1. Yeh, sure, when Trump was in office all the newspapers were closed, all the networks shut down, all demoncrats were arrested and vanished, never to be seen again.

    If they lie about something that is such an obvious falsehood, how much do they lie about things we can’t immediately check, the holohoax, NSDAP policies and goals etc. ?

    • Well, that’s a sure winner argument, start off making a lot of sense in the first paragraph…and then drag in holocaust denial as the cherry on the cake. Seriously, can we find a way to talk about the democrats without the holocaust? Whatever the exact details, millions of Eastern European Jews vanished during the war, presumed dead. Where did they go?

      • Vanished? Seems like most of them ended up right here in America, to spin their ridiculous tales of how they survived five “death camps”..

  2. They must be really scared, to use such as desperate ploy.
    I’d like to see the Demoncrat internal polling.

  3. His Wiki page says it all. Whatever side is going to make him and his Iranian wife money he’s going to side with. These scumbags have no loyalty except to “democracy”

  4. They can’t possibly think anybody buys this pearl clutching crap.

    How can democracy end, if we vote to end it? I mean….

  5. 2 lousy shitkike “historians” & their goyho helper lyink through their rat teef.

    Yes, Beschloss: we’re “gonna give up” (((Our Democracy™))) tomorrow. It will be mostly a lot of noise about very little, but I still want to hear all these kike & shitlib race traitor scum scream bloody murder.

  6. Fighting “Fascism” is a Jewish neurosis.

    Any authoritarian system that they don’t control, is a threat to them. It takes authoritarian government to strip the Jews of their power and influence. That’s why they fought Rome, the kings and queens of Europe, and National Socialist Germany. It’s why they hate Russia, who caught on to their scheming, way before the Twentieth Century.

    End Reconstruction. End the War(s).

    • “Fighting “Fascism” is a Jewish neurosis.”

      ‘Fascism’ has simply become the Jewish word for, ‘Anything we don’t want’.

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