Mark Dice: MSNBC Is Having Some Major Problems

Good night, anti-White.


  1. Be careful with rahowa. Very soon we need diversity to do the job what our people can’t do.

    As Ukraine events demonstrating, Chechens and Syrians are much more competent with certain issues so now it is worst time to pick up fight with diversity.

    One enemy at the time.

    • RAHOWA was already started by the Usual Suspects in the Leftist camps.

      I don’t see a bunch of Klansmen in white bed sheets and Neo Nazis marching around, yelling “White Power!” After the Charlottesville debacle, they all disbanded and then the Usual Suspects moved on to persecuting Normie Conservatives who are still languishing in the Washington DC gulags for misdemeanors like parading in the Capitol after they were invited in by Capitol police.

      In any case, I think I can speak for many White Nationalists by letting pocketbook issues make our case about the Leftists with Non-Whites. Even many Blacks are feeling enough of a pinch to lose their enthusiasm for the Democrats. There may be a few hold-outs thinking the Blacketty-Black propaganda is going to put a bunch of cash in their pockets if they vote Dem. They will be over it completely by 2024 with two more years of Biden screwing things up.

      Furthermore, I think that the Blacks are going to be scapegoated by ALL Non-Blacks for enabling Biden and company to cheat on the massive scale they did in 2020 and killing the goose that laid the golden egg by enabling Dems to wreck the country and its economy. Normie Whites have already swung Whites and there is nothing like losing the perks of wealth for the AWFLs and their men to swing rightward as well. I can’t think of any inducement more than the spectre of hunger, out of control crime, and homelessness to erase any remaining White Guilt.

      The vanguardists and other accelerationists who said that “worse is better” to drive home the WN POV to ALL Americans have been validated by Biden and Klein, etc. Too bad we have to suffer along with those White idiots who made them possible.

  2. Don King is confusing Whites with jews. You can attacks Whites on a daily basis with no repercussions but you can’t do that with jews and blacks, especially jews.

    She was spewing her anti-Whiteness for a while and if she was White and said those words about blacks, fired the 1st time she called them out and probably charged with a hate crime.

  3. What kind of problems? — are they losing advertisers like Twitter due to all the ‘hate’ in their programming?

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