1. The Muslims did 9/11….What the f… is Mehdi Hassan even doing in our America?

    The homosexual lisping George W Bush massively increased Muslim LEGAL Immigration after 9/11…

    Why are Muslim Legal Immigrants allowed into America?

    Answer:‘so Muslims can enthusiacally vote Native Born White American Christians into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of America…

    • Yes Jorge W. Busheron, Murika’s first Messican presidente, openly declared that “Islam …. is a religion of peace” against the smoldering backdrop of the WTC, which was destroyed by Musloid terrorists according to the official narrative of the criminal regime in Sodom-on-Potomac. Despite his pretensions of being a variously Messican Juan Peron or a Muslim theologian (Imam al-Duhbya), old Chimpy McFlightsuit is as white as it is possible to be, of Yankee stock, at least as white as the Senator Fauxcahontas of Massachusetts, representing the cigar-store tribe. The Bush crime family has married into the Mexican elite and one of his nephews is half Mexican and bears the name Jorge, also active in TX Repuke circles.

      It’s very Jewish behavior from this blueblood Yankee family … makes one wonder about their real ancestry. Not that there has ever been any shortage of white traitors and truncoats willing to sellout their own people for far less than 30-pieces of silver, probably the biggest single reason the 109 expulsions of Satan’s spawn have ultimately all failed, as a new reader correctly noted in a recent thread.

      • No disagreement – hence my mention of the official narrative. 9/11 was the greatest ‘Jewish Lightning’ scam ever pulled off (among other things). Larry Silverfish or whatever his name is got paid something like quadruple the value of the twin towers. The neo-klowns used it as a “new Pearl Harbor” to launch the “Global War on Ter-r-r-r-r-r”. The Imperial Rainbow legion went into Trashcanistan a few months later to pound the Taliban (who offered to hand over CIA asset OBL if Murika provided some proof he was actually involved). 20 years – and untold trillions – later the mighty rainbow legion left with its organ between its legs, for a better self-licking ice-cream cone in Jewkraine – their current attraction.

        Looks like Candace Owens is supporting Ye while her boss the littlest Chickenhawk is screeching – parroting Pope Noseferatu’s endless whining BS. Max Blumenthal, apparently one of those hen’s teeth anti-Zionist Jews, actually spilled the beans about what a fake-ass POS Littlest Chickenhawk really is. Another Kosher-Nosetra made-man. Anglin, always up on the latest drama, gives an account here. Who would have ever thought we’d be seeing this kind of thing in 2020?

        • Jews did 9/11 was aimed at Patrick, EC…… Your prior post wasn’t up. Yeah, well, Shapiro — he’s jewish, isn’t he? 😀

        • Owen’s will support Ye’s right to his opinion but she will also come out and support Israel and the jews right to their homeland. She’s not going to put her principles (if she has any) over the money little Ben the jew is paying her.

  2. Hey there hasani wench, let me paint a picture for you, tomorrow morning, I put my riding gear on, start that American motorcycle up,ride down the road too that Baptist church where I vote at and cast my vote for someone who believes the same thing I do Jesus, Family/ normal boy’s and girl’s, Noble Republic/Normal American government, TUDOR DIXON NORMAL AMERICAN WHITE WOMAN, michigan’s next governor, GOD willing and hasani put your hijab back on, it suit’s you, you look normal with it and a burqua on……..

    • The funny thing is, I expect Mehdi Hassan would not last long in a Muslim society like his native Pakistan. The various muftis and imams over there would probably have him tossed off a building or something similar. Note how all of the invader-colonists in the west consistently support the Church of Woke, even though wokeism would never be tolerated for a minute in their native land? Some are no doubt faggots or other perverts who would be dispatched very rapidly at home, while others are likely working for Pope Noseferatu’s CIA.

  3. Instead of celebrating The West for the fact he can do his thing, without being tossed off a roof, Mr. Hasan is constantly complaining about the tendencies of White People.

    Seems to me that he is in a bit of a quandary.

  4. There’s nothing I like better than having some hostile brown foreigner immigrate to my country and then lecture me about everything I do that makes him upset. Get on your magic carpet and fly back to Baghdad, Haji.

  5. The nerve of this swarthy Mohammedan! He complains about American politics while back in Pakistan political opponents blow each other up with car bombs.

  6. These insufferable scumbags act like they’re the anointed ones and any dissent is pathological, like your predisposed to election denial…..huh? The fraud you witnessed was a psychological condition akin to mental illness. I have zero faith in Dump and his dupes but I’m voting against democrats purely out of spite, the meltdown will be reward enough for me, as that would be actual comedy and not the fed bootlicking with swear words that poses as comedy currently.

    • This is what America’s joke of a system has degraded to….inflicting pain on the other side every other year while the whole thing slowly circles the drain.

  7. These people comes into our countries and instead of learning our culture and language,they expect you to learn their language and culture. we went from 1st world to 3rd world in less than a generation.

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