2022 Exit Polls


It is always dangerous to look at exit polls.

We will have to wait for validated voter surveys to find out for sure how different groups swung Republican or Democrat in the midterms. What do the exit polls say though?


No surprise here.

83% of White evangelical Christians voted Republican.

58% of people who attend religious services once a week or occasionally voted Republican. 66% of those who never attend religious services voted for Democrats.

Republicans got 58% of the White vote.

60% of Hispanics and 86% of blacks voted Democrat. This appears to be down.

Democrats won 53% of Latino men, 82% of black men and 35% of White men. From what I have seen in previous elections, this is a massive decline in support among non-White men.

Republicans won 2/3rds of White working class voters and split White college educated voters nearly 50/50. This appears to be better than expected among White college graduates.

Educated White women voted Democrat.

There is a huge education divide between Ambers and Karens.


    • If our elections were open and honest, we’d have the ‘NONE’ option.
      If ‘NONE’ received the most votes both candidates would be barred from the election and a new field of candidates proposed.

      Both democrats and Retardicans have fought this concept wherever it’s proposed.


    #1. I do not feel that Blue State elections are on the up and up. Why not? Because the Democrats have made it crystal clear that they will NEVER cede power to us, not even for a time.

    Moreover, The Jew England Yankee World Order is not going to go away just because of a few honest elections.

    #2.The South, along with The Midwest and Plains’ Areas, remain different than coastal areas that are dominated by New England thought.

    #3. Governor DeSantis has put forth the blueprint for Red State survival and thrival. Let’s build on that.

    #4. The next two years, though painful, will continue to build Red States through more inflicted pain that will intensify a burgeoning awareness.

    #5. A new kind of Southern leader is arriven – Margorie Taylor Greene, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Ron De Santis. They are here and they are going to multiply

    #6. A personal thank you to all the good Rural and Smalltown Yankees who have arriven in North Carolina in the last several years and who, canceling out all the bad Yankees who cam here in previous decades, they propelled Ted Budd to a sure victory.

  2. The big takeaway? Christianity cannot be a deciding power in American politics. In fact, the death of Christianity = the death of America, the two are intertwined. A non-Christian pro-white movement might be able to win over some of the women and college educated whites, but even then it will not be enough to control America, only break away and form New Nations (one Christian, one not).

    • The big takeaway from this election and pretty much every election is that White Christians are rightwing on cultural issues like “trans” and immigration and vote Republican. White atheists are overwhelmingly libtards and vote for social liberalism like Richard Spencer. Again, this is why Massachusetts voted for a lesbian governor, which is unthinkable in Alabama. There is a massive religious and cultural difference between Whites.

      • “massive religious and cultural difference between Whites.”

        Yes, those with a little sense and those with none.

      • This is why I support Southern Nationalism and a Confederacy because we need to not just be free from the Jewish controlled government but also our liberal counterparts who seem to invite (((trouble))) wherever they go! Deo Vindice!

        • Amen.

          I’m pro-White.

          I’m not under any illusions though that White people are somehow are all on the same side. This is confusing as hell to White Nationalists who dismiss and downplay cultural differences between Whites and insist on creating a White ethnostate with libtards.

          • White ethnic and religious unity is good but we can’t get White liberals to conform. Going after Slavs, Italians or Pagans isn’t the answer and counter to our interests. If you think like us and act like us, look like us and share our values, you are us. A non-libtard White ethnostate in the South is the best option!

          • I thought it was understood that leftards would not want to live in a White ethnostate and would not be welcome, either. They would leave or be driven out.

      • “The big takeaway from this election and pretty much every election is that White Christians are rightwing on cultural issues like “trans” and immigration and vote Republican. White atheists are overwhelmingly libtards and vote for social liberalism.”

        Liberals like novelty. I feel your pain.

  3. The vaunted Hispanic/Latino/Puerto Rican/Roman Catholic vote didn’t materialize for the GOP except in the Miami/Cuban area.

    The GOP couldn’t even defeat the LGBTQ Party.

    McConnell and MacCarthy should resign from leadership.

    • “The vaunted Hispanic/Latino/Puerto Rican/Roman Catholic vote didn’t materialize for the GOP except in the Miami/Cuban area”:

      The Cubans in Florida are a special case. They have long been coddled and cultivated as opposition to the Cuban people’s republic that the U.S. intends to overthrow.

      The U.S. has also since WW2 cultivated its Galician (Ukrainian) diaspora to use as a weapon against Russian socialism.

  4. One thing I think will happen is a lot of eyes will leave Trump, and land on DeSantis. Who seems able to get things done without Trumps bad qualities. DeSantis went from a guy who barely won his first election to turning Florida almost entirely red in a very short time. I also think red states need to start organizations, and policies that are oriented entirely toward keeping the worst blue state stupities out of red states. Recognize that many Big blue states are just not going to be saved. People who want sanity will have to leave eventually. Places like California and New York, Illinois just aren’t going to get better. To much moral rot.

    • I agree with your comment. DeSantis, both in words, actions, and results, should be the face of the Republican future for the foreseeable (short term) future.

      • Republicans are overwhelmingly for Trump now. DeSantis could go as an independent. Why should he put up with Trump needling him?

    • Trump is already calling him names (Ron Sanctimonious) and threating to release damaging information on him is he tries to run for president.

      • I saw that! Trump is very afraid that De Santis is the real thing. He even told him not to run!. De Santis does things, then talks about them. Trump doesn’t do anything, and then talks about things.

  5. I’m not all doom and gloom like many right wingers online. The House has flipped. It looks like Nevada will go red for senate and governor. Arizona will probably go red for governor as well. Than it’s off to the runoff in Georgia for the control of the Senate. I was always skeptical of GOP Senate victories in places like Pennsylvania and New Hampshire to tell the truth. My biggest disappointment is Masters not being able to close the deal in Arizona. He would have been a good addition to the Senate, but it’s not even over there yet. He could still win on election day returns.

    The big take aways are that red states are getting redder, and blue states are getting bluer, polarization is increasing. This is good for us. Florida is a deep red state now, Texas is solid red as well. DeSantis has come out a big winner. Trump, not so much. I think after these results, we’ll see a fight for the GOP nomination. I expect Trump and DeSantis to both run now. I’m looking forward to see the fireworks that ensue.

        • And I would add that, with Senator Johnson having won Wisconsin, Laxalt pulling away in Nevada, and Shibaka replacing Murkowski, it looks like the actual reality of the senate will turn out to be something like the following…

          Nobody Knows 3 – Romney, Manchin, Sinema

          Republicans – 49

          Democrats – 48

          What this means is that intended unconstitutional Democrat lunacy is going to be a very hard road for them.

          Also, Trump’s stock went way down with the GOP, whilst DeSantis’s has gone way up.

          Meanwhile, President Biden will continue working on the hearts nad minds of all Amer4icans, and THAT … can only be good for making more on The Right than on The Left.

          Also, in 2024, The Left will own the wreckage, after a GOP House has deeply exposed Democrat and Administrative corruption.

          North Carolina, by the way, now has a very Red Legislature, Supreme Court, and is set to have a Black Klansman for it’s next governor.

          The LGBT and aborters had best tighten their seatbelts, for NC will be ready to roar it’s true Southern colours.

          Again, thanks to all the good Rural Yankees who have come our way and reinforced our thinning lines.

          NC is now the northernmost point of Dixie, so we needed the help. We are stiffening just in time for the fight.

          Not a good night, last night, but, not a bad one, either.

  6. Very interesting. My feeling as an outside European observer is that the issue seems to be that the Republicans vastly underperformed in Midvestern rural counties. Even in suburbs and among Hispanics they did fine. Not that there were no support, there were just zero enthusiasm.

    Running on Christian values and anti-wokeness does not work for them. Republicans need to promise them hope and prosperity like Trump did and delivered with his America first agenda. Also, don’t pander to Hispanics so much that you forget about your core constituencies.

    Wokeness is a luxury belief, but I’ve begun wondering if anti-wokeness is aswell. Do working class people really care what’s going on in the universities, govt institutions, corporate offices and Twitter? If you cannot afford gas and food, are you thrilled to vote on issues such as what is a woman, or will you go for the candidate who promises you stimmy checks and govt handouts? They know that inflation is bad, but what have the Republicans promised to do about it? One has to remember, that rural working class Midwesterners are former Democrats.

    In 2024, please focus on immigration, economic populism and American nationalism. Abortion will energize your opponents, focusing on voter fraud will demoralize your voters, but very few voters are energized to suppor inflation or illegal immigration. America first works and is a uniting force among many different economic and religious leanings.

    • “Wokeness is a luxury belief . . . “, indeed it is. Things just aren’t bad enough yet in the U.S. for White people (AKA Real Americans) who believe in “Wokeness” to shed their rich fantasy life and plug in to reality. Gasoline is still under $3.00/gallon in most of the country including (so-called) “Liberal” areas. Food is widely available and still affordable in spite of inflation. Crime is mostly confined to minority areas like cities while suburbs remain peaceful. Until these things change dramatically for the worse people will continue to whistle while walking past the graveyard.

      All elections are about the future and current trends portend a bleak and dangerous future yet most people don’t see it. Apparently unless it is an inch in front of people’s noses it doesn’t exist. By that time it’s usually too late to do anything about the problem of course which is exactly the plan of the lunatic, demonic Left.

  7. This election proved that the GOP cannot win a general presidential election for some time. Massive liberal propaganda since 2016 worked. Trump has been losing since squeaking out a victory in 2016. He is toxic to the public and will lose in a landslide in 2024 against anyone. If Trump does announce his 2024 run soon then anybody in a runoff is doomed. Also, women have massively shifted to the left. They always break for liberal cultural nihilism and throw the election, but especially now that abortion is no longer the domain of Feds. Democrats constructed the worst economy in the postwar era but that does not matter. Women sterilizing themselves so they can have consequence free whoring is what matters.

    Democracy was a mistake. The Bible is right. The South was right.

    • @anonymous – Re, “Women sterilizing themselves so they can have consequence free whoring is what matters.”
      << Much of what motivates women — especially women who value their autonomy — is that men with a thought process like this never again have control over their daily lives and decisions. By autonomy, I mean choosing education, work, etc. over a traditional mother/housewife role. Personally, I prefer to live under a traditional, safe, WHITE male-dominated system; I am simply trying to explain to you that the vast majority of women, regardless of age, do not consider themselves "whores" for exercising autonomy over their own lives. Unfortunately for the rest of us, their choice to live non-traditional lives has pretty much eliminated the traditional woman's option to fulfill her life by serving her family and others. Expectations are now that all women will — indeed, must — work outside the home.

      • What exactly is your point?

        Men with my “thought process” ran the world forever. My “thought process” is written in the Bible. “Autonomy” in this environment in effect means being a pecking order whore. I am not sure how you think abortion does not correspond to sexual perversion. Look at the cultural lattice around abortion. That is what abortion and birth control is about, being a whore, severing yourself from family, God, and nature, and then descending into cultural nihilism and despair while clinging to coping mechanisms like “autonomy” and self fulfillment, whatever that means.

        One of the favorite snark takes by women in this recent abortion controversy is “I bet men would do something if women tried to get them like this.” No, actually we wouldn’t do anything, because the womb is not in our body. That is why men will never take birth control like women, it’s why they always shun “protection.” We are not trying to rebel against nature.

        If your point is “there is no going back,” and women will always put their modern bourgeois living standards ahead of all else, so what? That’s exactly my point. I will only tell you that men are not going to change either. Abortion and birth control will always be understood as a whore. At this point women will usually say, “because it’s a social construct!” Well, then, I suppose you can’t say anything bad about transsexuals if it’s all a social construct.

        Demographic collapse is writing on the wall now. Women generally but especially white women refuse to form families and reproduce, and only care about aborting their children and jockeying with men over salaries in the work place so they can lead squandering bourgeois liberal lives. The nature of men will not change because contra feminist dogma, life is not a social construct, and consequentially modern women being miserable, exhausted, and lonely is baked into the cake. You will reap what you sow until perhaps one day you will finally admit to your futility.

        • I see a lot of 29 year old white women trudging up and down the steps wearing scrubs with the local community college medical training program logo on it with their fatherless bastard in tow. Seems the partying days are over and now they need to find something to do. The family structure has been destroyed, these are the children and grandchildren of the divorce epidemic that began in the 70s. There is a very large majority that NEEDS the welfare state and will NEVER vote for the GOP, the party of Reaganomics and Paul Ryan’s so called “entitlement reform” meaning abolition of Social Security and Medicare. Ad to that they will NEVER vote for the party of the Church that they know condemns their lifestyle. Many of the whites are irreligious and live lifestyles condemned by Christianity and don’t like the GOP for that very reason. The democrats used to wink and now openly support moral degeneracy, that earns them a lot of votes.

      • “I am simply trying to explain to you that the vast majority of women, regardless of age, do not consider themselves “whores” for exercising autonomy over their own lives.”

        What does it matter how females consider themselves? They are whores, regardless of their worthless deluded opinions. What is the result of this female autonomy everywhere it has been tried? We know conclusively, when females are given the ability to make choices they overwhelmingly choose to become whores, to never have children, and to go extinct. This is probably the strongest trend in human behavior, that carries across all cultures and races.

        I believe we should give females what they want, which is why I advocate for the use of artificial wombs and for female extinction. The only value females have is in reproduction. If they can’t even do that right, why should they even be allowed to exist? They just become parasites and liabilities if they refuse to reproduce.

      • “…Much of what motivates women — especially women who value their autonomy — is that men with a thought process like this never again have control over their daily lives and decisions….”

        I really understand Astrid’s point. If I was Female, I would probably think the same.

        Dart though is correct too. I wouldn’t call Women who want to control their lives whores, but just the same. If Women persist in the 2.5 kids and divorce model where Men lose all their rights in Female dominated special “Family Courts” then eventually Men will find a way to have children without Females and Females, if they get married at all, will move into a Man’s family with “his” kids that he funded with artificial embryo tech. She would have no rights to the kids. The only alternative is extinction, which is an option. Whites will just disappear.

        This has happened before. In Sparta, the Males underwent the most grueling, horrible, terrible lives of toil and danger to keep the society going. They did so to the very end. Spartan Women had slaves to provide for them and do most of the work. They had one job, have some more Spartans, and they refused to do it. It’s just a fact. The Spartans were defeated because they ran out of Spartans.

        In Rome they had divorce laws towards the end of the empire, just like we have today. So, just like today, Men decided this was a raw deal and stopped getting married. They even passed a bachelor tax to get Men to marry, with no effect. I believe that Rome didn’t fall because of lead or anything like that. It fell because the Men really had nothing to fight for. No families, all their taxes going to support a bloated Oligarchical Senate and various pseudo emperors. When the Vandals and other tribes came down to loot Rome the Romans just got out of their way. They couldn’t care less. If Women provide no family life for the White Men in the west, the same will happen here. Why get killed off for some Women who will for nothing for you and in many cases despises you?

        There are some facts Women need to understand. Some work on artificial wombs has already been done with sheep.


        Women believe that eggs are the dealbreaker and that Men MUST have them from Women to reproduce. This is not true. Eggs can be made from shin cells of Women. What women would not sell a scrapping of skin cells for a couple grand? These cells can be turned into eggs and then, fertilized with sperm. In fact to make children the limiting factor is sperm. Sperm is what energizes the cell to start dividing to make babies. I suspect that it would not take all that much money to build an artificial womb and once the tech is figured out the cost of materials would be very low.


        I personally believe that people have possibly already done this in secret and are doing horrible things with the offspring. Possibly using them for spare parts. I of course can not prove this. One thing I can do is rationalize what a budget for such a thing would cost so you can see if it is possible.

        Let’s do some rough numbers to see what this would cost. Let’s say you place a building on some Island, free from prying eyes. You wouldn’t need too much room. Let’s say $2 million for the building. You could also do the whole thing on a boat and stay at sea the whole time.

        You need chemist and biologist to plan for the equipment and chemical engineers. Say you have 5 of each at $150,000 for a year. A couple of electronic engineers to do the control systems at $150,000 each and one mechanical engineer at $150,000. Then you stock it with equipment. Say another $5 million. So set up cost are $8,950,000.

        Then to run the thing, one major biologist at $250,000 five minor at $100,000, one major chemical engineer at $250,000 two minor at $100,000. One mechanical and one electronic engineer at $100,000 each. Maybe ten various helpers at $80,000 each. Two managers at $250,000 each. Maybe $10,000 a month for electricity, supplies, whatever a month. $120,000 a year. Total cost employees and overhead $2,820,000 a year.

        A lot of the work has been done in the open literature. Since you are psychopaths, you could start within at least a year human experimentation. Destroying anything that didn’t work out. You could also leverage animal experiments done in the open that you could get your minions to pay for in standard scientific channels with public money. Most breakthroughs for some reason, I don’t know why, generally take 30 years to become mainstream. So total cost set-up running and all for 30 years is $93,550,000.

        People who pay this kind of money for paint blotches and jpg art can easily afford this and I think my cost are a bit lavish. You could do this much cheaper for most of the research. This is a stand up and do it now type budget.

        I think it unavoidable that eventually some Man with lots of cash will fund this so that any children he has will be his and he will not give up his rights when married. This is the way society was run for most of human history, so it’s natural that it revert back.

        • Artificial wombs are pretty much inevitable, imo. They are like nuclear weapons or any other strategically advantageous technology. The first country that starts using them will have a huge advantage, and all other major countries would be forced to start using them just to keep up. They solve the reproduction crisis without going through the mess of rescinding female rights, which is the only other viable solution to the reproduction crisis. Repealing female rights is unlikely to happen because once females have rights they begin to cultivate armies of male simps to defend those rights. Once patriarchy is lost, it is almost impossible to get back for this reason. The simps will not allow it.

          After the artificial wombs are employed, there will be no point in continuing to produce females at all, so female extinction is the logical outcome of their use. Synthetic eggs could be produced from DNA banks, so living females would not even be required for harvesting or producing eggs either. If necessary, they could even be produced from male DNA (I believe this has already been studied, so that faggots could have kids with each other). Females would have no real value whatsoever, since they are just fundamentally worse than men at everything important. Having no value and being superceded by superior technology, females would just be phased out of production like any other obsolete technology, such 8 track players or model T cars.

  8. People around here still can’t believe that Fetterman won. There was no sign of that happening at the polls, where many voters were loud, expressing outrage at Democrats. There were only Republican campaign workers standing at most of the polls, no Democrat campaign workers, which made it appear that they were ashamed, fearful, discouraged and considered it a lost cause.

    There were/are Republican road signs and yard signs everywhere, including many very large homemade signs with Fox News inspired messages, but very few Democrat signs. But the appearances were deceiving, Many Democrats did mail-ins, and thorough, block-by-block, door-to-door personal campaigning. But really, who cares which twin party wins, the (s)election is meaningless anyway.

      • Apparently Pennsylvanians didn’t like the fact that Oz was from New Jersey. I get that, but at least he was from Earth.
        Early / extended / mail-in voting has to be rolled back or we really will be at the mercy of the imbecilic masses i.e., democracy.
        A Nation this politically and culturally divided can’t survive in any case.
        It’s crazy that the impetus of our National salvation may yet be a black lunatic named “Ye” and a black basketball player.
        Whites are a racially and culturally broken people on the whole.

        • This is so obviously stolen. We are not lost. I have gone on and on and on about how the Representatives can legally legislate the nature of elections. The RINOS will not help because they don’t care if they are the majority. Only that they have some power. And a large part of the Congress, or at least enough, are blackmailed. They will do as they are told but if enough Congressmen raise hell, constantly, to get real, valid elections it can happen. I cover this in excruciatingly boring detail in this link and in links in the comment.


          If we get real elections, and we can, we can force them. Then there’s a way out. We can change the rules so that,
          1.no illegal aliens vote.
          2. no immigrants vote. Why should people who move here decide our fate? They don’t like it, they can move back.
          3. Anyone not supporting themselves can’t vote.
          4. People under 25 can’t vote.

          Once we get some of these in place, WE will have the power. You think the Democrats will not use any power they have? We MUST do the same to survive. Look at when the aliens were dumped on Martha’s Vineyard. They moved these aliens out in two days. They don’t screw around. We should do the same and have the power to do so.

  9. Looks as if the Dems were saved by Zoomers, who overwhelmingly went to vote Democrats. The Dems might lose some “Latinx” voters, but gain enough in the youth cohorts and via their patronage networks.

  10. @Brad. Why do you think Alabama whites voted to ditch the old state Constitution? I voted to keep it, btw. Freaking pathetic.

    • No, it’s a case of Republicans openly running on austerity, reducing wages, and “entitlement reform” (cutting medicare and social security) during a recession. Even a vegetable like Fetterman can beat a crappy platform like that with a working class economic platform.

      The most important take-away is that “economic populism” wins pretty much across the board. Even brain damaged retards can win with it. We knew that from the 2020 elections, but Republicans didn’t learn anything then. Probably because most of them incorrectly believed that the 2020 elections were a result of fraud, so they refused to take any lessons. Instead, they decided to retreat to their comfort zone and run on 1980s moral majority, John Bircher “vast communist conspiracy” theories, and Milton Friedmanism, all unpopular and losing stances. Republicans will, again, learn nothing because they are already jumping back to baseless fraud accusations.

      The message for Republicans: It isn’t fraud. You just suck.

    • “Republicans openly running on austerity”

      YES, that is idiotic. Spending trillions on foreign wars, then telling Americans to do without. They must have a (((saboteur))) writing their platform.

  11. Lame night but at least Vance will shift the paradigm (MASSIVE COPE). Back to my life and not caring about politics until 6 months prior to Nov 2024. It was more entertaining than pro sports at least. I wouldn’t put all your eggs in Georgia to hold the Senate, it’ll be another 2020 Perdue Ossoff situation.

  12. Republicans lost in 2008, lost in 2012, won in 2016, lost in 2020, and will likely lose in 2024.

    What’s different about 2016? Did Satan get lazy that year and withdraw his malign dominion over creaturely affairs? Or was there something different about the Republican agenda and messaging that delivered victories in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and elsewhere?

    The Sailer Strategy gives the GOP a winning hand. Republicans will not run it again because they were conservatives this entire time, not populists. For the conservative, populism is merely a way to trick others into entering conservative circles of influence.

    The same dynamic is playing out in the UK. The conservatives got working class people on board and won big — Brexit was driven in large part due to opposition to immigration. So what do the Tories do? They put a pajeet in charge pushing a globalist help-the-rich freedom agenda. Labour will wipe them out next round.

      • Frankly, people are over rated.
        We need a singular, strong leader to do what’s right.
        The people as a whole are useless as far a leadership goes.

        • “…We need a singular, strong leader to do what’s right….”

          This is the new meme people. Pay attention. I heard much the same thing on NPR no less this morning. They are maneuvering the populace to accept the end of democracy and dictatorship. See if I’m not right. This will be popping up all over the place. Don’t ignore it. May note every time you see it and tell them that it’s all a big ass lie. We don’t need a dictatorship. We need honest elections and people who will not let the Jews drive us into the ground.

          We don’t have to take this. There is no reason we can’t have real elections.

      • It looks like Nevada will go red for both races. Arizona will flip for Lake soon, and maybe Masters will get over the finish line when it’s all said and done. Other than Ohio, all the Northern states voted Democrat for the Senate. Along with a Christian/Secular divide, we are seeing a Yankee/Dixie divide as well. I think the GOP is more likely to flip Virginia in 2024 than win in the Upper Midwest.

          • Hunter, when the wheels come off the economy and “liberal” Whites are plunged into poverty and now get to enjoy their vaunted diversity up close and personal we will see how “woke” these people truly are. I have lived with these types and more than anything else they are a herd of thundering sheep. Most aren’t True Believers in anything, they are believers in conformity. As another commenter noted: “Wokeness is a luxury good”, and it is.

            A Timex from a drug store works as well as a Rolex Oyster from a jeweler. Wokes will be forced to trade their Rolex perspective for Timex as the financial situation goes from bad to worse, it just isn’t bad enough yet. Does anyone really believe the likes of Dementia Joe, Cackling Kamala or Sen. Fetterneck can govern this clusterfuck of a country?

            Eric Hoffer wrote about movements like “Wokeness” in his book “The True Believer”.Wokeness is at the point where it is just a racket that cannot deliver anything but disaster for all people except the few at the top.


          • “Dementia Joe, Cackling Kamala or Sen. Fetterneck can govern ”

            They don’t, it’s their staff, those who control their staff.

          • @12AX7…

            “….they are a herd of thundering sheep…. ”

            Is that yours?

            If it is, you bes’ pinch yourself, ‘cuz it’s downright poetic…

    • >The Sailer Strategy gives the GOP a winning hand.

      I’m just here to say that Sailer is an effete civic nationalist faggot — what he does best these days is write effeminate, hand-wringing posts about how black ghetto thugs are killing each other, which of course any self-respecting white man should see as a feature of BLM, not a bug — his one aim in life seems to be not giving John Podhoretz another reason to call him ‘loathsome, reprllent racist filth’ (link).

        • Sailer is one of the biggest intellectual frauds on the internet, and I’m far from the only one who thinks so — link

          He along with Peter Brimelow, who sued the NYT for calling him a White Nationalist, and asked supporters to pay for it — what is the point of the anti-immigration activism of VDare if not to preserve America as a majority white nation?

    • >The Sailer Strategy gives the GOP a winning hand.

      And no, it doesn’t — unless you define ‘winning’ as the game next Sat afternoon — the GOP is the ‘as long as they come legally’ party, which will not only render them irrelevant, but permanently disenfranchise the white population.

      Unless you’re one of those retards who thinks ‘Hispanics are natural conservatives’ or some bullshit like that — ‘please clap’ — LOL.

      linkThe fact the GOP couldn’t get a more than a standard midterm victory in this climate suggests that it is all too little, too late. While elections matter, some decade long plan to change the GOP seems pointless given that the GOP will be irrelevant in a decade.

  13. While I’ve been a wet blanket on notion that there’s been a big shift in Latinos towards the gop on the basis of social conservatism.

    Trump got the same percentage bush got in his first term. There was *some* interesting movement. Most of the Latino communities that voted for R’s in the past were constant R voters.

    There was some interesting movement in 2020 primarily in Texas border counties which been blue strongholds for decades but flipped for trump. They all flipped back to dems this past election.

    Latino social conservatism should really be called social libertarianism.

    Like many libertarians they engage in social conservatism *personally* but don’t vote on it… anyone who has been through the spainish speaking America’s can attest to this.

    Gays/trans are everywhere in Latin America. And while they may have internal family values they almost never vote to legislate in them.

    Women famously flew to Mexico for abortions when they were illegal here in America.

    Even Pinochet was a libertarian. Latinos said on the Texas border they were turned off by abortion politics.

    Even though many of us have moved past (or were never) WN’s that doesn’t mean IQ is irrelevant (even if some people make too big of a deal about it).

    Low IQ people still have low impulse control.

    They’ll vote on pocket book issues before abstracted morality.

    Which can sometimes be strength, especially if your political class is only using those abstracted values/morality as a ploy to distract you, and won’t follow through on your abstraction anyways.

    Prime example republicans and free speech/internet censorship.

    Low IQ people also see bad things happening as unpreventable/inevitable.

    So while they might slut shame- sure. And come off as “social conservatives” they’ll also want forgiveness and leniency when they inevitably fuck up.

    Some Protestants might want to chalk this up to catholic forgiveness (which might be a factor) but high IQ Catholic countries had no issues with dealing out social consequences for people not living up their end of the social contract.

    Bavaria Germany is one of the highest IQ regions of Germany and one of the most Catholic. I as a German American I would have a very hard time living up to their social contract. They expect A LOT out of people.

    My moms friend was relocated to Bavaria. She was an upper middle class / professional class striver type that always tried to be perfect. She was looked upon as slouch and untidy.

    In a reasonable country I’d be a culture moderate and am only looked upon as a social conservative in our current society.

    Im not a puritan but I find Latino permissiveness as civilizational degrading.

    They’ll mouth social conservatism as almost a precautionary tale but if someone tried to kick a drunkard out of a park they’d look at you like your the asshole for not wanting a drunk around their kids.

    Which is why I’d call Latino “social conservatism” “social libertarianism.” They talk up the virtues of social conservatism but will reject/lash out against any attempts to legislate it into existence.

    Low IQ people will see violating the law/social contract as inevitable.

    Low IQ people will vote for material gains over abstracted values/principles.

    Low IQ people will demand socially permissive laws even if they have cultural conservative values.

    • Large numbers of young people well into their 30s and early 40s either are, or used to frequently use ecstasy on the weekends. Basically regularly commit a felony, what does this do to the mind of someone to consistently break the law? A whole shadowy world where everyone is guilty, it it any wonder they vote for lawlessness and the party who winks back at you approving of anti-social behavior? Why do all these women out there with fatherless children, not believing in marriage—unless it’s a billionaire vampire from their pulp fiction fantasies—ever vote for the party of Christianity and social morality? As I said, the majority are now quite simply bad people. The only thing they have going is they inherited their dead fathers gun collection—i.e. the American nuclear arsenal, aircraft carriers, the air force etc. But they could NEVER organize a society that could build these things, nor will the democrat plan to replace the degenerated whites who used to design stealth bombers with chinamen and hindus. These chinamen and hindu engineers feel shamed that their own people don’t have these Raytheon boom boom goodies and share the blueprints with their governments back home at the first opportunity. Generation Bastard will get what it brought upon itself in a few decades when Xi Jr. and the Calif march in here and impose some sort of order on these naughty bastards.

  14. There is a large majority who want the welfare state, the GOP economic agenda is a loser right off the bat for this very reason. The anti abortion hobby horse is also a huge loser outside the southern baptist bubble. Being against abortion is now as big of a campaign killer as racial remarks were a few decades back. Remember the 70s electorate would elect white politicians who openly said bad things about the blacks, that changed by the 90s. The 80s majority who were opposed to abortion has now vanished and anti-abortion rhetoric that was acceptable in the 90s is now a deal killer. The leftist machine has been very successful in shifting the culture, when there is pushback they just wait out a batch of old folks to die off and brainwashed youth and immigrants to replace them at the ballot box. This talk about Hispanic family values and distaste for abortion? Well, hispanics will tolerate that from the democrats of the other choice is reaganomics and Paul Ryan.

    • I voted for the GOP economic agenda this time.

      It was an eye opening experience to drive out West this summer. The price of gas doubled by the time I hit Colorado and nearly tripled by the time I arrived in California. Prices got better the further that I got away from California. It is still like that. Prices were better across the board when Trump was president.

      • @Hunter Wallace

        The GOP’s entitlement reform was stupid but what I didn’t understand is why they didn’t talk more about opening oil refineries. Or have a coherent national energy plan- that would’ve gotten a multiracial coalition out to vote.

        California high gas prices are less to due with state gas taxes, although that’s an issue and more to due with the fact they will not approve anymore refineries.

        They have the same production out put for the past several decades while their state population has increased by 10’s of millions.

        A huge W republicans leave on the table is not embarrassing California/west coast elites by building mega refineries in Nevada or Arizona that would flood the west coast with cheap gasoline and diesel.

        It would embarrass the west coast elites. Perhaps flip a state like Oregon, New Mexico and keep Arizona.

        It would greatly help out the rest of the country as well.

        When Walmart trucks (or pick a national retailer you like) have to pay insanely high shipping costs for west coast fuel prices that cost is higher locally sure but ultimately gets spread around to consumers across the country.

        Building mega refineries in Nevada would bring down prices on consumable goods across the country. I say Nevada because refineries do have pollution issues for the immediate land around them but lots of Nevada is unlivable anyways, they don’t call it Death Valley for nothing. It’s one of the least populated states and it’s not as if you’d be contaminating decent farm land/wildlife

        Instead republicans ran on abortion bans and cutting social security & medicare. Mostly hurting white seniors…

        • 1.) Seniors who live on fixed incomes along with poor and working class people in general have been hammered by the tidal wave of inflation that Joe Biden ignited after he became president. Virtually everything has become much more expensive. THIS actually materialized.

          2.) As for entitlement reform, it went nowhere in a GOP Congress with Paul Ryan in charge of the House. The sort of people who support those issues have been leaving Congress for the past four years and replaced by people who are winning elections on cultural issues. THIS went nowhere.

          3.) California voters want insane energy prices and have gone out of their way to keep it that way.


          4.) Libtards vote for social liberalism. Pro-choice voters support social liberalism across the board, not merely on that one issue. They are far more likely to support “racial justice” and amnesty for illegal aliens and gun control and transgenderism and so on than pro-life voters.

          5.) Alabama has banned abortion. Alabama passes all kinds of good laws on social issues because people who are socially conservative are conservative on abortion and race and immigration and guns and everything else.

          • @Hunter I agree that California voters will by and large foolishly vote against there own interests and not open up more oil refineries.

            That’s why I suggested open mega refiners in Nevada.

            You could flood the west coast with cheaper gasoline and diesel.

            You can say “let them suffer for their stupid choices.”

            Which I understand to a point the feeling behind it but we all live in the same country and it’s a cutting off your own nose to spite your face situation.

            Reducing fuel prices on the west coast would lower shipping costs and lower the cost of consumable goods across the nation.

            Its different than “rewarding your enemy.” Its not giving Hollywood & Silicon Valley tax breaks which both party’s do. It’s actually just looking out for the whole country and would make life better for everyone.

            I’m not in favor of giving away goodies to special interests who are against us but I am in favor of helping all Americans.

            Sometimes you have to “own the libs.” But that’s not what motivates me and even if you want to look at it from that angle, being able to help the working class in those states while also helping the whole country is a major flex.

            Also if you’re looking at purely cynical, if the gop did decide to to dump a buncha cash into building mega refineries into Nevada it would flip the state red again and help keep it that way. Nevada doesn’t have anything going for it outside of LV & Reno. It would tip the balance of power in the state.

            It would also help keep Idaho and tip the mountain states back red if partisan gains is what you’re looking for. As well as isolate Californias influence in the surrounding states.

            Lowering fuel costs should be priority for Republicans. Helping all Americans is the right thing to do and it would align with their built in donor base.

            I’m not a partisan but it seems like W’s all the way around.

            In the long run I am in favor of moving away from fossil fuels but unlike shitlibs im aware there has to be *workable* alternatives *today*

            I’d turn the middle of Nevada into mega oil refineries producing gasoline & diesel. Build mega nuclear power plants and just flood the west coast, southwest & mountain states with cheap energy.

            Too me it just seems like the gop is more interested in *not* spending/investing any cash than making power plays.

            Nevada needs cash & jobs and bribes go along way in Nevada politics lol

  15. A theme I mention here occasionally: it is women who are the problem, including white women (unmarried for the most part: the voting of married white women is closer to white men than it is to unmarried white women) — I do not see this changing soon, but it is a very serious problem.

    linkIn case you needed a reminder: Leftism in its current form cannot exist without a legion of permanently unmarried, childless women

    • >it is women who are the problem

      But *unmarried women* broke D “by whopping 37 pts”

      linkWe have to reckon with this as a political force. On the right, we love to mock and complain about this, but Millennials will have the highest proportion of unmarried and childless women hitting 40, probably in all of human history. And they will vote to ruin your life.

      ‘And they will vote to ruin your life’ — a rhetorical exaggeration, but you get the point.

      Also, there are no doubt more unmarried ‘women of color’ than ever before, and they are generally less well-educated and more economically vulnerable than white women — so they will vote to increase the size of government — they see big government as their safety net — as someone put it: looking at their voting patterns, unmarried women are psychologically married to the government.

      And the growing number of female college grads compared to males (the gap is already significant) means fewer eligible partners for these women because women generally marry ‘up’ socioeconomically, i.e. they choose a man with greater (or at least equal) socioeconomic status than they have — this will further lower the white birthrate.

      It is hard to imagine how the situation could be worse.

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