1. The unpleasant reality is that, since 2014, the US and NATO have been at war with Russia, in the Ukraine and around the world.

    So, unfortunately, this is nothing new, other than the public admission.

    • ZOG and its military wing known as NATO were at war with Russia before 2014, sir. They were up to no good in Georgia, Central Asia and the Baltic States as far back as the early 2000s.

      • Point well taken, Dear Spahn.

        If you want to get really nit-picky, the US has been at war with Russia since 1917, taking only a few brief hiatuses – the last one in the 1990s, when Russia was down on it’s knees.

        One difference I will point out to you between the actions in Georgia, Central Asia, and the Baltic States, from what is going on in the Ukraine, is this is a much more direct, more intense, and much more expensive attempt to bring Russia to her knees.

        None of these other operations, which you correctly mention, were being used to try to topple Russia, they were more containment operations.

        All the best!

    • They are setting us up for a tripwire event.

      “Today 12 Americans were killed in a Russian missile strike. President senile will send in 20,000 US troops.”
      Future headline.

      • Will the “Diversity” recruits and homos do most of the fighting and dying or is that where straight Whites comes in?

        • I don’t know a single serving military member or veteran encouraging their kids to sign up. Looks like the diversity and homos will be at Stalingrad after all!

        • @more of the same

          “Will the “Diversity” recruits and homos do most of the fighting and dying or is that where straight Whites comes in?”

          The whole point Of Ukraine is get as many White people killed , as possible. Just like WW1.

  2. US military “advisors” are now in the Ukraine, just like they were in South Vietnam in the early 1960s. All they need to do is manufacture another Gulf of Tonkin incident.

    • @Spahn…

      Yes, I agree with you – another Gulf of Tonkin event, or ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ is in the offing.

      It’s only a matter of time.

      That said, it’s much harder to bring that off, in this day and time, than it was before the rise of the Internet and the burgeoning alternative media – so maybe this has been deterring them.

      After all, though more than 50% of Americans support helping the Ukrainian puppet government, and overwhelming majority are irreconcileably against boots on the ground.

  3. “Anyone who can’t see at this point that Russia is fighting against the satanic West is a dunce subservient to the Neocon transsexual globalists behind the great replacement.

    ALL the anti-white globalists happen to be for Zelensky. Is that a coincidence?”

    Ricardo Duchesne

  4. Just as the FDR administration used Pearl Harbor to justify their entrance into war with Germany, so it’s at least possible that the Biden administration will employ a similar tactic before the 2024 election. Biden’s administration is apparently just as riddled with Jews as FDR’s administration was.

    A war has a way of uniting a nation against their perceived enemy (in this case, Russia), so it wouldn’t surprise me if a plan is in the works for a major military escalation in 2024. This is especially likely if the democrats lose a bunch of seats in the mid-terms. The democrats are obsessed with staying in power, and they’d have no qualms over instigating a nuclear bloodbath if that’s what needed to be done.

  5. Risking economic disaster and WWIII to protect the borders of Ukraine while deliberately leaving our own borders wide open. These people are truly despicable.

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