The Political Cesspool: The 2022 Midterms


I had a great time on The Political Cesspool last night discussing the 2022 midterms in the context of our 20 year journey from the margins of rightwing politics to the mainstream.

Twenty years ago, the True Cons were the dominant faction in the Republican Party. Neocons ran our foreign policy. We were about to plunge into the Iraq War. Today, those people are still running our foreign policy, but they are now dominant inside the Democratic Party. People like Nicolle Wallace who was George W. Bush’s White House Press Secretary are MSNBC hosts. Liz Cheney is a hero inside the Democratic Party and has been pushed to the fringes of the Republican Party. In contrast, there isn’t much difference anymore between the median Republican voter and The Political Cesspool.

At some point over the last three years, the Overton Window shifted to such an extent that our views are now like 90% mainstream. MAGA has become the new GOP establishment. Cucks like Ben Sasse are leaving Congress. Accusations of “racism” aren’t as devastating as they used to be. Even the Jewish Question is now part of the national conversation. It is an exciting time in politics.

Note: James Edwards brought up this new ad which is airing in Georgia.


  1. It was a great episode, great discussion, and one I was glad I got to witness.

    I don’t support Republicans blindly either. They are still the party of grifters and Lincoln but the Dems are the party of PMCs. We have to be pragmatic though and honestly I wanna send the “Our Democracy” Dems into a tizzy.

    I respectfully disagree with you on voter fraud. I think Trump won every state he did in 2016 except Michigan. I don’t believe he won CA or Rhode Island. (That’s absurd) But let’s see the 2022 Midterms. On the off chance if it becomes a blue wave, or Dems hold the House and Senate, it would reinforce my theory.

    Trump’s campaign in 2020 was garbage but in 2022, the GOP while sometimes the same is hitting better on messaging.

  2. >MAGA has become the new GOP establishment.

    I think that’s a big exaggeration.

    But let’s assume you are right, and the MAGA-ized GOP makes significant gains in the midterms, and holds them thru the 2024 election when Mr MAGA also wins the presidency (the latter a real clown world scenario in my opinion).

    This may be a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’.

    Recently I pointed out that both the debt and interest expense on the debt are rising rapidly (link) — I know people’s eyes glaze over when this topic is raised; they’d rather talk about whether transgender minors ought to be given HRT and surgery (the answer is no).

    While what might happen and when it might happen are hard to predict, it seems safe to say 1) what cannot continue indefinitely won’t, and 2) the situation is very serious with Weimar-ish implications, one which could become catastrophic if e.g. the BRIC bloc succeeds in de-dollarizing the trade in oil (which should really be their top priority).

    Personally, I think things are already past the point of no return, meaning the financial Rubicon has been crossed (this is one reason US foreign policy is now so reckless) — while per above it’s not clear exactly what will happen and when, and I don’t think one party being in charge vs another will make much difference, I’m not sure I’d want my preferred party to be in charge when that shit hits the fan.

    • “…Recently I pointed out that both the debt and interest expense on the debt are rising rapidly…”

      I believe they are doing this on purpose. There is good evidence that the bankers got $40 trillion or better in zero or so close as to not matter loans. What did they do with this cash? It’s so likely that they bought everything, all the big, and small companies. Now they are going to raise rates and, crater the whole thing, and then buy up everything left. This is EXACTLY the same thing that happened after the Jew FED was created in 1918. The same thing also happened in Germany, leading to the rise of Hitler.

      The question remains, is Trump a fake Hitler? Put in place by those that can see just as easily as I, some fool on the internet, that it’s about time for us to elect a Hitler. Except this time we get Trump, a fake Hitler bought by the Jews??? Hard to tell. Trump may have done some good things but he was helped mightly by the FED and his whole administration was jammed up with Jews as usual. If he wins the test will be, how many Jews does he have in his administration. If it’s close to the same then, fake Hitler. If he routes them out of power, maybe not fake.

  3. “over the last three years, the Overton Window shifted to such an extent that our views are now like 90% mainstream”:

    I agree that your views are becoming mainstream now, but I don’t like it. The shifting of the mainstream to the right is a terrible sign. The politics of Israel the heart of the empire has also shifted as far to the right as it can go. The so-called left in Israel has almost disappeared.

    The entire Anglo-Zionist global empire is moving toward the far right (even the Green parties of western Europe that you thought were peaceful and environmental are now some of most militaristic and war-mongering) as the system prepares for the hot final war to kill and bury socialism/communism once and for all. Meanwhile the communist party of China is being re-formed under Xi’s leadership. China is moving leftward now, gradually ending the capitalist experiment, the state controlled economy increasing to well over half – whereas in the West everything common is being privatised, and inequality of wealth has reached the historic extreme of two hundred elites owning as much as two billion workers.

    Yes, I agree that the mainstream of political discourse is shifting rightward. Plutocracy is dropping its disguise. The Western, capitalist pretense of leftness – Wokeness – is declining.

    • “I agree that your views are becoming mainstream now, but I don’t like it.”

      Seriously. You people.

    • I agree with you about the left being crushed. When I’m talking about this I mean workers rights, not tranny rights. They don’t seem to have a problem with welfare subsidizing bankers to the tune of trillions but not a damn dime for the average worker. That’s a problem.

  4. I always enjoy your TPC appearances and this one was as good as it gets. very informative and useful analysis. Finally after decades of pessimism we have cause for optimism.

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