New York Times: Michigan, California, Vermont Affirm Abortion Rights in State Ballot Proposals

If only the GOP had ran on economic populism, then White voters in California, Michigan and Vermont wouldn’t have voted to enshrine social liberalism into their state constitutions in ballot initiatives.

New York Times:

“Voters in California, Michigan and Vermont chose to enshrine abortion protections in their state constitutions on Tuesday, The Associated Press said, while voters in Kentucky — where abortion is currently banned — rejected an amendment that would have said there was no right to the procedure at the state level.

The results, which came just months after the U.S. Supreme Court removed the constitutional right to abortion, showed that when asked directly, a broad cross section of Americans want to protect abortion access.

Abortion also appeared to shape results in some candidate races. Across the country, Democratic politicians emphasized their support for legal abortion on the campaign trail, while many Republicans opposed to abortion tried to focus voters on other issues. …”

Alternatively, they are libtards.

Social liberalism is what matters to them, not economic populism. It determines how they vote. Is Gretchen Whitmer an economic populist? Josh Shapiro? Tina Kotek? Jared Polis?

This explains why Pennsylvania voted for a dead guy in a landslide, a Jewish fanatic as governor and a brain-dead Shrek as their senator. It explains why trannies were elected to the state legislatures in New Hampshire, Minnesota and Montana. It explains why Massachusetts voted for a lesbian as governor. It explains why Colorado voted to reelect their gay Jewish governor in a landslide. It explains why the governors who allowed Minneapolis and Kenosha to go up in flames were reelected in Minnesota and Wisconsin. It explains why Washington has voted for Patty Murray for thirty years no matter how bad it gets in Seattle. It explains why California is a sanctuary state for illegal aliens and “trans kids.”

In their own states, this is what they vote for because this is how liberals and progressives want to live. They like their crime-infested metros. They like the strung out drug addicts and homeless camps. They want $7 a gallon gasoline to “fight climate change.” They want to abort their own children who are a burden to their lifestyles. They are fine with CRT in their public schools and their children being indoctrinated in transgenderism. They practice what they preach too by voting to send people to Congress who reflect their values. This is consistent with how they run their own states without any input from us in the South. They also want their global crusades for Democracy in places like Ukraine.

Why is it so different here? It is not because the national media landscape is different. It is not because the racial demographics of New Hampshire and Minnesota are too far gone to prevent change. It is different because we don’t share their alien cultural beliefs and values. It is because there are relatively fewer White atheist libtards who believe in social liberalism in our states than in those states. Virginia has become a swing state solely because NOVA and Charlottesville and other cities like Richmond are infested with those people and everyone knows it. They were the ones who toppled our monuments in Virginia. In contrast, Florida has tacked in the opposite direction because so many people who have fled from Blue States have moved there, which has changed the demographics and politics of the state.


  1. >This is explains why Pennsylvania voted for a dead guy in a landslide

    Did you read the article? — an excerpt:

    By the time of his death it was too late to change the ballot or put forth another candidate for his seat. While his opponent, Green candidate Queonia “Zarah” Livingston, accounted for more than 14% of the vote, DeLuca’s victory has triggered a special election that will be held on a later date.

    If the other/remaining choice was someone from the Green Party, I would have voted for the dead guy too just to keep the Green candidate out — in Europe, the Greens are easily the most dangerous party to both basic freedom, as well as the demographic integrity of the continent — while they may occasionally have an idea worth considering, e.g. to help preserve the environment, they should absolutely never be allowed to wield power.

    • >they should absolutely never be allowed to wield power.
      Too late though… We now have the second crucifix-removing, church motto removing, muezzin permitting, abortion promoting, eight million southrons demanding government of morbidly obese human vegetables. Yet I was assured by the Alt-MSNBC that Christianity is the real problem and atheistic cool wine aunts will save the white race by promoting abortion and trannies, because it’s eugenic or something. Just look at the amazing eugenic material of the German Green party! True master-race material right there!

    • If the Greens were serious, they would push for immigration restriction, which would lower resource usage and pollution. As it is, they will gladly over-run and pollute Europe with a billion turd colored people.

  2. Even in Israel, the hardcore Jewish fundamentalist movement had to fight long and hard against the social liberal cosmopolitan elites of Tel Aviv before they got any real political power in the state. And this in Israel, where there is very strong Judeo-chauvinist general culture!

    “Tel Aviv is a modern European city, with a strong Barcelona vibe. This is the land of the Toyota Prius. Most of the restaurants are not Kosher. You can buy bacon in the market. The nightlife and fashion are sexy and relaxed.

    But in most places outside Tel Aviv, the feel is very different. In the religious areas, in the poor parts of the country (especially in the South), in the settlements — this is where the Right and the far-Right have their base. From the perspective of Tel Aviv, the ultra-orthodox feel like an 18th-century throwback. “Penguinim” is the commonly-whispered secular pejorative for their black clothing.

    Yet from the perspective of the ultra-orthodox, the Jews of Tel Aviv are not really Jews. Or rather, they are Jews officially (because they have Jewish mothers), but they do not behave as Jews should. Mostly, the ultra-orthodox do not have much of a view about the secular parts of Tel Aviv because they have not been there, despite the fact that a Heredi community like Bnei Brak (the fifth-most densely populated city in the world) is just a couple of kilometres away.

    One Israeli friend recently told me that he met a young boy in a park in Bnei Brak who had never heard of the Holocaust. I found this almost impossible to believe. But what is absolutely true is how little different parts of Israeli society talk to, still less understand, each other.”

    • There is going to be a great culling of the herd, ma’am. That process is already underway, thanks to the COVID “vaccine”.

      • “f only the GOP had ran on economic populism,”

        Retardicans have any sense ???
        Or empathy for the common man ……. ?

  3. I don’t support abortion. But I can’t help reflecting that if libs are so inclined to abort their babies, there will be fewer of them and more of us.

    • The schools and the media keep creating an endless horde of them. We gave away the levers of control.

  4. As I said earlier, some White people absolutely insist on their sacred, inviolable right to kill their own offspring. I have yet to be persuaded that those people who want to kill their own children are going to care about random strangers solely because they are White. If you would kill your own kid, why would care about someone who you were related to during the last Ice Age? Someone you don’t even know?

    They are socially liberal. They vote for socially liberal politicians, not simply because of abortion, but because of lots of issues. In Pennsylvania, those people voted for one of the most militant anti-White Jews in the country. I’m familiar with him because he is the Pennsylvania AG and has made lots of statements in the past about crushing White Nationalism. They had already elected this guy to statewide office before the Dobbs decision.

    • People who are willing to kill their own child for convenience reasons, will not suddenly make huge personal sacrifices for the much more indirect relationship of nation and race. It’s idiotic and absurd to even suggest it. Also telling how they always bring up the rape and incest cases which don’t even break 1% of total abortions. You know, like…, like… LIBTARDS.

      Certain very big brained people (i.e. Beattie and Scott M.) shilling to bring back “the energy of 2016” and dropping the “loony religitards” are dubious at best. What’s that energy exactly? Milo bathing in pig blood and bragging about how much black dicks he fellated? I am not invested in seeing my memes on the electric Jew as in 2017. I want an actually better West and World. Transgressiveness is no value in itself, mostly it’s just empty anti-social behavior. No matter how often they may post “GTK RWN!!!11” from behind a K-ON avatar.

      Likewise, the question: “Would you rather live among white libtards or black Christian Conservatives?” is a red-herring. If you live around white libtards, in ten years you will live in Somalia, too. No one is forcing people to convert to Christianity either. In fact, there is already a pan-Western state church and it does not allow any disobedience by the latter of the law. See you in a European jail jail for “hate and denial”!

      • As many have noted, I live in a bubble of rural and small town evangelical Protestantism in the Deep South. Given what I have seen elsewhere in the country, I am determined to keep it that way too.

        If anything, I want to reinforce our defenses so that these people don’t come here and dump their cultural poison into my state. “Christian nationalism” is why I am not living under a gay Jewish governor like people in Colorado or a lesbian like people in Massachusetts or a militant anti-White Jew like people in Pennsylvania.

  5. The fact that there is freedom of movement in the U.S.A. is one of the reasons why there should be a sescession. Conservatives are moving out of their shitlib states like N.Y. and into states like Florida. Because of the way the electoral system is structured this will create more and more problems down the road, because states like Pennsylvania will be unbreachable liberal strongholds that will elect retards to the senate. The tyranny of big cities will make a conservative red wave impossible more and more in the future because there will be little mixing of cons and libs in states, it will just be one or the other. The only way ahead without bloodshed is a system of the states being individual countries that work together for certain things, but create their own laws and moral standards.

  6. If it came down to abortion or sterilization, I would choose the latter. These freaks should not be allowed to have kids or be around them.

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