Ruy Teixeira: Democrats’ Long Goodbye to the Working Class

I’m really looking forward to seeing how things have changed between 2020 and 2020 and specifically the overall trend and trajectory with all the different subgroups.

The Atlantic:

“As we move into the endgame of the 2022 election, the Democrats face a familiar problem. America’s historical party of the working class keeps losing working-class support. And not just among white voters. Not only has the emerging Democratic majority I once predicted failed to materialize, but many of the nonwhite voters who were supposed to deliver it are instead voting for Republicans.

This year, Democrats have chosen to run a campaign focused on three things: abortion rights, gun control, and safeguarding democracy—issues with strong appeal to socially liberal, college-educated voters. But these issues have much less appeal to working-class voters. They are instead focused on the economy, inflation, and crime, and they are skeptical of the Democratic Party’s performance in all three realms. …

From 2012 to 2020, the Democrats not only saw their support among white working-class voters—those without college degrees—crater, they also saw their advantage among nonwhite working-class voters fall by 18 points. And between 2016 and 2020 alone, the Democratic advantage among Hispanic voters declined by 16 points, overwhelmingly driven by the defection of working-class voters. In contrast, Democrats’ advantage among white college-educated voters improved by 16 points from 2012 to 2020, an edge that delivered Joe Biden the White House.

Polling points to a continuation of these trends in 2022. Democrats are losing voters without college degrees while running up the score among college-educated voters. …

In part, this results from further deterioration of Democratic support among white working-class voters. But nonwhite working-class voters—especially Hispanic voters—may be following suit. Democrats carried Hispanic voters by 35 points in 2018 and 25 points in 2020. Available data and reporting strongly suggest that this further decline is being driven by working-class voters, the overwhelming majority of this demographic. …”

As David Shor and Sean McElwee pointed out the other day in Politico, it is these people who are running Democratic campaigns now which sound like Twitter and MSNBC.

“The more you represent liberal elites, the more you will turn off non-college voters of all types,” he told me. And the slow creep of working-class voters of color into the Republican camp “is not something people saw coming, and I am not even sure how you deal with it. How do you get a bunch of people who are conservative to vote for the Democratic Party, especially if what you are pushing is ideological polarization?” …

“Your job as a left-wing person is to figure out how to take your ideas and like, trick them and mold them into something that the median voter could support,” Shor said.

He and McElwee asked for whatever the third most popular cocktail was and then ordered that. It came with little flowers on top. “Every Democrat needs to ask themselves if what they are doing is increasing education polarization or decreasing polarization, because if we don’t figure that out we are never going to win the Senate and we are never going to win the Electoral College.”

“2012 is the last time that an older generation of political operatives was in charge of Democratic campaigns,” he added. “It’s all millennials now, and you can see it in how they conduct their communication. It used to be about persuading people, and now it is about trying not to piss off any activist groups, and it gets to the point where you can’t say anything without having consultants review it for months to make sure it doesn’t offend anyone, and it gets to the point where people don’t even hear what you are trying to communicate.” …”

We will see how it goes on Tuesday.

They are trying to pretend now that this never happened.

WASHINGTON, DC – JUNE 08: People walk down 16th street after “Defund The Police” was painted on the street near the White House on June 08, 2020 in Washington, DC. After days of protests in DC over the death of George Floyd, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has renamed that section of 16th street “Black Lives Matter Plaza”. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)


  1. What happened to “Medicare for All”? Instead the democrats main priority seems to be wacko environmental issues that wreck the economy and men prancing around in women’s clothes.

  2. Yes, the Democrats are the party of the White Collar Elite, and, with the Republicans always the party of corporations and big wars, the American Worker is without advocacy in Washington.

    This unfortunate transformation of the Democrat Party, during the time of Clinton, is one of the worst things to happens in the history of this country – the total opposite of The New Deal for which Democrat Party continues to say it is standing, when it plainly is not.

    If no political remedy is found, there will be a series of explosions that will make the current dissonances look like an afternoon tea party…

  3. “‘Your job as a left-wing person is to figure out how to take your ideas and like, trick them and mold them into something that the median voter could support,’ Shor said.”

    LMAO, as if people can’t sense this cynical contempt for the working class. Self-righteous, pretentious arrogance oozes from nearly every mainstream news broadcast. No wonder sycophantic, journos and the PMC who support them have lost credibility.

    • They do not know what it would take to turn things around, “these people” the Jews and the Irish, Shor and McElwee would have to take a look at themselves and see what the rest of see. But that is an impossibility, the Jews and the Irish are incapable of self reflection and self criticism and any attempt at pointing out the flaws in Jewish and Irish blood is only met with agression. For your information the Irish are even more intolerant of freedom of speech than the Jews are. And they tell us they are just like us, how TF is that possible?

      • BROWNO! Fock off agin will ye, ye focken edjit! Free speech fer ye while’s yer monchin’ a Semtex sandwich! Time ye saw da business end of an Armalite! Remember King Rat…

  4. “Invisible factor” in the Army is term what describes deeper nature of the enemy. Monitoring guns and training is easy but deep understanding of enemy character is what brings real victory. How they gonna use their training and guns, how they think and operate. Enemy psyche is what matters.

    Fast forward. The Donald and world wide troll army got the point and found weak spots in enemy rank.

    They have weak hate control and hive mind. Before election is not good to scream 24/7 how much you hate electorate. They desperately try to keep their hatred under control but one little tweet or trolling and the hive loses the control and scream again.

    So this time we grabbed Jews and communists pussy. As the article say, communists understand the problem but they are incapable to do something. This is also one of the main reason why they are afraid of twitter. They get their hate under the carpet but one tweet from Trump and there they go again.

  5. Well, the GOP certainly isn’t the party of workers either. The “Democratic” Party never belonged to workers, only used them. Same in Britain, Labour is not for workers. The system won’t allow a real workers’ party to rise.

  6. The Democrat and the Republicans have become a party for themselves. Neither one cares about social or economic issues. I really don’t see anything changing.

  7. It’s basically the same in all Western/white nations:

    linkFascinating how if you scratch the surface of pro-immigration politics you discover a festering hatred of working class people

    However it crosses party lines — Republicans are not known as friends of the working class either, which in America today has a distinctly different hue today than in the past — maybe when the working class becomes majority non-white the Democrats will like them again.

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