Barack Obama: “When True Democracy Goes Away, People Get Hurt”

2 days.

America will be destroyed.


      • They’re easy to control if the govt wants them controlled, if not they’re very useful to them such as blm and antifa and the biggest and most powerful, the jewish mob that the govt won’t or can’t control.

    • @John this is a rightwing partisan lie.

      America has never been rule of the mob eg majoritarianism. It’s always been minoritarianism… was it rule of “the mob” when they did the civil rights act??? Was it rule of “the mob” when they passed the 1965 immigration act???

      Nixon was a majoritarian or “mob” rule president and as imperfect as he was he was head and shoulders better than his immediate predecessors.

      The 1925 immigration act that restricted immigration to west and Northern Europe was “mob rule” eg majoritarianism.

      One of the best things the old progressive movement did was to give states direct democracy via referendums.

      Even in deep blue states like California. The direct democracy referendums have a bretty good track record.

      “The mob” voted to cut all state spending to illegal immigrants- the California Supreme Court overturned the results. Californians voted not to allow illegal immigrants to get drivers license- the courts over turned it. The voters voted in direct democracy referendums to get rid of affirmative action. The state simply never enforced it and California colleges and corporations still engage in defacto affirmative action. The cali “mob” voted against gay marriage, and that was over turned. Only huge L I can remember the mob” was legalizing weed.

      If California only had “mob rule” and It would be in a much better place.

      I’d take legalized weed if it came with no affirmative action, meaningful immigration restrictions, no gay marriage, no drag time story hour etc…

  1. Mr.obama is not founding stock American in any way and that is the Litmus test Founding stock/Noble Republic, hyphenate/interloper:s/mobocracy/government for stupid people…

    • John Bolton is founding stock and look what a c*nt he is! We’d be a wasteland of radioactive glass right now it he got his way.

      • James Bongstreet, agreed, I do not like or respect, the bolton guy period, consumate War pig, there are plenty of founding stock descended Shitheads, like everything else, we have too take the bad with the good also, bolton needs a radioactive leash at all times, he is probably a Blood drinker, Satanic whore……..

  2. When other peoples gang together led by a race of people who are experts and have a long history of undermining businesses/governments around the world takes the host majority ethic group’s government and starts changing laws; begin calling the controlling majority all kinds of derogatory names to shame them into surrendering their wealth / status / sovereignty to the mob; begin using the ballot box (stuffed) and courts to strip away their rights and turn them in the lowest class of people in the nation they founded; open the nation’s borders to finally finish off the founding stock and replace them with 3rd-worlders; then start using euphemisms such as our “democracy” for this anti-White circus that has been going on now for decades; and so finally the host ethnic group says that’s enough and begins to take back THEIR country (didn’t say “democracy”) then these dispossessed parasites should surely expect to suffer some loss.


    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  3. This is real hyperbole they have the chutzpah to be using. So in other words if anyone other than the democrats win it’s illegitimate. This is probably why the general public has become so radicalized. It used to be just the outliers that were persecuted and marginalized by the regime, now it’s the normal republican party and the normal way we lived right up to about a half dozen years ago. Really, with this transgendered insanity we can really see how nuts they are and it lends credence to all the conservatives who where warning about the true face of the left who were ignored for saying stuff that seemed too far fetched. Well, it’s not too far fetched anymore with that hideous old man in women’s clothing standing up there as an “Admiral” like Caligula’s Horse was a “Senator.”

    Remember how we used to laugh at this kind of stuff in mainstream movies like Crocodile Dundee?

    Now is it too far to believe the next thing they have in store for us is fathers getting arrested for discrimination for refusing to allow their 10 year old boys to “date” some middle aged nambla member?

  4. To Non Hateful White guy- ‘Even in deep-blue states, the direct democracy referendums have a pretty good track record’ They have proven to be an exercise in futility-remember when Californians voted to end gay marriage, and the Left then shopped the issue to a gay federal judge who ruled the result of the referendum unconstitutional, and the Supreme court upheld that?

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