Tucker Carlson: No One Should Ever Be Rewarded For Failure

I’m an Alabamian.

I can only vote for people in my state.

Gov. Kay Ivey, Katie Britt and Rep. Barry Moore all won easily. Every Republican congressman was easily reelected. Alabama Republicans retained their supermajority in the state legislature. Democrats were defeated in a landslide in my state by 2/3rds of the electorate.

While I didn’t vote for Dump in the last election, I was happy to vote for Gov. Kay Ivey. We didn’t have any George Floyd riots in Alabama like in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oregon and Washington. We didn’t have a brutal COVID lockdown either like in New York or Michigan. We didn’t have any of the insane shit which went on for two years like in California. It could have been a hell of a lot worse. It wasn’t and that mattered enough in states like Alabama, Georgia and Florida that we reelected our governors.

Back during the height of the COVID mania, I lost count of the number of people who came here from states like Michigan and New York to criticize me. Well, I didn’t vote for the likes of Gretchen Whitmer or Tim Walz or Tony Evers yesterday. I didn’t vote for Kathy Hochul in New York or Tina Kotek in Oregon or Josh Shapiro in Pennsylvania. Those people have all been rewarded for their actions. The price of gas hit over $7 a gallon in California and the people who live there reelected Gavin Newsom.

It is amazing to me that after all that happened that people who live in those states have given their leaders another mandate to govern. The governors of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Oregon allowed cities in their states to be ransacked by BLM and Antifa. They blocked Trump from sending in the National Guard to put an end to the chaos. The message has been sent loud and clear that they can get away with that. They will be even more willing now to allow anarchy to break loose during the 2024 election.

White racial attitudes hardened here after the George Floyd riots. White people who live here in the South and other culturally conservative parts of the country which was relatively calm were horrified by it. Hispanics also seem to have recoiled from it to some degree. It didn’t have the same effect though in the states where the riots actually took place. White libtards prefer to live that way.


  1. I’m ‘afraid that once again we’re following British politics. In the 1970s UK elected Margarette Thatcher and the Torries to clean up the mess of old Labor, a year later we elected Ronald Reagan to clean up the messes of the 1960s, Dan Rostenkowski, Tip O’Neil and old White Labor Democrats.

    A couple of years ago UK Conservatives took the issues of the BNP and UK Independent anti Brexit, promised to finally stop mass immigration, the great replacement and urban POC crime rates higher than New York City for the first time since 1840. They did win a landslide and proceeded to renege on all their campaign promises to the White working class and installed Indian and other Goldman Sachs type screw the working class, the Great Replacement of mass non European immigration is ignored or embraced.

    Here in the USA – issues didn’t matter or else they confirmed long divisions of urban, suburban vs small town, rural White non college educated religious Right.

    College educated, urban and suburban people don’t want to be ruled by lower class, low education Religious Right Christian theocracy – it’s not just Js and Indians and Gays.


    It’s a depressing time for sure.

    Let’s all try to keep our spirits up and not turn on each other as happens so often.

    Please don’t turn to booze and drugs, suicide or revolutionary gun fantasies.

    Now is a good time to clean up your home, garage, car, computer hard drives. Make sure your guns are legal and safely stored. Read up on how to avoid, survive hostile police encounters (Flex Your Rights)

    Considered going abroad for a bit. Of course don’t watch ZOG, BLM, homo anti White TV gloating and pimping our women.

    Study some Whiter groups that are doing not bad, good OK – like….

    The Amish. The Amish don’t worry about what terrible anti Christian movies the J media mafia is turning out in their war against Christmas. The Amish don’t watch any Hollywood movies.

    Be safe, be healthy, be positive.

    We live in a fallen, falling world – Kali Yuga. I’m very, very familiar with this world – I’ve lived in it most of my entire life.

    Keep the faith for our folk,


    • Jaye Ryan, we don’t t want too even be around, college educated, urban and suburban people, unless they stand with us, we want too rule ourselves that’s it, you can lobby for them to your heart’s content, I struggle and work and war for the low class, lower educated, Holy ROLLER HILLBILLIE’S and you know what it feels good, it feels right, because it is right……

  2. Geographic differences in politics are a real thing. In Europe, shitlibs for example rule and pander to immigrant invaders in Germany, while right across the border in Czechia and Poland it is a whole different world.

    This is how the government of Latvia (which is not even particularly nativist, just “based” in the ordinary Eastern European sense) reacted when Amnesty International yapped at them for unceremoniously pushing third world fortune-seekers away from its border:


    “Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics tweeted that Amnesty International “has lost any credibility and this report further proves complete degradation of once respected human rights organization” while his country “rejects these bogus accusations.”

    Here is that report:

    “Latvia: Return home or never leave the woods: Refugees and migrants arbitrarily detained, beaten and coerced into “voluntary” returns”


    And yet, very closely nearby, on the other side of the Baltic Sea, the Swedish government until recently dared to deny hardly anything from these kind of “refugees.”

    • “””…Geographic differences …”””

      Genetic difference. Last 100 years Latvia had First World war, 1917 revolution, Independence War, interwar communist coup, Second World War, post war armed freedom fighting, Stalinist repression and finally womens right. Abortion is legal since 1963.

      How many liberals were killed on all those events ? So much that liberal gene carriers are below critical mass. Latvia dies not have black plague either because people without genetic immunity died centuries ago.

  3. No One Should Ever Be Rewarded For Failure

    That’s just “nazi” talk, Cucker. You know, Cucker, the now annihilated Whites you demean whenever you can interject the smear: “nazi” into your simplistic screeds which is just your little way of appealing to your jew benefactors while, at the same time, you speak in terms of White supremacist values and repeatedly bring on conservative blacks to prove you’re not “racist”. “Look at me — I hate dem damn “nazis! We’re all mericans — so far above them, holocausters. We fixed them “nazis””. Meanwhile, the very same people who tricked the world into destroying Germany and slaughtering as many as they could, because all they wanted was for Germany to be German and control their own economy their way, are the very same jew parasites who are behind all the problems we face in the West today and are in full control of the antiwhite US gov, the EU, and NATO. It puzzles you so, Cucker.

  4. The worst state was Arizona – where we had strong immigration patriots running for governor and US Senate. Both lost in close races.

    Arizona has been bad for a long, long time – it’s the mass 3rd world Mestizo, Mayan Orc invasion route but the invaders mostly pass through and go on to places like Chicago.

    So many reasons Arizona is bad – it’s not been industrialized and has that J Libertarian patriotard tradition of Barry Goldwater – love the military, wave the flag. LDS Mormons are good people but terrible at politics really almost as bad as the Js. LDS Mormons like being accepted in the system now – where they weren’t before, they’re “No Longer White racists” . George Romney, Mittens Romney, Orin Hatch, Egg McMuffin are pretty typical LDS pols.

    LDS Mormon voters kept re-elected John McCain all those years.

    I’ll think I’ll try to take a trip to Brazil and see what tougher European Brazilians are doing right there. I sense that Religious Right Christians are important in Brazil but they aren’t featured and don’t try to end partying Brazilians having fun/sex. Brazilians tend to be very sexy which I think is a good thing.

    I send my very very best to you guys that have supportive wives or are in good relationships, everything I experience or hear on the internet is that American college miseducated White women are THE worst GF, wife material on planet earth. These types were once called….


  5. Nonsense. The Democrat wing of the capitalist uni-party DID NOT FAIL. Look at the increasing privatisation of common wealth and social services; increasing austerity – including further cuts to social services and entitlements causing increased homelessness, malnutrition and lower life expectancy (for the masses); hyper-concentration of wealth and record (historic) high inequality; record immigration of cheap labour; +800 overseas military bases being maintained and new ones added; and dozens of neocolonial imperialist wars (including the war on Russia) being waged under the Democratic wing of the uniparty; and the vast majority of the imperial homeland population getting poorer, while the elites and their upper middle class allies grow wealthier and more powerful, at record speed. THAT is success, and it is the only success that matters.

    The Faux “News” (including the Tucker Carlson show) talk about failure is mainstream media propaganda designed to confuse and delude the masses. In reality, almost none of “our elected” representatives, who are selected by the elites, ever FAIL to follow orders or do the will of the elites.

    Don’t waste your time! You won’t end the U.sury S.ystem by voting or participating in its (s)elections!

    • I’m proud to say I’ve never voted and never will until an openly pro white anti zionist candidate exists …
      So ,in other words, I won’t ever vote because weimerica will be destroyed before the jooz and plutocrats ever allow this to happen ..

      So far all the ‘racists’ ,evangelical Christians and so-called conspiracy theorists were right about just about everything …while the ‘educators’, media ,government and all their cheerleaders were wrong about literally everything..
      Funny how that worked out

    • >Does anybody understand this crypto shit well enough …

      Seeing it as a fad and therefore being somewhat suspicious, I’ve not delved into it deeply enough, so no, I don’t understand it well enough — and I imagine few of those who decided to trade any of the species of bitcoin do either.

      Per above, I’m not really sure how it started out, but it was quickly clear that as hustlers and now Wall St got involved, bitcoin species were a commodity and would trade as such, i.e. not a store of value (the same is true of gold and silver) — now it seems to have devolved into a kind of useless trading and speculation where only the most savvy and well-connected will profit (e.g. the classic pump and dump that took place).

      Unsurprisingly, Sam Bankman-Fried is a Jew (link) — Jews are always front and center for this kind of unproductive money-churning financial speculation.

      • From the Zero Hedge and other articles it appears that this Sam Bankman-Fried character was taking the equivalent of bank deposits, but in Bitcoin, as a custodian with a fiduciary responsibility, like a Trust officer in a bank. This was customer property, such as it is, not his personal property. His firm was called FTX International.

        At the same time he was “lending” funds from FTX International to Alameda Research, another Bitcoin company he owns. This resulted in FTX not having sufficient funds to cover customer withdrawal requests resulting in the equivalent of a bank run. At that point FTX was shut down, no more withdrawals and he tried to merge FTX with another Bitcoin platform called Binance to save his ass. The owners of Binance took one look at the sorry state of FTX and said: No merger for you!

        Now this Sam Bankman-Fried character is telling several complicated tales of woe about how he is not responsible (of course), the problem was an honest accounting mistake, not criminal fraud, if only we had more time everything would have worked out etc. He was also dependent upon more and larger Bitcoin money constantly coming in, a classic Ponzi scheme although this one was extra convoluted.

        This is similar to MF Global bankruptcy a few years ago. In that case Jon Corzine, former Democrat NJ Senator, Governor and Goldman Sachs partner used customer money held in trust to bet in the commodities futures markets. He had already risked and lost company money and believed like every degenerate gambler that he could recover his losses with another throw of the dice. He couldn’t.

        MF Global went bust, farmers in the Midwest lost their money, Jon Corzine got a slap on the wrist because he was Jon Corzine, he was above the law. This Sam Bankman-Fried character will also get a slap on the wrist (if that) because he is also above the law. There is one set of laws for the ruling class and a different set of laws for everyone else. They can get away with most crimes, including murder, most of the time. Ask Herr Epstein about that.

        • Thanks for the summary.

          >I don’t think it’s some fad that will eventually go to zero.

          By fad I meant it was something new that quickly garnered a lot of interest — this always arouses my suspicion, since it means many retail neophytes and idiots (‘dumb money’) got involved, and whenever that happens the sharks (‘smart money’) are sure to follow.

          No, it won’t go to zero — each species of cryptocurrency seems to have some kind of intrinsic value, and there are always bottom fishers who will create a bid for anything tradeable that has fallen as far and as relatively quickly as bitcoin has — I’m sure the fact BTC is now trending toward $10k is a nasty surprise to those who not long ago thought it would see $100k first.

        • SBF’s disgrace could make things awkward for Gary Gensler and the Democrats

          Gary Gensler blew it again. After his agency failed to warn investors about Terra and Celsius—whose collapses this spring sparked a trillion-dollar investor wipeout—the Securities and Exchange Commission chair allowed an even bigger debacle to unfold right under his nose. I’m talking, of course, about the revelation this week that the $30 billion FTX empire was a house of cards and that its golden boy founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, is the crypto equivalent of Theranos’s Elizabeth Holmes.

          To no one’s surprise, Gensler is also a well-connected Jew — link

      • “seems to have devolved into a kind of useless trading and speculation”

        Excess speculation always accompanies new developments, toll roads, canals, railroads, radio, tv, etc.
        Blockchain currencies have great potential but the infrastructure and public acceptance haven’t caught up.

      • I don’t think it’s some fad that will eventually go to zero. It is basically a type of software that will have many uses. If you’re going to hold some, you’d better have your own wallet, or risk getting taken/wiped out by one of these exchanges.

    • The short of it is the point of Bitcoin wasn’t to get rich. It’s great novelty was making digital purchases and it’s like paying cash, it’s anonymous, and you bypass bankers, I’ve used it many times and it’s that great in that regard. So of course the financial parasites had to get in and rape it with speculating and blah, blah blah, another thing that would free our lives from being effed in the A by parasites gets ruined. I still use Bitcoin regardless of it’s speculative value.

  6. >We didn’t have a brutal COVID lockdown either like in New York or Michigan.

    Recalling your own posting at that time, I can’t be the only one who’s thinking that OD would have supported such a lockdown, had one been ordered.

    Given that, the passage excerpted above is rather disingenuous, wouldn’t you say?

    • If memory serves, I was writing about how people in my area were out riding four wheelers and were out enjoying water sports on the lake. This was in April 2020 at the very apex of it. I distinctly people remember people attacking me for taking my son fishing and whining about the lockdowns in their states. In every single one of the states that had the worst COVID policies, lockdowns and George Floyd riots and the vaccine mandates, the people who live there reelected their own governors.

      I don’t live anywhere near New York or Michigan or Wisconsin or California. I’m not responsible for the terrible policies of the people who run the state governments there. Again, it left a big impression on me. At the end of the day, I will never forget that all those people who whined so hard for so long about that just reelected the people who were in charge. Usually, those people come here and whine about how Christians who live hundreds, if not thousands of miles away from their shitty states are ruining it for them.

      Christians are forcing them to be hopeless, irredeemable libtards! LOL!

      • I was born and raised Catholic in New Jersey. My grandparents attended mass every single day. The Roman Catholic Church invented the term “social justice”.

        It was liberals like my grandparents who destroyed my county.

      • >If memory serves

        My memory is fine — for days and days you put up COVID fear-mongering blog posts consisting of little more than (calendar) dates with numbers by them, the latter presumably indicating the number of COVID deaths or cases or whatever — it was ridiculous.

          • Note that China is stamping it out in Shenzen now, using hygienic methods of testing and quarantine. It was eliminated in Shanghai (with a larger population than New York) earlier this year by the same means. The virus keeps coming in by travel to and from so-called “herd immune” (not!) capitalist countries that rely on vaccination (a billion dollar industry). But eradication is possible within secure borders, in a cohesive society with real democratic and meritocratic leadership.

            The CPC (Communist Party of China) protects the health of Chinese people, not the wealth of elites, and it is not being stupid about this extremely contagious, insidiously chronic, rapidly mutating virus. The capitalist system doesn’t really care about ordinary peoples’ lives as such. Feudalism and Monarchism (remember Justinian’s Plague) could not protect peoples’ health either. Nature itself (or Nature played with in a biolab) may someday bring an end to the current system that exploits “human resources” and natural resources for profit.

  7. I think one of the actions we can take is to support the Greater Idaho Movement, even if you don’t live in Oregon or Idaho. https://www.greateridaho.org/ They seem to be having success so far, and this area might be the one refuge for our people.

    I do hope that it succeeds because I know that there are already crazy liberals there pushing all the ideas that destroyed most other states.

  8. “CEOs who are total failures are often given excellent exit rewards and this has been a thing for over 20 years now.”

    40+ years, not 20. It started with Ronald Reagan, that great “conservative” who promised prosperity if only the sacred “Free Market” were allowed to run amok. Besides de-industrialization and massive increases in Government debt, all run through and enriching Wall Street, burdensome regulations such as CEO accountability from the SEC were drastically reduced. The WSJ and people like that scumbag Rush Limbaugh, who’s religion was worship of money, cheered this on.

    It ended in tears in Oct. 1987 with a stock market crash the way these things always end. The U.S. Government bailed out Wall St. and Congress then passed laws ex post facto making what the Fed and Treasury did, buying options and futures on a massive scale, legal. This was when the Plunge Protection Team was created to bail out financial markets.

    The PPT went into high gear again in 2008, bailing out everybody around the world. This time, unlike 1987 it was legal because the scumbags in Congress passed legislation after the 1987 crash making it legal for the Fed and Treasury to buy and sell whatever they wanted, answering to no one. Without the PPT the stock market, bond market and USD would have turned to dust, wiping out the ruling class’s power.

    But we would have recovered by now and without those parasites on our backs.

  9. I write from occupied Southern Illinois, the county I live in and others around voted for Bailey to replace Governor Lardass, aka Pritzker, who locked down the state and shut schools. We were voted down by the Chicago spics, niggers and what have you.

    There are counties around me that are already voting to leave the state. I don’t have any faith that anything will come of it. Except it has become clear that much of the state is getting tired of two or three counties with big populations making everybody do what they want.

  10. Copperhead too all you good folk in little DIXIE/Illinois , as.soon as we deal with these baby killers in Kentucky, On behalf.og the.Common Wealth, you are formally invited , too join OUR Kentucky FAMILY and our beautiful state, We would LOVE too have you…..

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