Axios: Student Loan Debt Relief Applications Pulled From Department of Education Website

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“The Department of Education removed the application for Biden’s student debt relief program from its website.

Driving the news: “Courts have issued orders blocking our student debt relief program,” the application website reads. “As a result, at this time, we are not accepting applications. We are seeking to overturn those orders.”

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  1. “Oh, promises, promises
    This is where those promises, promises end
    I don’t pretend that what was wrong can be right
    Oh, promises, their kind of promises, can just destroy a life
    Oh, promises, those kind of promises, take all the joy from life”

    Good song

  2. >Student loan debt relief was always a midterm gimmick

    No it wasn’t — I heard next to nothing about it.

    And it’s not a gimmick — it’s a genuine political/societal issue, and forgiving all or part of the phony debt of money created by fiat, is the right thing to do — just create more money and extinguish the debt.

    • Democrats didn’t vote on it.

      Democrats didn’t run on it.

      Joe Biden signed an executive order two months before the midterms that was shot down in federal court days later.

      If you believe this was ever a serious issue or that they ever had any intention or doing anything about it, I don’t know what to say to you.

      BTW, I support student loan debt forgiveness, but these people were simply conned. They did something to appear like they were doing something that was designed to fail

      • I doubt it changed any votes. I’d gladly take the millstone being taken off my neck but I’d not support the shitlibs for a shot at that. They’d turn my kids into sodomites given the chance.

      • Ding, ding, ding, your very last last sentence is the federal government’s mission for the proles and their concerns. It’s really pretty simple too.

      • >was designed to fail

        Sure, if you say so — I covered this in another thread on this topic: you come up with shit like this out of nowhere, just like the money loaned to those poor kids was created out of nothing.

        Actually, it’s likely more as I said: Democrats in Congress thought Biden had the authority and knew he would act, so they didn’t introduce legislation — now that one judge has said Biden doesn’t have the authority, the DoJ can either appeal, or Congress can introduce legislation.

        As I also said: these people are not that smart — but I think they are probably smart enough to know that making Republicans publicly vote on this issue is good strategy.

        It’s good strategy because the practice of burdening young people with debt so they can get a credential they’ve been told they need is morally repugnant and a genuine societal/political issue.

        • Bro, Democrats have controlled the House for 4 years.

          There has never been a floor vote on it because Democrats themselves won’t allow it. That was true under Pelosi when Trump was president. It remained true when Biden was president.

          Biden also waited until right before the midterms to send out the executive order because it was perfectly timed to get shot down after the midterms. He could have gone through the same process before, but it wouldn’t have helped him to turn out the chumps in the midterms.

          Democrats used control of the House to pass all kinds of messaging bills like amnesty for illegal aliens or DC statehood or the Equality Act. They passed it in the House, but knew it would fail in the Senate. Student loan debt relief, however, didn’t even get past committee much less a floor vote in the House!

          If making Republicans vote on student loan debt relief is such a brilliant strategy, why didn’t they do it? The answer is their own caucus was against it. It would have been too embarrassing to send the bill out of committee to watch Democrats vote against it and have to answer for it with progressive voters.

          The Squad didn’t have the will to get a floor vote on Medicare for All. California won’t even pass that with a supermajority in the state legislature. But yeah, sure, Democrats are going to get rid of student loan debt. Just watch! You will see!

          There is no legislation or floor votes on the issue because there is no real will to do it inside the Democratic caucus. Never has been. Donors are against it. They want the issue, but it is a fake issue. It can’t pass and voting on it would blackpill younger voters they depend on.

          • >why didn’t they do it?

            Dude, your willful fucking stupidity is really tiresome (see, I can do bold too).

            I’ve already explained this to you several times — one more time won’t hurt I guess: because they assumed Biden had the statutory authority, they didn’t act; after all, presumably Biden, who talks with his allies in Congress, had (ostensibly competent) legal advice about it before he acted, and communicated this to them — they aren’t geniuses like you, so they couldn’t predict the future, i.e. that a judge would rule otherwise — now they know, so (to again repeat) assuming they are serious about it (they ought to be), the choices are: 1) appeal, or 2) do it legislatively.

            That ought to be clear now, right? — while you may not agree with this explanation, it was offered before, and is clear enough that there was absolutely no reason whatsoever to ask for it again.

            Your reading comprehension must be poor.

            But after your absurd retreat from White Nationalism, and your even more absurd explanation for and defense of it, I guess I should not be too surprised.

          • LOL.

            I honestly don’t know what to say to you.

            1.) First, Joe Biden could have issued that executive order on Day One of his presidency. He came out of the gate swinging with executive orders on all kinds of things like shutting down the Keystone Pipeline. He didn’t waste any time in gutting immigration enforcement. Instead, he “agonized” over the decision until late August (a year and a half after his inauguration), which happened to be right in time for election season when normies start paying attention to politics around Labor Day. He issued the executive order for the sole purpose of creating the illusion he was doing something about the issue, so progressive activists wouldn’t give him grief, and to have it in the air during the midterms before the courts had the time to strike it down.

            2.) Second, it is amazing that you attribute the best intentions to Joe Biden and the Democrats. These are the same people who are currently BOASTING about their “cynical strategy” of elevating candidates in the Republican primaries which they could run against as “a danger to democracy.”

            3.) Third, we have gone back and forth about the issue for months and it played out exactly like I told you it would. I told you before the election that it was a gimmick which was going to be shot down by the courts and that it was being used to drive turnout in the midterms. That’s what happened.

            Keep the faith man.

            Keep assuming that Democrats really believe in all of these issues. Just give them power and you will see. They will pass a $15 minimum wage (they killed it themselves in the Senate.) They will pass Medicare for All (won’t even do it in California with a supermajority in the state legislature). They will abolish student loan debt (sat on it for four years in the House without even once voting on it like a messaging bill). They will make college tuition free (in what state have they done that?). They are going to make the rich pay their fair share of taxes (wow, they really showed the rich who is boss by raising their taxes under Joe Biden).

      • “They did something to appear like they were doing something that was designed to fail”

        This from a person who endorsed a bunch of MAGA Republican grifters because some of them may have made throwaway comments about opposing CRT or whatever. If we’re judging the track records of Democrats delivering on populist rhetoric vs Republicans doing so, it is not a contest. Democrats have been much more likely to back up their populist rhetoric with specific action and policies.


          Yeah, Democrats delivered on Medicare for All and student loan debt forgiveness and a $15 minimum wage and “making the rich pay their fair share of taxes” and free community college and so on and so on. Well, I must have missed that because none of that shit happened. Most of it didn’t even get past a House committee.

          Democrats have delivered on their populist rhetoric though. They scored some real successes. They delivered the highest gas prices in American history. They delivered the highest inflation since I was in diapers which REDUCED the standard of living. They delivered the highest rent prices in history. Just look at the millions of people flocking to New York and Illinois and California for a better life to live under “economic populism.”

          The grass is greener for the working class in those states which are experiencing a mass exodus of population. San Francisco is leading the way.

          • Considering Republicans have delivered zero results on anything populist, yes, it’s no contest. I could give a half dozen examples of Democrats delivering just in my local area in the last decade on zoning issues, preventing the area from becoming a Republican ghetto of payday loan offices, illegal immigrant slums, and dollar general stores. Unfortunately, the area has been becoming more imcreasingly red since Obama, so that might be a thing of the past. Even from the Biden admin, we have actual attempts at economic populism that cannot be disregarded as political stunts, such as the build back better and chips act. Even though one can criticize BBB for being packed with the usual pork and graft, it did still include major funding for infrastructure and the working class. With republicans, you *only* get the pork and graft, but the money magically dries up when it comes to funding improvements that would help normal people. Chips is more of an attack on China, but it is technically “economic populism” from the “America first” perspective, attempting to reshore manufacturing that alleged “America first” MAGA Republicans never even tried to do (despite supposedly being a cornerstone of their agenda).

            And it’s just a fact that most blue areas are better places to live for workers in terms of standard of living. You give examples of New York and San Francisco because they are extreme cases of wealth concentration and wealth disparity, but you can easily find plenty of red areas just as bad. You can’t throw a rock in red America without hitting a decaying trailer park filled with drug addicts. Most blue areas are middle class. Even on crime, some of the worst areas now are in red states. And remember, it was the Republican party under Trump who got the ball rolling on that with the First Step Act, allowing all of the violent felons out of prison to please Kim Kardashian. Living in a red area myself, I can say what little improvements we have seen have come from Democrats (aforementioned zoning, but also things like funding internet expansion, and state improvements on medicaid).

            So if we’re talking empty populist rhetoric versus outcomes, Democrats fall much more solidly on the outcome side than Republicans do, and it isn’t really close.

          • I disagree.

            In less than two years, Democrats succeeded in DOUBLING or TRIPLING gas prices to the point where driving patterns changed as a result and the economy began to choke into a recession. They unleashed the highest level of inflation in 40 years which made everything far more expensive than it was under Trump. Inflation has risen at a higher rate than wages which eroded the standard of living of the poor, the working class, the middle class and retired people who live on fixed incomes. The stock market went to shit under Joe Biden. Rent prices have gotten so bad under Joe Biden that he signed an eviction moratorium executive order. This is why Joe Biden has the worst polls on his handling of the economy of any president since Jimmy Carter. At this point in 2018, Trump had a positive rating on the economy. Life has become vastly more expensive under Joe Biden. Democrats don’t even like how Joe Biden has handled the economy. Isn’t “economic populism” supposed to be, say, popular?

            As for student loan debt relief, it turned out to be just another political stunt like the eviction moratorium that was shot down in court. Medicare for All never got a floor vote under Nancy Pelosi. It can’t even pass the California state legislature. The $15 minimum wage was killed in the Senate by Kyrsten Sinema. The infrastructure bill passed the Senate on 69-30 vote. The CHIPs bill which you are boasting about also passed the Senate on a 64-33 vote. Neither was killed by the filibuster. Neither was controversial.


            Joe Biden is negotiating a new version of TPP:


            The median rent in California is $1,586, $1,386 in New Jersey and $1,315 in New York compared to $897 in Tennessee or $806 in Iowa


            On foreign policy, Trump assassinated an Iranian general and launched some cruise missiles at Syria. George W. Bush invaded Iraq. In contrast, Joe Biden has started a war with Russia and has the Pentagon and the CIA running the war in Ukraine. Dozens of Russian generals have been killed with the assistance of U.S. intelligence. More than $60 billion has already been spent on the war and Joe Biden is promising to continuing the war for “as long as it takes.”

            On immigration, Biden has systematically dismantled Trump’s immigration policies like the Remain in Mexico policy, which he was initially prevented from doing by the federal courts. Over 5 million illegal aliens have crossed the border in two years. This dwarfs Trump’s entire presidency and that all of his predecessors including George W. Bush. In addition, the House has passed comprehensive immigration reform. Senate Democrats tried at least three times to push it through the Senate.

            Among other things, House Democrats passed the Equality Act, the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, DC statehood, amnesty for illegal aliens, bills to codify abortion, gay marriage and interracial marriage into federal law. The collapse of law and order and the explosion in crime in Democrat run cities and states like California is due to state legislation and local laws. In California, the explosion in shoplifting was caused by a bill which passed the state legislature. Crime has spiraled out of control due to “progressive prosecutors” like Chesa Boudin who was recalled by angry Democrats in San Francisco. The collapse of the police in cities like Seattle and Portland and Minneapolis was due entirely to pressure on the police from progressives in those cities. Being a police officer means having a target on your back. Merrick Garland has launched federal investigations of the Phoenix, Minneapolis and Louisville police departments.

            The cherry on top of the Joe Biden “populist” presidency though has to be wielding the FBI and DOJ as weapons to crush “White Nationalists” who are ‘domestic violent extremists” and using DHS to censor “disinformation” and “misinformation” on the internet.

    • I thought you were smarter than that. Creating more money just makes the money you, and everyone else has, less valuable. Unless all you have is debt, in which case I can see your point.

      • >I thought you were smarter than that.

        LOL, sorry to disappoint you.

        But actually I do understand the money question fairly well (link) — it’s just that some uses of fiat are more acceptable to me than others, and debt relief for young people is one of those (as an added bonus, it may help boost the white birth rate).

  3. Elections have consequences.

    Some criticized my ballot splitting strategy but we as working class whites would be smart to keep the party’s bidding for our vote.

    Republicans generally will only offer us cultural stuff and dems generally will only offer us economic stuff (although that’s becoming less and less), but I say it’s good to keep the party’s hunger for our vote… this would’ve really helped me (I have a relatively small student loans from trade school)… oh well… I hope there’s a buncha states with abortion referendums in 24. Otherwise this will greatly demoralize their turnout.

    Some might flip but a vote staying home is a half of vote for the other side.

    For the Republicans it sure was smart to shut down the kobach voter rolls commission lol I’m not convinced of a “stolen election.” I’m also am apathetic to losers who don’t want to win. It sure wouldn’t of hurt to of audited the voter rolls. Cowards never win. Bigly, SAD!

    @Hunter politicians con people to vote with designed to fail gimmicks. Well I never…. I have more faith in our democracy than you good sir!

    Were you not paying attention to during the trump years! Trump tried his damnedest to bring jobs back to america but the Chinese demonrats and RINO’s(!) thwarted him at every turn…. Don’t you remember him introducing China tariffs right before the midterms! He put HEAVY penalties on the theft of Silicon Valley copyright infringements, HELLO! Why do you think he did that!?! Because trump was so greatly concerned about reopening those rustbelt coding mines and factories.

    Generations of hard hat wearing copyright lawyers and black lung coders saw the coding mines WOOSH open but this is your brain on CNN I guess. Those of us who “trusted the plan” got great paying blue collar copyright lawyering jobs but MSLSD never reported on it.

    In all seriousness if the gop got halfway serious about doing something for their working class and middle class voters and were halfway decent on pushing back on trans kids & CRT stuff they’d wine YUGE

    Latinos are the largest under insured population in america and even though the healthcare industry donates more to dems the gop can’t help themselves but to bend over backwards to big pharma and let them r*pe Americans for more profits. Mind boggling stupid.

    I honestly think the gop just loves giving blow jobs to corporations too much to ever follow through on a winning strategy. Even though it would achieve a higher white and nonwhite turn out for them.

  4. Debt relief in any form for any reason is a non-starter with the ruling class, Republican and Democrat alike. Bernie the Bolshevik and Pocahontas talked about it and wealth taxes (another non-starter) during the 2020 primary season. They were immediately shut down. The oligarchs who bankroll scumbag politicians will not allow a politician to bite the hand that feeds them.

    • Those are actually bailouts for losses. Damn it feels good to be a banksta! You can go to the rigged casino, lose many billions and Uncle Schmuel will be there with some fresh funds from the special discount window. Then you get to seize assets from the poor chumps who signed up for your special minority mortgage loans. Heads banksta wins, tails you lose. Ain’t the free market great?

      • Get to finance both sides in a war, profiteer on commodities and arms, win with either outcome, go in and buy real assets of the vanquished for pennies. Leaving a wide path of widows, orphans and heartbroken parents.


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