Sinema and Manchin Are Midterm Punching Bags

When you find yourself in a hole, keep digging. In fact, you should target two of your most vulnerable incumbents in the next election cycle. Encourage them to switch parties or retire.

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  1. I think we really need to be mindful about how self-blind, or in fancy-speak “solipsistic”, the PMC class is in order to understand how they think their actions actually help their own cause.

  2. Clinton Secretary of Labor the Je# dwarf Robert Reich . He never worked an industrial job same as Karl Marx but somehow he s the spokesman for “the workers” .

    Here he s openly vowing to destroy the lives of West Virginia White coal miners

    The eternal J

  3. Sinema is the strangest. By all accounts, as some kind of social worker she should be democrat inc. That picture above with Manchin is kind of revealing, she loves gooooold!

  4. You would think the GOP would get tired of being the dems punching bags and for once show some backbone and stop worrying about being called names.

  5. Believe it not, year round politicking and the celebritization of politicians is not at all in the interest of the average person, whether they realize it or not — more than anything, it helps to cement in the minds of many the idea that politicians and big government are both very important — it serves only the parasite class and the media driven state.

    I’m sure the Amish pay absolutely no attention to the whole circus.

  6. Senators Sinema and Manchin, along with Senator Sanders, are the only Democrats in the senate, whom I see have some connection to ole-timey Democrats.

    In other words – they have not lost their minds and they know what the laws and traditions of this land are, and they seem to intend something to the positive for the welfare of their fellow Americans.

    Do I agree with them much of the time?


    That said, they do not strike me like so many other Democrats – better known as ‘Demonrats’.

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