CNN: Anatomy of a Close Election

There was a Red Wave.

We crushed the Democrats in Alabama.

Republicans are currently winning the national popular vote. Democrats lost support across the board in the exit polls and only improved with their liberal base.


“US voters did not deliver the red wave some Republicans had predicted and which Democrats had feared. As of early Wednesday morning, CNN had not projected which party would lead either the House or the Senate.

What’s below is a look at two very different midterm elections and who showed up for a blue wave in 2018, when Democrats picked up a net of 40 seats, and what’s shaping up to be a relatively close election in 2022. It is a breakdown of some preliminary results of CNN’s exit poll of pre-election and Election Day voters. …”

Look at Independents though.

The pre-election polls had Republicans decisively winning Independents.

Basically, Democrats caught up with Republicans in enthusiasm due to all the fearmongering about the End of Democracy and Independents broke nearly 50/50, which resulted in a wash.

The election looks great though on paper.

The Blacks trended Republican.

“Latinx” voters trended Republican.

Whites trended Republican.

WTF happened then?

Democrats are winning a bunch of races by narrow or narrower margins.

The House is already extremely gerrymandered. The country is culturally balkanized. A massive redistricting screw up in New York by Democrats is the reason why Republicans have won so many races there. Suburban Independents are ticket splitting everywhere like in Sununu/Bolduc or Kemp/Walker or Mastriano/Oz or Lake/Masters or DeWine/Vance. There is also the same chaos that we saw in 2020 with mail-in ballots with different swathes of votes being counted at different times resulting in Republican or Democrat candidates that start way ahead only to fade over time. Tim Ryan, for example, was doing great in Ohio only to lose to JD Vance by around 7 points. It looked like Vance was a goner, but that was because mail-in ballots were tabulated first and election day votes were counted last in Ohio.

Let’s take a look at Alabama in the 2018 vs. 2022 midterms:

Kay Ivey (2018) – 59.6%

Kay Ivey (2022) – 67.4%

Aunt Bee is winning by an over 2/3rds margin statewide.

In my home county, Aunt Bee won Barbour County, AL with 51.7% of the vote in the 2018 midterms. She is winning Barbour County, AL by 59.5% in the 2022 midterms. In Tuscaloosa County, AL, she has gone from losing by a single vote to winning by 13,907 votes.

Here is the shift in Alabama from 2020 to 2022:

There wasn’t any Roevember in Alabama. Quite the opposite.

If it feels like nothing has changed, it is because the Red Wave in Alabama simply put Alabama Democrats in an even deeper hole with Republicans winning by wider margins.

Do you see the Black Belt?

That’s where I live in the Deep South.

In the Alabama governor race, Tuscaloosa County, Marengo County and Russell County flipped and went Republican. Kay Ivey crushed the vote in Tuscaloosa County and Lee County which are the home of the University of Alabama and Auburn University.

Lee County (2018) – Ivey wins by 59.4%

Lee County (2022) – Ivey wins by 67.8%

Tuscaloosa County (2018) – Ivey loses by a single vote with 50%

Tuscaloosa County (2022) – Ivey wins by 62.1%

Alabama is a racially diverse, but culturally conservative state.

After banning abortion in Alabama, Kay Ivey won in a landslide. She probably won more black and Hispanic votes. Macon County, AL, which is the home of Tuskegee University, is one of the blackest counties in the country. Kay Ivey won 19% of the vote there in 2018 and 23.2% of the vote in 2022.


  1. Republicans Vs Democrats, Red Vs Blue, Right Vs left. Please wake up. Jews control the production of money (it starts there). They then use that money to venture, buy ,control everything including political leadership where needed.
    Alabama is now a racial cesspit. The best Southern Belles are now screwing filthy niggers.
    Try prepping your way out of that reality White man.

      • I’m not whining about our problems. I’m just trying to turn the lights on. It all comes down to race, always has, always will. If White females continue to interbreed with other races (especially blacks), then it’s over for America and the West in general.
        This isn’t politics, this is fundamentally biology.
        Unfortunately the christian ethic is we are all one under yaweh. That is suicide/genocide, and it is happening. Even in Alabama

        • I don’t understand your politics.

          Conservative Christians are far more rightwing across all issues including miscegenation than other groups. In contrast, people who are secular or agnostic or atheists are dramatically more leftwing. In other words, the people who are most likely to agree with you that miscegenation or transgenderism or open borders is bad are White evangelical Protestants. And yet, this site is bombarded by atheists who come here and whine about how Christians aren’t rightwing enough for their tastes. People like that should look in the mirror as they are the ones who drag the whole country over the cliff.

        • If White females continue to interbreed with other races (especially blacks), then it’s over for America and the West in general.

          Yes, it is over because White women want to be men. Instead of standing with us, the overwhelming majority stand against us. They want to run things, but all they can do is fuck things up. They’re like niggers. The jews empowered them and they think they did it themselves. They are a major reason the political system is fucked up. Think Governor Whitmer, or Nancy Pelosi. They want to be men, but they hate White men. They want to humiliate White men and take their jobs, and they can because the jews have enabled them. Forgoing the necessity of controlling women has made them out of control. They don’t want to be married, or think about children until their at least 35. They either want to party and screw their brains out or find another female to be intimate with, leaving very little women available for White men to have families. They inject their hysterical emotional gibberish into the popular discourse. If you give women an inch, they will take a mile, and if anyone thinks that’s not so, just look around you.

          • American women are peculiarly mannish. It’s been noted by 19th century writers. WW2 industrialisation further reinforced this dysgenic characteristic. Quite unlike Italian or French women. Scandinavian women are generally okay if a little depressive, they will tend to support their guy…but American women do tend to make life difficult for their menfolk. The founding stick in Ndw a England came from the same area as Maggie Thatcher. A Scandie-Celt hybrid area around Grantham, Nottingham, Norfolk, Boston, Cambridge etc. Swampy low lying coastal.

        • To Friesian I get exactly what you’re saying. Race-mixing is going on all over, not just the South, too. Most whites have their heads in the sand, pretending to ignore how more and more brown people are coming in. Probably most Americans don’t have a problem with millions of Mexican and Central Americans coming every year. You see all of this rationalizing, how we are told they are all about families and work really hard, but most are living off the govt dole. It’s amazing how so many don’t care, and they “welcome” everyone to America. There’s no sense of self-protection, or even recognizing what whites did here.

          • The unfortunate conclusion is that most of them are unfit for survival, according to nature’s rules.

  2. Some exit poll cited 68% of unmarried women voted democrat. Think it’s true? All those years the SCOTUS did nothing about abortion, and suddenly it comes to the forefront and it’s struck down giving the DIMocrats an issue where they had none.

    • “cited 68% of unmarried women voted democra”

      I think that is typical, without any regard to the abortion. Issue.

      (Again, I would question the sampling method of the exit polling.)

  3. “Do you see the Black Belt?”

    Hey, wait a minute.
    Black Belt has always referred to that deep rich soil of the south, or so I thought.

  4. My read of this is that most Americans don’t buy the idea that embryos are the same as twelve-year-olds. A lot of pro-lifers have convinced themselves that the only people who disagree with them are unshaven blue hair feminists on college campuses. It’s like, no, you’re in the minority.

    • Actually, I agree that lots of people don’t value their own biological offspring.

      I just don’t believe that those people can be expected to value far weaker racial kinship bonds or future generations. If you are willing to kill your own kid for lifestyle reasons, why would you value the well being of total strangers simply because they are White?

      • Abortion poses no threat to my biological offspring because I don’t intend to ever abort my biological offspring baring some kind of health/eugenics issue.

        As to the problem of people who don’t value their biological offspring, banning abortion won’t make them better people any more than banning guns will turn gang bangers into law abiding citizens. It’ll just make them have more kids. George Floyd had five children, maybe he’d have had ten or twelve in a post-abortion world.

        • Agree, if you drive through any inner city, you see swarms of them on the sidewalks, or roaming around. Imagine adding millions and millions more to that.

        • I’m fine with a handful of exceptions which involve a miniscule number of exceptional cases. It is a distraction from the real issue which a romanticized conception of individual freedom and elevating individualism and lifestyle preferences over future generations. It is the same mindset that underpins “trans” and gay marriage.

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