New York Times: Supreme Court Seems Ready To Throw Out Affirmative Action

A broad ruling on affirmative action in this case could extend beyond college admissions and impact racial preferences in hiring in corporate America.

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday appeared ready to rule that the race-conscious admissions programs at Harvard and the University of North Carolina were unlawful, based on questioning over five hours of vigorous and sometimes testy arguments, a move that would overrule decades of precedents.

Such a decision would jeopardize affirmative action at colleges and universities around the nation, particularly elite institutions, decreasing the representation of Black and Latino students and bolstering the number of white and Asian ones.

Questioning from members of the court’s six-justice conservative majority was sharp and skeptical. “I’ve heard the word diversity quite a few times, and I don’t have a clue what it means,” Justice Clarence Thomas said. “It seems to mean everything for everyone.” …”


  1. The Jews and the Irish know their own hearts motivations and the things that drive them to power, affirmative action was never about helping blacks and minorities, its intentions was to harm whites Christians and attain power through fraudulent means, of a sympathic caring heart. The Jews and the Irish do not care about blacks and minorities, they care of having and holding power over whites and now that their fraud is beginning to unravel, internet communications must be stopped, the truth must not come to be know and understood by all.

  2. Affirmative Action, a pretty euphemism to conceal the ugly poison of WHITE suppression.

    Integration has destroyed so many lives and AA is just a facet of the toxic policy.

    All the destructive policies have been conceptualized and implemented by the kosher klan.

  3. This is risky gambit. Race tensions are absolutely last thing we need at the moment when entire world is joining against Jews and communists.

  4. Not only should affirmative action but overturned in the schools but it also in the workplace.

    How many White males lost jobs to less qualified minorities and women?

  5. Elie Mystal is a Jew, right? Oh, no. Just another uppity nigger, thinking he’s my ontological equal. TO HELL WITH ALL OF THEM. SEND THE DAMN DARKIES BACK TO AFRICA!!!


    BUT THEY AREN’T; THEY DIDN’T; and THEY WOULDN’T.. and then they go and do crap like Keith Ellison and Ilhan Omar?! And I’m supposed to cheer this genocidal REPLACEMENT OF MY CHILDREN AND MY RACE?

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    “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them. It is still in our power to direct the process of emancipation and deportation peaceably and in such slow degree as that the evil will wear off insensibly, and their place be pari passu filled up by free white laborers. If on the contrary it is left to force itself on, human nature must shudder at the prospect held up. We should in vain look for an example in the Spanish deportation or deletion of the Moors. This precedent would fall far short of our case.” – A. Lincoln

    In his first debate against Stephen Douglas in 1858, A. Lincoln stated clearly: “I, as well as Judge Douglas, am in favor of the race to which I belong having the superior position.”

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    • “The inferior races hate the White race precisely because of its superiority. It is galling to the lower races to be reminded of their inferiority, and White superiority instills in them a burning desire to tear down Whites and their creations in order to make themselves Whites’ ‘equal’. This is not all, however, for tearing down Whites removes a burr from their consciousness — that of being reminded of their inferiority — and indeed is an act of revenge for such reminding. Accordingly, when Whites are so stupid as to treat the lower races as equals, this but whets the appetite of those races to see Whites destroyed, for they see vulnerability in this stupidity, and thus an opportunity for inserting their grappling hooks into the edifice of White civilization.” — JBR Yant, Mortal Words v 11

    • Chrisy Hayes says the same things as Elie Mystal but he is Irish, he is cool, he gets to stay and make trouble for white Christians, right Mick? We know how you are. I am telling you the Irish are in on the racial antagonism schtick, the Jews may have started it but it is the Irish who feed off of it and who are getting fat off of it.

      Hey Mick, is an Irish judge up in Dedham sitting on Uncle Teds case?

  6. I think, finally, that a general cultural weariness with the enormous grift that “diversity “ has become real. Both the Holocaust and Jim Crow have become just big grift’s that blacks and Jews have used up. Whites are tired of it all, and in the decades since the middle of the last century, many other minorities have come to the US and they don’t have any guilt to prey on, like many whites did.

    • “general cultural weariness with the enormous grift that “diversity “

      I wish the populace had the sliver of foresight to see the inevitable consequences of ‘divershity’.

  7. Affirmative Action….only a government bureaucrat could have come up with such a clunky, awkwardly worded term like that. It’s just tokenism, which any self-respecting Negro should resent. If you were born with certain “disadvantages” then work a little harder to overcome them. Tall, attractive people have more advantages than shorter, less attractive people, those who were born into wealth have more advantages than those born into poverty and so on. Just deal with it, nigga!

    Funny how the liberal elites were never interested in trying to get more women and colored people working in blue collar occupations traditionally dominated by white males, such as welding, plumbing and mechanical repair, they only focused on “respectable” white collar careers, eg, doctors, lawyers, journalists and corporate management. Shows how snobbish and class-conscious those equality assholes really are.

  8. Aren’t jews over-represented at the Times and other outlets of the mass media? Aren’t Negroes over-represented in the NFL and NBA? Aren’t the Ivy League schools too Asian? How about a little AA to redress the systematic racism against Whites in those institutions, eh?

  9. Do it, SCOTUS. Make “human resources” departments unnecessary again. They’re magnets for employing woke, retarded subhumans unqualified to work a real job, and big drains on productivity, anyway.

  10. The muds & the shitlibs are whining over this because they know that nigs & spics just can’t make the grade based on their intelligence & test scores. As for this much alleged “need” for racial diversity on campuses…pffft. We can see what it’s meant over the last 40+ years: uppity, jew-incited brown retards screaming against Whitey non-stop and destroying the necessary atmosphere for higher learning & free inquiry.

  11. Regarding my previous comment (link) about Barbara Grutter and percentile rankings in admission and how bad/unfair affirmative action is in many cases:

    linkRegarding the Harvard SCOTUS case today: … An African American in the 40th percentile of Harvard’s academic index will beat an Asian student with in the 90th percentile … That’s INSANE

    At the link is a table of decile rankings by race from Harvard, and here is some text explaining what it means:

    For example, an Asian American in the fourth-lowest decile has virtually no chance of being admitted to Harvard (0.9%); but an African American in that decile has a higher chance of admission (12.8%) than an Asian American in the top decile.

    When Harvard boasts (as they do) on their website about the entering class being 15% black, this is what it means: they reject numerous Asians (and Whites) who, in terms of achievement (e.g. GPA) and test scores, represent the cream of the crop among HS seniors (top 10%), in favor of admitting Blacks who rank in the bottom half of candidates.

    This is why nearly every year you see a story about a black HS student who applied and was admitted to every Ivy League school — these schools are so desperate to meet what is effectively a racial quota that all of them go after any qualified Black who applies.

    I guarantee you it is the same at ALL elite institutions — given test score distributions by race, there is simply NO WAY to get anything like a proportional number of Blacks and Hispanics without resorting to explicit racial preferences.

    And due to the reality of genetic racial differences, THIS WILL NEVER CHANGE.

    But it will all be moot in a generation or two when Whites are a minority — ‘muh Constitution’ will not protect them.

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