Twitter Is Still Censoring Accounts


For the record, I expected this.

I understand that this transition isn’t going to happen overnight. I can read. I wasn’t planning to return so fast to Twitter, but everyone was flooding back and having a good time.

As things stand today, Twitter is still censoring accounts and rebanning people who were banned for trivial reasons under the old regime. The same anti-White Jew who censored everyone before is also still there now. The same reportfags are mass reporting accounts and he is banning them. I’m guessing that the ADL still has their censorship portal up and running. Elon says he recently spoke to Greenblatt.

If it is still like this a few months from now, then spending $44 billion to buy Twitter to restore free speech only to keep the same ADL censorship regime in place is one of the most puzzling investments in history. It will prove to be a waste of money that will only succeed in pissing off everyone.

There is an election in a week and Yoel Roth and Jonathan Greenblatt and the ADL (Greenblatt was literally an Obama hack) are interfering in it right now and manipulating conversations on the platform right now in order to protect Democrats from people who would otherwise be criticizing them.

Note: I assume this is just going to take a while to sort out.


  1. Midterms, take the company private. Banning the bomb throwers is inevitable, and actually to our advantage.

  2. “Banning bomb throwers?” Afterthought?

    For the record and FYI, my Twitter account was just nuked yesterday after almost 2 years. My Twitter feed/account was a “PG” account with no foul language, no racial slurs, no celebrations or endorsements of violence, no threats against anything or anyone.

    So, what egregious thing did I do to get nuked?

    I pointed out, that ANY faith, race or culture controlling 98% of banking, media, and politicians, is a bad idea and not in anyone’s interests except that ethnic group doing the controlling and financing. I said that if Mormons or Scientologists did the same thing, I would also be worried and would object. I am not a Mormon or Scientologist, nor am I a Jew; so why would I want either of those groups to control and guide my country?

    BTW, on Gab, Mark Dice said this yesterday,

    “Elon is already consulting with the ADL and black supremacists at the NAACP on how to moderate Twitter. A lot of conservatives are going to be very disappointed to learn who will not be allowed back on the platform and that “free speech” to Elon means not banning people for tweeting against wearing masks and mandatory vaccines. Big whoop. It doesn’t mean the Proud Boys are going to be let back.”

    He was talking about this tell-all Tweet by Elon Musk yesterday….

    Elon Musk
    Replying to @yoyoel

    Talked to civil society leaders @JGreenblattADL,
    @YaelEisenstat, @rashadrobinson, @JGo4Justice,
    @normanischen, @DerrickNAACP,
    @TheBushCenter Ken Hersch & @SindyBenavides
    about how Twitter will continue to combat hate &

    harassment & enforce its election integrity policies
    9:51 PM . Nov 1, 2022 . Twitter for iPhone

    Well, I am NEVER going back to Twitter.
    I am going to stay on Gab

    • Did they name/give a formal reason?

      >Before my account was nuked last night, …

      Same question to both of you — but I imagine HW/OD could have been suspended (1984-ish Twitter-speak) for evading a previous permanent ban (‘suspension’).

      If you had said 98% of Whites are racist, have privilege, etc, you would still have your account.

  3. Yoel Roth is your reward for being ‘tolerant’, whitey.

    So the next phase of ‘manifest destiny’ is gay kikes and street shitters deciding what white men can say on Twitter? — OK, got it.

    • Before my account was nuked last night, Ann Coulter and Catturd were already calling him out. He isn’t going to stick around without it becoming a major issue.

      • MAGA has been so heavily censored by the ADL that conservatives are far more sensitive to the issue now.

  4. Who is the husband, who is the husband, who is the husband? Yoel who is your husband? He look Irish.

    I am telling you this is the new power couple, in the United States of degeneracy, the Jews and Irish husband and husband, dynamic duo of faggotry.

  5. Like I said, my own Twitter is still “feature limited” like it has been since March when I called out one of the stabby Somalians here as such, “Black Lives Messer.” And honestly, I’m not expecting that to change, ever.

  6. “spending $44 billion to buy Twitter to restore free speech”:

    Definitely not. That’s not how billionaires REALLY think. Nothing is free. You’ll see.

  7. The DR always become thirsty high time preference wiggers whenever Elon supposedly “shakes up” twitter.

    Yall don’t even understand how to make a normie account, not post shit, and just report antifa doxxing pages


  8. Sad sir that your account and even the ones of Michael Hill and other patriots have been suspended again. Censorship is fundamental to the leftists to spread their bullshits without contradictory. But again, if a person is interested about an alternative opinion, the censorship doesn’t stop the ideas and the cause.

    • Amazing how that coincided with Jonathan Greenblatt’s Zoom call with Elon Musk. It is almost like … censorship and cancel culture is synonymous with Jewish power.


    “Hurr hurr friggin’ durr!”

    Smug, annoying little faggots like this heeb are why elementary schools used to tolerate bullies.

  10. Muskrat’s retention of jewfag Yoel Roth & ass-sucking of Greenblaaaaaat proves that there’s no such thing as Fuck jew Money.

  11. “Twitter Is Still Censoring Accounts”

    Of course they are. Why would anybody expect otherwise?

    Elon Musk is not what people think that he is. He’s not a renegade billionaire. He’s controlled opposition, firmly in the hands of the Oligarchs. If it that wasn’t the case, they would have destroyed him, and his money, a long time ago. But this way, he gets to keep his money, and his life, by giving false hope and distraction to the millions of peasants, who are slated for extermination, or imprisonment, anyway.

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