Leigh Finke Shatters Lavender Ceiling In Minnesota

In addition to reelecting their governor who presided over the George Floyd riots, Minnesota voters sent Leigh Finke to the Minnesota House in a landslide.

FOX News:

“Minnesota voters have elected the state’s first transgender state lawmaker into office. 

Democratic candidate Leigh Finke collected 15,635 votes, or 81%, in District 66A in the Minnesota House of Representatives. …

Finke ran on abortion, improving mental health in schools, LGBTQ issues and economic opportunities. …”

This happened in a district that is 72.7% White.

This is the Republican candidate who lost in a landslide.

He lost to a tranny who won over 80% of the vote who celebrated the George Floyd riots and ran on abolishing the police. He served in the Minnesota National Guard.


  1. Good sweet Lord in Heaven my home state is full of the most cucked White shitlibs smh probably more than Massachusetts

    People here still drive alone in their cars wearing masks. It’s embarrassing tbh

    • I thank the Lord Jesus Christ, my family and I left that HELLHOLE of CUCKED SCANDIHOOVIAN IDIOTS!@!@@@@@!@!@!@ years ago.

      May God DAMN the land of 10,000 faggot-loving lunatics.

      “ALL such deserve DEATH.”- Romans 1:32

      “Chrysostomos loudly declares not only heretics, but also those who have communion with them, to be enemies of God.”
      St. Theodore the Studite, Epistle to Abbot Theophilus

      Misericordie, Domine.

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  3. All decent, normal White people who are still in the North should move to Dixie, leaving only the soyfags, Karens, shitlibs and other useless riff-raff behind to devour each other with their competing neuroses.

  4. Something must have mutated all that Viking blood in Minnesota. Way back in the 70’s, there was a section of Times Square called the the Minnesota Strip, named for all the young runaways from there, now prostitutes enslaved to black pimps.

  5. Please, doesn’t someone have a time machine and send the Leigh Finke video to the British, Canadian and American soldiers about to storm the beaches of Normandy? Jesus Christ…

    Oh well, if memory serves right: the West was indeed warned what was about to happen and DID come about.

  6. This is the product of incestuous breeding. You like the product? You want more of the prduct? then do as the Irish and the Jews do, make youngins with your sisters and cousins.

    • Browning. STFU. The vast majority of Minnesotans are Scandic and German in ancestry.

      NOT your standard version of “racist Mick mongering”….

      • @Fr. John+——You married an Irish woman didn’t you? How do I know this? I never met you. I know you kind that is how.

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