Chris Hayes: Vote To Preserve American Democracy

As I have pointed out many times before, establishment liberals and progressive activists who are collectively around 19% of the population believe that their faction is synonymous with American Democracy.


“The problem, however, is that Democrats are increasingly the party of college-educated coastal elites, and the people who staff Democratic campaigns, government offices and policy shops are even more coastal and affluent and elite.

“People say, ‘Oh, Democrats are the party of eggheads, they don’t talk about values, they talk about issues’,” Shor said, doing his best imitation of a whiny Democrat. “The reason we don’t talk about values is that our values are really strange and weird. Only 20 percent of the electorate cares about our values. If they shared our values, they would be liberals.”

According to Shor, the distorted nature of our contemporary political moment makes what he is selling all the more important: There is the anti-Democratic threat from Trump, for one thing, and America’s out-of-balance political geography for another. A plurality of upper-income Democrats, even a large plurality, if it is centered on the coasts, doesn’t help the party win an Electoral College majority, or win the Senate seats in states like Ohio and Iowa they absolutely need if they hope to govern and pass laws in Congress. …”

The definition of Democracy is that people like themselves remain in charge. Everyone else just lives here. We have to do our duty and vote for them because otherwise Democracy will die in the darkness and we will slide over the precipice into an age of brutal authoritarian “fascism.”

If Patty Murray and Maggie Hassan lose their Senate races, Ultra MAGA Republicans could be coming to your house to arrest and execute your kids as soon as next week. Seriously, this isn’t disinformation. This is from a trusted source!


  1. What I learned in 2020.
    Democracy is woke media inciting hundreds of anti-white, neo-Marxist mobs around the country to set hundreds of neighborhoods ablaze because they voted for the wrong party.
    And now I know what democracy is, thanks woke media.
    And I’m sure dems will have a lot more ‘democracy’ in store for us if they lose, much more than in the summer and fall of 2020.

  2. Half a million people living on the streets….70% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck……Millennials in their 30s with no hope of ever owning a house or starting a family…..America’s greatest cities falling into ruin….soaring levels of violent black crime everywhere…..the border with Mexico wide open with millions of nonwhite migrants and criminals pouring in…..A senile, dangerously incompetent “president” who is provoking Russia into a nuclear confrontation over two breakaway provinces in the eastern Ukraine….half empty store shelves, rampant inflation, schools that have turned into juvenile detention centers, deranged perverts being given access to small children and ladies’ bathrooms….healthy young people suddenly dropping dead or having their lives ruined because of an experimental “vaccine”….An alien controlled junta in Washington that hates and fears white citizens…

    Fuck you and your demonocracy, Miss Hayes. You better hope people like me never come to power.

  3. The name Hassan has Irish roots, It is pronounced HAS’-uhn but is sometimes mispronounced as hah-SAHN’.

  4. You hear only my voice…..


  5. Considering that it’s highly unlikely that the new Republican congress will declare a “fascist” state after the election, what will Dems do then? They’ve seriously overplayed their hand, and, if they were smart, they would change their messaging, or at least camoflauge their radicalism. But, I expect them to double down on their tilting at windmills, because admitting they were wrong wouldn’t be an act of humility, but would, instead, be an unmasking of their incompetence.

  6. It had to be the Irish who had to come up with this “our democracy” line of crap the Jews would never have been this stupid. Sorry no sale Irish retards.

  7. The longer the Dems stay in power the clearer ordinary people can see that their Communism will never work.

    The longer the Repubs stay in power the clearer ordinary people can see that these people can only make tax cuts and can never reverse all the Communist changes brought on by the Dems and take us back to “normal” again.

    Die Yankee Empire, Die!!!

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  8. What the left refers to as “democracy”, is not democracy at all. Democracy is supposed to be government by the people, but in America, it is not. Democracy in the West is nothing more than the invisible domination of our system of government by a few extremely rich people, mostly jews, who sway public opinion by their almost entire control of information. The oligarchs who rule the West never honestly believed in “Liberty,” “Equality” or “Fraternity,”, even as the Left defines these terms. In these so-called Western democracies, power isn’t controlled by the voting public, but by a few thousand extremely wealthy capitalists. The jewsmedia conceals the greed and selfishness of this small minority living in ease and comfort. In reality, their so called “democracy” is only a device they use to achieve total power over the sheeple.

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