CNN: Democrats Brace For Stunning Losses In New York Due To Racism

How are the midterms going?

Hillary and Kamala are campaigning for Kathy Hochul in New York. It is that bad.


“(CNN)Democratic officials and strategists in New York tell CNN they are bracing for what could be stunning losses in the governor’s race and in contests for as many as four US House seats largely in the suburbs.

With crime dominating the headlines and the airwaves, multiple Democrats watching these races closely are pointing to New York City Mayor Eric Adams, accusing him of overhyping the issue and playing into right-wing narratives in ways that may have helped set the party up for disaster on Tuesday.

“He was an essential validator in the city to make their attacks seem more legit and less partisan,” said one Democratic operative working on campaigns in New York, who asked not to be named so as not to compromise current clients.

Other Democrats argue this has it backwards. While they accuse Republicans of political ploys they call cynical, racist and taking advantage of a situation fostered by the pandemic, they insist candidates would be in better shape if they had followed Adams’ lead in speaking to the fear and frustration voters feel. …”

Look at the energy and charisma in this room.


  1. Biden declares war on Iran.

    Biden is the perfect golem. Everything since 2001 has been nothing but Zionism and Biden was always right in the middle.

    The past two years have been a major learning experience. I’m not sure what triggered it besides a general Trump Derangement Syndrome but as we all know the Democrats officially became the Zionist Party at some point after 2017. Biden was always a shill but it’s off the charts now.

    • Any White human who still signs up for the ZOG military is either very stupid or very desperate.

  2. “Hillary and Kamala are campaigning”

    Those are the last two I’d want around for a successful campaign. They are politically toxic.

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