2022 Midterm Election Results


Rand Paul (R) wins in Kentucky

Todd Young (R) wins in Indiana

Tim Scott (R) wins in South Carolina

Peter Welch (D) wins in Vermont

Marco Rubio (R) wins in Florida

Katie Britt (R) wins in Alabama

Chris Van Hollen (D) wins in Maryland

John Boozman (R) wins in Arkansas

Tammy Duckworth (D) wins in Illinois

Chuck Schumer (D) wins in New York

Jerry Moran (R) wins in Kansas

John Thune (R) wins in South Dakota

Markwayne Mullin (R) wins in Oklahoma

James Lankford (R) wins in Oklahoma

Richard Blumenthal (D) wins in Connecticut

Michael Bennet (D) wins in Colorado

Eric Schmitt (R) wins in Missouri

Maggie Hassan (D) wins in New Hampshire

Mike Crapo (R) wins in Idaho

Ron Wyden (D) wins in Oregon

Chuck Grassley (R) wins in Iowa

John Kennedy (R) wins in Louisiana

J.D. Vance (R) wins in Ohio

Ted Budd (R) wins in North Carolina

Alex Padilla (D) wins in California

Patty Murray (D) wins in Washington

Mike Lee (R) wins in Utah

Lisa Murkowski (R) wins in Alaska

Ron Johnson (R) wins in Wisconsin

Fetterneck (D) wins in Pennsylvania (FLIP)


Henry McMaster (R) wins in South Carolina

Mike DeWine (R) wins in Ohio

Wes Moore (D) wins in Maryland (FLIP)

Ron DeSantis (R) wins in Florida

Bill Lee (R) wins in Tennessee

Phil Scott (R) wins in Vermont

Kay Ivey (R) wins in Alabama

Maura Healey (D) wins in Massachusetts (FLIP)

Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) wins in Arkansas

J.B. Pritzker (D) wins in Illinois

Chris Sununu (R) wins in New Hampshire

Jared Polis (D) wins in Colorado

Mark Gordon (R) wins in Wyoming

Kim Reynolds (R) wins in Iowa

Greg Abbott (R) wins in Texas

Ned Lamont (D) wins in Connecticut

Brian Kemp (R) wins in Georgia

Josh Shapiro (D) wins in Pennsylvania

Gavin Newsom (D) wins in California

Brad Little (R) wins in Idaho

Kevin Stitt (R) wins in Oklahoma

Kathy Hochul (D) wins in New York

Gretchen Whitmer (D) wins in Michigan

Jim Pillen (R) wins in Nebraska

Tim Walz (D) wins in Minnesota

Kristi Noem (R) wins in South Dakota

Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) wins in New Mexico

Laura Kelly (D) wins in Kansas

Tony Evers (D) wins in Wisconsin


Anna Paulina Luna (R) wins in FL-13 (FLIP)

Laurel Lee (R) wins in FL-15 (Pickup New Seat)

Paul Gosar (R) wins in AZ-09

AOC (D) wins in NY-14


    • Just you wait until all the “votes ” are counted. That’ll teach someone or somebody…one of these days. Someday…maybe?

      • You wanna learn something, you look in the mirror and see what your kind are capable of inorder to keep and maintain power over us. Is cheating out of the question christ killer. I don’t think so, your blood is capable of that.

      • @SI

        Don’t let this Robert (Bastard) Browning POS troll bother you with his nonsense that you have bad blood, etc. This demon possessed turd is so race mixed he doesn’t even know what race/ethnic group he belongs to. And he only thinks about sexual perversion and those he hates 24×7. Plus, he has admitted on this forum that his father is a BASTARD and you can just imagine how much he resents others. He is a nutcase. Just ignore him.

        (But he loves Black people who have over a 70% illegitimacy rate. Wonder why?)

        Deuteronomy 23:2 (KJV)
        A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the Lord.

        Hebrews 12:8 (KJV)
        But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.

      • It could have been a great or tremendous night. It looks like a disappointing good night. House will flip and Vance won, but nothing much else

        • What difference does it make if Hispanics vote Republican….they still get to vote whitey into a racial minority…

          • White liberals and leftists are voting to make White people a minority. Hispanics appear to be trending away from that. We will see how it looks outside of Florida.

      • @vanilla ice They’re two sides of the same coin.

        Both the Christian Nationalists and the Spencerian Alt-MSNBC’ers are going off of the same assumptions.

        Rich folks are voting dem and the working class is voting for the GOP.

        If you’re taking online politics at face value that’s a reasonable assumption.

        But most normies don’t do political posting, so trying to forecast based off of online politics will lead you to the wrong assumptions.

        The media also doesn’t want to center the conversation around how badly many Americans are doing.

        Most normies are far more liberal than conservatives would like to believe and far more conservative than most liberals would like to believe.

        Depending on your state most normies will either be center left or center right… they just aren’t apart of the online political conversations.

        Culture war issues are very powerful, but Republicans some how managed to turn their winning hand into a loser but over playing it on some issues like abortion. While down playing winning cultural issues like anti-antiwhiteism / liberal color blindness / CRT and parental rights on trans issues.

        See my other comment for further insight…

    • As the ‘red wave incoming’ the establishment taunted us with, now fades to a minor splash

      Wonder if Hunter will come around more, to seeing vote fraud as indeed a thing

      ’25 million mail-in ballots’ … ‘sorry sir you’ve already voted, according to our records’

      Powers that be are having a good laugh after yanking everyone’s chain with their ‘Republicans gonna triumph fer sure’ polls … people grabbing the hopium despite November 2020

      ‘Thanks for playing, chuds, almost had it there … vote harder next time’

      “You know, comrades,” said Stalin, “I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this – who will count the votes, and how!”
      – ‘Memoirs of Stalin’s Former Secretary’ (1992), by Boris Bazhanov

      • Re: “who will count the votes”:

        If Stalin ever said that, he was referring to the disputed voting procedures at the higher levels of the Party, not to public elections. The Party was divided between Trotsky’s faction that wanted to spread revolution to Hungary and all over Europe and Stalin’s larger group that wanted socialism in one country. The anti-Stalinist that you quoted, Boris Bazhanov, seems to have been a Ukrainian Jew, who also claimed that Trotsky did not become the next leader of the USSR because he was Jewish. Bazhanov left the USSR like Trotsky and narrowly escaped Trotsky’s fate.

  1. We didn’t even get a red mirage. We just got smacked around. I didn’t think demographics were destiny until today

    • Nah.

      The big “demographics is destiny” story of the night is Hispanic voters in Florida voting Republican. Elsewhere, it is White libtards voting for Democrats

      • I was just reading this post by an Asian American, and he showed a statistic that claims only 4% of Republicans and Democrats intermarry. He said at this rate of divergence they are becoming different ethnicities. lol

        • This is the reality all over the West today. People who, on paper, are your own people, people you want to save, now they want you doxxed, fired, censored, or even dead. And you have a lot more in common with the (White, Christian) nationalist in another country hundreds or thousands of miles away than with millions of people in your own country who share your genes, but couldn’t be more alien to you. And this goes up to the highest institutions, think of Michael Hayden declaring Magapedes more dangerous than the Taliban and you have similar people in power in the UK, France and Germany. It’s one of the reasons why an international, online right-wing movement came about in the first place.

          The only comparable situation I can think of was the international split between Catholicism and Protestantism, only that our differences today are so much larger, or indeed the global conflict between nationalism and revolutionary Marxism/ Communism in which Murica and Rothschild Island ended up leading the Bolsheviks to victory while the Wehrmacht saved Franco in the Spanish Civil War who would have otherwise lost it.
          One side believes in traditional gender roles and values, the family, the nation and low to no immigration, freedom of speech and the right to bear arms, race realism and ethnic identity, today many are also open to the JQ and revisionism to some degree. And the other side believes in open borders, political correctness and other intellectual terrorism, gun control, infinity genders, homosexuality, feminism, divorce, abortion, mass immigration, globalism, the UN and climate change hysteria, all to the point of abolishing the family, the nation state, the races (but only the white one mostly) and ye old abolition of private property is back on the menu, too.

          It’s gotten so far, it makes you far-right, if you don’t believe in “pregnant men” and “her penis”. If this goes on and the gridlock all over the West keeps paralyzing everyone, not only will everyday life be poisoned, we will lose our home and become minorities in our own nations, but China is going to take the place of global hegemon sooner or later with ease. Where really is your home and your tribe when people of your own nation/race are trying to shoot you for your believes?

          • Far Right of what? I do agree that China sits back and watches America implode.

            Question is who will be running the rickshaws? Not non-Whites or shitlibs.

            It will be You. Hit the gym & focus on back & quads.

      • I was just reading this post by an Asian American. He showed a statistic that claims only 4% of Republicans and Democrats intermarry. He said at this rate of divergence they are becoming different ethnicities. lol

      • Hispanics in Florida vote republican for the opportunity to clean their houses & mow their wives (err lawns).

        My God how far we have fallen. Democrats may in fact be better racialists.

    • In related news:

      Cenk Uygur
      “We’re off the air right now because the power went out in LA, as it does all the time. Eric Garcetti is the worst mayor of all time. He hasn’t bothered to do his job in years. The Democrats running LA are the most incompetent people on the planet.”

      • But Fetterneck won in Pa? At least Brandon has someone in government with whom he can relate. This is not a serious country.

        The world might go up in a nuclear conflagration and people starve or freeze to death before that happens. But Democrats will make sure women can abort their babies until it does.

  2. All of the bellweathers are losing. Maricopa county was stolen in Arizona, which will sink Masters/Lake likely. Lauren Boebert is losing her incumbent seat. Even Oz can’t seem to beat the vegetable at this point.

    I’ll be surprised if anything changes at this point.

    Everything has gone silent on the Republican media, and Kornacki on MSNBC’s live stream is visibly excited. They have the house tied at best.

    Florida was largely meaningless. A house seat was it I think.

    • It feels like 2020 did when everything went silent, just before hundreds of thousands of votes appeared magically for Biden in swing states and Fox called it for Biden.

      • The thing that I hate the most is watching these front loaded races where one candidate starts way down because of mail and absentee ballots and it drags on all night counting ballots. Can’t they all just get it done in an hour or two like Florida?

  3. ANY governing party presiding over the last 2 years of f**k-ups should be absolutely wiped out. No matter the tepid GOP opposition. This can’t be right.

    • You forget how stupid women are, who do you think those robocall scams bombarding everyone’s cellphone all day long are aiming to get a hold of? Then add to that every last black neighborhood having all of it’s ballots harvested by the organized black machine to result in 99% turnout for 99% democrat and that is what must be overcome and white women are not a reliable ally.

  4. The GOP ditched the most popular parts of MAGA. Largely the economic populism/nationalism.

    Instead they leaned into the worst aspects of MAGA mainly election denial and brought back the fringe extreme pro-life and extreme Christian Puritanism. While trying to couple that Paul Ryan “entitlement reforms.”

    The extreme pro-choice side of the dems eg late term abortions is a total loser electoral. The only thing that’s a bigger loser is saying you want a total abortion ban.

    Most Americans are moderate on abortion eg they want zero restrictions up to the 15-20 week mark (varying slightly from state to state) and then support starts to go down significantly after that.

    Even in blue states very small minorities of the electorate support abortions past the 20 week mark (although the most energized part of the dem primary voters would be the types who would).

    If Republicans would’ve empowered the economic populists instead of the Christian Right. Their would’ve been a red wave. Or at least tempered the Christian Nationalists while centering economic populism.

    I would also argue generic appeals to anti-antiwhiteism would’ve also of played better than Christian Nationalism, but that could vary region to region.

    There are many more people who are white and nonwhite who dislike antiwhiteism on the basis of liberal fairness than there are voters who are energized by Christian Nationalism.

    “Middle class” (what we now call middle class would’ve previously been referred to as working class) Americans need economic relief. Be it child tax credits, rising the minimum wage or bringing back decent paying jobs but they would need to hear something actionable and concrete solutions to address their economic concerns. More than likely a combination of all three. The GOP saying theyre going to cut social security and Medicare isn’t a winning message. As I previously commented before the election.

    If they wanted to do country club economics- “entitlement reform” eg stealing money from working Americans in a upward transfer of wealth they *really* needed to ditch the Christian Nationalism.

    In the past when Americans purchasing power was greater they could drive Christians to the polls with Christian “values” and still do country club economics.

    Now that people are hurting so badly and the American dollar ain’t what it used to be- that just doesn’t cut it.

    I occasionally help out old lady’s in my neighborhood who are living on fixed incomes with basic stuff around the house. I’m nonreligious and definitely not a Christian but I’m not overly hostile to Christians (most of the time, just don’t go Bible thumping on me too hard lol).

    All of the old people i help out in my neighborhood are *extremely* Christian (sometimes I have to remind myself to bite my tongue).

    None of them or their elderly peers voted this time because of the GOP plans to do entitlement cuts and none of them were going to vote for dems.

    Many of them said this is the first election they’d sit out in decades.

    Many of them said over the past 10 years while living on social security they went from being able to afford groceries from the grocery store to having to buy all of their food from the dollar store (well $1.25 now) and fill the gaps with food banks- THANKS TRUMP!

    Economic populism isn’t a meme. It’s what Americans *really* needed and the GOP constantly taking advantage of their lower class voter is only going to matter more & more.

    Trans stuff is terrible. But going from eating out of grocery stores to eating out of dollar stores/food banks impacts you 3 times a day.

    Libs of tiktok videos by themselves isn’t enough.

    The GOP establishment is opposed to MAGA cultural issues but are far more comfortable with that then they are with doing anything for white Americans.

    Christian nationalism also didn’t really do much to increase the brown vote for the GOP (outside of Florida).

    Recent immigrants moved here on the promise they could get there’s- not because they cared about being apart of a community.

    If they don’t see a compelling economic incentive to vote for the gop they won’t. Regardless if they’re “more traditional than native born Americans…” I don’t even think that’s true but that’s largely irrelevant. They moved here for “economic opportunities.” Which to a service worker is higher wages- not cutting capital gain taxes lmao

    This will lead to a more chaotic GOP. Making the GOP leadership even more hostile to MAGA but they also don’t have a voter base they can readily tap either.

    Evangelicals might be very reliable but the amount of people who will vote on their Christian “values” over their economic concerns is only getting smaller and smaller…. Besides your relationship with god is between you and Jesus. They can vote for the DEMONKKKRATS for economic issues and still get into heaven.

    Rich Christian’s hectoring poor Christians to vote their Christian “values” while rich Christians get all the economic benefits ain’t gonna work.

    This is going to fractionalize the GOP even more than before.

    With the chud maga voters who like heteronormative degeneracy, lifted trucks, legalized weed, boozing, womanizing etc becoming even more antagonistic towards evangelicals and vice versa.

    2024 is going to be a messaging shitshow.

    Basing electoral strategies around what the most active online right wingers wants is a total loser, but if you offend them too much the GOP will lose *A LOT* of free volunteers and enthusiasm.

    Lose, lose… which is why I stand by my prediction that over the next few cycles we’ll see the return of country club Republicans…. Dems aren’t going to be able to deliver on economic relief for working people AND maintain affluent suburban voters.

    It’ll take some pain/hard losses on both sides but by 2030 and definitely 2034 dems will be the party of the working class and Republicans will be the country club party again. Regardless of cultural issues- bleak I know.

    But it’s the only possibly outcome. Especially with the working class becoming browner and browner. Lower IQ people lack the imagination to “vote their values” over their own economics.

    They’ll demand economic relief over culture war. While still being resentful they aren’t getting their cultural choices centered. Major democrat infighting incoming.

    As America power declines the strivers will become more demanding of their own economic opportunities as well and they’ll have less wiggle room for pet projects (blm) and with America’s decline poor people won’t accept cultural symbolizing either. Nancy kneeling in a kente cloth won’t cut it for them either.

    Democrats can’t be the strivers party and the workers party.

    Republicans can’t be the Christian party and the workers party for the same reason. Vast majority of workers don’t care about Christianity or will deprioritize it for their economic concerns.

    Richard Spencer’s realignment vision of the dems is wrong. And the product of watching too much MSNBC with an extremely short time horizon.

    The fault lines we see in the diversity of the working class now is going to look like a cake walk as Americans purchasing power continues to plummet.

    Consumerism was the opium of America. When Americans can’t engage in consumerism culture war won’t be enough to maintain the parties cohesion.

    There will be wild swings but ultimately the country club Republicans are returning. I’d argue desantis was put out there as interim-period bridge between MAGA and the country club.

    The GOP *could* pivot to economic populism but rich fucks who define it eg steve bannon don’t appreciate how badly the American working class is hurting and they discount service workers as not really being apart of their working class.

    *I only put Christian values is quotes because when the gop talks about Christian “values” they’re never talking about a debt jubilee or other populists strains you *could* pull from the Bible. They only mean it as far as their preselected set of Christian values you can vote that won’t impact economics in meaningful way.

    • I won’t pretend to understand White people who vote for things like gay marriage, abortion, “trans,” open borders, gun control because of some problem with Christianity. Massachusetts, for example, elected a lesbian governor tonight

      • >open borders

        No one votes for ‘open borders’; it’s never on the ballot — and in fact, as I’ve laid out before (sigh), a large part of the problem today is asylum: the people who are admitted and then sent around the country have applied for asylum — Trump’s ‘remain in Mexico’ was a stopgap, not a solution to the problem — you ought to at least occasionally address this problem correctly/responsibly.


        Aside from recently in Kansas, has abortion ever been on a ballot? — it was decided by courts, and as an issue was only recently returned to state legislatures, which is also not the same as being on the ballot.


        Not/never on the ballot — to date, largely a private medical matter, albeit hugely influenced by a toxic media/cultural environment (the same one that makes it problematic say ‘White Lives Matter’).

        >gay marriage

        Not sure on how many occasions this has appeared on a ballot — ? — but as I mentioned before, not too long ago even in California they voted to ban homosexual marriage by a significant margin, although via incessant media propaganda and shaming this result may not be repeatable today — this is another issue that has largely been decided by courts, and hence is a particularly dumb example in this context.

        >Massachusetts, for example, elected a lesbian governor tonight

        While MA is perhaps an outlier (it is very liberal historically) and therefore not the best example, you ought to check exit polls later to see who voted for her — e.g. did a majority of white men vote for her?

        In general, I don’t think the voting patterns of Whites are the huge problem you imagine them to be — certainly not white men.

          • They may hate their own race but they love their own blood, kin and folk so much so they inbreed with them. And we are seeing the results. You know Maura Healey is Irish? You should be glad you do not love your blood the way the Irish do, look at their blood yields, power hungry dictatorial queers, who know nothing and are going to lead us all to hell. You gotta laugh.

          • YThey support open borders and transgenderism and hate their own race

            Not a majority of them — not even close.

          • 0.5% of Americans identify as transgender and less than that go through with it, like republican Bruce Jenner.

            Whites do not hate themselves, they hate this stupid. With so much going on, republicans ran on trans. And Woke, whatever that is.

            Republicans invent crap because they do not have a single idea outside of tax cuts for the rich. Has Elon allowed free speech yet?

          • White liberals DO have a negative sense of White identity.

            As for “trans,” California is a sanctuary state for “trans kids” while Alabama has banned “gender-affirming care.” Massachusetts elected a lesbian governor. Cultural differences are decisive

      • America is too stupid.

        Any nation that would accept integration is unsustainablely stupid.

        The social decay is concealed by the prosperity of our fantastic leaps in technology developed by a scientifically elite few, ie William Shockley.

    • “Economic Populism’ won’t work because the Democrats refuse to pay for their spending and that spending is itself wasted on Wokeism, so the result is crippling inflation and economic collapse. You need to get that out of your head, it will never happen with the Democrats. The GOP can’t make “Economic Populism” work because the labor conditions for such have vanished. I used to enjoy imagining the possibility of worker centric politics with the GOP back in 2016 but it is all wish fulfillment. The rest of the world has labor supply enough, so reshoring is impossible or at least doing so will cause major economic contraction as the rest of the world fills the foreign direct investment void. The most the GOP can do is increase supply which inevitably means leaning into the global labor supply to make life more affordable. I think the antagonism of China back in the day was a mistake, global trade clearly reduces costs for everyone. Plus Trump antagonizing China unwittingly played right into the Democrat Ukraine fraud.

      There was no Red wave apparently despite there being ripe economic conditions for such, as well as voters expressing their dissatisfaction over Biden’s collapse of the economy, and that is entirely because of Abortion. Abortion saved the day for Democrats. Not 1/6, not “the vanishing of Democracy,” not muh Fascism – it was Abortion. Women in America really prioritize killing their offspring over everything else. I wasn’t sure if it would cause a major effect but it did. Women view having children as the worst possible thing that can happen to them and want a right reserved for them to be able to kill the child so their hedonistic lives can’t be bothered, or so they won’t be oppressed by the ‘patriarchy.” Women are committed to wasting time, squandering their formative years, jockeying with men over salaries, and in general being miserable and unhappy, and then blaming men, Christ, the Bible, incels, the patriarchy, whatever for their lot.

      We live in a degenerate, stupefied, Satanic society. Women clearly are a leading cause of our country’s descent into oblivion. The Bible is vindicated. On the contrary, I take this as yet more proof of the necessity of a Christian centric cultural fabric. Voting will not save a society committed to sin. It will destroy itself just as the Devil intends. We will get a continuing disastrous conflict in Ukraine. More inflation. More economic retardation. More cultural nihilism. More circling the drain.

      • Good points. I’ll add that Christians need to take back their own pozzed churches before they can have as much as a scintilla of a prayer of influencing a society headed down the road to hell at 120 mph with jews in the driver seat. Their own churches are largely controlled by jews and countless leaders and churchgoers literally believe the synagogue of satan has a special back door to heaven.

    • Yep. “Economic Populism” is widely popular and a winner. “Christian nationalism” or Q-tard election denialism or pandemic denialism or Bannon neo-neo-conservatism or fantasizing about absolute abortion bans that force rape victims to gestate and deliver their mulatto rape-babies or ending medicare and social security or empty race-baiting are not popular or winners.

      Trump showed Republicans how to win in 2016, and he showed them how to lose in 2020, but they would rather die than run populists.

    • Hunter lives in a Southern Baptist Bubble in Alabama and doesn’t see this “Christian Nationalism” Doesn’t play outside his neck of the woods, it fails in Kansas already, not exactly a Harvard Liberal Utopia. David Cole was right about the impact of the reversal of Roe vs Wade, it spooked all the white women (hispanic bimbos too) and aborted any chance they would go red. After all, an unplanned pregnancy is an economic disaster for any woman along with being a personal embarrassment. Many who would never use abortion view it as having an parachute there for them should they ever need it. That’s what all the commercials for the democrats were in the midwest, even white women running for the GOP were tarred as being propped up by anti-abortion activists and wanted to abolish social security and medicare. Trump is a sure loser should he run again, his personal unpopularity among white women will ensure a repeat of the last election. My question is whatever happened to medicare for all? Now the talk is nothing but non-issues like climate hoax, 37 genders, and abortion. None of the elites are really promising anything to make the lives of the working poor who’ve seen their full time w/benefits job vanish for minimum wage service work, part time, with no health care. All these rich people in both parties don’t talk about anything important for the most part.

      • Not sure where you got this.

        We have always strongly stressed the importance of regional cultural differences on this website. Christian nationalists are also largely White evangelicals and mainline Protestants like LCMS.

      • “My question is whatever happened to medicare for all? Now the talk is nothing but non-issues like climate hoax, 37 genders, and abortion. None of the elites are really promising anything to make the lives of the working poor who’ve seen their full time w/benefits job vanish for minimum wage service work, part time, with no health care. All these rich people in both parties don’t talk about anything important for the most part.”

        I wonder if that is deliberate? If they keep us fighting woke wars, we won’t be fighting a class war.

        • Paid Politicans do whatever. When 50% of the population votes for a party who is like… Find your bootstraps and fuck social security…

          There is no reason to bring it up today. Let’s talk about it in 2023.

      • @Nightowl…

        “Hunter lives in a Southern Baptist Bubble in Alabama and doesn’t see this “Christian Nationalism” Doesn’t play outside his neck of the woods, it fails in Kansas already, not exactly a Harvard Liberal Utopia. ”

        Fair enough, but, I hope you realize that Christian Nationalism DOES play well all over Dixie, except in some large cities…

  5. Why can’t folks accept that America has been dead for some time, and move on?

    We need to be talking about the New Nation ’round the clock, not Oz vs Fetterman or Herschel Walker.

    40% of the population can take a huge chuck of the land and be safe – or die with the hordes that hate us. I’m still not getting why this is hard for folks.

    • Afterthought ” why can’t folks accept that America has been dead for some time and move on ?” Ah, I have children, that’s why !! As long as I breathe, I will work for, fight for, struggle for my King, my family, this Noble Republic, the other side can move on……..

  6. I wasn’t at all interested in Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania or the mandingo in Georgia, but those are gonna be losses it looks like. Masters is toast. Ron Johnson is in danger in Wisconson.

    House looks like an even split

  7. linkJust talked to a lady in PA who says she doesn’t understand politics so won’t be voting, but if she did vote she might vote for Trump, who she assumed was on the ballot today. Worried about price of groceries/gas, but doesn’t know how that would translate into a voting preference

    A not untypical voter, in whose hands the fate of the country rests (LOL, not really) — so inspiring — yes, we must protect ‘muh democracy’ at all costs.

    • When I might comment that the sheeple are incredibly stupid, it’s not for the purpose of derision or namecalling. It’s really just the bottom line. It’s unfortunately, the truth. And you can’t fix stupid and the jews knew it and they are responsible for the mass dumbing down of American society. A bunch of fucking cattle.

  8. @Sam Francisco

    It’s easily right. The GOP didn’t offer anything affirmative other than cutting social security and Medicare…. Considering the gop base leans older that coupled with their retarded position on abortion was enough to sink them.

    Cutting social security & Medicare was the only thing they had pledges on across the board. From establishment types to magas.

    They didn’t have any coherent message on crime, immigration or jobs/economy. The three winning issues were totally scattered shot, with most candidates giving bland platitudes to all three- but no party plan/agenda.

    • Non hateful WHITE guy ” Retarded position on abortion” REALLY!?………here is a strain of thought, that permeates much of the SOUTHERN ARMY and I quote ” since the legalization of the BLOOD SACRIFICE of unborn children in the United States, this country has been cursed ” If you and those like you, who claim to love our people so much, why are you, encouraging our people, too commit moral/spiritual suicide !?……..?

      • @Terry Smith that’s a very minority position. Even in the south. I haven’t seen any data that shows *ANY* state wants a full out abortion ban.

        You can make the argument that you don’t care about if it’s a majority position or not, but then you’ll have either do Machiavellian politics or more public out reach.

        when people would stay virgins until marriage they were getting married in between 14-16. Post WWII that was pushed until 18.

        Traditionally no one in the 1800’s or earlier were staying virgins until 22-25 (college graduation age). Saying you want your kids to go to college *AND* stay virgins isn’t trad.

        Most people north or south, east or west do not have a cavalier attitude towards abortion. Most want it to be available to around the 4 month mark and then support plummets- showing that they understand it is taking a life but they see it as a necessary evil.

        Show me data of total abortion bans getting majority support in any state.

        • Non hateful white guy, Thank you for your response, I read what you post, you are very very bright man, I do not want to come across as disputive and argumentative, but I feel strongly about this issue, why, because I truly believe God in heaven himself, look’s upon abortion in general as blood sacrifice, that is why I believe the way I do, on this issue and for no other reason than that, God is patient, but sooner or later, he even’s thing’s up, that being said,.if you want too destroy yourself, your people, your land, offer your children in BLOOD sacrifice………… Our people sadly…..are going to have to relearn a few things……. Like ” RIGHT and WRONG……

    • “The GOP didn’t offer anything affirmative other than cutting social security and Medicare”:

      Yes, people expect that the GOP will bring them even worse austerity than Democrats do. Democrats will do the same thing of course, but they’ll be coy about it.

  9. With record inflation and out of control wokeness, the Republicans could have picked up 70 seats in the House tonight and clinched the Senate. Instead, they ran on helping hedge fund managers, venture capitalists, private equity managers, and Fortune 500 CEOs through tax cuts (this means helping the very rich, but that goes without saying) and cuts in entitlements. They attempted to sell this using a mix of Jesus, conspiracy theories, and backlash issues. I got news: people like Social Security much much more than they dislike Drag Queen Story Hour.

    Jesus doesn’t pay the bills in tough economic times.

    We’ve reverted to status quo of the Obama years. Republicans are always going to fall a few points short again, especially in national elections. Where do you get the additional voters you need?

    The entire point of the alt-right broadly conceived (not the Nazi LARPing garbage) was to break through the blue wall by in-reach to Rust Belt whites, rigging the system in our favor for once. But, just like the UK, the pencil-necked dweebs in Conservatism Inc. think they can get away with selling the sizzle but not the steak. They’re selling us Reaganism with a mullet haircut. It ain’t happening.

    • Some dude “Jesus doesn’t pay the bills in tough economic times ” you sir, I commend you on making one of the most ignorant statement’s I ever heard in my life, if a man will only practise his faith, when times are good, he has no faith, when a man is on the mountain top it’s easy to postulate and beat on his chest like Tarzan, but is when you are in the valley, that you know who you are and what your made of, remember that for your own sake…..DUDE!….

      • Southern Baptist wedge issues like Abortion doesn’t play north of the Mason Dixon line. The rust belt is already like the post Soviet Union, pet issues don’t play, people need a wage raise and national healthcare. Still though, this will embolden the democrats to double down on wedge issues like CRT and 37 flavors of gender. Also there was no punishment for the covidians for their ridiculous shutdowns, they will only become more emboldened to bring back mask mandates and have climate shutdowns for their pet climate nonsense.

  10. Survival.

    When over half the country is Communist and have opened up our borders and are dumping MILLIONS of 3rd-worlders into this country annually, guess who’s going to control the voting from here on out?


    We need a Gray Wave of secession to sweep across the South and maybe into some of the western states to “get the hell out of Dodge” while the getting is still good.

    The Yankee dollar is going to crash along will all of our other financial institutions and God will start to send even more “natural” plagues against this sinful nation until we are wiped out by forces we can no longer defend ourselves against.

    Get out while we still have the resources to do so…

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

    • “over half the country is Communist and have opened up our borders and are dumping MILLIONS of 3rd-worlders into this country annually”:

      Genuine communists (not woke fake socialists) are, so far, extremely rare in the imperial homeland, and communist countries don’t open their borders, and they don’t colonize or destroy other countries causing the floods of refugees.

        • Yes, why are they so rare – in the heart (or belly) of the anti-communist U.S. empire? That is a rhetorical question, because you know that “the Beast,” the “U.”sury “S.”ystem, is the exact opposite, the antithesis and the inveterate chief enemy of genuine socialism, within its official borders and everywhere else in the world.

          As I said, independent or semi-independent countries that are genuinely socialist don’t open their borders. Socialist republics have borders, which is the natural condition; and being socialist they don’t engage in imperialism (colonialism, war, etc.) that causes mass migration. Socialist republics are mostly mono-ethnic or federations of protected, stable ethic cultures with natural borders.

          To further answer to your question: Socialists oppose the CAUSE of “open borders”: the system that is the cause of “open-border” mass migration. The U.S. Empire is global, so it can hardly be said to have borders. It transcends, disrespects and destroys all borders.

          Countries have natural borders, but the imperial “homeland” population is so thoroughly mixed, ethnically and racially, that it can hardly be called a country.

          • The DSA and The Squad and Bernie the Bomber (as in F-35) are not socialist. Look for them OUTSIDE the “nation”‘s official borders and beyond its imperial reach, certainly not in its controlled government and media!

          • Have YOU ever lived under communism…? Because my family has. I’d be extremely careful with all this “based commies” stuff that has filled the online right for years now. Angela Merkel was East Germany personified and formerly youth secretary for agitation and propaganda in the GDR, possibly a Stasi informant, too. She as several others from the East, after reunification, infiltrated and totally destroyed what was left of German Christian conservatism that deserved the name. Declared leader of the free world by the Great Satan for letting in a million darkies in 2015. “Based commies”, bro!

          • “Angela Merkel was East Germany personified and formerly youth secretary for agitation and propaganda”:

            Angela Kasner/Kazner/Ka?mierczak (“Merkel”) is of Ashkenazic descent. She was not communist by conviction, but a shape-shifter who could become “the best conservative you ever met.” Like her father, “Red” Kasner, who was not really Nazi (he was in the Hitrler Youth) nor communist, nor Lutheran. Before becoming Geman Lutheran I believe the Kazners were Polish Catholics, but Kazmierczak is a Jewish surname, an occupational name for a cantor in a synagogue. and geographical – related to Kazimierz (Latin: Casimiria; Yiddish: Kuzmir) a major Ashkenazic district of Kraków, Poland, at least since the 14th century.

            “lived under communism”:

            What you experienced was only socialism (aka democratic socialism) which may be bureaucratic, rigid and sometimes harsh, because it is at war, or on a constant war footing, because capitalism’imperialism is determined to destroy it and constantly waging war against it. You did NOT “live under communism” – the peaceful, classless society with “withered away” minimal government -because that is a goal that has not yet been reached anywhere, and won’t be reached as long as the war on it by capitalism continues.

            Don’t say “based commies.” Call them “socialists who are expressing views and taking actions that happen to be congruent with” your far right Populist, Fascist or White Nationalist views, needs and desires.

    • If at first, you don’t secede… the climate for secession has never been better. Russia even said they would help any region in the United States that wants to secede from the United States. The reality is whole portions of the South are lost to us forever. So, if we go on the “Only Dixie” route will then it will be a much smaller nation that the original Confederacy. Has not this election proved that Ethno-State resolution is the only solution?

    • @Banned…

      Don’t worry – we know from history that The Lord always makes arrangement for His people – no matter what their circumstance or where.

      Yes, it would be nice to leave today, but, it will not be too late tommorrow or in 14 years.

      The time will come – on that you can rely.

  11. The Republicans and this website went along with the fraud in 2020 and here we are. Complaints censored as misinformation. Feds are out in force tonight shilling abortion. Never mind the polls, the exit poll data, the way the Democrats announced they were going to keep counting even if it took weeks. This fraud enabled by the Republican party, Trump, courts only allowing blue states to gerrymander, etc.

    “Oh you’re a kook” says the fed, the Democrats have changed the way decades are elected so that they can fix these races, and anyone denying that is a fool. The party of Democracy in a Democratic state doesn’t need opposition.

    • changed the way elections are decided (not decades are elected) with the “mail-in ballots” “early voting” the machines, etc., still waking up here.

  12. I wasn’t expecting much, red wave or not. The only way much will change will be for times to get much worse. The problem with that, though, is there’s no certainty that a leader would emerge who cares about this people and his nation. And even if such a leader materializes, there’s no certainty his group would achieve victory. There will also be a strong “antifa” faction (for lack of a better term) that might succeed.

    American Whites have been propagandized to such an extent, it will take years to undo the damage, although rural folks have their heads screwed on better than city folks. Just look at the Michigan county map for governor (have to scroll down a bit at this link: https://www.freep.com/elections/results/2022-11-08/state/michigan/ ). The only blue county in the Upper Peninsula is Marquette county, location of the really only city in the UP and a university. In the Lower Peninsula, it’s the counties with larger cities and foo-foo retirement areas (Traverse City) that are blue. Much the same for Proposal 3 (abortion rights) which passed (have to scroll down again at this link: https://www.freep.com/elections/results/race/2022-11-08-ballot_initiative-MI-24627/ ).

      • Well michigan traded toledo too ohio and got the upper peninsula in return, but toledo people are just as politically stupid as they ever we’re, lucas county went.for ryan in the senatorial race, well old J.D. Vance won big anyway, up it’s toledo !!!…….

    • >American Whites have been propagandized to such an extent

      White women above all, as they are far more emotionally susceptible to it, which is why I said women generally are temperamentally unsuitable for voting and holding office.

      The voting patterns of Whites are A problem, but not THE problem — and white women are the primary reason, perhaps even the only reason, voting patterns among Whites are a problem.

      In many areas of the country, Whites, meaning men and women together, simply no longer have the numbers to counteract the votes of non-whites, who in aggregate form a very solid (‘whitey proof’) bloc of votes for Democrats — these non-whites vote for Democrats despite their support for the controversial social issues talked about a lot here (homosexuality, transgenderism, etc), not because of those views — what’s called Christian Nationalism is not going to be a primary motivating factor for non-whites.

      • 1.) Look at the exit polls.

        61% of White non-college educated women voted Republican. 56% of White college educated women voted Democrat. The problem with White women is simply religion and education. White women who live in big cities and suburbs who have college degrees and who are secular vote Democrat.


        2.) Cultural differences between Whites are decisive.

        Ron DeSantis won in a landslide in Florida. Greg Abbott whipped Beto O’Rourke in Texas. Brian Kemp won in Georgia. Massachusetts, however, elected a lesbian governor. Pennsylvania elected a Jew as governor. Washington reelected Patty Murray. Republicans got their usual 58% of the White vote.

        3.) Finally, non-Whites trended Republican again with Republicans winning nearly half of Hispanic men. Black men also trended Republican. White voters are the reason why we have this result. I’m sorry, but Wisconsin isn’t one the states where Democrats won the gubernatorial race because demographics are too far gone.

        • A lot of people get college degrees to get a better job and many of these jobs are located in or around major cities. You can’t have a platform of institutionalized bumpkin-ism. If you don’t want women to go to college, you have to make sure their men can earn enough to support them and if you don’t want people living in cities, you have to radically improve the conditions outside of them. All of that requires serious economic planning and state intervention, which you are constantly railing against.

          Maybe if you were more interventionist you could have more control over what is actually taught in colleges and what is disseminated in media.

        • @Hunter Wallace I agree until a point but where you lose me is when you act as if middle American democrats are running on extreme positions.

          Middle American democrats are straight up liars.

          They don’t run on open borders, they don’t run on drag queen story hour (they’ll see those clips you’ve seen are not representative of their beliefs). They don’t run on the libs of tiktok platform.

          Now you can say the voters should be smarter to fall for their lies, and I would agree but they aren’t voting for Desmond is Amazing.

          I don’t know anything about the Massachusetts governor but gays are willing to lie without any regrets or guilt. Depending on their audience they’re just like everyone else OR they’re going to change everything up and make it better.

          Generally LGBT’s hide behind victimhood to push their most extreme positions. They’ll say denying hormones, puberty blockers and sex change surgeries is “genocide.”

          I’ve very rarely hear pro-lgbt’s make earnest/forward facing arguments for their positions. Like “yes I want hormones/puberty blockers for kids” generally they’d say “I want to make sure they get the medical care they need to prevent trans kids from committing suicide.”

          We both know what they mean by that but you can’t act as if they aren’t being straight up liars about their intentions when it comes to issues like trans stuff.

          The trans kid amnesty bill was pushed through Californias legislative body, it wasn’t a ballot referendum.

          Anyone in Cali will tell you Sacramento is very disconnected from Californians

          I’m still waiting to see all the exit poll data. To see how much nonwhite movement towards to the GOP there really has been. I remain very skeptical. Trump 2020 got the same amount of the Latino vote George W Bush got his first election.

          So far I haven’t seen anything outside of historical norms when it comes to nonwhite votes for social conservativism

          • After everything that Joe Biden and House and Senate Democrats have done, your Middle American Democrats just went out and voted for it.

            To recap:

            – Voted for a vehemently anti-White Jewish governor and a brain dead Shrek in Pennsylvania

            – Voted for a gay Jewish governor in a landslide in Colorado

            – Voted for a black governor in Maryland

            – Voted for a lesbian governor in Massachusetts

            – Voted for Patty Murray in Washington after Seattle has fallen apart

            – Voted for Gavin Newsom in California

            – Voted for two governors in Minnesota and Wisconsin who presided over the worst BLM riots

            – Voted to reelect Gretchen Whitmer the insane COVID lady in Michigan

            In their own states, they have demonstrated that they like the status quo. They voted to preserve the status quo. They enjoy living that way. They were given the chance to change course and decided not to. It is that simple.

            After over 5 million illegal aliens crossed the border and three pushes for amnesty in the Senate, they voted for that. They voted for the people who passed the Equality Act and George Floyd Act in the House

            Oh, and Christianity made them do it!

  13. This lack-luster “red wave” — frankly, it’s embarrassing, is going to embolden the (((crazed faggots in power))) all the more. Even as bad as things have gotten over the past two years, with crime, the economy, and moral degeneracy, it just wasn’t bad enough to awaken any of these idiots who habitually vote DIMocrat, not that voting in the Republican liberals would do anything other than rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. Clown world is so trendy. Sending 60 or 70 billion dollars down a rat-hole wasn’t bad enough. Now the jew warmongers have 40,000 American boots on the ground ready to escalate the carnage as soon as they can find an excuse to do so. The foolish Poles with 30,000 troops ready so they can re-fight WW2. Judging by past events and the results of this mid-term voting cycle,it won’t be hard for the corrupt antiwhite US gov to convince the stupid and gullible American sheeple itz the “right” thing to do.

  14. JPS there is a difference between the SOUT ERN ARMY and the republican party, the so called conservative movement and the alt right, we never sanctioned or condoned the 2020 election fraud period, let’s keep the facts straight sir…….

  15. Sarah Palin managed to split the vote and turn a house seat over to the democrats as well in Alaska. There are a huge number of Indians up there who reliably vote blue so you have to be careful how you do things, a party that can’t get one of the two GOP guys to withdraw doesn’t have it’s act together.

  16. Not even 2 years of unprecedented catastrophe from senile pedo scum Biden & his filthy kike handlers – economic ruin, the blatant oppression of their political opponents by the weaponized DOJ & FBI, rushing the world up to the brink of nuclear annihilation – was enough to impel people to vote for the Repuglicants.

    Why? Several reasons. One, as already mentioned by others, the White bitches, particularly the young, unmarried ones: they don’t want anybody interfering with their “sacred” “right to choose”, in any way whatsoever. I’m no fanatic about abortion one way or the other, believing it should be allowed early & banned late (except to save the life of the mother), but most of the mindless squealing sows don’t won’t hear any sensible compromise on the issue, and couldn’t care less about the correctness of returning the issue to the states because of federalism.

    Two: most people don’t like this Christian Nationalism shit. ‘Murcans, especially the younger generations, are more secular than ever before. They hate people who bloviate scripture like it actually proves anything. They’re basically just stupid hedonists who don’t want any “hick bible-thumper assholes” interfering with their vice-ridden lifestyles.

    Three: the cucks offered nothing palatable, just pointed out Asshole Eyes’ goatfuck, and expected to reap the windfall.

    What’s needed is for someone to push a clear program laser-focused on economic populism, stopping the incessant mud tsunami, and ending anti-Whitism & the tranny faggotry, especially aimed at impressionable kids.

    Either that, or secession.

    No more tax cuts for the rich & Jesusing.

    • I agree.

      The relative absence of White evangelical Protestants and Christian nationalists in states like Massachusetts entirely explains why the White people in that state voted for their first lesbian governor and why California is a sanctuary state for “trans kids.” White people who don’t like Christianity … are irredeemable libtards.

      • Yep. There must be a stripped-down focus on ONLY those issues that unite a majority of Whites. Shitcan the rest, and win.

        But where are the man/men of sense & vision? Certainly not among the connedservatards.

        As for Dump: this lousy result means he hasn’t got a hope in hell in ’24. The jew-fellator needs to just STFU and go away at long last – but he won’t because of his gigantic ego.

        I am sick unto death of Shlomo’s endless assclown circus…

      • No STUPID White people, Christians, “Christians” by claim only, and those who are not, are greedy, self-centered, idiots without a scrap of common sense, and have no clue just how much danger we are all in.

        • Dicarlo ” Stupid White people, Christian’s”?……..”have no clue just how much danger we are all in ” You sir, could not be more wrong, I would not have thought it possible, too hear in one day , the Ignorance, I have heard and read this day on this sight, your comment even exceeds this mind tripe and I quote ” Jesus don’t pay the bills in tough economic times” , I don’t worship Israel, I worship jesus, REAL WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICA, will not change for you ,or anybody else for that matter, the second Comer’s know the danger we are in, know what time it is, more than anybody walking on this planet and all you government shitheads that monitor the people, write this down clearly and make sure you spread it around and I quote ” It’s JESUS, or the LAKE of FIRE, you choose, we already have…….

    • I’m not a White Nationalist.

      I don’t want to “unite” with White people who are cultural and moral degenerates who want to live in filth. It is a hopeless cause. They hate their own race. They abort their own children. They are drug addicts. They are more supportive of open borders than Hispanics!

      • >I’m not a White Nationalist.

        LOL — you are ridiculous.

        I’ll try to remain diplomatic: it is beyond absurd to suggest that having to deal with a fraction of white ‘libtards’ in a nation with a white supermajority, one intent on preserving that, would be somehow worse than Whites surrendering their civilizations and autonomy to an invasion of racial aliens, with no guarantee that all the ‘libtard’ shit you find objectionable wouldn’t still exist anyway (which it likely would due to Jewish control and influence).

        As an alternative, one could suggest that yes, some ‘libtards’ are a problem, but a manageable one compared to Whites being politically subjugated by non-whites who’ve been indoctrinated to believe Whites are racist oppressors.

        I’ve addressed the evolutionary and tribal aspect of this before: from the standpoint of behavioral genetics, it is bizarre and unmanly for a white man to declare (more or less) that he doesn’t mind surrendering his territory and society to hostile racial aliens — there is something deeply, viscerally wrong with that — it is racial treason.

        • Let me repeat.

          I’m not a White Nationalist.

          As we saw last night, millions of White people are hopeless, irredeemable, insufferable, self-hating libtards who drag down the rest of us. They want to live in filthy, crime infested cities like Portland and Seattle. They passionately believe in aborting their own children. They support gay marriage and interracial marriage. They support the Great Replacement. They support transgenderism. They hate their own race. They topple monuments in their cities. They burned their own cities down like Portland and Minneapolis in support of George Floyd.

          You are living in denial. They would rather live under a gay Jewish governor or a militant anti-White Jewish governor or a lesbian governor or a COVID dominatrix. That’s what they believe. That’s what they vote for in their own states. That’s who represents them in Congress. In their view, Christianity is the problem! We’re the ones who force them to be like this!

          I’m not sure where you live or what election you saw last night, but we didn’t vote for that where I live. We have millions of blacks in Alabama and Louisiana. They are a manageable problem. The unmanageable problem that is running riot and which is out of control are the White libtards who dominate entire regions of the country and who are sinking the rest of us.

          If it was up to us and we had the power to secure our territory, it would have been done a long time ago. It isn’t up to us though. We are stuck in this miserable marriage with the rest of the country.

          • Those practices (fornication, abortion, miscegenation) of those Whites are not genetically determined. They come by choice and by their environment, which is extremely money-centered and atomising, and by false teachers who may not be White. The Bible Belt used to run NORTH of the Mason Dixon line. The root of all this evil is not the wrong strain of “Whiteness” but the love, worship and pursuit of money, as the Scripture says. It is the dominant religion of the South too. English priest John Ball was defrocked, excommunicated, hanged, drawn and quartered, for preaching a better way.

          • Millions of blacks in Alabama and Louisana are not a “manageable problem”. They have patience like no other.

          • Everything is fine here.

            The John Lewis Voting Rights Act which was unanimously supported by White libtards in other parts of the country was blocked in the Senate. Things will be better after the Supreme Court guts the Voting Rights Act which was imposed on us back in the 1960s

        • You’re very patient and very clear in what you’re saying, eah, but you’re not dealing with someone who is intellectually honest. He has a pre-determined position that he is working backwards from, a position he shares with the holders and arbiters of American capital.

        • The problem with this reasoning is that White libtards are, by far, the most anti-White group of people on earth (aside from Jews). Whites would fare much better under any of a variety of foreign administrations than they do under the thumb of White libtards and Jews. This is actually already the case in, for example, Latin American or Asian countries where White minorities are subject to less humiliation and hatred than Whites are as a majority in the USA or even in Europe. You can look at Orania in South Africa as another example. It is the White libtards who are constantly attacking Orania and trying to destroy it, not as much the Black Africans. Most non-Whites couldn’t care less if Whites have our own communities, as long as we aren’t trying to lord over them and exploit them. It is White libtards who are obsessively fixated on breaking up any White communities wherever they may exist.

          • “You can look at Orania in South Africa as another example. It is the White libtards who are constantly attacking Orania and trying to destroy it, not as much the Black Africans.”

            Pretty sure you are just making this up. As for the rest of your post, I’m glad conservatives are finally admitting what has always been apparent: the White race is their enemy and through the free movement of capital and people they will render them a politically irrelevant minority in their own homelands.

          • I don’t see how this is obvious.

            Conservatives actually ran against anti-Whiteism and the Great Replacement in 2022. The huge amnesty that Democrats tried to pass in the Senate through budget reconciliation was blocked three or four times. Shitlibs are for the Great Replacement and locking up anyone opposed to it

          • >White libtards are, by far, the most anti-White group of people on earth

            Very few ‘White libtards’ are genuinely ‘anti-White’ — among other ways, you can tell by who their friends are and where they live — they are anti-racist, which is not the same thing — they’ve been programmed by decades of propaganda to signal their status (‘virtue’) by being anti-racist — in an era when it is problematic to say ‘White Lives Matter’, it is not surprising that some weak and stupid Whites have surrendered to this — but it should be recognized for what it is: an unnatural phenomenon. one artificially produced via mass media propaganda — obviously it is anti-evolutionary in the sense of group self-interest and preservation — it did not exist to any meaningful extent in the US until the advent of mass media — it is a fixable problem.

            Low IQ and racial animus on the part of non-whites is not a fixable problem.

          • 1933, I am not making it up. Xhosa leaders visit Orania and have cooperative agreements with them, and even Jacob Zuma himself visited and seemed to be at least neutral or even supportive. It’s because Orania wants self-sufficiency, peaceful co-existence, and trade, not White supremacy and domination. It’s White libtards who always publish hit pieces on Orania and try to get their town shut down.

          • Oh, in 2022 they finally got around to it. After many decades of open borders and free movement of capital, deliberately deindustrializing the United States to curry favor with their imperial satraps and dispossess and deleverage the home front.

          • Dart, “hit pieces” can be published by anyone even a basic AI. You have no idea who wrote what or how small the circle of authors is.

          • >an unnatural phenomenon

            Also, anti-racism is a luxury belief made possible by an age of relative security and material comfort, one produced by the collective efforts and sacrifices of previous generations of Whites — it is our racial patrimony, one bequeathed to us by our racial forebears — the thought of surrendering it to racial aliens who did not, and could not ever, create anything similar should be repulsive to every white person, especially men.

            Perhaps more than any other group, Whites, who tend to be self-sufficient, fall into the category of people who just want to be left alone — most are apolitical.

            So not only have they been subjected to decades of unrelenting anti-racism propaganda aimed exclusively at Whites and designed to psychologically neuter and racially disarm them, but their apolitical nature and desire to be left alone makes Whites susceptible to domination by more collectivism-minded activist groups — among the most openly malevolent of these groups are Jews.

            It is not unfair to say that Whites have not even begun to fight back in this war being waged against them and their collective group self-interest.

            The task now is to break this spell and alert Whites to the danger they face as a group should they surrender their nations to hostile racial aliens — the goal must be to help them develop a healthy racial consciousness, and re-awaken in them the natural instinct of group self-interest and preservation that has been artificially suppressed for so long.

            Surrendering in the face of this agenda of de-moralization and subjugation is stupid and cowardly.

  17. Obviously no fucking shitlibs are going to vote for the things I mentioned. I’m talking about winning over enough sane fence-sitter Whites to turn the trick, such as those who reluctantly vote for the Dems just because they don’t like allying themselves with those they consider “bible-thumper hicks”.

    • It is not the fault of White Christians that White atheists are hopeless, irredeemable Reddit libtards who want to live in filth in places like Seattle, Portland and Philadelphia or under lesbian governors in states like Massachusetts. No one is forcing them to convert to Christianity. They want to live that way.

      • SCREW them. I’m talking about defeating the freak bastards.

        And as much as we hate it, we’re yoked to the scum under the (((DC))) iron heel.

        • If those people are voting for politicians like Fetterneck who support 1.) the legalization of all drugs, 2.) amnesty for illegal aliens, 3.) “racial justice” / emptying prisons of felons, 4.) transgenderism, 5.) abortion, 6.) banning fracking and so on, maybe they are the ones who are insane? Just saying.

  18. I will also say this which is uncomfortable. Keep republicans out of your bedrooms. When they can’t get head they will outlaw it.

    Missionary or Fines & for profit prisons to repay their Donors.

    Nobody wanted this garbage. I am glad they lost.

    • Clearly, we can see what goes in there in states like California where sex change operations for 12 year olds is sacrosanct.

      • >sex change operations for 12 year olds is sacrosanct

        No it isn’t — surgery is not performed on 12 year olds — they are not physically mature enough for that — a child that young will only be given puberty blockers, which is bad enough: the systemic, long-term effects are unknown (and appear to be irreversible, despite propaganda saying they are).

        It seems some doctors apparently have performed mastectomies on adolescent females (F2M transitioners), but that is likely rare and ought to be outlawed, with stiff prison sentences and permanent license revocation to deter irresponsible doctors:

        I was 16. NEVER let anyone tell you this isn’t happening.

        The surgery is gruesome — probably only a small percentage of transgenders ever choose to have any kind of surgery at all (I’ve seen less than 25%) — transgenderism is largely a socially-induced fetish illness, and for Whites, who are increasingly low status in a ‘diverse’ America, a way to regain lost social status.

        You don’t need to be dishonest to make your point — this kind of dishonesty is one of the more contemptible habits of conservatards.

  19. Anti abortion measure failed in Kentucky. Yet another state you’ll have to write off as full of coastal atheist shitlibs.

    • Some people believe in the sacrosanct, inviolable right to kill their own children. That’s a highly prized individual freedom. Anyway, I don’t share their values because I am not a liberal

      • I wouldn’t agree that it should be a sacrosanct, inviolable right. Im basically a utilitarian, if you could convince me there’d be a real benefit to society in banning abortion, id be all for it. But I’m not convinced of that.

        • Well, I believe that people who support killing their own children are hopelessly individualistic. It shows how much they value future generations compared to themselves. I don’t see why anyone who kills their own biological children out of selfishness would care about their racial group out of altruism. I don’t see any evidence that they do

          • You always conflate “supports legal abortion” with “wants to abort ones own child.” I would only abort my child if there was a health or eugenic reason for doing so, and even then it would be a hard decision.

            “Well, I believe that people who support killing their own children are hopelessly individualistic”

            Well you’re going to be writing off a large fraction of Americans, not just coastal shitlibs but people you’d otherwise feel a cultural affinity toward.

          • You’re right.

            I am writing off those people.

            If that is their attitude toward their own biological offspring, it tells me how much they value kinship and future generations, which is not much at all.

          • @ Hunter Wallace NOVEMBER 9, 2022 AT 3:49 PM

            >kinship and future generations

            It’s strange to the point of being bizarre to see someone who stridently disavows White Nationalism talk about ‘kinship’ and ‘future generations’, since you seem willing to allow ‘future generations’ of your racial ‘kin’ to be subjugated by hostile racial aliens.

            Again, looking at things in the sense of evolutionary and behavioral genetics, you seem completely oblivious to the obvious intellectual inconsistency and contradictions inherent in your position: on the one hand, you elevate the issue of abortion, in part due to its impact on ‘kin’ and ‘future generations’, yet at the same time you condemn ‘future generations’ of your racial ‘kin’ to be dominated and controlled by racial aliens.

            Let me repeat: You are ridiculous.

          • How so?

            I’m not a White Nationalist because of this massive blind spot that you have.

            Specifically, it is your insistence that the millions of White people who have a negative sense of White identity and who are hostile to their race and who are bent on electing politicians that will make things worse than they are now and who are so opposed to our values that they engage in violence against us are a “manageable problem.” You want to create a White ethnostate with those people. You insist on including those people. Your sense of realism goes out the window when it comes to those people simply because they are White. You are utterly oblivious to their cultural values, attitudes and actions.

            As for racial aliens in this country, the truth is that most of them are LESS HOSTILE toward us than those people. I don’t look at things in the sense of “evolutionary and behavioral genetics.” I base my beliefs on experience. In my experience, White libtards are 1000x more hostile to us than, say, the people who own Chinese or Mexican restaurants. It is not even close. I live in one of the blackest areas of the country. I’ve lived here for over 40 years and have never had any problems. In fact, the only people who have ever tried to cause any problems for me are other White people are motivated by ideological fanaticism.

    • This is a child at 21 weeks old: https://www.today.com/health/born-21-weeks-she-may-be-most-premature-surviving-baby-t118610

      I think, abortion is one of the great measurements of who you want to share a state and/or nation with. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abortion_law_in_the_United_States_by_state

      The fact that the lib-left US and EU establishment basically tells you, that you have no right to a homeland, but it is perfectly fine, nay sacrosanct to murder thousands upon thousand, MILLIONS of children as “health care” tells you who the real extremists are.

      If a subset of millions of your people support abortion, trans-genderism, gay “marriage”, hate speech laws, disarmament and open borders, it means nothing that they have white skin and share some of your genes. You are not one nation either. Southerners, seceed and give us an original USA: for free (Christian) white men of good moral character and you will have millions of white immigrants from all over Europe and the diasporas to peacefully build a new nation. Just without you know who this time around.

  20. These self-hating Liberal Elites and Cultural degenerates you guys are talking about exist in every country on Earth. They’re called traitors, and they’re not unique to the West only. In Iran, you have College educated, Upper Middle class wannabe Elite scum doing Antifa/BLM style rioting and chanting anti-Iran slogans and hating Islam. Russia has antifa types. Venezuela has antifa (anti-Maduro types). Syria has anti-Assad lemmings. Miami Cuban shitlibs agitate against Cuba, and etc. etc. The only difference i see is that whites are the only race most subservient to the Jew. Conservative Evangelical Christians tend to be more Zionist and pro-Jew than Jews themselves. They view a non-White Semitic nation like Israel as the greatest ally of the USA.

  21. The last White man one to leave the US, turn off the lights. Fair and honest elections don’t work in a 3rd world shithole which the US has become thanks to the usurpers that have control over the govt.

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