1. I never would have a child that acted like the Modern Democrats, because they learned early on that if your conduct is not honourable, you will get your butt whippt.

    But, IF I had a child like the Modern Democrats, I would have to call in an exorcist.


    Because they lie incessantly, unfairly impugn the characters of many, constantly throw temper tantrums, relentlessly credit themselves with everything good and holy – whilst saying all others are the Devil,constantly divide, cheat before during and after elections, and, when all else fails, threaten everyone with doom and violence.

    How did they become such a terrible lot?

    • I would argue they became such a terrible lot when they stopped being a party of working people and or poor people, and became a party of upper class faggots who didn’t like democracy and were embarrassed by it. Meaning the Ivy League crowd and the Hollywood communists, This has gone on increasingly since the 1980s.

      The crap that is so offensive like celebrating abortion and open homosexuality didn’t come from the union halls, it came from a bunch of perverted upper class twits.

  2. Back when he was speaking out and making system critical films (Roger & Me), including during (and critical of) the Bush administration (Fahrenheit 9/11), I took Moore for a dissident whose topics were germane and fairly non-partisan, meaning of interest to all Americans — now he is little more than a caricature of a loony leftist.

  3. Michael Moore looks like an ugly, angry old woman worried about the neighbor’s kids running across her lawn. Put him in a dress and maybe he could be Nancy Pelosi’s long lost cross dressing tranny sister.

    • @12AX7…

      When a man does not have a good woman to love him, the man can go bad.

      A good woman is the most precious thing to have in life, and I doubt Mr. Moore has ever had one.

      If he had, then it sure has been a long time.

  4. Ivan;

    Michael Moore probably thinks he is a good woman. I know he thinks it’s good for him but he really needs to stop huffing the paint thinner, it’s not helping him at all.

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