South Carolina Quakers, and Moravians in North Carolina and Virginia. I have no identity other than that of a southern Protestant, but I don’t know what an independent South would look like.

    Although I have ancestors who fought and died for the South in the Civil War, I don’t revere the old southern aristocracy. I also have no desire to live in a theocracy. I very much believe in God. I just don’t believe that He speaks through humans, and I see no evidence to prove myself wrong. At the same time, I believe that listening to whatever spews from Nashville, wearing Simply Southern clothes, drinking sweet tea and eating fried or smoked food isn’t enough to make an identity for an independent Southerner. What makes a person a Southerner, and what would hold an independent South together? At this point, I don’t know.

    It’s probably more important to define ourselves than it is to define our enemies, but enemies shouldn’t be forgotten or ignored.

    I also enjoy your links and writings on history.

  29. Hunter I drove through your town last week. Went through it Southbound on the 431, through Dothan on in to Florida. Was going to Houston with a load of furniture.

    Seems like a very white place. Very nice town. The only question is that hulking bulging ZOG beast around Columbus, 50 miles north. That would be a target in the big one.

    And you are only a couple of hours from the Gulf Coast Florida Beaches, pure white sand and blue water.

    • Yep.

      It’s a nice little Southern small town. That’s where I am from. I grew up in the countryside outside of town between Eufaula and Montgomery.

      • “. I grew up in the countryside”
        You’re so very fortunate.
        I wish that all WHITE kids could have such a childhood.

        • Folks, our problems can’t be solved by some Norman Rockwell paint by numbers mentality.
          It’s time to get serious and proactive. There is no political solution and there is no escape.
          Eliza Fletcher was a nice Southern girl from Tennessee , where is the White lynch mob that we would have had within 5 minutes of her rape and murder by a nigger in the 1950’s? All I see/hear are White assholes claiming that she deserved it because she was probably a liberal, or that she should not be out alone at 4:30 in the morning.
          Nice Southern small towns indeed.

  30. The only way out of this is through Christ, who Himself was big on discrimination, which is why He called the Canaanite woman a dog and said He only came for the lost sheep of the House of Israel. That’s Israel, not Jews. Israelites are a pure white people. Jews are a satanic admixture. So I applaud your discriminatory anti-anti-Christian policy.

    Speaking of Renegade Tribune, I watched about a minute of a discussion Kyle Hunt had with Charles Giuliani, whose sole reason for his involvement with the pro-white “movement” is to debunk Christianity. I realize that the term “Jew” has become a pejorative that more than a few White Nationalists use to denounce anyone with whom they disagree or have had a falling-out, but just looking at Giuliani and hearing him talk I couldn’t help but think that gefilte fish is his seafood of choice.

    I’ll make a bold prediction. Within a year, Charles Giuliani’s true racial origins will be revealed and he will be seen as yet another Jewish infiltrator who tried to bring about the destruction of the white race by encouraging them at every turn to reject their God.

  31. I’ve been by Administering online forums since 1985 using GEnie, Wildcat, newsgroups, etc. for hobbyists interested in motorcycles, martial arts, and computers.

    I was taught by long, repeated experience that ruthless, merciless moderation to expel malcontents is the ONLY way. It just is.

    Luke Smith recently published this funny video about the Internet Addicts who pollute his comments and email…


  32. Too much infighting. It’s infuriating. As dissidents we all want the same basic things, but you are correct when you say the conversation spirals out of control into some weird and esoteric gripe, i.e: pitbulls, seed oil, who/what’s white, history, philosophy, catholic vs. Protestant, the Irish, etc. There is a time and a place for all of these discussions, but we need to be United for the first political battle before we can ever get close to resolving any other underlying societal issues.

    We are up against one of the most dishonest, powerful, corrupt, well funded, ideological, anti-white, and morally convinced regimes of all time. We need all hands on deck to carve out a place for the fair and honest representation of our people FIRST AND FOREMOST, and we need to do this together. Everything else should take a backseat to this noble endeavor, then can be dealt with accordingly.

    • I think there are two bad spirals, not just one.

      1. Is, as you say, the spiral into nonsense (either innocent or some operative deliberately sowing trouble).

      2. The spiral AWAY from CORE issues (Like the Jews, White Genocide, Race, and yes, painful as it may be to entertain, Christianity’s objective (and apparently at times willful on the part of some “Christians”), failure to secure the existence of the white race and a future for it’s children).

      Spiral one we have to cut off, sure, it is a drag on operations.

      But Spiral two, away from CORE issues is even worse. It is a nice, easy, buttery slippery slope into extinction!

  33. I’m glad you’re banning certain types of commentators from OD. These folks are nothing more than dysfunctional cranks. Monomanic is the right word to describe them. They’re obsessed with some religion, some ethnic or racial group, or some kind of conspiracy theory. It becomes the center of their lives, and they ruin their relationships with friends, family, and their neighbors. These poor souls become convinced that those who disagree with them are the enemy. I’ve known two persons with this type of mentality, and they have ended up friendless and alone. One is probably going to be institutionalized in the near future because of the hatred he has nurtured in his heart has made him totally anti-social. He yells and screams at everybody if things don’t go their way. Nope Hunter, you don’t need that on OD!

    • Agreed and well said. So good to hear from the brave, great Stephen D. I really enjoyed working with you in the “No Jihad in Tennessee” demos we did with the LOTS.

      God bless you sir.

  34. What about a clear policy, in permanent and temporary parts, like:
    Permanent: “No talk about Jews, No negative comments about Christianity, Interested in a Southern perspective where relevant, etc.”
    (Just an example).

    Temporary: “No partisan comments on Russian war on Ukraine, etc.”
    (Just an example).

    Then let people auto-comply?

    I don’t think people are as crazy and monomaniacal as you paint them — 95% would honor such a clear policy if it is put before them as they comment.
    (The other 5% would stick out like sore thumbs and be easy to delete)

    You might be able to get what you want without forming a bubble.

    Just a thought.

    • What about a site dedicated to basket weaving rather than racial politics and the plight of White peoples?

      You never had an intelligent thought in your life.

  35. Monomania is a good way to describe the obsession of many with the idea of the JQ. its hardly explanatory of everything thats happening, which argues strongly for a broader perspective but still, its all many see.

    I’ve got to think it has something to do with the uncertainty that comes from being redpilled, and having all the certainty of the matrix yanked out from under your feet suddenly. After experiencing the disorientation of that, to see something that you can grab onto which is a simple explanation that seems to tie it all back together is a temptation that appeals to many.

    But, it really isn’t enough, and has the effect of allowing an easy out for our own culpability in whats going on, our personal parts of the responsibility for our plight.

    When we are young we understand in a young way and speak as such. Comes a time to grow up and accept that its bigger than us, to be humbled by our ultimate inability to manage this on our own and to look for something bigger than our own limited understanding.

    Its ok to be scared about the future. Only a fool wouldn’t be awed by the vast uncertainty we face.

    None of us did this singlehandedly. It will take time and effort from many for a long time to set it all right again.

  36. I don’t get the squeamishness over confronting the Jewish question in a calm and honest way. There is a long list of people from Sam Francis and Joe Sobran to Martin Luther, to name a very few, who have addressed the issue. I remember the Selma videos on this site. If the Civil Rights movement was disingenuous and devastating, why not mention the role of Jews? Many Jews often take credit for the movement themselves.

    I really enjoy Hunter’s historical videos and writings, which are usually well done and informative. What does seem to be missing is a discussion on what a free South would look like and how to get there. I have a hard time seeing either clearly.

    • ” confronting the Jewish question in a calm and honest way.”

      Jwz won’t allow it. They’ll turn it into a hysterical emotional fight, in seconds.

  37. “What does seem to be missing is a discussion on what a free South would look like and how to get there”:

    A good point. I would like to read more of that, especially about what it would look like.

    • It is all academic unless there is a groundswell of support for it. Fortunately, this finally seems to be changing

  38. ” confronting the Jewish question in a calm and honest way.”

    Many have tried, from Zundel to Fromm, always confronted with hysteria and violence.

  39. Haha, good. I almost never read the comments anyway, for that reason (well, that and time): they always seemed to detract from what’s the best site on the internet. I’d only every comment in reply to the articles. The articles represent everything that attracts sensible people to this way of thinking, and the comments section always seemed to represent everything that drives people away from a way of thinking they’d otherwise be very receptive to. I’ve gotta say, Hunter, I’ve been with you for about a decade–ever since I started getting linked to this site from the old League of the South Rebellion Blog back when I was in college–and I’ve never felt better about where this site is going. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks man.

      This was really long overdue. There is no telling how many people have been driven away by the comments

      • >There is no telling how many people have been driven away by the comments

        Yes, ‘no telling’ — and yet you apparently see no problem with a comment like this one.

        • Dart isn’t wrong about class conflict between Whites. The same is true of cultural and religious conflict. This divide is by far the most bitter and intense divide in the country. Just look at all of these MSNBC videos

          • >Dart isn’t wrong about class conflict between Whites.

            OK — but he went a lot farther than that:

            ‘All rich Whites, all libtard Whites, and all PMC Whites deserve to be wiped out.’

            Are you the same guy who just said he prefers ‘muh political solution’?

            And without knowing anything about her, he said she was a ‘groomer and professional child abuser’ just because she was a teacher.

            I think you ought to read the entire comment again.

            Make no mistake: I’m not suggesting you censor comments here; you can if you want — I’m just pointing out that if your concern is people being ‘driven away’ by comments, then maybe you ought to rethink your criteria for what might ‘drive people away’.

      • Mr. Wallace,

        Yes, I know people driven away by the comments. All I had to do was show friends/family/class mates some of the rape comments against me and then no one at school had any sympathy toward your positions and your website.

        I quit in rage several times myself. i only returned because your enemies are satanic. My interests are the southwest and i feel really good about the future.

  40. I’ve been inactive here lately so did something in particular cause this change, or was it something that was inevitable? Regardless, despite our differences in opinion I do enjoy reading your blog posts, even if I’m not 100% in agreeance.

    • Endless tiresome drama in the comments from people who have marginalized themselves in an internet ghetto and who have no interest in speaking to anyone outside of it

  41. Mpo, I wasn’t being smug, or trying too be a smart ass, I don’t know wether you were married or not, maybe you will have some grandkids, anyway I seek no quarrel with you, we just disagree that’s all, our people have been known to debate, for centuries, I have nothing personal against you,

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