Buck Breaking: ADL Organizes Twitter Advertiser Boycott After Elon Musk Capitulates

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Jonathan Greenblatt acts like he rules the world.


  1. If the trouble is so big then there is probably something behind the scenes and Jews understood that Elon capitulation is actually jewing the Jew.

    We are winning already now. They coming out from the closet.

    “””…The Jew is immunized against all dangers: One may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out”….”””

    Elon Ye and others ripped off this raincoat.

    • Jews are in a perfect position to cutoff ad revenue, as they control nearly all of Madison Ave. ( the very reason you see endless black faces in ads.)

      • The corporate clients of those ad agencies have to approve of the ads being made for them, which they apparently do without any reservations whatsoever.

  2. Bringing this group more and more out into the open can only be a good thing. The light takes away its power.

  3. The adl is a jewish mafia that uses bulling, extortion and intimidation to get what they want. Don’t expect the justice dept or the fbi to go after them because they answer to the adl and others just like them.

  4. We’ve come a long way from Elon Musk’s famous tweet of 26 May 2018, where he simply and intriguingly wrote:

    “Who do you think*owns* the press? Hello.”

    And the first person that tweet of Musk was addressed to, is Joshua Ryan Topolsky, the Jewish co-founder of The Verge and Vox Media.

    Musk asking a leading e-media Jew, ‘who owns the press’, LOL

    Screenshot of that tweet:


  5. Jewish supremacists will accept one response to the question on ‘antisemitic beliefs.’

    “The answer to the question ‘do you have any antisemitic beliefs’ is always ‘NO’ without equivocation.”

    Jonathan Greenblatt, ADL

  6. Greenblatt hasn’t noticed Nemisis in the shadows. Musk may be surprised at what happened, but this is a man used to doing things that are difficult and expensive. I doubt he’s particularly scared of the ADL. Just surprised. The ADL also just made an enemy of him. Dumb. I suspect he’ll figure it out, and succeed. Theres too much money to be had. Even the ADL can’t stop that for long. The ADL just keeps making enemies out of more and more people. Not smart. Decades of pretty much always getting their way has made the ADL arrogant and greatly disliked by more and more people. Just give them time, they will do something stupid

    • Its strange that Twitter needs 5 billion a year to operate, when Gab operates on a shoestring. Obviously there is a difference in the level of traffic they handle, but 5 billion seems like an insane amount of money. If Elon can cut those costs, he won’t need jewish advertisers.

  7. Mr. Musk is learning an important life lesson : that when abandon the very values you stand for, to mollify those who dislike you, you not only have to live with the feelings of guilt, failure, and shame within yourself, you have to deal with the fact that appeasement never appeases.

  8. Seems former commenter Denise was right about the Jews. Please return, Madame, all is forgiven. Seriously, do the usual suspects ever stop and think that living up to every negative stereotype is counterproductive? I guess they will just have to be taught lesson #110. And there is more than one way to cancel their pernicious presence, if you get my meaning.

    • @J. R. Chloupek, people like you need to be taught lesson #1.

      #110 will fail, same as all previous 109 “lessons” did (& technically, the number is way higher than 109…which only proves Aryans have a serious problem with delusional thinking….”durrrrrrrrrr, all 109 times failed spectacularly, but 110 of the exact same thing will work, this time.”)

      Any asshole who thinks mere mass deportation is some “solution” to “muh jq” (there’s only a JP-a jew Plague) needs to gtfo.

      Were Aryans to achieve the superhuman task of organizing successfully against judah this late in the game (as our daughters openly bed niggers & explicitly mock their men), only to do the same thing that has literally a 0.00% success rate against this same ancient enemy, then Aryans deserve to go extinct.

      We would be setting up our great grandchildren for the same exact maddening descent from near-utopia on Earth to enslaved dystopian nightmare. And no, you won’t “teach muh ancestors better this time.”

      Jews get back in, every single time. They literally have a 100% success rate.

      People like you are why i remain pessimistic about the great struggle. Your type cant handle analyzing how far we’ve fallen. You probably stopped reading when i mentioned our daughters & niggers. If you cant even handle looking at real reality, you sure as hell won’t be able to contribute in any meaningful way as to thinking up effective solutions.

      • @PsychelonB – Very succinctly stated, above. In addition to their 100% success rate, they manage to gain even more ground in influence and control, along with special protections and privileges, each time they do return.

        • Nothing human could pull off what the jews have done to the western world in less than 80 years.
          Satan guides them through this all.

  9. Brother Elon is no different than us: deep down we all want this to be easy, though it will not be.

    He is learning that The Enemy is not of good will and we cannot live with these people, not now, not ever.

    The Midterm will come and I also forsee Brother bringing Twitter to Texas and turning into the all-things-app.

    Digital Separation is the prelude to territorial separation.

  10. Jews have been shitting on whites in the Jewish media for decades, and weaponizing blacks against whites and themselves.
    Shitting on Jews should be the new normal, it should be the national pastime.
    Black celebrities are getting in on it, white celebrities oughta get in on the fun too.

    The Jew is the elephant in the room, a can of worms, now that it’s out there, gonna be hard for the cabal to put it back in.
    Must suck for them, the world order it took them over a century to construct is slowly collapsing in real time.
    As soon as they patch up one hole on this sinking ship, another appears, like whackamole, too funny *munches popcorn*.

  11. Seems to me that someone could just declare themselves a Free Speech Advocate to oppose the ADL.

    Be kinda’ hard to call someone a Nazi when they just want free speech like Lenny Bruce & George Carlin did….

  12. However the ADL knows that Elon Musk supports/assists the Israeli-US war against Iran: https://landdestroyer.blogspot.com/2022/10/us-recruits-elon-musks-spacex-for-iran.html

    He also assists the U.S.’s war against Russia in Khazarkraine. The U.S.’s Khazarkrainian proxy forces were first in line to receive Musks’s newest satellite communications equipment, training and support.

    Musk is a war criminal. He has much blood on his hands.

    WNs who think Musk is their new savior-hero are easily fooled. Many WNs also believe Marjorie Taylor Greene’s campaign promise that if you help Republicans win big in this (s)election “Ukraine will not get a red cent” from the U.S. anymore. Ha! You’ll find out soon, when the Republicans win.

  13. Greenblatt is easily one of the most powerful people on earth. He practically runs the FBI, has big tech on a leash, can pump or dump a company’s stock prices or dry up their access to credit and capital on a whim with a few calls to institutional investors. It is not far from the truth to say that Greenblatt rules the world. At least it is difficult to find any single person other than heads of state with as much power as he has.

  14. It is not going to work. the Jews speech suppression quest is all being done in preparation for the second coming of Christ. Once Christ gets here he must not be allow to speak a single word, and if he does speak he must be silenced quickly. It is not going to work. God is laughing at these Jews. What a bunch of schmucks.

  15. If you weren’t anti Semetic before looking at Greenblatts head, you will be from that point, on. He’s an advertisement for anti Semitism.
    The way he looks and talks invites a degree of dislike and suspicion.
    To stop anti Semetism……..they could try stopping the things that cause it.

  16. Twitter/Elon MuskReplying to @TomFitton @Twitter @yoyoel @JudicialWatch Twitter will not censor accurate information about anything

    This is where an arbitrary/subjective designation of ‘misinformation’ comes in handy — they can say ‘Yeah, OK, strictly speaking it’s not inaccurate, but it lacks context and is therefore misleading’.

  17. Anti-Semitism is Truth.

    It is what it is.

    It’s good that the Ye and Kyrie drama continues to unfold.

    Check out Jew – Harley Pasternak – psyop expert and mind control/drugger of West.

    Evil people – Demons.

    They’ll destroy anyone or anything (families/nations/civilizations/innocent children/anything) that stand in the way of their complete and total control.

    We’ve always been right about them.


    • Nothing human could pull off what the jews have done to the western world in less than 80 years.
      Satan guides them through this all.

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