James Clyburn: “Democracy Will Be Ending” If Democrats Lose Midterms

The world could end on Tuesday.


  1. “Democracy Without Democrats”

    Well instead, think of it this way. It will be like the degenerate (today they don’t really even know what gender they are) “Weimar Republic” crowd LOSING their fake “democracy” … hopefully forever …

    The reasons for the Weimar Republic’s collapse are the subject of continuing debate. It may have been doomed from the beginning since even moderates disliked it and extremists on both the left and right loathed it, a situation often referred to as a “democracy without democrats”. Germany had limited democratic traditions, and Weimar democracy was widely seen as chaotic. Since Weimar politicians had been blamed for the Dolchstoß (“stab-in-the-back”), a widely believed theory that Germany’s surrender in the First World War had been the unnecessary act of traitors, the popular legitimacy of the government was on shaky ground. As normal parliamentary lawmaking broke down and was replaced around 1930 by a series of emergency decrees, the decreasing popular legitimacy of the government further drove voters to extremist parties.

    No single reason can explain the failure of the Weimar Republic. The most commonly asserted causes can be grouped into three categories: economic problems, institutional problems, and the roles of specific individuals.
    Wikipedia: “Weimar Republic”

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

    • Weimar politicians had been blamed for the Dolchstoß (“stab-in-the-back”), a widely believed theory that Germany’s surrender in the First World War had been the unnecessary act of traitors

      Stabbed in the back?
      What treacherous betrayal by the jews, one might ask? Yes, the Germans had every right to be furious over being stabbed in the back by the jews that caused Germany to accept defeat in WW1. Some time into the war, prior to 1917, the British side wasn’t fairing too well. In fact, they were losing badly, virtually beaten, out of ammunition and very low on food supplies. The French and Russians, also, had suffered an enormous number of casualties and what was left of their forces were in disarray. But regardless of these conditions, in Summer of 1916, Germany offered to end the war with Britain; a negotiated settlement offering the return to the status quo as it had been before the war. Clearly, a magnanimous gesture.

      At the very same time the Brits were considering the Germany’s generous offer of peace, the jews, who settled in Germany had prospered and had become an integral part of the German landscape. But instead of supporting their adopted homeland, they secretly betrayed their adopted host. Jews afterall, are internationalists. They betray every country foolish enough to allow them entrance.

      Jews saw a way they could benefit as jews if they could bring America into the conflict. They offered Britain an alternate plan. Before the generous peace deal offered by Germany to Britain could be settled, jews plotted and collaborated with the Brits and made a deal with them. They promised to pursuade the Americans to enter the war, to join the Brits against the Germans if the Brits would promise to give them, the jews, Palestine, in order to establish a jewish homeland, hence the signing of the Balfour Declaration of 1917 agreeing to do just that. An agreement in which Britain gave the jews land they had no right to give, land already promised to Trans-Jordan upon the defeat of the Ottoman Empire. Regardless, the British leaders accepted the jews’ offer and the jews did their dirty work. Where the American newspapers had been all pro-German, all of a sudden the Germans were villains. America entered WW1 and Germany was defeated.

    • “Democracy Will Be Ending”

      Another jw slogan, without substance, without reality.
      If they just repeat it enough times people will believe it, like an ad cliché, hammer the public’s mind enough times to make it ‘real’.

      Why these people aren’t laughed off stage the first day, i don’t understand.

      • American are dumber than we can comprehend. Watch how many millions vote for democrats and that’s a start.

  2. Seems like an opportune moment to leave this here:

    linkWhite people are not a threat to democracy. … Democracy is a threat to White people.

    When Whites allow their country to become a multiracial democracy, their reward is dumb ingrate Uncle Remus characters like Clyburn in positions of power.

  3. The big Irish faggot, Sean Patrick Maloney is a perfect example of what the Irish are and their attitudes towards blacks. After redistricting Maloney decided to run for re-election, not in his own district, but in the congressional seat held by Mondaire Jones a black homosexual. Maloney’s reasoning being, the district had already elected a homo and it would be easy pickins for the big Irish fasggot.
    Considerations for Jones or the people who put him into office was never a concern for the big Irish faggott.

    • It seems Mick Wallace and Clare Daly are as good as Ireland can produce. The firing squad executed brilliant “Irish” leader James Connolly was actually Scottish, and “Irish” Saint Patrick was actually Welsh (Briton).

    • Poor Jones the BLACK HOMOSEXUAL … you must be in tears … get the violins out …

      So you have no condemnation against black homosexuals, do you hypocrite? Caught you red-handed in the very act of your hate-filled campaign against Whites, you Irish-basher! You hate Whites! Any evil you can find in the WHITE Irish is unforgivable but for all other races and ethnic groups you give a free pass and endorse. If the Irish all dropped dead, you would pick on another White ethnic group, etc until you condemned the entire White race.

      Your husband must be Black for sure. I am sure he must be “perfect”. He probably works in the next cubicle over at the SPLC.

      • The blacks are catching on to how they have been used by the Jews and the Irish and once they become fully aware, you Mr white whoring Irishmen, Mr. sellout, you will be the niggers. The Irish filth that you always were and are, the piece of filth that people look down upon as less than human. FAIR WARNING RETARD.

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          Fess up! What is your race/ethnic group, Brownie? Now, run, rabbit, run!

        • ^^Soooo glad this blogsite recently reaffirmed its posting rules on keeping comments “civil and respectful”, and of course, denouncing violence. Otherwise, readers would be deprived of the sort of polite, constructive responses like the one (regularly posted in various iterations) above.

          • @Astrid—–Nobody has to read what I have to say and I am under the general assumption that nobody does or even cares to. Why do me an my opinions even matter? Do the strong fear the weak? And if they do then how strong can they possibly be?

  4. OT

    linkLone Russian engineer survives several consecutive grenade attacks by Ukrainian drones. … Twice he grabs the grenade and throws it away. … Unbelievable stuff.

    This is what military aid to Ukraine ultimately means: more fighting, more destruction, more death. More fighting and destruction in Ukraine of course. And more deaths among Ukrainians and Russians.

    Amidst all the talk of MAGA etc, it should not be forgotten that a main reason to oppose more aid to Ukraine is because it is grotesquely immoral to send armaments and prop up the Zelensky regime rather than push for a negotiated settlement.

    The insular callousness of America’s parasite class is really disgusting.

    link“Why should we hear about body bags and deaths? It’s not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?” the former first lady said in an appearance on ABC News’ Good Morning America that aired in March of 2003.

  5. “Democracy Will Be Ending” If Democrats Lose Midterms”

    No, Congressman Clyburn, it will not.

    What will be ending, however, is the notion that those who head the Democrat Party have that they can advocate against people, pretend like that is good, and still get approved of by the voters.

    No, Sir – at this point, those who run this political system had better take note that doubling down on mid-20th century tactics, misinformation, propaganda, and lies will not work so well in The Internet Age.

    We know too much.

    Are you not happy for us?

  6. With all due respect to Mr. Todd, not for a moment do I believe that President Biden’s approval rating is at 44%, UNLESS it is in Seattle or Boston.

    No, Sir – in the rest of the country I would bet my bottom dollar it is no higher than the high 20s…

  7. Nice to see one paper American (Mehdi Hassan) quote another colonizing parasite (Max Boot) on the fake-opposition Repuke party. Demographics is destiny is undeniable. Those who are under delusions that there will be mass defections of negroes, Mexicans and other paper-Americans are high on hopium. Clyburn and Hank Johnson are the norm for the negro electorate, not Clarence Thomas. The most revealing actual election in recent times was the 2004 election of US senate in IL, which featured a mulatto with a Muslim name (B. Hussein Obama) versus Alan Keyes (American black) – the Model-T election where the zeks could vote for any color they liked as long as he was black.

    Obama won the black vote by the usual massive majority, and Keys only won 10 counties all majority white place downstate. While it’s true Keyes was an absurd “parachute” candidate from out of state (Maryland), the results would have been the same if the stupid party had found their own magic negro from Illinois to run against Obama, described aptly by the late Larry Auster as “Robert Mugabe with a Howdy-Doody smile”.

  8. Someone tell me again that they’re just like us but with more sass. ????

    (Negroes say the darnedest thing.)

  9. Someone tell me again that they’re just like us but with more sass. ????

    (Negroes say the darnedest thing.)

  10. The Black is dumb and inarticulate but he dues understand that if whitey was sovereign he’d be finished and his folk banished. Not that the GOP is made of that sterner stuff.

    • @Captain John Charity Spring MA—-we’d still have the white niggers though, like you and Chris Hayes, and the big Irish faggott right? Sorry no dice Mick. Learn to mind you own fuzxcking business and stop telling everybody how to think and act, got it Mick?

      • Steady there. The Irish are just a thorn in the side of West Britain. Not a mortal threat.

  11. I was in Columbia, Mo and walking on campus when a kid approached me with a survey he did on his tablet. “Kanye West,” he said to me: “hero or villain?”
    “Hero,” I said, and walked on.
    Not that I’m really down with Kanye or all the blacks, but he’s saying the right thing.
    The kid seemed a bit dazed.

  12. Mehdi Hasan- I don’t give a shit what you think about “hollow caust deniers” and “white supremacists” and other things like that.

    This is my country, not yours. I am a white man, a Christian, and a native born American going back generations. Your kind and your race will never be American citizens. So take your garbage false information media, and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    Goddamn your kind to hell.

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