1. There’s no room for error or opinion in the left’s politics, they alone know right from wrong, fact from theory, the world isn’t complicated, it’s simple, liberalism, democracy, fascism, a sound foreign policy, these things are elementary, like the immutable laws of physics or Euclidean geometry, but gender/sex?
    That’s an infinite spectrum!
    There is no rightwing or any other interpretation of these concepts, they simply know from on high, and we, the unwashed masses, are heretics.
    Not a very compelling narrative they’re peddling in this deplorable’s opinion.
    Just pissing them off alone is perhaps reason enough to vote these narcissists out.

  2. As a born and bred Democrat I grew up in a time when Democrats believed in ‘election-denying’, I also recall when Democrats were largely anti-war, pro closed borders, fiscal responsibility, and for the little guy who owned a private business on Main St. they protected from the big corporations.

    So, when I hear so many of them trembling about this Tuesday; – that it will be ‘the permanent loss of democracy’, what it sounds like to me is that they cannot accept the fact that, for the first time since President Reagan left office, The Smalltown & Rural White Man finally managed to elect someone in 2016 who spoke to us and who was prepared, at least to some degree, to govern in our fashion.

    I guess they grew accustomed to us playing the role of the lovable losers they could use for dartboards in a system they regarded as solely theirs – whilst labeling it ‘a Democracy’.

    2 things are for sure, though : Smalltown and Rural Whites are hellbent not to be cheated wholesale out of our voice at the polls anymore.

    #2. Smalltown and Rural Whites finally have a Supreme Court that usually sees The Constitution as we do.

    In my view, that is NOT the end of ‘democracy’, but, just a fulfillment of it.

    Let’s face it : Modern day Democrats are not ‘democratic’, even though they seem to love that word.

  3. Your democracy can go to Hell. My ancestors intended a republic for us, and filthy invaders like you turned it into mob rule. No we’re not giving it back.

  4. This assclown moaning over the end of the rule of law when his party has been calling for the end of the Electoral College and the “white slaveowner-written!” constitution itself… And holding up the ball-crushing (((Nuremberg Trials))) as a shining example the “rule of law” that’s about to disappear forever…

    Just STFU, schmuck-schnoot.

  5. I was feeling depressed like Bill here. If the Democrats win, there will be nuclear war with Russia. Then I went for a walk in the fresh air, and now I don’t feel that way any more. Its going to be alright.

  6. If the Jews’ definition of “democrac”y is over, then we should all rejoice. Because it was never democracy with the Jews. It was Talmudic oligarchy. First, last, and always.

  7. They seem to be making freudian slips as to their true intentions. They know what they intend is really malicious to the nations so why wouldn’t the normal people take off the gloves should they manage to get the upper hand again? It’s exactly what they would, and intend to do and project it on their enemies.

  8. The Nuremberg trials were our proudest moment as a nation?- They were Stalinist show trials- an embarrassing departure from tradition, due process and fair play- run and ruled over by “the Tribe”- right down to the hangman who executed nine innocent Germans- the hangman was a Jewish sergeant! Maher’s worship of the Nuremberg shows that he’s a typical Jew.

    • Is that what the jew pig was talking about? I didn’t watch the video. The Kangaroo court was essentially organized to not only demonize, vilify and falsely blame the Germans for initiating the war and committing all of the “atrocities” and “war crimes”, but also to whitewash and cover up the very real crimes committed by the ALL-LIES in addition to officially institutionalizing the fake jewish “Holocaust” narrative.

      Fabricated evidence and false testimony was introduced by the ALL-LIES, and many of the German defendants were tortured, physically and psychologically or otherwise coerced into making false confessions during the trials.

      One day, moronic normies will finally find out what the Nuremberg show trials were about and they will be considered the lowest low of White Americans and Anglo-Saxons in general. Defense was impossible, neither the accused nor their lawyers had the right to question the phony, lying, jew “eye-witnesses”. The jews ran the whole show in the style of a Stalinist show trial, which they had ample experience with from their days as Bolsheviks, and the White Americans and British, controlled by the jew parasites, went right along with the farce.

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