Jonathan Greenblatt, Color of Change President Describe Meeting With Elon Musk

Sounds fun.

I can’t wait to return to Twitter to be moderated by the ADL Center for Technology & Society and groups like Color of Change. Hottest product since the Metaverse!


  1. Any company that depends on ads is vulnerable to organized ‘cancel culture’ mobs pressuring advertisers — I’ve seen many reports of companies ‘pausing’ ads on Twitter due to the Musk takeover — without ad revenue Twitter is not a viable company; it’s as simple as that.

    I imagine Musk will ditch some of the more absurd provisions in Twitter’s ToS, so to that extent you will have more freedom; exactly what that will look like I cannot say — slurs will definitely not be allowed — sensitive topics like race will still be censored — there will probably also be rules about ‘misinformation’ — I would guess the Left will be happier with the result than the Rightmost important to Musk and Twitter will not be free speech; instead content moderation must not be so lax as to alienate advertisers and/or motivate the ‘cancel culture’ mobs.

    I have no idea what Musk’s plan or timetable is, but given these realities I don’t see the attraction of owning Twitter long term; at best it will probably be only marginally profitable — in FY 2021 Twitter had approx $5b in revenue and an operating loss of approx $500m; I did not look to see what their operating expenses were — but if Musk can cut costs by half (not unreasonable given his rumored headcount reduction plans) and boost revenue, then going public with a modestly profitable, restructured Twitter in 2024 or 2025 might be possible.

    • However I would say it’s a positive sign that Kanye West is back on Twitter and talking about Jews (in the entertainment industry).

      Interesting Musk/Ye meme — link

  2. If you believed in musk to begin with you are a sucker, the kind who believes he is spinning at over 1k mph on a giant ball.

    • Yes.

      Uprooting the Jew is gentle job. Like fishing. You must play a lot of time to avoid breaking equipment or letting fish off the hook.

      Russia also operates very slowly and very catefully. And China. Also Hamas Hezbollah and Iran working slowly and methodically.

      So let’s give Elon some time.

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