Politico: Popularists vs. Inclusive Populists

My impression of the progressive Left is that there used to be two or three major polarizing culture war issues – God, guns and abortion – and in recent years progressives have taken the ball and expanded the map. There are about two dozen polarizing culture war issues now.


“Self-interested elites and corporations are using racism to divide the working class from each other,” said Heather McGhee, the board chair of the civil rights group Color of Change, as the attendees, mostly professional Hill staff and D.C. nonprofit workers, gathered fruit salad and coffee from the back of the room. “The core question is how do we act as political storytellers. Our biggest failure has been our inability to name a constant enemy.”

The problem, McGhee added, was that, unlike the Republicans, too many Democrats in Washington, especially white men, found it “dispositionally difficult” to fight on those terms. “We need to pick sides,” she said. “We need to be the skunk at the garden party. Righteous fights are necessary for how people understand the world.” …

“The more you represent liberal elites, the more you will turn off non-college voters of all types,” he told me. And the slow creep of working-class voters of color into the Republican camp “is not something people saw coming, and I am not even sure how you deal with it. How do you get a bunch of people who are conservative to vote for the Democratic Party, especially if what you are pushing is ideological polarization?” …

“Your job as a left-wing person is to figure out how to take your ideas and like, trick them and mold them into something that the median voter could support,” Shor said.

He and McElwee asked for whatever the third most popular cocktail was and then ordered that. It came with little flowers on top. “Every Democrat needs to ask themselves if what they are doing is increasing education polarization or decreasing polarization, because if we don’t figure that out we are never going to win the Senate and we are never going to win the Electoral College.”

“2012 is the last time that an older generation of political operatives was in charge of Democratic campaigns,” he added. “It’s all millennials now, and you can see it in how they conduct their communication. It used to be about persuading people, and now it is about trying not to piss off any activist groups, and it gets to the point where you can’t say anything without having consultants review it for months to make sure it doesn’t offend anyone, and it gets to the point where people don’t even hear what you are trying to communicate.” …”

The Biden administration is infested with cryptocommunists.

“Progressives, in other words, have won battle after battle for the soul of the Democratic Party. But instead of consolidating their gains and taking the fight to the Republicans, they keep waging war, McElwee says, with their own side. “The left doesn’t know how to win with dignity and grace. Do you know how many cryptocommunists are now working for the Biden administration? How many former Bernie Sanders staffers who are pretty f—ing deep in the White House’s policy nexus? The revolutionary socialist phase has kind of faded for the left,” said McElwee. “But the flip side of that is that a lot of those people have infiltrated to the highest levels of Democratic politics.”

Maybe you aren’t a pro-life voter.

Maybe you are angry because you have been censored on the internet?

Maybe you dislike the war with Russia in Ukraine that Democrats have started?

Maybe you are angry because you didn’t get a job (or lost your job) because you are a White male due to progressive efforts to dismantle systematic racism?

Maybe you are angry with Democrats for listening to progressive activists like Sean McElwee for pushing the Biden administration to effectively dismantle immigration enforcement and allowing over 5 million illegal aliens to cross the border in under two years?

Maybe you are pissed off because the police have given up and collapsed in your city in the wake of the Fentanyl Floyd riots which has caused the current crime wave?

Maybe you are angry because of what feminism has wrought in marriage, family and dating?

Maybe you resent the angry mobs who tore down historic monuments in your city or state?

Maybe you are angry because progressive activists are assaulting the gender binary and pushing transgender ideology on young people?

Take you pick.

You have a buffet of reasons to resent these people and oppose them. I think this is why you are seeing more ideological polarization than in previous elections.


  1. Why is The Left losing?

    Could it be that the determination with which they, maybe 1/3 of the population, is pursuing a version of life which resembles an Isaac Azimov novel, has put off the other 2/3s?

  2. “””……But instead of consolidating their gains and taking the fight to the Republicans, they keep waging war, McElwee says, with their own side….”””

    This “””…their own side…””” has money. Unemployed Trump supporters can not create and give brats well paid prominent Government jobs. Brats need to be paid to keep them calm.

    Soviet Union Swamp was also too ignorant and too stupid to create artificial well paid fake jobs for brats. Until 1937 when tensions boiled over and brats slaughtered The Swamp and took all their jobs.

    It is easy. Print money. Give Antifa thugs Harvard PhD in creative cretinism or something similar. Launch Institute of Absurd and Dysfunction. Appoint Antifa thugs to science department, where are researches why speed of sex change is still slower that speed of light.

    World renowned Antifa scientists will enjoy their 6 figure salary, private jets and conferences in luxury hotels so The Swamp can sit back and relax their power.

    But now war between brats and The Swamp becomes open fight. Stable Genius moved his troops away on time and the Swamp will be eaten by their own dogs. Poor Jews will also suffer. Jewish banks have plenty of money for racketeering and pay offs and brats know this.

  3. Oh, the “cryptocommunists” chose their “constant enemy” alright: straight Whites. That’s why they can’t put their filth over come election time. Normal Whites have had the incessant stream of corrosive leftist hate-puke spewed into their faces for years by these god damned punks, so of course they return their hate 100 fold and seek revenge (not that merely voting will ever be sufficient to drag them out of the fed bureaucracy by their green hair).

    “Your job as a left-wing person is to figure out how to take your ideas and like, trick them and mold them into something that the median voter could support,” Shor said.

    Thus is the immensity of the arrogance of the shitlib scum like this kike revealed: they’re absolutely sure that they’re so brilliant, all they have to do is recalibrate their words & imagery a little to bamboozle the “stupid Flyova white trash” into sliding back into their stupor to allow the orderly completion of their demographic replacement, followed by the great goal of their eradication.

    Hey – don’t they have the Ivy League credentials that prove their genius, moral superiority & right to rule?

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