1. “It’s Important For The World To Stand With Ukraine.’

    Hillary Clinton

    But, Madame Secretary – judging by UN votes and coalitional realignments, it seems that most of the world is NOT standing with Ukraine, but, with Russia.

    • You can be sure that Ukraine has everyone, (including Rodham-Clinton), who says “We must stand with Ukraine,” was taking favors from Ukraine, (like Hunter Biden), and that Ukraine now has them by the short hairs

      As others have noted, imagine the outcry if it were Trump shoveling tens of billions of American taxpayer dollars to a corrupt regime, after members of his family had received millions of dollars worth of favors from that country, instead of Biden. The congressional investigations would be going non-stop.

  2. It’s getting harder and harder every night at my job to listen to cringy boomer-fags talk about how they care so deeply about the Ukraine -yet couldn’t give two shits about America’s wide open border ,fentanyl , illegal immigrants , nonstop black crime ,homosexual degeneracy and Jewish supremacism dominating everything

    How much longer can the hope that Elon musk is gonna save free speech online pacify normies?

    • @James Bell

      “wide open border ,fentanyl , illegal immigrants , nonstop black crime ,homosexual degeneracy-”

      The war in Ukraine is just another symptom, like the others that you have listed.

      The patient is terminally ill.

  3. Putin won’t allow Russia to be pushed around by Washington, London or Brussels so he’s a madman, a thug, blah blah blah……same childish name calling they used against Saddam, Assad, Khadaffi, Ahmadinejad, et al. Hillary is not exceptionally bright or clever but she does have a pair of cast iron balls and zero sense of shame.

    If she feels so strongly about defending the Ukraine’s right to exist she ought to urge her stupid, ugly daughter and jewboy son in law to enlist in the US Spaceforce, LOL.

    • @Spahnranch1970

      They were saying things like this against the Kaiser, in the 1880’s.

      These people are still living in the 19th and 20th Centuries, complete with the politics of those times.

      Meanwhile, the rest of the world is living in the 21st Century.

      Time to put these anachronisms and museum pieces in the old folks home, where they belong.

  4. What we have been saying all along is confirmed: The Pentagon press secretary admitted yesterday that regular U.S. troops ARE deployed all over Khazarkraine (not just guards standing around the U.S. embassy in Kiev) “assisting” the U.S.’s Khazarkrainian proxies killing Russians:

    • “regular U.S. troops ARE deployed all over Khazarkraine ”

      Vietnam, circa 1960, again. Just waiting for a Gulf of Tonkin moment.

  5. Kill-ary’s infamous motto:
    “We came, we saw, he (in this case, Russia) died.”

    Madeleine Albright concurs:
    “Millions of children died too, but we think it was worth it.”

      • Hillary is and Albright was two of the foulest creatures ever to draw breath. With the spread of mass communications just how completely corrupt and devoid of basic decency our “leaders’ are has become common knowledge. Moreover, in an attempt to appear “strong” the women among them often are outright blood thirsty.

  6. Of course they didn’t discuss the possibility of ending the military conflict in the Ukraine through diplomacy, just the need for more weapons to continue the death and destruction. It was nice to hear the angry colored maid condemn the return of Netanyahu and his coalition of hard-liners to power in Israel but it was done only because of their allegedly good relationship with Adolf Putin.

  7. Well look at it from the bright side, the 101st ABN will soon not be in any shape to heard Southerners at bayonet point as they did at Little Rock

    Revenge is served best cold! And everyone get theirs!

    As Atlanta burned so will one day New York City

  8. I voted for Trump specifically to delay the onset of World War III.

    Had there been two other candidates running for office, I wouldn’t have bothered to vote at all. I had stopped voting in presidential elections, after the last two times I voted against Clinton.

    I would have voted for a fence post, if it had had the same chance to beat the Clinton’s, as Trump did. Hillary would have started a war with Russia, over syria. Trump just bought us a few more years. That’s all. But now they’ve run out…….

    End Reconstruction. End the War(s).


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