1. The Bottom Line?

    The Left can manufacture terms for those of us they do not like, but, if they hope to keep a union, chances for which are evermore unlikely and slim, then they better figure out how to advocate for a system that all of us can agree is valid.

    For whatever it is worth – I know very few Whites in my area who think that President Biden became that because he received the majority of electoral votes from the most living, registered, and valid voters in each state.

    Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, and Georgia all held VERY unconvincing elections in 2020 – and no amount of ‘recounts’, based on fraudulent ballots, will ever change that.

    Think I am a sore loser?

    Think again – for I have participated in practically every local, state, and national election for decades, and never once did I feel grossly abused, as I did on the election of 2020.

    As some in this video suggested – this country will not survive another process like the 2020 presidential election, or, at least, not peacefully.

  2. OK, so Jordan Klepper’s shtick is making fun of rural white conservatives by portraying them as ignorant, racist hillbillies and shortwave radio conspiracy kooks. Wow, so edgy. Make some kind of snarky, wise-ass remark and then stick a camera and a microphone in their faces for a response. No one has ever tried that before! He probably got nervous being so far away from his urban hipster neighborhood in the East Village. All those white, working class heterosexuals with their guns, bibles and pickup trucks. What a PHAGG.

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