Elon Musk Complains About Twitter Losing Advertisers

Imagine thinking you can ever compromise with or satisfy Jonathan Greenblatt:

Door #1: Stand your ground and lose advertisers and get blackballed like Tucker Carlson, Kanye or Andrew Torba.

Door #2: Cave and get mounted on the wall as a trophy after ritual shaming in the Jewish media like Kyrie Irving.

That’s the way this goes.


  1. Musk didn’t see any of this coming when he contemplated buying Twitter? I’m starting to think he’s not too bright.

    • Some day Dorsey was a front for the CIA anyway. Went to the right school in st Louis for it.

  2. Actually, there is a door #3 — I outlined it earlier: link

    I’ll repeat it here:

    … sell enough of his Tesla stock holdings to net $44b so he can pay off his backers — if he did that he could do what he wants with Twitter.

    By ‘backers’ I mean the consortium of investors who provided the money to buy Twitter.

    Musk would then have to worry about cutting costs enough and maintaining enough revenue for Twitter to (at least) break even, which may also be a challenge (?, hard to say).

    • Twitter/ADLToday, we are joining dozens of other groups to ask advertisers to pause Twitter spending because we are profoundly concerned about antisemitism and hate on the platform. Here’s why we’re asking advertisers to #StopHateForProfit and #StopToxicTwitter

      The tweet is getting mildly ‘ratioed’; like that matters.

      If Musk didn’t have to answer to his investors, he would have a lot more freedom of action (and time) — via cost cutting he could reduce the cash burn to a tolerable level — then he could implement and promote/defend reasonable ToS, and enough advertisers would probably return (with dramatically reduced operating costs he could get by with less ad revenue) — if he was successful at that, a positive side effect of all this would be a big hit to the ADL’s reputation.

      Organized Jewry is really despicable; I hope more people are seeing this — Jews or free speech: choose one.

    • Obviously there’s a lot of fluff and makework overhead at Twitter:

      linkElon Musk has fired the Curation team, the Human Rights team, and the Ethics, Transparency, and Accountability team. … Nothing of value was lost.

      So a large double digit percentage reduction in operating expense should be achievable.

    • “he could do what he wants with Twitter.”

      Nope. Jews steer all of Madison Ave.
      Advertising is the life’s blood of social media. He can’t operate Twitter as a charity institution.

      One thin chance would be starting his own media/advertising agency, but then his customers will face the wrath of jwz banks.

    • “sell enough of his Tesla stock holdings to net $44b so he can pay off his backers.”

      That would collapse TSLA. There isn’t enough of a market for that, it’s too shallow.

  3. Mr. Musk is new to owning a social media company and the difficulties of negotiating that with the difficult political exigencies of this time.

    As it, Twitter, could not get worse than what it was before, let’s give him some time and see how this evolves.

    Given that he is an entrepenurial oligarch, and used to getting his own way, he might one day get tired of being bullied, at which point things might improve.

  4. Musk is all talk, his word ain’t worth shit until he backs it up with some substantive action. If he’s done everything he can to appease woke then he’s part of the problem. He also treats his employees like shit. 12 hour shifts? The guy’s actually just a big megalomaniac piece of shit, I hate Musk.

    • 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.
      What it boils down to is the guy’s a woke crapitalist, the very worst.
      He’s also a transhumanist and a climate cult believer, hence his stupid electric cars and brainchips.
      The guy’s an all-around narcissistic douchebag, I’ve seen enough.

    • A lot of places work 12 hour rotating shifts. Usually like 4-3-3-4 working days per week. You only end up working 14 or 15 days a month. Moreover, a lot of people in fact like working tons of overtime. You can make 120+ grand a year. Working maintenance, you can make more than that. There are maintenance men making more than the plant managers at places. 12, 14 hours or more a day seven days a week, time and a half and doubletime, holiday pay, etc. More than a few guys LOVE it.

  5. Door # 3

    When you planning serious attrition war, pretend to be weak and near collapse to lure enemy waste it’s last resources.

    Like Russia losing and collapsing all the time. One more set of sanctions and little more guns to Ukraine and Russia is gone.

    Now Europe has no electricity no gas no nothing and even Nato storages are empty. All sent to Ukraine. And winter is coming.

    Trump was also doomed every day last 7 years yet somehow there is revolution in the front door and people naming Jew first time in 100 years.

    • I’ve been watching several documentary and gamer type animations about Napoleon’s lunge at Moscow. This feels somewhat similar.

  6. Never trust a tycoon boys…..Never

    Especially a yankee one! and yes you know who i mean

  7. I’d say this is all political maneuvering. Hold a Zoom meeting to smile and nod, then when the “activists” don’t back off he can throw up his hands and say – “I did everything I could to appease them!” – and justify going in another direction.

    BTW – what the hell were those >7,000 people actually *doing* at Twitter? The codebase could be maintained by a couple of dozen.

    • Very good point. Those 7k useless employees at Twitter were probably nothing more than affirmative action diversity hires.

    • >The codebase could be maintained by a couple of dozen.

      I don’t know if that’s true or not — but I seriously doubt it, e.g. reliable rumors have it that over 500 engineers work on just the iPhone’s camera (HW & SW).

      As a platform, Twitter is accessible 24/7 worldwide — while what’s required for decent user QoS (including comprehensive search; the search functionality available on Twitter is very good) is not comparable to e.g. YouTube, which offers streaming video to literally tens of millions of users located all over the planet simultaneously, Twitter does have its own large IT operation to handle network and database architecture etc — Twitter gets a lot of popular attention due its asinine (‘woke’) content/censorship policies — but it’s actually also a serious engineering company, one which builds and runs its own data centers — this post on the Twitter blog illustrates that:

      The Infrastructure Behind Twitter: Scale

  8. That’s what happens when you make a deal with the devil. They pull their (((advertises))) to show you whose really in control.

  9. I don’t follow Jimmy Dore, but I ran across this actually pretty good Dore video at The Greanville Post today, that explains how “Elon Musk in Bed with the War Machine and CIA”:

  10. I don’t follow Jimmy Dore, but I ran across this Dore video at Greanville Post today, that explains how “Elon Musk is in Bed with the War Machine and CIA”:

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