Zooey Zephyr Shatters Lavender Ceiling In Montana

This is a huge victory for Alt-MSNBC.

Victory Fund:

“Washington, DC – Tonight LGBTQ Victory Fund candidate Zoeey Zephyr won the election for Montana’s 100th state House District. With this historic victory, she is now the first out trans person ever elected to the Montana state legislature. SJ Howell, running for Montana’s 95th state House District, would be the first nonbinary person elected to the Montana state legislature; SJ’s race has not yet been called. A record number of trans and nonbinary candidates ran for office in the 2022 midterm elections. …”

This person will now represent Missoula in the Montana House in a 86.5% White district.

Note: Admittedly, I am not in touch with these people, but I am familiar with the plague of transplants and how they change cultural demographics.


  1. No state is safe from Gen Z and its hordes of fags and fag lovers. This is the new religion. People 100 years ago would share fervor and ecstasy with each other over the “holy spirit”. That same type of fervor and ecstasy is now reserved for man on man sex, angry dykes, and wearing a dress over your male genitals. Gen Z is a cursed sodomite mob, their righteous indignation and moralizing used against everything that has been natural, pure, and just for 10,000 years.

    • One cannot build or maintain civilisation on a foundation of perverts, mentally ill, Third World types or monetary corruption yet the U.S. is afflicted with all these now in great numbers all at the same time. The U.S. is headed for a hard fall, there is no stopping it.

      The vast majority of White people believe civilisation will continue, things just a little bit worse. Gasoline will be available, food in the stores a bit more expensive, crime kept out of suburbs etc. and diversity kept at arm’s length. They are in for a nasty surprise.

      The colored people also believe in a fantasy; that civilisation will continue but now things will get better for them. With perverts, mentally ill, and Third World types in charge they will now get revenge (for their manifest failures) upon normal White people and get the benefits of White created and maintained civilisation at the same time. Logical, dispassionate thinking, cause and effect and personal restraint aren’t exactly the strong suits of colored people.

      • @12AX7…

        “One cannot build or maintain civilization on a foundation of perverts, mentally ill, Third World types or monetary corruption yet the U.S. is afflicted with all these now in great numbers all at the same time. The U.S. is headed for a hard fall, there is no stopping it. ”

        Though I know you have no affinity for religion, or, particular, Christianity, I cannot help but remind you that, if memory serves, it was Saint Paul who said that, ‘when souls, both individually and collectively, go wildly astray from The Lord’s aims, He accommodates them by turning them over to their reprobate minds.’

        Or, in Hindu or Buddhist words – The Universe mirrors them with their own kharma.

        So, yes, of course one cannot build a lasting nation upon perversion, though, if we believe the accounts of history, then it has been many times before tried.

        It always has been dashed, but, because The Lord is always reluctant to reel folks in, He takes His time – if for no other reason than to give souls, both individually and collectively, to opt out of their folly.

        In this period of history, which for many of us seems to drag on interminably long, the next phase will be the completion of what we are already in – the separation of those who want to make being out of bounds in, and those who wish to play tennis without a net the champions of the US Open from those who do not wish to do either.

        After that will come the relative prospering of those whom God regards as not diseased, and the ever increasing descent of those God does.

        It’s all their in the books – over and over again.

        So, we know how this will play out, even if we do not know the particulars of the wheres, hows, of the whens.

        • ” . . . Though I know you have no affinity for religion, or, particular, Christianity

          Au contraire, with all due respect my friend Ivan. I would never deny the Christian Faith, either publicly or privately and I have no criticism for others of the Christian Faith even though they be from another denomination. “For he that is not against you, is for you.” (St. Mark, Ch. 9 vs. 39)


          “It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God.” Thomas Jefferson

          On this point I believe Mr. Jefferson wrong for ultimately religion gives its tone to society though the individual, such as Mr. Jefferson be a non-believer. When Jefferson wrote (1802) to the Danbury, Conn. Baptists regarding freedom of religion he enjoyed the benefits of a nearly unanimously Christian nation. Indeed, as HW has written Massachusetts had a state supported church (Congregational) as late as 1835.

          If Massachusetts still had a state supported church (Congregational) as it was constituted in 1835, not now it would be solidly Republican as it was for much of its history. Until the 1960’s mainline Protestant churches and the Catholic Church were opposed to abortion, homos and the other degenerate aspects of The Church of Woke. Now only the Catholic Church and some Evangelical churches remain opposed to priestesses, abortion, homos etc.

          The corruption and decline of Christianity has led directly to the decline of morals and the rise of Wokeness. If Christianity were to be revived in the corrupt North it would spell doom for all these scumbags running amok on the Left and they know it. They hate Christianity and rightly so, Wokeness and Christianity are mortal enemies.

          • @12AX7…

            A singular reply, and one in a voice so unfamiliar to me in you that I am quite taken aback.

            Yes, the Confregational (Puritan 2.0) churches. How much my wife and I delighted driving about the Vermont/Northern New York Countryside from Glens Falls, Martin Van Buren’s tiny Kinderhook (with the one Mafia-owned pizzaria) Whitehall, Warrensburg, Brant Lake,and Granville to places like Poultney, Danby Four Corners, Middlebury, Bennington, Woodstock, or Brandon.

            Of course we made sojourns much further east, as well, and, the countryside was dotted with historic Congregational Churches – all perfectly preserved ghost-towns of churches right out of a Washington Irving or Nathaniel Hawthorn novel.

            As to your ideas on the lamentable consequences of a fallen faith, yes, it is only too sad to see.

            It almost too much for people, nowadays, to believe that there is something greater than they.

            Yes, The Woke Church is a terrible church of lonely self-hating losers who,desperately trying to outdo each other in the holiness of self-hatred to somehow fit in, have been preyed upon by their academic elders.

            In this I am reminded of one former lesbian who, remarking of her erstwhile life, said : ‘I became involved in a local church and was shocked to happen upon all the love I had failed to find with other women.’

            Yes, Mr. Jefferson was wrong in his lack of faith, or in his lack of discernment in what he had.

            The result of this distance from The Holy Ghost was a constant redoing of his house, so much so that he died in a terrible debt.

            Moreover, he could not keep out of his Negresses’ nighties – something which the Adams’s campaign of 1800 kept throwing at him.

            What a ribald election campaign was that!

            Odd that, as well known as that made Jefferson’s scandals, he still managed to win anyway.

            That said, he was an Virginia/English gentleman who had many interesting visions, some of which we keep to this day – although the younger generations have little idea of it, or even, who the Founding Fathers are.

            Probably they think Gloria Steinem, Morgan Freeman, and Roger Clemens founded the country.

            In any case – the very best to you and yours!

          • ” . . . although the younger generations have little idea of it, or even, who the Founding Fathers are.

            Probably they think Gloria Steinem, Morgan Freeman, and Roger Clemens founded the country.”


            I was eating a late supper when I read that. I nearly choked, laughing at your observation. Sad but true.

            Regarding the Sally Hemings story of her supposed liaison with Mr. Jefferson, I have read that the matter is in doubt and I don’t have an opinion about it. Political campaigns were even more vicious and personal then than now.

            Once again I believe Christianity is the ultimate foundation for a successful U.S. and nothing is more lamentable over the last century than the decline of Christianity. This is not merely because Christianity leads to a successful nation, which it does, but because the claims of orthodox Christianity are true, indeed are Truth itself and therefore to be believed.

            Regarding the harsh tone I take in comments, you must cut me some slack as Yankees don’t have Southern graces.

            All the best Ivan, you and yours.

          • @12AX7…

            Thank you for you reply.

            Glad you did not choke. Neither we, nor Vermont, can afford to lose you.

            As to Sally Hemmings, I respect your right to doubt it, but, I do not, not only because of all the tremendous amount of contmporary testimony, but, because the genetics of Jefferson and Miss Sally’s descendants have lined up.

            Same with George Washington and the Ford family.

            Though, in a time with no security social net, chattel slavery offered advantages, one glaring liability was this race-mixing stuff that went on.

            One case that is well documented is the that of Emma Clanton Thomas – she the wife of a Confederate Georgia colonel who could not keep his hands off his Negresses – something which drove Miss Emma to despair – this as she felt so very humiliated to know that in her kitchen were those in her husbands’ pants.

            Because I grew up at the end of Jim Crow, and my daddy was doing well, I came up with Negro servants. Not that I thought anything about it, because for me they were family.

            Having come up like this I take note how the vagaries and complexities of slave/master relationship elude most people at this time.

            Case in point, my senior nanny, Auntie Myrtle. She, had my parent’s full permission and support to raise me as she saw fit and to discipline me when I got out of line.

            My parents unconditionally trusted the old Negress from Florence South Carolina, because she had spent a lifetime caring for White children.

            Auntie Myrtle was very loving and affectionate, BUT, if I stepped out of line, she could change on a dime.

            This kind of situation with house Negroes was something very common in Dixie, until only the last few decades, but, nowadays, people who did not see this or live this have very strange ideas about it – from the BLM folks (and the Jews who drive them) to the White Nationalist Yankee types who, just as BLMers, cringe at the thought of this.

            My family also had white servants, as well, and the situation was the same with them – they became family and all the complexity that such a thing entails.

            None of this was shady with us,. but, clearly in many family some of this could develop some shady tones, as with Jefferson and Washington.

            Well, yes, some people at this site are brusque, including myself, at times. You not so much so. In fact, though you lay claim no claim to being rural, I will remark that I found rural and smalltown Vermonters to be the friendliest of New Englanders and, like Southerners self- restrained and polite – but, then most New Englanders are the latter.

            You certainly are that.

            Yes, I have told many a White Nationalist or Nazi that the notion of seceding and or trying to establish a new White country without Christ is an exercise in futility.

            Even if you do not believe, you better hope most in your town do, otherwise you will be living in Shitsville, or, as my daddy was apt to say, ‘The Rat-race.’

            So, I am glad you see this.

            All the best to you and yours, as well, Dear 12…

      • dysgenic : tending to promote survival of or reproduction by less well-adapted individuals

        Without controls, the more technologically advanced a civilization becomes the more dysgenic it will become. Sowing the seeds of its own demise.

        • There is no question that modern technocratic civilization is generally dysgenic in that, as you suggest, it enables the unfit and the less fit to reproduce; often it even subsidizes this — adding maladaptive practices like obscene levels of ‘tolerance’ for e.g. aberrant sexual practices only makes this worse, i.e. current trends are now profoundly dysgenic.

    • And yet they are, regardless of how much we rage against it.

      It’s curious to me why so many of us are this concerned about what they do. It’s Weird & frankly reeks of jealousy or worse.

      What are we doing? We have had so many opportunities to buy land & make children during covid or the scamdemic or whatever we call it.

      Instead, we focused on trannies & pedos. Most of which are republicans.

  2. They got to ugly up a gorgeous state like Montana now?……The hypocrite parasites that ruined their states and fled moved on to another host. It’s like someone you love getting terminal cancer.

    • @Black Label…

      It’s the same in North Carolina – my grandparents always lovely and upright town of Asheville now a scenic colony for flagrant degenerates and their out-of-state cheerleaders.

      • Up until 50 – 55 years ago remote, mostly rural areas like Montana, Oregon, Colorado and Vermont were very conservative. Only old-timey loggers, farmers, ranchers and other “rednecks” could be found there. Then the hippies began showing up because they wanted to get away from the chaos of New York and California. The rednecks gradually died off or moved away and those states became a lot more accessible to the outside world. Unfortunately that outside world consisted mostly of NPR liberals, urban hipsters and nonwhite welfare scum. And that’s where we are now.

        • @Spahn…

          Sorry – just seeing this comment of yours.

          Yes, I agree with your take on things.

          We’ve gone from a nation of doers to a nation of hedonists and it shows.

          Just when I think the character of this nation can go no longer, I am surprised.

          It’s very sad, particularly if you are old enough to have seen better.

          The descent into the abyss is startling.

    • Why do they have to be from another state? The kids all over the country are being exposed to this poison through the media and educational racket curricula. The adults failed to nip this in the bud by turning their back on McCarthy and not understand the mortal threat that the 60s were.

  3. The people who made those tweets are probably awful, but they’re also right to an extent. You did start schilling for really dumb GOP stuff.

    And it’s not so much that rural whites are out of touch with the rest of the country. It’s that the GOP is out of touch with their own base. If they had run on the 2016 Trump platform, it would have been a massacre. Instead they pushed a bunch of non-whites out front to run on a bunch of retarded shit like no abortions for rape victims, “muh election fraud,” the ghost of coronavirus mandates, etc.

    • Unlike Trump in 2016, GOP candidates in this election ran against the Great Replacement and against anti-White discrimination and on a bunch of other issues like transgenderism that Dump himself was unwilling to touch. They will probably dial it back now out of offending swing voters

      • The idea that the Republicans made this election about the great replacement is laughable. They ran on a bunch of goofy shit with people like Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker, and you totally bought into it.

        • The Great Replacement was a big part of this election cycle. Blake Masters ran against it. Kari Lake ran against. In contrast, Trump said nothing about White people when he ran in 2016. He boasted about how pro-fag he was and it only got worse in office.

          The pressure will be to go back in the opposite direction now. White people would rather vote for Democrats than “racists” and “extremists.”

          • “The pressure will be to go back in the opposite direction now. White people would rather vote for Democrats than “racists” and “extremists.”

            The day before yesterday you were confident that our values were now largely mainstream.

          • They are in the conservative base.

            The argument will be now that swing voters couldn’t bring themselves to vote for “racists” and “extremists.” It has already started.

    • I specifically withheld my vote for a White Republicuck because he said “no abortions for rape victims.” I don’t think rapist genes should be allowed to propagate. If you do, you might as well believe all of Genghis Khan’s and Attila’s mutants were a good thing.

  4. What a hideous freak. These fags and trannies always have a bizarre look stamped onto their faces.

    None of these Apollo guys have families and they are not coping with single life very well. They are not successful in life. They are left behind losers who fatefully followed Spencer to nowhere and Satanism. At what point do they take their own advice, “become who they are” and begin transitioning in accordance with their lesser male status?

      • One word from Spencer will do it! Bard is already on record with “ironic” gay shilling.

        Contra Pat though people in my rural area were primarily concerned with the economy and were just as surprised by Roe falling as the rest of us online. That did indeed encourage them to go and vote GOP but it was not something they had their minds on before hand. I really thought this was going to be a blowout election because of the dumpster fire economy. You think people would respond to their livelihoods being threatened but no, they cared about aborting children, smoking pot, and transitioning. It is just yet another indictment of modern America.

        2016 was a fluke and besides that you have to go back to unified Boomer reaction during the Obama years to find conservative victory. Conservatives have not convincingly won the White House since 2004. We’re simply in the end stages of white Boomer die off and the generational transfer of power to woke Millennials and Zoomers. This means oppressive liberalism, everywhere and all the time. White Boomers on the whole were the last reservoir of old world values. That’s all gone now. Atheism, Satanism, bizarre sexual perversions and confusion, POC racial hysteria, drug abuse, economic malaise and stagflation, and more are all now the dominant themes of this electorate. That is what the American people are now. It is all downhill from here.

        This was a very symbolic election because suddenly Roe was put front and center, and not just Roe but the whole Civil Rights era legislation, along with Biden’s destruction of the economy and civil liberties, and the people said, “no, we actually want more of all of this.” Trump has absolutely zero chance in 2024 and I’m not convinced that Desantis can do anything outside of Florida either. Florida is a retreat, a haven.

        • “White Boomers on the whole were the last reservoir of old world values. That’s all gone now. Atheism, Satanism, bizarre sexual perversions and confusion, POC racial hysteria, drug abuse, economic malaise and stagflation, and more are all now the dominant themes of this electorate”:

          Yet the debauched homeland population will need some discipline to whip them into shape for the hot war ahead. The Democratic Party has been swinging to the right, much more militant now that it has been in decades, so there is still a definite shift to the right – and discipline where it counts.

          “I’m not convinced that Desantis can do anything outside of Florida either. Florida is a retreat, a haven”:

          Yes, millions of old retirees living there, and millions of Cubans who are coddled and CIA-cultivated to be reliable anti-Cuba proxies make Florida a unique case.

    • “These fags and trannies always have a bizarre look stamped onto their faces.”

      That one resembles Anne Frank.

  5. Pat is Irish right? I know, I know, I know, we are hungry, we are just like you, we are too fuzxcking stupid to go fishing, help us, please.

  6. What’s with the mis-spelling of ‘sweety’ becoming ‘sweaty’ like in the first tweet above … ‘sweaty’ as in ‘perspiring’ after your work-out … See this everywhere nowadays

    On the election – ‘Demonrats Steal Another One’
    they did it cleverly
    they let the plebs have hopium via somewhat honest prediction polls
    ‘red wave’ it probably was
    but they turned on the machines to ‘count’ the 25 million ‘mail-in’ forms
    dissident writer Jim Stone in Mexico called this weeks ago
    it wasn’t total absolute steal because they are setting up 2024

  7. Pray for WW3 and things will change….after all is said and done

    The spokes as the world keep turning will always be greased by blood

    • Why not, eh? I’d love to see millions of these young shitlib faggot scum die in agony. They deserve it for being too weak & stupid to see through the genocidal brainwashing of the god damned kikes.

      AWAY with them all.

      • Problem is, they mostly being in the urban centers will be vaporized very quickly, while you and I will probably die painfully from radiation poisoning and starvation some time thereafter.

  8. >This person will now represent Missoula in the Montana House in a 86.5% White district.

    Most college towns are liberal for obvious reasons.

    Missoula is home to the Univ of Montana, which has slightly more than 10k students; this is approx 15% of the city’s population — and that’s not counting faculty and others directly employed by the university — probably a large percentage of employment in the area is directly or indirectly dependent on the university — how many students are registered and vote there? — exit polling I saw suggested young people voted heavily for Democrats.

    So this person, a Democrat, probably got votes despite the transgender freakishness, not because of it — very few people are going to vote for someone just because that person is transgender.

    The state legislature totals 150 people — this freak is just one of them.

    While disturbing, you make too much of this marginal shit — freaks like this can be shoehorned into office via a determined effort (spending, ‘get out the vote’) in a low turnout race where downballot candidates are ignored by many who do bother to show up — Soros exploits these low turnout races to get ‘progressive’ DAs into office.

    I doubt even half the people in the US could name the people (nominally) representing their district in the state legislature (most are bicameral).

    • Believe me, I know.

      I’m not picking on Missoula.

      The shitlibs in Auburn are back outside tonight with their “Stop Racism” and “Keep Abortion Legal” and “Trans People Belong” signs. It is the same mostly White crowd that is out there every night.

      Including those people in any kind of political project is a non-starter. Nothing is even going on here. And yet, they are out there to this day nearly every night trying to keep the spirit of the summer of 2020 alive.

      They are cultural degenerates. This is their politics.

  9. No one would be talking about .005 of the population if you did not bring it up & shill for Do Nothing republicans running on it.

    .005% of trannies. Kids knew nothing about it until “Christians Stormed the Schools” instead of homeschooling, which we used to encourage.

    Dumbing Down towards the Race to the Bottom is 100% correct, as Elon stated years ago.

    • If we weren’t talking about it, no one would notice the relentless “trans” propaganda being pushed on Zoomers and the epidemic of gender dysphoria. No one would notice an entire month of the year dedicated to glorifying it

      • A highly qualified mental health counselor I know has observed that the number of children — including those under age 12 — showing up in her office has increased exponentially over the past 5 years. This is in relatively small town, not connected to any larger, metropolitan area; urban or suburban. This is in the heart of the Midwest. She states that trans/gender dysphoria is a rapidly accelerating EPIDEMIC in the very young, and that often parents are complicit in their child’s mental illness.
        I would say that not nearly enough attention is being paid to the ongoing destruction and decimation of our future generations.

      • They are such a small % of the population, who cares? I won’t get into anatomy but there’s thing thing between men and women & sometimes it goes askew. That is between that person and their doctor. I do not care.

        Who cares when we are being erased? Republicans have us on this ridiculous loop of CRT & Trans & LGBT & Woke… None of it means anything.

        The so called “conservatives” who won look just like democrats.

        • Obviously, I have shifted hard toward conservatives.

          I don’t want this “trans” and anti-White garbage in our schools. I am also pleased that an effort has been made to get rid of it here in Alabama. That’s a good thing. I am glad they are doing it. Apparently, the people who I used to be associated with have embraced that filth.

        • Yes they WERE very rare, 1 in 10,000 and like other sexual paraphillias almost always male until the left began harping on it in the schools. Even adults are prone to hypochondria and fixating on the worst, had they had teaching about the extremely rare affliction Fatal Familial Insomnia in the schools, where the part of your brain controlling sleep goes bad and you are wide awake for your last year in misery before you die that you know that every last nervous girl and Sheldon Cooper type would be packing into the school nurse’s office convinced their normal anxious insomnia is FFI. No instead of becoming goths, cutting themselves, eating disorders, etc. neurotic girls think they are boys. This is just not age appropriate subject matter for who they are teaching it to.

        • ” such a small % of the population, who cares?”

          Plagues start with a small %. This is a socio-cultural plague, we can see the trajectory.

        • They are not very rare. In the youngest generations they are pushing double digit percentages. I spoke to one of my old high school teachers recently, and he said it is completely out of control there. And this is in a rural red area (and ~98% White).

  10. “They are cultural degenerates”:

    Moral and cultural degeneration can make them more useful for war. Many of the U.S.’s most effective proxy forces in Khazarkraine are perverted, Satanists, etc.

      • I’m certainly not recommending it, only stating the fact that Satanism and Neo-paganism are prevalent among the fiercest (reputedly) Khazarkrainian militias. Anti-Christian “nazis” going beserk have had their consciences “seared,” as it says in the Bible.

  11. I’m from Montana. Missoula is New Portland and it has a very liberal student body from college and a lot of transplants. It’s a shame, but it’s happening everywhere and you can’t exactly blame colored people either since Montana is 90%+ white. The people do it to themselves, but the only difference is we have to live with it or go to jail for speaking against it.

    • Yep.


      Including here in Auburn. Fewer people who were born here are enrolling at the university. Disgusting transplants are moving into town. It is getting a more metropolitan feel. Toxic garbage is being pumped into the student body by professors. I’ve watched the town change for the worse since I graduated and all the Chinese students here are the least of our problems

      • It get’s worse too, I moved from Bozangeles (Bozeman) to rural Montana and my two new neighbors have trans flags outside their houses and lots of posters about BLM. Both from Seattle. I’m afraid there’s nowhere to run to and no more white flight.

      • I’m really not opposed to the Chinese students because they pay FULL out of state tuition over $40K per year where I am and do help to offset our horrible trade imbalance. At least we have something they want to buy from us, along with coming here for a few years and spending a lot of money around the local community. There are a lot of really rich people in China, I see them all driving brand new luxury cars. It’s to the point you don’t even want to buy a car around here even before the shortage because the dealers are spoiled with the rich students and don’t want to make a good deal.

        • The Chinese are not “studying” Sociology when they enroll in our universities. They are studying and spying on STEM stuff to rip off and use in China’s military, agricultural and industrial sectors; medicine; some in law; finance etc. They are also looking for real estate deals and planning for their US born anchor babies and other immigration schemes.

        • “Chinese students because they pay FULL out of state tuition over $40K per year ”

          All the while crowding out American students.

          “a lot of really rich people in China”
          All CCP affiliated.

          • “CCP affiliated”:

            Always write CPC, not “CCP” which is considered a slur but is commonly used in Western media.

        • “Until they design the weapons that kill your offspring.”

          Until they design the weapons that kill OUR offspring.”

          Fixed that for you. I wish the commenters’ history could be viewed like those at UNZ. It might be instructive to review Nighowl,

  12. Things like this prove America does not deserve to be saved. It is a massive satanic machine that causes bloodshed, faggotry, and general evil wherever it goes. Pray for a seperation, but anticipate a civil war because America deserves it. However, I’m really not convinced that Whites have it in them to fight all this evil. Their TV, Cheetos, and Tinder are too precious to them.

  13. Keep in mind, that western culture has always had an element of this. I grew up near Tombstone Arizona. A place not known for its moral virtue believe me. There’s a reason places like Tombstone, Deadwood, and Rawhide, Bodie, Dodge etc are famous, they were kind of like moral black holes. Prostitution, drunkenness, constant violence, etc, was the constant of life. One weird transvestite in Missoula doesn’t impress me. No different than Life in many inner cities. Early frontiersman on the frontier would ride in to camps with more than one Indian wife. Missoula might some crazy weird people, but probably isn’t any less weird than it was in the nineteenth century. It was only when people came in with families that things began to change. Read Mark Twains comments about Viginia City.

    • @Shadowbass – That is certainly an interesting perspective. I would venture that one big difference, between today’s degeneracy and that of the frontier, is that today one is not allowed any type of dissent from the “moral black hole” agenda. What is happening today is not organic, nor is it confined to the wild, wild west area of the country. It is everywhere in every Western country and is endorsed from the pinnacles of power.

  14. To me that thing looks like the typical Jewish woman in Pittsburgh. Honestly, I’m not sure what’s worse: that thing or Fetterman. Either way democracy gotta go!

  15. “Zephyr” doesn’t look like a girl at all. He’s just another confused, mentally ill pervert. Our modern Judaized society is producing huge numbers of these sad freaks. And I would never play along in the charade by calling him a female.

  16. We’ll all be be better off under 300 years of Chinese rule. No more gay infighting over politics, religion and sexuality, just a Commissar from the People’s Liberation Army shouting into his bullhorn: Get back to work, razy Amelicans! You no work, you no eat!

  17. Been thinking about bailing on the Pacific Northwest & moving to the Mountain region.

    Tiffany Smiley lost in Washington and Christen Drazen lost in Oregon. The blue wall held.

    Perhaps there are redder pastures in Idaho or Montana… Oops there are trans freaks there too now.

    Maybe the ChiComs will end up nuking the West Coast and ending this Clown World.

  18. Black people are better than we are. It’s just a fact if we are talking about culture and respect.

    They haven’t been involved in any of this. We are no better than libtards trying to shape a conversation.

    I left WN, but not for the same reasons. This is embarrassing.

  19. It Won because instead of Owning the Libs, we got Owned. In our faces in Montana of all places.

    We need to shut up, marry and raise families.

    It’s as if this is a foreign concept.

    • The libs were owned in Alabama.

      As a result, these people are locked out of power at all levels of government. So they don’t promote that shit in our schools like they do in other states.

      • You missed the Pride on the Plains festivities when you were vacationing last June. Tuscaloosa is even worse. The West Alabama Chamber of Commerce is an official “ally” of Druid City Pride, the local LGBTQ umbrella group, according to the later’s website.

      • Yeah, but Alabama takes trainloads of metro NYC shit (literally raw sewage in tank cars) for processing and disposal.

  20. Has anyone else but me noticed that HIDING seems to be a winning campaign strategy for political aspirants these days?

    There’s John Fetterman. He’s Senator of Pennsylvania, because he was smart enough to hide until well after all the early voting was done and the mail-in ballots arrived. Pennsylvania is a Democrat enclave and Democrats as the Evil Party take full advantage of weeks of early voting.

    Its the the GOP Republican AKA Stupid Party who encourage their voters to wait until election day and stand in long lines after work to vote. Of course their voters, who aren’t much smarter, comply and then the GOP is shocked …. shocked, I tell ya …. when there are all kinds of machine malfunctions, weather events, and burst pipes that keep Republican votes from being counted!

    Before she announced her campaign and started actively running for president, Hillary was gaining in popularity. Once people saw her every day and listened to her, they saw her as totally unlikeable and that’s when the New Kid on the Block, Donald Trump took ascendancy.

    Biden’s campaign consisted of lying to his Union Supporters and hiding in his basement so he could not be confronted about any of his lies. His popularity got stronger and stronger.

    The dumbest thing Facebook and Twitter did was banning Donald Trump. Yeah, they ousted him from the presidency, but they shielded him from having to defend his actions on January 6th and account for the way he left his supporters twisting in the wind to rot in the gulags of the District of Corruption on misdemeanors while pardoning every one with the bucks to pay him off.

    By muzzling him, they elevated his status. Took the focus away from his many, many faults and put it back on the good things he did accomplish during his presidency. Elon Musk is doing Trump no favors. Trump is so wrapped up in his own ego, he won’t stop taking credit for Operation Warp Speed which produced the highly unpopular vaccine mandates. He’ll hang himself over that one when campaigning.

    So far, only Ron DeSantis seems to have struck the right balance. He talks to the press as little as possible except to correct the record, backed up by receipts when they try to smear him. He makes NO off-the-cuff remarks which could be twisted. He has carefully orchestrated and scripted press conferences. Unlike Trump, he bends over backwards to attribute credit to those who work with him. The whole time he lets his actions speak for himself.

    • “Has anyone else but me noticed that HIDING seems to be a winning campaign strategy for political aspirants these days?”

      That’s because the media protects their privacy.
      If it’s someone they don’t like, they will pry into every private moment 24/7.

  21. The sober reality is that despite the Great Replacement, CRT, open anti-white discrimination, and transsexualism being issues in this election, along with a super-favorable backdrop re: a shitty economy and Biden’s unpopularity, Republicans only managed to capture 58% of the white vote. This is actually slightly down (by a point) not only from 2012 but from 1988.

    It’s beyond shocking that the Left’s radicalism, and GOP attention to these messages (definitely more than in past cycles) could not shift even 3-4% of white voters.

    One could justifiably say that the Sailer Strategy has proven to been a failure, as whites simply don’t care.

    FWIW, the despised Tradcon George W. Bush won in 2004 by capturing 58% of whites along with nearly 45% of Asians and Latinos, where Trump 2016 only managed 57% and 30% respectively. The 2016 election was truly a fluke.

  22. Blah. Woke and identity politics draw your attention from thinking about the system itself. You pay attention to symptoms and effects, but never diagnose the disease. But maybe you like the disease/system itself?

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