James Roesener Shatters Lavender Ceiling In New Hampshire

Come home, White man.

NBC Narratives:

“James Roesener of New Hampshire is the first transgender man elected to a state legislature in the United States, according to the LGBTQ Victory Fund, which supports queer candidates running for office.

With 79% of precincts reporting Wednesday afternoon, Roesener, a Democrat, had won the race with 55% of the vote, while Republican Dennis Soucy had 45%, according to The New York Times, citing Associated Press data and race calls. …

Roesener’s platform included expanding nondiscrimination laws in health care; protecting teachers’ ability to teach about racism, gender identity and sexual orientation; raising the state minimum wage to at least $15 per hour; and legalizing marijuana.  …”

This happened in New Hampshire in a district that is 93.6% White.

Roesener ran a successful campaign on legalizing marijuana and teaching “trans” and CRT in public schools. The people who live in this district saw this freak and decided that who is they wanted to represent them in their state legislature. That’s the sort of values they want taught to their children.

Note: According to some White Nationalists, I should uproot my family and move across the country to live in a place like this around total strangers to reap the benefits of living around random White people.


  1. “This happened in New Hampshire in a district that is 93.6% White.”

    I’ll quote you to you – which is how I’ve felt for a coon’s age…

    “I’m not under any illusions though that White people are somehow are all on the same side. This is confusing as hell to White Nationalists who dismiss and downplay cultural differences between Whites and insist on creating a White ethnostate with libtards. ”

    And I’ll add this : no race or ethnicity is necessarily compatible with another of the same. The old saying of ,’Blood & Soil’ alludes to this complex relationship between the genetic structure of a man, or his group, and or his, or their, relationship to where they live – or the earth where he or they walk.

    The spirit of a person or a people is a fascinatingly complex thing, which is why I have long admired the work of C.G. Jung.

  2. In my view, the Blue-Staters and City Slickers are purposefully electing the obviously
    infirmed and crazy to office just to piss us, The Red-Staters, off.

    For them it’s like when we fly The Confederate Flag – it’s a gesture of defiance.

  3. These creatures are just certifiably insane mutants who crave attention, hate themselves, and hate normal people. The Jew World Order — Globalism is about creating a one world, antiwhite, degenerate government which is a world controlled by all manner of sexual degenerates who engage in all forms of serious sexual degeneracy: Homosexualism, Lesbianism, bi-sexualism, transgenderism, pedophilia, and every other deviate sexual degeneracy these freaks can imagine, and you must comply with these mental defective’s world view and never criticize it

    • “These creatures are just certifiably insane mutants who crave attention”

      Yes, but who are the morons who vote for them ?

  4. “According to some White Nationalists, I should uproot my family?

    Of course, all WHITES are loyal, rational, race conscious idividuals…… PFTTT !

    You’ll find the greatest number of libtards in all WHITE areas, they don’t have any experience, they live in a wonderland.

    • This is the naivite and lack of realism and interest in anything else besides race that that turned me off. There are people who believe that everything would be fine in a White ethnostate. The world is a lot more complex than that.

      Identity is complex and isn’t reducible to race. There are some White Nationalists who are so blind to this that White people who are mutilating their genitals or smashing them in the face with a bike lock are still seen as being basically on their side. It is all waved away and dismissed as “Jews did this to us” or something along those lines. They have no agency.

  5. John- Little more than sixty years ago, these abominations would have been stoned in the street. Which is what they deserve, today.

    God DAMN these demon-possessed abominations from Hell.

  6. InB4 “Eah” or 1933 gives their NAXALT-The WN Version line.

    White Liberals are good bois. They dindu nuffin. Da Jooooos made them do it!

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