New York Times: Top Democrats Question Their Party’s Strategy as Midterm Worries Grow

If you knew nothing else except the fact that inflation is at a 40 year high and gas prices have shattered records under Joe Biden, you could have predicted how the midterms were going to go. There are dozens of issues swirling together though which are going to shape the outcome.

New York Times:

“Top Democratic officials, lawmakers and strategists are openly second-guessing their party’s campaign pitch and tactics, reflecting a growing sense that Democrats have failed to coalesce around one effective message with enough time to stave off major losses in the House and possibly decisive defeats in the tightly contested Senate.

The criticisms by Democrats in the final days of the midterm elections signal mounting anxiety as Republicans hammer away with attacks over the economy and public safety. For weeks, Democrats have offered a scattershot case of their own, accusing their opponents of wanting to gut abortion rights, shred the social safety net and shake the foundations of American democracy.

Yet as the country struggles with high gas prices, record inflation and economic uncertainty, some Democrats now acknowledge that their kitchen-sink approach may be lacking. …”

Gas prices … breaking records.

Inflation … 40 year high.

Police state … out of control.

Civil liberties … abused.

Violent crime … out of control in cities like Portland and Seattle

Homelessness … absolutely out of control.

Censorship … out of control.

Abortion … biggest culture war victory for the Right in 50 years.

Affirmative action … on the verge of death.

Gun rights … under siege.

Historic monuments … toppled.

Voting rights … Voting Rights Act likely to go down at the Supreme Court.

“Trans” … surpassing Weimar Republic levels of cultural degeneracy.

Stock market … way down.

Wokeism … major backlash incoming.

Immigration … shattering all records as millions of illegal aliens have crossed the border.

COVID craziness … hasn’t been forgotten.

War in Ukraine … literally at war with Russia and have spent $80 billion on it

The midterms always go against the president’s party and each of these issues are bad enough alone, but this time all of these issues are on the table.


  1. “inflation is at a 40 year high and gas prices have shattered records under Joe Biden”

    “NO, NO, GOY, we must have abortion. Abortion is the only issue that matters.
    We must have drive-thru abortion clinics on every corner.”

  2. Re: “Republicans hold MASSIVE advantage on 3 of 5 most Important issues according to New Gallup poll”:

    Neither of the twin parties has any “advantage” on any issues, because the two parties are the same. The elections are rigged, and the polling is rigged. The U.S. population (note: I don’t call it a people) is distracted by (s)election drama from thinking about the alternative to this system.

  3. What a piece of human garbage that Brandon is. Imagine using the death of one’s son as an excuse for a gaffe.

  4. “Top Democrats question their party’s strategy”:

    “Strategy,” you say? They don’t strategize. Politicians are puppets, which do and “think” what the Puppeteers want. Professional “journalists” are the same. Theirs is not to question why, or else they will lose their careers and perks!

  5. It looks like the Red Wave is going to be bigger than anticipated. It may be so big, it sweeps Dementia Joe out of office via the threat of the 25th Amendment backed up by the Deep State’s blackmail against him. If he goes away, it’s Cackling Kamala who will be the next (nominal) Mr. President. That will make it obvious, as if it weren’t already that it’s the Deep State ultimately in control.

    Cackling Kamala is as dumb as a stump. It will be impossible to hide her manifest stupidity from public scrutiny the way the U.S. Government has so far successfully managed to do. The Lügenpresse will be in the awkward position of having to celebrate another ‘victory’ for equality with Cackling Kamala as the first woman, black, Asian, non-Christian as Mr. President while the country disintegrates around her. Cackling Kamala is the President GloboHomo Pedo Shopping Mall Empire deserves, good and hard, too.

  6. Elections are rigged in GA, PA, AZ and NV but somehow the Republicans are going to win there. PA has already announced the fraud by saying we wont know the outcome for days.

  7. Come on, the election is not going to take place, some sort of nuclear false flag is going to take place. The Irish love power to much to just surrender it to the will of the voters.

  8. These polls are bunk. No one we know will vote for republicans. Most will not vote for democrats either, but some will.

  9. What ‘strategy’? — they mostly just talk about shit — will they start talking about different shit now? — it’s too late for that.

    Anyway, it looks like Musk has their backs and Musk simps are about to get wrecked:

    Twitter/Elon MuskTalked to civil society leaders @JGreenblattADL, @YaelEisenstat, @rashadrobinson, @JGo4Justice, @normanlschen, @DerrickNAACP, @TheBushCenter Ken Hersch & @SindyBenavides about how Twitter will continue to combat hate & harassment & enforce its election integrity policies

    To paraphrase George Carlin: Yeah, there are ‘civil society leaders’, and you ain’t one of ’em.

    And how many of the ‘civil society leaders’ are white and/or Christian? — checking is left as an exercise.

    Musk’s big ideas so far? — charge $8/month for a blue checkmark, continue to censor content per the wishes of ‘civil society leaders’ (i.e. Jews, Blacks, and cucked Whites), then continue to enforce rules about ‘election integrity’ (a made up term that means whatever they decide it means).

    The winning continues.

    And here’s a point I already made here:

    linkSaying the N word and other hateful comments doesn’t add anything to the conversation

    (Albeit assuming they refrain from using slurs, ‘hateful comments’ ought to be allowed, including ones directed at specific individuals — Twitter has a block function for that.)

    I would add the K word and probably the other F word.

    But it was NEVER going to be possible to use slurs like nigger and kike and probably faggot on Twitter under Musk with impunity — people who immediately started doing that were either bots or agent provocateurs.

    Of course I don’t believe that’s really the main problem with Twitter — accounts are banned for simply going against regime orthodoxy on race, COVID, elections, etc, whatever ‘the current thing’ is, no matter how responsibly and well-support the argument — this is the problem Musk was expected to fix.

  10. Other than bold faced wholsesale cheating at the polls, there is NO strategy that can help Democrat campaigns when their agenda for the country has been…


    At this rate, they’re lucky there are still so many zombies who will vote for them.

  11. The democrats could have given us medicare for all, instead they gave us a war against the weather gods. As futile as that Malcolm McDowell movie where he portrayed Caligula and was glowing in madness as his troops catapulted boulder after boulder into the water to “fight Neptune.” That’s literally who the liberals are, so rich and jaded they have nothing better to do than drag us all down in their imaginary war against the weather gods.

    Don’t worry though, the republicans will mess it up with some Paul Ryan crap like privatizing social security and medicare as if giving you a check for that $50K the average blue collar person without one of these elite jobs pays in over a lifetime would last more than 18 months if that’s all you had to support yourself after turning 65. Guess what, social security is NOT supposed to be a savings account, it’s a national pension where the billionaires who got rich in this system pay back the peasants by funding their pensions through the tax system as a thank you for not showing up at their door with pitch forks.

    • May I add my mom on medicare just had a clip put on a bad heart valve…$103,000. I can guarantee that is way more than she ever paid into SS and medicare, way more than she ever could possibly have saved up herself. These millionaires who tell you how we should get rid of SS and medicare and just save for retirement ourselves? Good luck unless you’re part of the 5% with fancy jobs. Without SS and medicare you’d have tens of millions of old people living on the street like in Calcutta begging.

      • The wealthy oligarchs don’t give a shit, they have theirs and they earned it through the blessed “Free Market” i.e. government contracts, Wall Street bailouts, subsidies for big ag, hiring lots of cheap, illegal aliens or H1-B Indians (dot, not feather) etc. When they have to pay decent compensation including pensions they howl that “the free market is broken, they need Government help” such as infinite cheap, expendable labor and no govt. regulations. See 2008 for an example of the worst bailouts (so far) in U.S. history.

        The job of the Republican Party is to do whatever their owners tell them like a dog does tricks for treats although without the finer qualities dogs possess such as loyalty. The Republican Party represents the likes of Pfizer which wants exemption from vaccine liability, big pharma which doesn’t want negotiated drug prices or hospitals being required to post prices, big ag soaking up farm subsidies while Monsanto buys protection from Govt. inquiry as to whether their GMO crops are safe. Foreign governments such as Our Greatest Ally and Ukraine buy wars and unlimited military support at the cost of U.S. lives and treasure while the peasants get to enjoy the enrichment and diversity that inevitably follows the latest crusade, such as Afghan “refugees”.

        The Republicans are corrupt to the bone and will make a show of reform when they are the majority in Congress because they know no reform can take place while the equally corrupt Democrats have the filibuster and the Presidential veto. It’s all a big show. When the Republicans obtain power including the White House they fold like a cheap suit and nothing gets reformed, their donors wouldn’t like it.

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