Bolsonaro Loses To Communist Lula In Brazil

I was shocked when Bolsonaro won in Brazil in 2018.

I was surprised again when he made it to the runoff with Lula when all the media polls had him losing by a landslide. In the end, Bolsonaro lost to Lula by less than 2 points. Bolsonaro’s party won a bunch of races down ballot. The outcome is Brazil’s version of the 2020 election in the United States.

Two quick observations:

1. The fact that Bolsonaro outperformed the polls and finished so strongly and that his party made gains ought to put to rest the “demographics is destiny” myth. Even with Brazil’s demographics, elections are still fiercely competitive. Bolsonarism isn’t going anywhere.

2. As with Trump and Trumpism, Bolsonaro and Bolsonarism will likely surge right back in the wake of Lula returning to power in Brazil. Something will come along and tip the balance of power.

Sure, it is a setback, but Lula is one of the most well known and popular figures in Brazil and he barely won. We seem to be entering an era of bitter, competitive, high turnout elections which swing back and forth.

Note: The liberal fantasy that Trump and Trumpism haven’t become a permanent feature of our politics will be exploded next week.


  1. NYT:
    “The Democrats’ battle for blue-collar white voters is raging in President Biden’s birthplace..”
    “blue-collar white voters”, NYT is so racist, to describe voters by their race.
    We need gatekeepers on these racist publications !

  2. A quick look at the electoral map shows that Lula carried the mostly black North.
    Bolsonaro was strongest in the WHITER South.

  3. Communists made mistake. Worst economic crash in the history is on the front door and they put their guy in charge.

    After few months poor Brazilians mourn good Bolsonaro times when food and gas was cheap and there were some jobs.

    I also agree that Bolsonaro team roars back.

  4. Your analysis is probably correct. The U.S. will not allow socialism to flourish in Brazil as it had begun to do, for a few years, when the U.S. was distracted by the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and the rest of the War on Terror, so It didn’t mind its own backyard, and the “spectre” of socialism suddenly rose all over Latin America.

    Socialism will be difficult to establish in Brazil, not only because it is a mixed, multiracial population but also because it is thoroughly infected with the “American Dream” of the “virtue” of gaining maximum personal wealth through theft and exploitation (usury) of others.

    The main “Christian” groups are the Mammon-worshipping contemporary evangelicals and the Roman Catholic establishment that pretends to serve the poor, but really serves the rich.

    Bolsonaro (sometimes called “the Trump of the South”) served the elites and the upper middle class, and most of the lower middle class, who intend to “move up,” and fear the proles. Like you said, Bolsonaro will be back soon, or another Bolsonaro will be selected by the Empire that cannot stop dominating and exploiting the world.

    Look what happened to socialism in Haiti. The U.S. pulled a bald-faced coup to remove the democratically-elected socialist Aristide, and has kept capitalist puppets in power ever since. The U.S. (CIA) also covertly arms and directs the black gangs that protect the mulatto puppet rulers and the vampire white-skinned oligarchs who live on the blood of the Haitian masses:

    • Sigh.

      Yeah, but “socialism” in places like Haiti with “Democratically elected President Aristide” or “Socialism” in Zimbabwe with “democratically elected Mugabe” (OK Mugabe thugs arrest and torture the opposition) always has the Black, POC “masses” component – it’s not like honest socialism in Germany in 1848, or socialist nationalism in germany in 1938 or socialism in Norway and Denmark back in the day or sort of now.

      Socialism can only work in a racially homogenous higher IQ place – like the Amish.

      C’mon man – you really want “the masses” in Haiti or the slums of San Paulo to be given power – it’s just steal from middle class Whiter folks. What happened in Santo Domingo/Haiti in ~ 1810?

      That was genocide of Whites when the foolish ideas of the French Revolution – Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite (something like that) this message was foolishly passed on to the Black Masses in Santo Domingo, Haiti.

      It’s the same with pretty much all forms of Christianity. It can work in a homogeneous White society, country – it don’t work in places like Indian, Pakistan, Rio and San Paulo or Baltimore.

  5. Essentially The Western World is in a quandary – stuck between those who want to take care of, and or rule, themselves and those who want to be taken care of and ruled.

    As these two paths are irreconcileable, we need to create two Western Worlds…

  6. Is Lula a commie or just a social democrat?
    Perhaps a populist social democrat.
    Maybe Lula will be good for working class Brazilians, hopefully he’ll be moderate on social issues.

  7. In the demographic shit pile that is Brazil, having someone like Bolsonaro at the helm is a waste of time.
    Just like with having a formula One racing driver at the wheel of an AMC Gremlin, it just couldn’t yield anything positive. Brazil is effectively a third world country. What was he hoping to improve or change? Did he do it?
    It may as well be run by Leftists.
    An arsonist should deal with his own fires.

  8. Furthermore, I disagree with the implication that Lula versus Bolsonaro represents Biden versus Trump. Biden, Trump and Bolsonaro are all on one side (the Right) serving the elites, whereas Lula and the Workers’ Party of Brazil are moving in the opposite direction – the Left! Biden is not really left, nor is Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Bernie, et al. The socialist presidents of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff and now Lula da Silva, are the OPPOSITE of Biden and Obama, and Trump, and the Clintons and Bushes.

    I pray that Lula remains true to his word once he is in power, because the big money powers that did all they could to prevent his election (they even locked him prison on false charges during the last election cycle) will not stop now from trying to surbvert, derail or overthrow his administration. It is the nature of the U.sury S.ystem that it cannot stop “meddling.”

  9. I’m glad he did well, but with Brazi’s demographics I surprised democratic elections aren’t always AOC, Communist, Chavez etc.

    Some points – fallen going third world countries like charismatic White leaders not technocrats, balance the budget Conservative inc, Goldman Sachs exes.

    Policing in San Paolo urban slums, fe fellas is paramilitary or else the drug gangs rule same as Brazilian prisons.

    We should be getting a lot of beautiful somewhat or very White Brazilian women immigrants, refugees. These gals including White gals are very sexy and tend to like us American White guys as opposed to American college miseducated White b*$&es who are no fun and impossible to make happy.

    How does Tom Brady’s spoiled Brazilian model wife now ex wife feel about all this back in her Brazilian homeland?

    What is she going to do now? Become a UN ambassador or feminism, maybe the Left will try to use her as a pretty face back in Brazil.

  10. If you look at results per region (I haven’t yet), I imagine you’ll find that the south and southeast parts of Brazil, which are the whitest and most prosperous and lowest crime areas (bordering Uruguay, also home to many Whites), and where a secessionist movement has been simmering for years, voted for Bolsonaro.

  11. This is the thanks they gave him for having the courage not to shut the country down which turned out so disastrous for any place where nanny state bureaucrats where in charge to micromanage everyones life and ruin the economy? That really should be the test of whether you support a politician or not, what were they doing when liberals wrecked the economy and stifled your life? So it looks like the heavily black part of Brazil in the North East went communist just like the blacks do here in the US, they just want other peoples money and will always steal when you give them the opportunity.

  12. Now the Neoliberal mainstream media is crowing about Bolsonaro refusing to concede. But what else is new? The same thing happened when socialist candidates Morales and Castillo swept the most recent presidential elections in Bolivia and Peru. Big Money can turn election results around. There is no equality and there cannot be true democracy in capitalism. Bolsonaro identifies completely with the 1964 coup and military dictatorship, terrorism and assassinations. Brazil may now experience a repeat of the U.S.-assisted 1964 military coup d’etat that overthrew the communist president Goulart, followed by twenty years of military rule in which Brazil mostly stagnated or went backward, except for the elites who prospered. Lula could become a political prisoner at the behest of the U.S. AGAIN. The U.S. got away with Operation Carwash before:

  13. Worst corruption scandal in world history under Lula & his successor Dilma (Petrobras/Lava Jato), torpedoed Brazil’s economy. Amazing how people forget.

  14. Did you know? Bolsonaro is the first incumbent in Brazilian history to lose an effort at reelection. He failed, even with immense support from the U.S. (CIA) and its NGO proxies and global mass media, politics-preachjng evangelical pastors, and local, Brazilian oligarchs. The only way he can win now is by a coup or other U.S. regime change effort.

    The Brazilian Workers’ Party, the REAL Brazilian people’s choice, has won every presidential election in the 21st century, except for the 2018 election when Lula was made a political prisoner unable to campaign.

    Now the working class can look forward to having access to medical care, and eating three meals a day instead of starvation!

  15. Bolsonaro is a disgusting excuse for a human being and his destruction of the Amazon is unforgivable. He is also a big Israel booster. I believe the Brazilian left is anti-White now but at least it is anti-American; so a good result on balance.

  16. Jair Bolsonaro reduced Brazil’s massive crime rate by 30%, simply by allowing private citizens to own guns more easily, and letting police do their jobs without federal obstruction

    Bolsonaro, a Christian evangelical like many of Hunter’s neighbours in Alabama, accomplished a lot, despite entrenched institutional resistance in the bureaucracy, judiciary etc

    Bolsonmito also won many of our hearts, by remaining a leading global sceptic of the vax agenda like only a very few other leaders, along with Presidents of Croatia and Belarus and some Africans – Bolsonaro eating pizza on the streets of New York when he visited the United Nations, as he was not allowed to eat in NYC restaurants being unvaxed himself

    May God protect Bolsonaro and his family from attacks by the leftist regime incoming in Brazil – he has been one of the great leaders of our time

  17. O/T, but while discussing the attack on Paul Pelosi on his show this evening Tucker never mentioned the fact that Mr. Pelosi is a notorious homo, Nancy is his beard or that David DePeePee is a gay prostitute. Shame on you, TC.

  18. Bolsonaro’s weakening of environmental protection laws along with crippling of agencies that were set in place to protect the Amazon rain forests from illegal logging, mining, and taking of lands from the indigenous peoples made him an international pariah among environmentalists and climate scientists. In my view, that cost him re-election. His handling of the “pandemic” also didn’t sit well with millions of his countrymen.

  19. OT

    But ex- or non-White Nationalists, people who presumably wouldn’t find much objectionable about any of this, should pay attention.

    Some here may have read and remember this piece that led to a good deal more than 15m of internet fame for a woman who went by ‘Loretta the Prole’:

    My Hometown Is Gone

    If not, read it now — she describes how her hometown of Utica NY was ruined by demographic change, a lot of it due to the refugee industrial complex — today nothing leads to the destruction of an American city faster than becoming known as a ‘welcoming’ area for refugees (essentially people who have been formally granted asylum) — all of that is coordinated between the UN, the US State Dept, and NGO resettlement agencies — input from locals is often not sought.

    I post this now due to the following which I saw on the TL of LibsofTikTok:

    Today at Proctor High School in Utica, NY. Student stabbed multiple times by a classmate

    The one student pictured has the lanky look of an East African.

    Per current US Census data, Utica is only 56% ‘White alone, not Hispanic or Latino’ — but keep in mind a large number of those people are probably muslims, since many of them resemble Whites, and they do not fit any other category — link

    Interestingly, and for a bit of nostalgia, census data about Utica in 1970 is available online in PDF format — link — on pg 11 it lists only two kinds of people: ‘White’ and ‘Negro’ — per the data, Whites were 98% of the population of Utica in 1970 — a few percent of that was probably Asian, Hispanic, etc — but no more than that, since third world migration to America did not really accelerate until the late 1970s, and effectively began with the arrival of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese — the one constant of American wars over the last few decades has been the resulting waves of non-white ‘refugees’.

    • No, I would just point out that the White leftists who live in the Northeast have demanded this and voted for this at every opportunity they have been given for the past 70 years. Instead of blaming Third World refugees for coming here, I blame the people who made it happen and who have fought against everyone who has tried to stop it. You would include those people in a White ethnostate which they would sabotage like their own states which were over 90% White a few generations ago.

      • “White leftists who live in the Northeast”:

        They aren’t real leftists. Beneath some surface rhetoric they are capitalist to the bone. In practice they are conservatives, not really revolutionary. They know or sense that unrestricted immigration of cheap labour is financially beneficial to them. They don’t mind interracial mixing, because they are a little mixed themselves, and have very weak or no roots in ancestral ethnic community and culture. They are cosmopolitans and individualists at heart, even when they reside in rural areas and marry and have children. Furthermore they exist in all parts of all the states, not just the Northeast.

  20. Canadian truckers blocked a few roads in support of conservative, reactionary causes, but Brazilian truckers are more (re)active, blocking more than 300 roads across 23 states and access to airports causing many flights to be cancelled – in protest of the election result they do not like.

    Bolsonaro not only has the independent truckers on his side, he also has the police, the military, the elites (of course) and upper middle class, and many of the petit bourgeois (the lower middle class who aspire to being upwardly mobile, and fear the proles) on his side.

    More importantly, Bolsonaro has Zionism on his side. Bolsonaro has always been a strong supporter of Israel, whereas Lula has championed the indigenous people of Palestine, who are dispossessed and being genocided.

    Occidental Dissent puts itself in in a very safe position by supporting the Zionist Bolsonaro and pronouncing Lula “communist.” In reality, Lula is only a “market socialist.” It’s not that the big money powers (global elites and local oligarchs) won’t be able to “work with” the so-called “communist” Lula, like they always did before, but that They don’t want the proles thinking about socialism anymore. “They” intend to finally kill and bury the “evil spectre” of communism/socialism/real democracy/Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, and make the world safe for Their fake democracy and Their laissez faire (untrammelled usury) once and for all.

  21. I’m a populist, not left or right.
    I’m generally leftwing on economics, but not a communist, and I’m generally conservative on some social issues and libertarian on others.
    I make a distinction between the moderate left, the woke left and the populist left.
    The moderate left differs little from the neoliberal right, it’s the left we had from Bill Clinton to Joe Biden before build back better.
    The woke /current thing left are the ‘in this house we believe’ people, this is where the left has been headed since 2016 when they went batshit over Trump’s victory/Hillary’s defeat.
    The populist left is like Dennis Kucinich, Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang and Bernie before he went woke/current thing.
    They’re social democrats but moderates on most other things and not pro-war with Russia and China.
    They’re sort of the old left, from FDR to LBJ.
    The populist left is the left I can get behind.
    Likewise I hate the neocon/neolib right but like the nationalist right.

  22. Though I am not familiar with Brazil’s internal affairs, I will say that Lula winning will have no effect on foreign policy, as Brazil, either under Bolsonaro or Lula, is friendly to Russia and a partner with them in undermining the Rothschild WEF dollar with BRICS.

  23. The only thing that keeps Brazil afloat are it’s fantastic natural resources. Brazil’s fate will rise and fall with global commodity prices.

  24. You should see the way politicians around here of the “old” parties are celebrating over this news.

    And I think I know why they’re so happy.

    One of the things I had to learn the hard way, and disappointingly, after not that much time in observing the public and quasi-public affairs of the country under my feet, is that there is way much more and more tolerated public and quasi-public corruption than Germans’ “squeaky clean” or “methodical” reputation would suggest.

    Honestly, it’s almost as bad here as it is in Italy, and Italy’s reputation for this sort of thing is well known.

    So, their celebrating Lula’s “win” is based on the fact that they love him for being corrupt, beating the case based on a technicality, then mounting a successful comeback. They see a lot of themselves in him, only that he’s a lot better at it. And they wish they could be better at it.

    • “they love him for being corrupt”:

      That is a CIA, Zionist and Neo-Nazi slander. Lula was not corrupt. He was a political prisoner. Bolsonaro is corrupt (as corrupt as the Clintons, Bidens and Netanyhu) and might need to flee the country to escape justice if the next coup attempt fails.

      You probably also say Putin is corrupt, a secret Jew, etc.

      • Sorry, but you are absolutely clueless about Brazil! Lula is absolutely corrupt, and it came out in his first term:

        Lula was also implicated in the Petrobras scandal, along with politicians and corporate leaders from all over the political spectrum:

        The scandal was not only about kickbacks, but about Lula/Dilma (who had been on the Petrobras board)/PT/government knowledge of what was going on, and failure to take action. They bear responsibility, regardless of Moro’s behavior. Petrobras was a kick in the balls to Brazil’s economy. One of Bolsonaro’s strong points was his lack of involvement in the Petrobras scandal.
        Lula also boosted ties with China, and opened up the Brazilian economy to more Asian imports.

        Corrupt politicians are nothing new, especially in Brazil. I’d be surprised if fresh scandals didn’t emerge during Lula’s next term.

  25. Bolso still hasn’t conceded. He might demand an honest election be run, under the military. Or not, I don’t know.

    ZOG loves Lula. He is a total dollar man, 100% supporting the dollar as reserve currency, and he is a neoliberal. Best of all he is massively corrupt, which ZOG loves.


      “ZOG loves Lula. He is a total dollar man, 100% supporting the dollar as reserve currency, and he is a neoliberal. ”

      I do not know how ZOG loves Lula, when he was a co-founder of BRICS – that organization being the main threat to the Rothschild dollar.

      • You are correct, Ivan. Even Lula’s very weak, “market” socialism is a threat to Their Dollar/Shekel world order. “They” are just praising him a little, to try to control him.

        Lula also supports Palestine, so They really don’t like him at all. Lula is very old to be a president of a large country, and old people sometimes become less radical than they were in their youth, or may become more stubborn, or may be confused, misled, swayed and influenced. We will see whether Lula stands firm, remains true to his working class upbringing.

        • @Metjhry…

          Interesting analysis on the matter of praise. They must considered him weak-minded, to think that will change the man’s core beliefs – whatever they are.

          Thank you for your comment.

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