The 2022 Stalemate

So much for the Red Wave!

The big takeaway from the 2022 midterms is that nothing much is changing. Democrats exceeded expectations due to a late burst of enthusiasm and have fought to a draw. There wasn’t a Red Wave or a Blue Wave so much as trench warfare. The House still hasn’t been called.

The big picture is that it looks like the status quo has prevailed everywhere except in Florida. John Fetterneck, a human vegetable, won in Pennsylvania which also elected Josh Shapiro as its Jewish governor. The Senate is a jump ball with Adam Laxalt leading in Nevada and control appears to be poised to come down to a run off in Georgia. The House will probably go narrowly Republican sometime today.

In the governor’s races, incumbents tended to win everywhere, but Democrats have picked up two seats in Maryland and Massachusetts where popular moderate Republicans are leaving office. Massachusetts has elected its first lesbian governor. Gretchen Whitmer of COVID lockdown infamy was reelected in Michigan. Ron DeSantis was reelected in a landslide in Florida and won Miami-Dade County.

Note: If Democrats hold the Senate and House, it will be a disaster. The main thing to watch at the moment is the Nevada Senate race and the House.


  1. More than you expected realized that voting Republican is not the solution, and/or the results of digital, hackable, paperless vote counting are far from accurate.

    The Grand Old Party Of Big Business just isn’t fooling enough people, – as in: “you can fool some people all the time, SOME people SOME of the time….”

    Voting for Democrats (the other party of big business) is no substitute for socialism either. You can’t end the class/imperialist/capitalist system by voting. It takes real, intelligent effort.

    Well, another exciting political election sports event is over. Even if the Republican team had won it was just a sports event. Life is serious, not a game.

    • Merthyr Rising 1831, what you claim socialism espouses, is a mirage, A constitutional Republic, populated with Christian’s is our “ONLY WAY” anything else is Darwinian, survival of the fittest, rule by the most Evil…

    • @Methyr…

      Yes, the Republican Party is a bad party. Practically no one at Occidental Dissent thinks it will save us, but, unfortunately, many across this land think it is so.

      I agree with Terry : y’all can keep y’all’s full on socialism in England. Some socialism, like some salt in the food, is good – a lot is bad – always bad

      A lot of my blood is English and I know y’all’s history, maybe not better than you, but better than most of your countrymen.

      I love y’all’s literature, manufactured items, the works of John Dowland, William Byrd, Francis Cutting, Robert Johnson, Henry Purcell, and John Constable, but, any England I would love disappeared when an arrow struck Harold of Godwinson in the eye.

      William The Conqueror made England safe for Jewry and Cromwell and Charles II made England great for Jews again.

      Much of what what was good about England was ferreted out and preserved by those who came to Dixie in the 17th and 18th centuries – private property, the right to free speech, decentralization, tradition, the right to bear arms, the rights to privacy and due process, and, as Vladimir Putin has said – the rights to Cultural Security.

      So, while In respect your right to think that your kind, Þ Ænglisc,are the cat’s meow, I don’t think it.

  2. Well basically, the Republicrats got 100% of the vote, and nothing will change or improve for you.
    Your ‘democracy’ in a nutshell. The sooner you realise this, the sooner you cease setting yourselves up for disappointment.

  3. Yes, the majority of Americans are bad people, the democrats still harvest every last ballot sent to every vacant lot in the hood as usual, and the anti abortion agenda is a big loser.

    • Night owl, All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of god, we all sin, saved people too, I don’t believe in ” good people” or ” bad people” there is only “People” who do good and bad both, so one might ask, what is stronger the good or the bad? The one you feed, the one you feed !!!…….

    • The fact you think abortion is the big deal for Americans. It’s the invasion. It won’t be long before “hispanics” are the majority. Every single day they inch toward that. But no candidates running even wanted to stop it. They only would deal with “violent criminals” coming over the border, so the millions walking in to get their free housing and other benefits were just fine. Because no one wanted to upset the “hispanics” or lose their vote. No one is going to close the border or stop them from coming in. Most Americans have no idea how many are coming in, and it’s just not an issue for them, but it really should be. It’s the worst thing happening to the US.

      • They will be the largest single force collapsing the U.S. At the rate things are going public order will fail, probably starting this decade. The rate of failure will vary but it’s inevitable. Southern California and the southwest are already in a precarious position because of (mostly) hispanic population growth and natural climate limitations, not the fraud of “Global Warming”. This is the template for the rest of the country.

        Before that happens the U.S. Government is going to wreck the USD, that too is inevitable. The debts of all kinds i.e. Government, corporate and private cannot be paid back in constant dollars so it must be inflated away. The whole corrupt structure of useless universities, NGOs, financial parasites etc. will collapse without their endless stream of Government “money” with real purchasing power, printed out of thin air, not backed by one grain of Ag or Au. We are seeing the beginnings of this process now.

        This will bring unprecedented chaos to the country everywhere. Add to that a likely U.S. defeat in Asia at the hands of China over Taiwan and the legitimacy of the current rotten Globohomo Pedo Shopping Mall Empire will be in shreds. The chaos, disintegration and finally, re-organization will be on mostly racial lines.

        Whites will finally, reluctantly, recognize their own self-interests and peril. Other groups already have this racial awareness, encouraged to hate Whites by the U.S. Government (owned by The Usual Suspects) since WWII. Without Whites of course the society non-Whites inherited will collapse.

        Civilization and its accomplishments, such as public utilities, modern medicine, safe, cheap travel etc. will cease. It will be replaced by the natural condition of the lesser breeds: anarchy, violence, misogyny, disease, envy, hopelessness and dire poverty. These people truly are a “Culture of Death” to borrow a phrase from Pope JP II in the context of abortion.

    • A rotten country full of rotten, stupid, shallow people. It will eventually reap the seeds it has sown. Most of these fools still believe it is “their” country, too short-sighted and ignorant to realize that it has been given away and they have been marked for erasure and replacement.

  4. Demographics is destiny.

    America is dead.

    New Nation now.

    I’m not sure what we’re wating for, the blade being half way across our throats?

  5. McConnell and McCarthy should resign from leadership.

    It’s pretty damn bad when the GOP can’t defeat the LGBTQ Party.

    • It’s REALLY bad when economic conditions are this poor and you still can’t win. I think it is unprecedented.

  6. Who cares if they stole election again. Republican party is crap and really only benefits nonwhite conservatives, and Uncle Toms who want to **** white women, like the new kids in the classroom

  7. The trajectory of things for the next few years is dismal. If the Dems hang on to majorities in the house and senate it won’t be a terrible thing. They can own the complete misery that’s coming. Narrow GOP victories won’t slow down the momentum of our descent into hell anyway.

    • Actually, it makes a huge difference.

      If Democrats hold the House and Senate, then they will nuke the filibuster. Without the filibuster, all sorts of awful shit can be passed by a simple majority vote like a massive amnesty for illegal aliens. It will be terrible. Just like the war with Russia which they have started.

      In contrast, if Republicans win the House narrowly, Joe Biden becomes a lame duck president for the next two years and people like Marjorie Taylor Greene will have much more leverage to block aid to Ukraine. The filibuster will also remain intact.

      • Actually, it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other.

        This country is going to crash and that last thing I would want, as an American Nationalist, is a Republican White House at all and any Republicans in either part of the Senate except the usual Cucks, RINOs, and other Democrat collaborators calling themselves Republican.

        When this country, as we know it, disintegrates, I want the responsibility to hang around the necks of Mitch McConnell and Lisa Murkowski and even Kevin McCarthy, as well as Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.

        My prediction? The Republicans will win a slight majority in both Houses so any Student Loan Debt Forgiveness will go BYE-BYE.

        Biden still has veto power and will veto any attempts to bring affordable gas and other necessities back to the American people. Mitch McConnell sabotaged enough of his own candidates to prevent either a filibuster-proof majority OR to override any presidential veto.

        There will be no attempt to impeach Biden or Majorkas or Merritt Garland or to dismantle the FBI.

        What a Republican majority WILL do… Go Full Trey Gowdy and have endless committees where they scold smirking FBI and DOJ authorities but have no power to punish them because they have already been fully funded.

        • Last time I checked, Democrats have controlled Congress for two years and didn’t even vote on student loan debt forgiveness in the House. If there was a bill, it didn’t even get past a Democrat-controlled committee. Surely, if there had been a House vote on it, I would have noticed. Instead, they have used their power to pass something like $60 billion dollars in funding for their stupid war in Ukraine.

  8. This “election” was a disaster. With surging crime, inflation, threat of nuclear war, numerous other issues the gop could barely manage a draw, even though midterm elections usually favor the out-of-power party. Wife and both skeptical of the “red wave” optimism, turns out we were right —- pundits telling us what we wanted to hear.

    It’s over, folks. As Bill Paxton famously said in “Aliens,” game over, man … game over.” The only advice I can offer you younger folks is to relocate to some solidly red state and hope to attract enough people to withstand this — sighning off —- heymrguda.

    • It is disappointing, but hardly over.

      Democrats already control the House and Senate. They will almost certainly lose the House. In the best case scenario, they pick up one Senate seat in Pennsylvania. Manchin and Sinema are both on the ballot in 2024 and will hardly be persuaded by this result to nuke the filibuster

      • The 1,000 foot view on last night, I think, is that Trump is done before he even announced for 2024. These mid terms were a referendum on him as much as on Biden, and his endorsed candidates appear to have been smashed for the most part.

        I don’t like it, and I hope Desantis stays in Florida, but if it comes to it, I’ll support Desantis against Trump in the primaries.

        I’d be interested to know your thoughts on it.

        • As you have probably figured out by now, I have been enjoying two years of Dump not being on social media or dominating our politics. I’ve been trying to make the most of it by ignoring him for as long as possible. I expect he will announce the Revenge Tour in two weeks and drag down Herschel Walker in the runoff. I would be surprised if he decided to wait until the runoff to announce he is running for president.

          I’m not sold on Ron DeSantis. I think the result in Florida says more about how many people moved there during COVID to get away from states like New York and Michigan. Florida was already trending that way in the 2020 election. Obviously, I think DeSantis has a far better chance of winning the 2024 election than Dump, but I expect Trump to announce he is running and to win the primary. Assuming he doesn’t go to prison, I think we will have a Dump vs. Sleepy Joe rematch.

          • As today has gone on and Arizona and Nevada is nowhere near done counting its clear its yet to be decided what the status of the senate and house is.

            What does seem clear is that the mail in ballot crap has made it impossible to have any idea what is going on election night and I gotta get it into my thick skull to be patient.

            Alot may change here about the overall result in the next 12 hours as stuff gets worked out.

            Going to stop hitting refresh on webpages and play some video games or something and quit worrying about it.

      • How much more proof do people need, to understand that the voting system has been rigged for a long, long time? It’s been going on forever. Why bother to vote? It’s so easy for them to manipulate the votes. I’m not even talking about the Trump fiasco.

        • It doesn’t look rigged to me.

          Democrat enthusiasm and turnout was greater than expected because of all the fearmongering about the imminent death of democracy. Democrats won in places where they were already in power or where it was always close

        • From 1983 until 2018 (when the shitlib blackrobe finally died), the Gay Old Pedo abided by a consent-decree issued by a federal district blackrobe in NJ for the entire country. The consent-decree basically stated that Repukes were not allowed to bring suit for voter-fraud in districts with a certain percentile of minorities, long famous for keep polls open many hours past closing, more votes cast than residents in the district, etc. That’s 35 years of uncontested fraud.

          The Repuke party has yet again proven itself as literally worse than useless. They will not contest the obvious fraud anywhere, regardless of how brazen if is. Mitch McConnell and the rest have all long ago bowed the knee to the ADL. As Will Rogers noted long ago, if voting changed anything it would not be permitted. About the same time, Koba the Dread over in the USSR remarked (paraphrase) that those who cast the votes decide nothing, those who count them decide everything.

          I expect we likewise have seen the answer to the “Why Now?” question on the abortion decision after five solid decades of Repuke grifting on the issue. It was used effectively to motivate a certain segment of whites into either staying home of voting for the D-jerseys because they fell for ridiculous rhetoric over abortion – which the Repukes deliberately played up so the lies (Handmaid’s Tale) were believed by the “edumacated” set. The actual fraud was largely confined to areas where it was needed (PA, AZ, etc.) – though we’ll likely never know for sure.

  9. What have I been saying for the better part a year until yesterday?

    All this new pop-nat-alt-right political energy, and the prime beneficiaries were going to be Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell?

    That if the red wave isn’t as tall as thought, then those two are going to be the primary and overwhelming reasons. That, that by itself curbed red team enthusiasm.

    Maybe there are other factors, but I predict that, when all the hard receipt numbers ring out, that will be most of it.

    Shameless plug, my other hot takes:

  10. Considering prior midterm history, and how unpopular Biden is supposed to be, there should have been a Red Wave. So the only reasons there wasn’t is either election fraud, or the demographics of the USA is now so non-white that very soon Republicans will never control Congress or the White House again.

    • The Red Wave was banned on Independents breaking decisively Republican and Democrat enthusiasm being lower than Republican enthusiasm. All the fearmongering about “democracy on its deathbad” just got Democrats out to vote. We live in a highly polarized country. Demographics has little to do with the result. Republicans appear to have done a lot better with black men and Hispanic men who trended in their direction again.

    • Apparently Brad buys the narrative that if the turnout is high enough the Democrats invariably win. I’m sure they tell themselves when they fill out the ballots, we’re representing the people who can can’t represent themselves. “They don’t cheat”, “can’t get away with cheating”. They just changed all the rules for the way voting takes place and somehow they can’t come close to losing anymore in blue states.

      Who and What is stopping the Democrats from cheating? Certainly not the people who say these results are legitimate despite the polls and the exit polls.

      It’s important to understand. The number of right wing pages like this are insignificant. There are feds/nsa who post on every single one of them. Every forum, social media, etc.

      You think a math graduate from MIT who associates with neocon Jew strategists isn’t in the NSA? (Alamariu)

      • If it was simply cheating or stealing elections, then the result in specific races would be highly unusual. Republicans would be winning in a landslide only to go down in bonkers defeats in specific races. Democrats would have to cheat in pretty much every race nationwide to produce a result like this. Also, Democrats haven’t inevitably won. They have lost a bunch of races. Both sides are just winning in places where they are already in power. Trench warfare.

  11. Isn’t this a pro-vax site? Democrats ordered the poisoning of the workforce but they won’t steal an election. They announced that it was illegitimate for the opposition party to be in power in Congress, that voting would go on for weeks if necessary, in effect announcing a one party state. The last presidential election they lost they claimed was “hacked” by Russians. “MAGA Republicans” are “semi-fascists” (call out rabid Leftists controlling the apparatus of the state). Because they don’t want to count ALL the spurious votes. But I suppose this website will say they much count. One Party “DEMOCRACY” with the only democratic party, the Democrats, here we come.

    • I don’t believe that election fraud explains this result. It looks like Democratic turnout simply caught up with Republican turnout.

      • As you saw, I’m with you that there was really no fraud (properly understood) to speak of yesterday. It’s because that, if there was, the blue team would have been more ubiquitous about it and have been able to move the line a serious distance. I am willing to consider Philadelphia, well, because Philadelphia. But unlikely anywhere else.

        • “there was really no fraud (properly understood)”

          Based on what? They can get the whole medical establishment and business to push a dangerous untested vax, but they can’t or won’t fabricate votes with the new system of mail-in voting? Discounting the pre-election polls and exit polls which predicted else? They did run up the score, considerably. How much would they have to run up the score for you to say it was stolen? I’m thinking, there’s no limit, you’re not going to admit it’s a fraudulent system. Stacked from top to bottom with Leftists. The idea that they aren’t cheating is ridiculous. Everything about their political decisions and rhetoric proves they’re able and willing to cheat. Anyone who says it’s the Republicans who are culture issue extremists “turning off” the electorate while the Republicans run on mutilating children is nuts. So the Virginia governor McAuliffe lost, but this year the Democrats win, as things have only gotten worse. Totally ridiculous.

          As I’ve suggested, I’ve been around these sites long enough to know how many of the people who post on these sites are involved in the intelligence community. As if they wouldn’t be! Don’t believe this bullshit, there’s too much at stake for them with ambulances going all the time (family member in his 30s had a trip to the hospital for a heart issue!) cancer rates rising, this insane war in Ukraine, far too much at stake for them not to steal it. This is a stolen election, and those who say otherwise should be dismissed.

          • Democrats running on transgenderism, banning drilling, belligerence towards Russia, blatantly screaming they intend to vote for weeks if they have to to win and you’d better not question it, they beat the polls, exit polls show widespread anger in the country but it’s totally legit. Even though McAuliffe lost in Virginia last year. Ridiculous. Not having it you PC twits / potential feds (not accusing anyone in particular of being a paid poster or fed, but yes they do post on these sites, to attempt to mollify in these types of situations.

  12. If you’re thinking of jumping off a ledge today, then let me try and walk you off.

    Let’s say that the red team last night would have run the score up to its practical real world ceiling, House, Senate, Governors, the whole nine.

    We would still be in the same Western Front stalemate that we’re going to be that the red wave wasn’t actually as tall.

    It’s because Brandon still has the pen and the phone.

    And no chance of actually removing him after an impeachment, because you need 67 Senators for that.

    • Yep.

      There wasn’t a Red Wave, but the House will still likely go Republican, which means gridlock for the next two years. The best case scenario for Democrats is picking up a single Senate seat in Pennsylvania. Sinema and Manchin who are facing tough races in 2024 have no incentive to break the filibuster.

  13. It’s all theater. Revolver News posted a series of tweets by James Kirkpatrick (VDARE) who made some good points:

    There is a time limit to all this if you believe demographics matter. So it’s not just a question of “oh, we’ll get them next time.” States like NY or CA are post-political. Crime could triple – it means nothing. Whereas no red area is ever truly safe.
    There is some interesting stuff happening on the American Right- but all of it should have been done 20 years ago. In fact, it was, but the people who warned of what was coming – Brimelow, Francis, Buchanan – were purged. So now you have Brazil, at best, South Africa at worst
    The fact the GOP couldn’t get a more than a standard midterm victory in this climate suggests that it is all too little, too late. While elections matter, some decade long plan to change the GOP seems pointless given that the GOP will be irrelevant in a decade.

    The Revolver article ends with: “It looks more and more like elections aren’t going to save us.” Really? I figured that out 40 years ago.

    • linkImagine believing you share a national identity with literally any of the people in these pictures.

      >There is a time limit to all this if you believe demographics matter.

      Of course they matter, and not just in elections, where non-whites from an increasingly whitey-proof bloc of support for Democrats — there is a built-in expiration date on any political philosophy other than White Nationalism — Christian Nationalism (whatever that is) does not motivate non-whites.

      >States like NY or CA are post-political. Crime could triple – it means nothing.

      Or transgenderism could triple — it means nothing to non-whites, they bloc vote for Democrats regardless — and as I said before, transgenderism is not on the ballot, Democrats are.

        • >A third of black Protestants identify as Christian nationalists

          (whatever that means)

          And you’re still losing 2:1 among only ‘black Protestants’ (whoever they are).

          • The people who are ruining Auburn and every other college town in the South are shitlibs who are moving here from out of state. Look at Charlottesville which is like a greenhouse for libtard kooks.

    • I don’t think things like crime and inflation sway younger voters who grew up with digital technology and whose virtual worlds are more important and influential than the real world. Dystopian science fiction novels like Feed and Ready Player One accurately predicted this. There likely isn’t a breaking point for younger voters as a whole. This is likely to become even more apparent as technology advances.

  14. You mean putting up a Turk plus a bunch of women and beta cucks against Democrats, including many incumbents, didn’t do the trick? — no ‘red wave’?! — imagine my shock.

    And regarding incumbents, political inertia is obviously a very real phenomenon, which is the reason term limits are needed to get rid of these people.

    In the aftermath, you ought to look not just at exit pools, but also at the average term (already) in office for incumbents who won reelection — I know Murray in WA has been there since 1992 — with a reasonable two term limit for Senators, she would have been sent home in 2004, eighteen years ago — why should there be a term limit for the president but not for members of Congress?

    On the bright side, this may be another nail in the political coffin of that buffoon Trump, perhaps also the GOP leadership, especially that fucking dinosaur McConnell — any party that cannot capitalize on someone like Biden, combined with what’s going on in the country now (inflation etc), is rather obviously an incompetent political organization.

    • To recap:

      Pennsylvania voted for a Jew as governor and a human vegetable as senator.

      Massachusetts voted for a lesbian governor.

      Maryland voted for its first black governor.

      New York voted for Kathy Hochul who has the charisma of a stone.

      Wisconsin voted to reelect the Democrat governor who let Kenosha burn.

      Minnesota reelected Tim Walz who presided over the burning of Minneapolis during the George Floyd riots.

      Michigan voted to reelect Gretchen Whitmer who went insane during COVID in that state.

      Washington voted to reelect Patty Murray by a large margin while the police have collapsed in Seattle.

      In your view, the White vote really doesn’t explain why this happened. Instead, it is non-Whites who trended Republican which explains this result. Ron DeSantis won Florida in a landslide. Greg Abbott and Brian Kemp easily won Texas and Georgia. And yet, Michigan reelected Gretchen Whitmer. Puzzling.

      • >In your view, the White vote really doesn’t explain why this happened.

        I didn’t suggest any explanation for the overall result other than that the GOP candidates were unattractive to me personally, and (extrapolating) therefore probably to many others as well; I mean, who really wants to vote for a milquetoast clown like ‘Dr Oz’? — also that political inertia accounts in some measure for the difficulty in unseating incumbents, especially combined with an unattractive alternative.

        I couldn’t be the only one who’s no longer willing to play the ‘lesser of two evils’ game in the voting booth — I was done with that a long time ago, and only broke my voting fast in 2016 to vote for Trump because I absolutely despised HRC, and also wanted to help break the hearts of all the dumb cunts planning to vote for her — just say no to the gynocracy.

        • It looks simple to me.

          White voters in states like Alabama, Georgia, Texas and Florida voted one way. White voters in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts voted another way. Hence, the election results which can’t be explained by racial demographics. Did I miss a shocking upset in Louisiana?

      • Why wouldn’t non-Whites vote for DeSantis? Florida is a third world outpost in America and the Republican party’s commitment to eliminating all White people from the American workforce is absolute and they prove it in deed. Non-Whites can work it out perfectly well that they are in an alliance with capital as an occupation regime here. That alliance is why you, Brad, are constantly shilling them.

        • I don’t see it that way.

          1.) Democrats have tried at least three or four times to pass an amnesty for illegal aliens over the past two years. It hasn’t happened because of the Senate filibuster. They gave up on trying to pass it through budget reconciliation only after the Senate parliamentarian ruled against them three times. If the GOP was as determined to replace all White people in the American workforce, couldn’t they have simply voted for amnesty with Biden in the White House? It would have been sure to pass.

          2.) Cubans have always leaned Republican in Florida. Cubans, Venezuelans, Colombians and other Hispanic minorities are anti-communist. The real surprise to me was Puerto Ricans who normally vote Democrat but seem to have voted a lot more Republican than usual.

          3.) In light of the election results, it is clearly White people in Northern and Western states who are social liberals who are doing the bulk of the work at electing Democrats who support the Great Replacement. They are the ones who are voting for people like Patty Murray.

          • “Anti-communist” diasporas tend to receive economic favoritism from the American regime. Native-born American White people do not. You Southerners would know with the way you stole so many mills from New England and filled them up with non-union blacks.

            Almost all the largest waves of immigration, legal and illegal, happen under Republican administrations, so the Great Replacement is not a partisan issue these days. It’s a pillar of the Washington Consensus. You had conservatives/republicans trying to turn the American west Asian in the railroad days. This has always been their deal. Guys like Father Coughlin and Charles Lindbergh and Sam Francis and Pat Buchanan [to whatever extent he wasn’t full of shit] are the blips. And you don’t really like those guys, anyway, because of their affinity for statist National Socialist Germany.

          • 1.) Cubans and Venezuelans have lived under communism. Refugees from those countries don’t want to live under “socialism” which they associate with the chaos of their own countries. It is not surprising that they are turning on the Democrats. That’s the reason.

            2.) New England has been full of libtards for all of American history. Isn’t the whole region solid Democrat in the House? I’m pretty sure every single one of them to a man voted for amnesty and the George Floyd Act Justice in Policing when both passed the House in 2021.

            3.) Over 5 million illegal aliens have crossed the border under Joe Biden in two years which dwarfs all of his predecessors. Joe Biden is making W. look like Sheriff Joe Arapio.

            4.) Democrats have repeatedly endorsed the Great Replacement. White liberals have a negative sense of White identity. Hence, the riots in places like Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle where they live and their enclaves in Atlanta and Richmond.

            5.) Democrats ran on expanding legal immigration and giving amnesty to illegal aliens.

            6.) I’m glad that I didn’t live in a place like Massachusetts or New York or Michigan or Oregon or California during COVID. That is a major reason why I voted for our governor.

          • Yes, they did live under communism. Or whatever the exact arrangement in Venezuela is. A lot of nationalization and a lot of “wealth sharing”. For a guy who likes to post so much about Huey Long [though that does tend to dry up the closer we get to an election deadline], you’d think the conditions that could spur ideas like that wouldn’t be hard to figure.

        • 1933,

          In the same way that Conservative Christians in Northern states are going to have to learn to cope with the reality that they are in a decisive minority on social issues – Proposition 3 passed here in Michigan by double digits, 56-43, and the only reason it wasn’t 60% Yes is because the pro-life vote always turns out, albeit futilely – traditional Democrat voters such as yourself are going to have to cope with the reality that most White Americans fundamentally don’t want to live in a society that is economically progressive and socially conservative.

          If you want economic populism or economic progressivism, it will – almost inevitably – be packaged with social liberalism. You wont get a raise in the minimum wage, or Medicare for all, or unionization, or whatever other economic policy you support, without puberty blockers and Drag Queen Story Hour. And no, thats not because “muh 1%” wont allow it. Its because Democrat voters themselves wont allow it. In other words, Democrat voters will only give you the minimum wage increase if you let your 12 year old son get his dick cut off. And if he’s injected with vaxxes and boosters and experimental gene therapy.

          Most White Americans are either social liberals + economic liberals, or social conservatives + economic conservatives (there are more of the former than the later) It is true that Reaganism is not popular nationally, but its also true that the rhetorical justification for Reaganist policies – whatever we think of those policies – are deeply appealing to Conservative Christians who live in Red States. Sure, the culture issues are top priority with Texas voters and Alabama voters and Mississippi voters, but lets call a spade a spade: The rhetoric of hard work, personal responsibility, bootstraps, etc, deeply appeals to Texas voters and Red State voters too. Its why they reelected Greg Abbot despite that snowstorm business last year.

          By contrast, the Rust Belt states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin were the only states as of 2016 where voters who are economically progressive and socially conservative still controlled the outcome. Well, that was six years ago. Since then, Ohio has become a deep Red State like Florida, and if last nights outcomes with Gretchen Whitmer, Prop 3, Josh Shapiro, and The Human Vegetable are indication, then Michigan and Pennsylvania are decisively Blue states now. Which leave you with only Wisconsin as a toss up state with a deciding voter base of economic progressivism and social conservatism.

          I speak for myself alone with what I’m about to say next: I don’t want native born White Americans getting any handouts or help from the government. I want us to succeed and prosper the right way. I have no interest in playing some racial spoils game that rigs the system in our favor, which would be a futile strategy anyway in the long term, as Whites are currently 57% of the population and will be a minority within 20 years or less.

          More to the point though, Whites are only worth saving as a race if we are good, moral race. We are not worth saving if we have degenerated into a race of drug abusing perverts that cut our children’s genitals off, release murderers and rapists onto the streets – while having the audacity to bitch and complain about “immigrant rape babies” being carried to term – and generally support every policy in the book objectively shown to make quality of life worse, not better.

          We are not worth saving if our educated women would rather live the life of Wine Aunts. We are not worth saving if we think criminals should be “rehabilitated” instead of executed or jailed for life. We are not worth saving if the losers and left behinds of our race are so economically destitute from their own personal failures that they consider cutting social security and medicare to be somehow on the same plane as puberty blockers.

          I genuinely don’t care if some Whites “need” social security or “need” Medicare. It would be eugenic if those people were allowed to die. The Vickys of the world don’t matter. As last nights election results showed, Many Such Cases. I personally hope that Democrats flood White Working Class blue voting districts with as many Blacks and Hispanics as possible. Who knows, maybe you guys can form a trade union with them, and rehabilitate them while you’re at it, since its only because of “racism” and “hate” that they committed violent crime in the first place. ROFL

          • “traditional Democrat voters such as yourself”

            I’m not a traditional democrat voter.

            “Most White Americans are either social liberals + economic liberals, or social conservatives + economic conservatives (there are more of the former than the later)”

            No, this is not true. Dedicated liberals and dedicated conservatives are a distinct minority of the population.

  15. The result is profoundly depressing. This was the election where all the talk about WN memes and messages breaking through into the mainstream was to be translated into actual results on the ground. Things like CRT, open and routine anti-white discrimination, transsexualism, Soros prosecutors, Dems going all-in on becoming Black Party and being totally captured by hard-left Twitter radicals, would become a millstone around the D’s necks and combine with Biden’s unpopularity to produce a red tsunami.

    Instead you had whites continuing to turn out in large numbers to vote for all those things you mention. The White roughly 60-40 party split hasn’t changed in 30+ years. Republicans captured no greater share of the white vote yesterday than when it was Dubya vs. Kerry, or Bush I vs. Dukakis. It’s hard to either understand this result, or see what might be done to change it.

    • The White vote is decisive.

      Hispanics are trending more Republican. Black men are trending more Republican. The hopeless, irredeemable White libtards are the problem

      • Also, I’d imagine that the Hispanics voting Republican are more Catholic and Evangelical than Latinx Democrat voters. Religion is becoming a more significant dividing line than race in politics it’s seems.

    • Brad is definitely not a shill. It’s clear the GOP base is moving towards more nationalist and “far right” views. We are becoming more mainstream by the day. Some people in the movement are just anti social and want to stay in the ideological ghetto they’ve created for themselves.

      • Refusing to talk about deadly consequences of the vax and the way Democrats cheat doesn’t necessarily indicate a shill. But it is typical country-club GOP behavior. Which is why we’re in this position, ultimately, those people have always believed they can maintain a certain “respectable” (ie utterly contemptible) pose and therefore keep some sort of “mainstream credibility” or position. It’s farcical. Democrats steal elections and the main priority of the GOP is to say “no they don’t.”

        Anyone who has been on these sites long enough knows that they are not only watched by the authorities but that they are manipulated by them as well.

        • The Democrats didn’t steal the election here.

          They won in states where there are lots of Democrats. They also voted in referendums to enshrine abortion in their state constitution in states like California, Vermont and Michigan.

          • “didn’t steal the election” based on what? That it’s not respectable to say they did? Don’t tell me you’d see “anomalies” – when have you ever pointed anomalies and suggested they cheated? Terry McAuliffe lost last year so we know the demographic situation is not the explanation, we know the economic situation is not better. The Republican performance is as bad as it ever has been in a midterm, don’t tell me it’s Roe vs Wade being overturned. There was no way in hell the people who run this country were going to have funding cut to Ukraine or hearings on the vax damage.

            Democrats know the Republicans will defend them when they cheat to win. They are cowed.

          • Maybe I am missing something, but it looks to me like Democrats voted where Democrats live and that seems to have happened nationwide in thousands of separate races except in New York and Florida. Why didn’t Democrats steal the House races in New York?

  16. Hunter: a little off topic but since someone referenced Auburn I was wondering if you noticed the new trend of colleges having black quarterbacks now. In that past that was one of the few positions Whites excelled in.

    • It hasn’t exactly been a good year for Auburn!

      Seriously, I haven’t watched any of the games this year. Occasionally, I will see the games on when I am in a restaurant like Buffalo Wild Wings. I know that Bo Nix is having a great year at Oregon while Auburn is a dumpster fire. Maybe Bo was right about the squad around him?

      • “Maybe Bo was right about the squad around him?”

        Nix is White, so I’m sure at the time you were glad to be rid of him.

        • I’m not sure why you think I am an obsessed college football fan. I didn’t watch any of the seasons when he was here. He was a mediocre quarterback who lost a bunch of games. The only reason he was quarterback is because his father was an Auburn quarterback in the 1990s.

    • You’re at least twenty years behind. That isn’t a “new” trend. Been going on a long time now. Really wish I didn’t know it, too.

    • Sportsball fan here,

      The trend of Black QBs is driven by the seasons Patrick Mahomes had for the Chiefs in 2018 and Lamar Jackson for the Ravens in 2019. Traditional pocket passers like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers that scan defenses and pick it apart aren’t as much in vogue anymore. Josh Allen, a White QB for the Bills, is actually one of the best at the new trend of being good enough as a passer and dangerous with his legs. Mahomes is just exceptional period, in any generation.

      Anyway, that new trend has percolated down to the college level. And, in fairness, the last decade has seen more Black QBs such as Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson (until this year with Denver), and Mahomes who are good at surveying a defense and picking it apart. What Watson did on the game winning drive for Clemson to beat Alabama in the 2016 national title game was incredible. It was all passing, not running.

      With Brady and Rodgers on their last legs, and with Peyton Manning and Drew Brees being retired for years, we are past the golden age of the White pocket passer. It was a fun age while it lasted. A metaphor for the White Race as a whole.

      Oh well. Times change. One day you wake up and +60% of voters in Richard Spencer’s state of Montana are Too Smart to fall for a Gotchya Prop that would have mandated medical care for babies that survive an abortion. The one thing worse than killing babies after 20 weeks – which, we are assured in WN sites, absolutely no one supports ever – is Looking Dumb. We cant possibly be seen as dumb. We might lose the support of Whites who want us to be Not Dumb. There would be a National Socialist Revolution tomorrow if WNs Looked Smart by not falling for GOP Gotchya bills. The voting results are absolutely zero indication of the values of the voters themselves.

      Eat at Arbys.

  17. Committed shitlibs, Twitter activist types, are only like a quarter of whites. The urgency in this election was to not just make nonwhite, and in particular Latino margins less crushingly Democratic, but to show that formerly moderate Whites are being radicalized and pushed to the GOP by the Left’s insane agenda which has exploded over the last few years. The ballot-box equivalent of Trumpers storming the Capitol.

    The fact that this didn’t happen is what I can’t understand. What makes whites in the PNW continue to vote for the party which has turned Seattle and Portland into open-air toilets? What makes whites in New Hampshire, Michigan, and Wisconsin vote for CRT, Ibaim X. Kendi Thought, and the Great Replacement? How does one get through to them?

    • They have always been like this.

      Patty Murray has been in the Senate in Washington since 1992. Tina Kotek is winning the Oregon governor race. In the Pacific Northwest, it is all red east of the Cascades. Gretchen Whitmer, Tony Evers and Tim Walz are all incumbent governors in the Upper Midwest. It is not like this is anything new.

    • I would wager that the majority of White people who voted Democrat, even in a place like Seattle or Portland, don’t know who Kendi X is. And for what it is worth, neither city is particularly White anymore, especially Seattle. And keep in mind that the US census considers jews, Arabs, North Africans, and Sudanese people as “White”.

    • These self-righteous idiots believe their own suffering, or that of others, is a necessary and good thing. It is a savior complex that is unfixable…until they are being being hunted down for food and pleasure.

  18. “What makes whites in New Hampshire, Michigan, and Wisconsin vote for CRT, Ibaim X. Kendi Thought, and the Great Replacement? How does one get through to them?”

    Probs the biggest right wing voice, Tucker Carlson, has spoken about all those issues. If he can’t get through to the Blue Anons no one can.

    I guess Karen-ism & Wokeness is now baked into the cake.

    My only electoral hope now is to vote for the God Emperor Trump in 2024 as a type of messianic savior figure as the GOP establishment could not produce a red Wave.

    I feel like this caller to Rush Limbaugh:

  19. The entire media was fear mongering about “democracy dying”, that coupled with single White women alcoholic cat ladies lust for killing babies and being whores, as well as Gen Z’s lust for more “gibs” is what sunk the red wave. White people have a woman problem that isn’t shared by the other races. If Whites were united there would be a perpetual red wave, but Jews have succeded in splitting Whites apart by gender. The Jewish question must be answered, they recoil the most when they are named, as demonstrated by Kyrie and Kanye. Republicans must become the party of Nationalism and a focus on economic issues for the working class. Tax cuts and constantly complaining about social security and paying off school loans, all while funding billions of dollars on war with Russia, does not work. Get the party into power based on populism, then with enough power name the Jew, so we can finally cut the head off of the snake that is destroying Western Civilization.

  20. “Democracy” in a nutshell. The red wave turned into a red ripple as I knew it would.

    Did the Republicans stay home or was there fraud, cheating and the fix was in from the get go? Probably all three. The new and improved, faster voting machines suck and they can be programmed to do whatever the programmer wants.

    At least the circus is over for another 2 years and the corrupt govt can go back and doing what they do best, screw everyone.

  21. I just don’t get it.
    I’m more of a populist than conservative or liberal, and there have been times I voted liberal, but I just can’t see how anyone with a modicum of common sense could vote for dems this election.
    Never have they had less to offer than right now.

    1stly Brandon is a corrupt, senile pedophile, a total puppet of the oligarchs, his power needs to be checked.
    2ndly a vote for dems is a vote for WW3, and civil war 2, as Brandon has declared war on half America.
    3rdly the economy is in shambles…not to mention child genital mutilation, crime, homelessness, the border, or lack thereof, the covid debacle, all that stuff about lockdowns, masking and so on was reproven to be utter BS, I mean these malignant morons just can’t do anything right, the most incompetent regime of my 38 years, they make Bush W look halfway decent.

    Are 50% of Americans really that stupid?
    Did they drink the cool aid about ‘saving democracy’?
    Did they miss the 2 billion dollars of damage Antifa/BLM did to America’s cities while the MSM incited, cheered and jeered them on?
    Did they miss the big lie about ‘Russian collusion’?
    Or did they really need to kill their kids that badly, they couldn’t just take a ‘morning after’ or travel to another state?
    Man I just don’t get it, maybe there is some election fraud, and I’m not the type to believe that sort of thing, but it’s either that or half the country is just really, really dumb.
    Sigh…I’m a bit more cynical now than I was before.

      • Minnesota and Wisconsin are lower population states, not unlike Washington and Oregon, that can be comfortably controlled from their major population center [Minneapolis-St. Paul and Milwaukee, respectively].

        • White people in all four of those states experienced the worst of COVID and the worst of the George Floyd riots and decided last night that they wanted more of the same. They voted to reward the people responsible.

          Fortunately, I don’t live anywhere near there. I watched it on television. At least there is that. Come home, White man!

    • Are 50% of Americans really that stupid?

      Come to grips with it. Actually, I think you’re being optimistic with 50%. It’s more like 85%.

  22. For me, the Republicans don’t do much with power when they get it, like in 2017, they controlled the House, Senate and Trump was President, and they wouldn’t vote money for a border wall, would it have fixed everything? no. but It would have been a good start in the right direction and could have maybe been added on to later.

    They’ve never quite got over Ronald Reagan. If they could bring Reagan back he could win 49 states again. No, he couldn’t, that was 40 years ago. In the 1950s and 1960s California was a mostly white state with a big middle class around L.A and Orange County, the circumstances that produced Reagan’s political career don’t exist anymore.

    Decades of letting every wetback come to the U.S. ended it, that and lots of other mismanagement of many things.

    • “Decades of letting every wetback come to the U.S. ended it,”

      Reagan’s best friend was judge clark in Ventura. Clark owned a big ranch and employed mostly mexicans.
      Both parties are composed of hypocrites, only varying in degree.

      Reagan gave us amnesty of ~12 million illegals and no border solution. The tide has gone too far, Americas future is condemned to mongrelization.

    • The Northern part could probably be saved if any had the will to do it. But Whites are a broken people, so….

    • Indeed. If ever there were proof that Demography is Destiny, there it is. Southern California, gone from the best place to live to one of the worst. Thank you Republicans, that “conservative” Ronald Reagan too, scumbags one and all. Mexico el Norte, the new California.

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