Ruy Teixeira: Hispanic Voters on the Eve of the 2022 Election

Are the “Latinx” voters really going to turn on the BIPOC coalition? The polls continue to suggest it is happening.

Ruy Teixeira:

“In 2020, the Democratic advantage among Hispanic voters declined by 16 points relative to 2016. On the eve of the 2022 election, that advantage is set to decline substantially once again.

This is obviously bad for the Democrats’ immediate electoral prospects. But it also cuts the ground out from under their leading electoral theory of the case: that the “rising American electorate”, with a starring role for the burgeoning ranks of minority voters, will deliver them victories in the future. It is overwhelmingly Hispanics who are driving the increase in the nonwhite population and if they continue moving toward the GOP—as they are and in a big way—the whole theory falls apart. …”

Maybe we are Brazil now.

Brazil has fiercely competitive elections.


  1. I would like to see MMA style fights in congress and senate. At least it would be entertaining instead of the usual boring circus.

  2. What the stupid, arrogant DNC leadership failed to take into account is that many heespanix are not Third World radicals and revolutionaries, they tend to be rather conservative and traditional, especially the ones whose families have lived in the US for several generations. They also make no secret of their dislike for Negroes.

  3. Not sure this is the message we should be giving, Hunter. Our neighborhoods increasingly becoming Brazil isn’t fine just because a lightly larger portion of them put “R” on the ballot. If the survival of our race isn’t secure, what else does any of it matter?

    • All that is needed is the return of segregation and things will be fine. Whites can have their own communities again, so can Blacks, Asians, South Americans, etc.

  4. I understand that to a large extent both parties at the top are similar. The Democrat Party however is worse in many cases at state/local and on a personal level. Even speaking with democrats is difficult.

    Every time I have talked to a democrat I casually ask them questions and they eagerly respond. I do not have to do much but be friendly, non-threatening, and smile some. They tell me all. They know I am latin by name, image, and accent so they think I am on their side.

    Politics seem like a ping pong game in that one side wins then they make things worse so the other side rallies and wins and makes things worse and ….so on and so on.

    • I just think it is funny that shitlibs have alienated Hispanics for the same reasons they have alienated Whites by becoming so much more tone deaf and loathsome over the past 10 years. It is a possibility that we didn’t take seriously enough in the past.

  5. Mr. Wallace,

    That is it exactly. The liberals are so evil and disgusting that they turn my stomach. My latin relatives who hold American citizenship used to be mostly solid Democrat. Now? None of them are.

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