1. I think the Trump interlude is fading day by day. His former aids are begging him not to announce for the presidency at this time and quite slamming Ron DeSantis.

    • Blormp is making a total ass of himself and might self-destruct before his presidential campaign officially starts. Let’s hope so!

  2. Yea, Trump is becoming stupid, starting to believe his own legend. Attacking one of the most effective and successful governesses in American history, shows a lack of wisdom. Whether you like DeSantis, or not, he is not going to be intimidated by this, and just end up seeming more empathetic, normal and sane. Trump has lots of cleverness, and skills made ya life in celebrity and shoes etc, but wisdom is required too, he hasn’t shown much. I’m waiting for DeSantis to grin, “mention, well, he kinda had a rough time you know, I don’t hold it against him”, boom, Trump will seem,petty. I don’t hate Trump, but history is full of people, who to their own harm, didn’t know when their fated time was ended. They end up like Napolean ending alone and sad, on one of the remotest places on earth. Because he didn’t have the wisdom to know when to back away. We’re kinda seeing this with Tom Brady, just to win one more superbowl, is costing his marriage, and maybe his health eventually, I hope it was worth it.

    • Trump’s obvious post-2020 grifting aside, I think it’s obvious his time is up. Trump’s big moment was January 6th, whether through aids or his own incompetence (or perhaps both) he refused to go full Caesar on the Capitol. He failed to become a good president due to surrounding himself with traitors and kikes who ruined his presidency, but oddly enough, was still able to be in the right time and place to become a Roman-esque Dictator and throwing out the corrupt senate and drain the swamp.

      History gave Trump 2 shots at greatness, one the legitimate way which he bungled, and the second the illegitimate way which he also bungled. Trump’s reign should be a caution to any man, that sometimes it’s better to fail as a hero than live as a failure. Even if Trump got assassinated by the deep state in his first term for helping Americans, or later assassinated by the deep state for trying to topple it, his legacy would be one of a great man who tried to save America from itself, instead of an angry old man bitter that he doesn’t get a third shot at greatness.

  3. If there is a hard economic crash and other national disasters that may be enough to propel Trump back into the White House. Europe is in bad shape because of the ‘Climate Change’ fraud combined with high energy prices and physical shortages leading to high inflation, bankruptcy of industry and wide political discontent, mostly unreported in the U.S. Lügenpresse. If things were as bad in the U.S. as they are in Europe Trump would be viable.

  4. Unfortunately, President Trump seems to think that he will be able to offend his way back into the Oval Office.

    Very sad that so many years after Fred Trump sent a young Donald away to military school a nearly octagenarian President Trump is still exhibiting some of the reasons why.

    He and Miss Hillary ought regularly lunch with each other – they’d could empathize with each other forever – except for the 2016 election)))

      • @Spahn & Arrian…

        Yes, and he waived the mandatory trail time on the clot-shots, gave milllions of strangers H1-B visas (all while claiming to slow immigration) brought next to no industry back.

        He also promoted homosexuality, quietly, as if the rest of us would not notice.

        He also did absolutely nothing to reign in .The Swamp’.

        That said – he did two vital things – he broke the control the establishment had on discourse and rescued the judiciary from illegal madness.

        Those are valuable things.

        BUT … am I in favour of another 4 years?

        I am particularly NOT in favour of having him win and then my fellow Southerners relax and think that ‘we’re saved’.


        Let Gretchen Whitmer occupy The Oval Office..

        All she’ll do is drive the Confederacy quickly and more fully into being.

  5. Old men with Dementia get extremely mean. That might be Trump. At any rate, a second term for President Kushner isn’t happening.

  6. BAM! BAM! First the Red Tsunami doesn’t happen and now Trump is acting like he has rabies or some other madness.

    The first politician I voted for was Pat Buchanan in 1996. He had put the fear of God into the Bushes in ’92 in New Hampshire.

    But even Big Pat went off the rails, with his wacky 2000 Reform Party bid**

    I see some similar wackiness with Trump now.

    Eventually years later I got interested in Ron Paul, so I imagine there will be another political savior further down the line.

    *”I believe the theory Buchanan was sent in as a political operative to destroy the Reform party as a competitor to the GOP.

  7. Someone on another thread commented that Cheetohead needs to repent and come to Jesus. That’s certainly true. Perhaps getting arrested by Kommissar Garfinkel and his FBI-Stasi to be tossed into jail beside the folks he threw beneath the Church of Woke bus on 1/6/21 would break through the insufferable ego enough to cause this …

    • Times have changed.

      COVID happened. The George Floyd riots happened. Trump lost the 2020 election. The Joe Biden presidency happened.

      As a result, MAGA has radicalized over the past two years. There isn’t as much difference between our views as there used to be. Most of things that I believe and want to see happen are mainstream now. There has been a gradual convergence. I’m not going to hold grudges against people who I think are coming around at a slower pace

      Richard Spencer and Alt-MSNBC went in the opposite direction. I decided it made more sense to travel with my own peers and swath of the population who are waking up to the Great Replacement and support a National Divorce

  8. Garbage like this is why Dump is fading into oblivion right before our eyes. He’s smeared shit on his own “brand” by absolutely refusing to control his huge, stupid mouth and constantly acting like a total assclown since ’16. It’s maddening, really, because he’s no doubt burning with a genuine desire for revenge against all the (((Establishment))) scum who screwed him – and, far more importantly, us – but doesn’t have a hope of taking that revenge because of all the people who now can’t stand his bloviating buffoonery.

    • He always gave himself full credit for the votes in the primary and general elections. And he was always in debt to and under control of the Jews who wanted him there. The people who helped him get the votes were disposable. Hence you have Trump’s complete absence of focus on issues that voters care about. All these alt-lite people raging about Trump DeSantis when the House and Senate are being stolen after winning the popular vote by a significant margin. GOP wins the popular vote by a significant margin but potentially loses both houses, this is because of four years of Trump, four years of Trump doing everything the Jews wanted him to do to shut down the people online who helped to get him elected. Four years of the GOP bowing down to sabotage our chances. And finally, when all else fails, they threaten to sic the FBI on people who challenge the stolen election. Warrant for Anglin’s arrest sworn out the day after the election. Suddenly it’s all talk about the Trump DeSantis feud and nothing about the cheating. The forum is shut down. Just remember folks, this is the guy who won’t talk about the vax injuries. He thinks he has some sort of reputation to conserve. Youngkin isn’t proof that 2022 was stolen, (things are worse now than then), no it’s proof Trump lost fair and square. Trump did nothing to help Roy Moore, hedged his bets, obviously his daughter’s big mouth showed his real position. At least all the talk about “Roe vs Wade” costing the Republicans the House and the Senate seems to have died down a bit. They wanted to ride that hard. The GOP leadership isn’t happy about Roe vs Wade being overturned, and it’s not because it costs them votes. It’s because they support abortion.

      • > The GOP leadership isn’t happy about Roe vs Wade being overturned, and it’s not because it costs them votes. It’s because they support abortion.

        Likely true but more importantly, Roe’s overturn throws it to the state level so the fed-level Repukes can no longer grift away on the issue as they have for decades – for much profit too. Note Lady G’s recent stunt. You really think that worthless decadent poofter opposes abortion? Nigga please….

  9. I’m not impressed with trump or desantis.

    Both deserve to lose and probably will.

    Saying “working class,” doesn’t magically make jobs appear

    During Americas hay-day of manufacturing it required the government to spending/investing *a lot* of money.

    Sometimes in public private partnerships. Give aways to companies to help shore up the cost of building new factories or sometimes just building out new infrastructure eg railways & highways.

    Neither of them have the willingness to do so. Tariffs on China and changing our trade deals is a big part of it, but so is government spending.

    If the government isnt willing to spend the necessary money on infrastructure to allow companies to flourish changing the trade deals alone won’t do much (believe me it still needs to be done)

    Medicare for all would also take *a huge* burden off of employers shoulders and is big part why auto companies make cars in Canada.

    It saves the company around 20k a year per employee.

    Partisan conservatism has to die before the GOP can have any hope in win the presidency again…. And that probably won’t happen until Mitch McConnell passes away (he won’t retire or relinquish power on his own, but I’d be happy to be proven wrong).

    I’d never say cultural issues aren’t important but with America declining-it’s not enough to win

    It also tarnishes the rights cultural issues being tied corporatism and gives the impression the two are intrinsically intertwined, when they’re not

  10. NYT:
    “The G.O.P. may still win the House. But an underwhelming showing has the party asking what went wrong.”

    YOU DIDN’T BUILD A WALL ! ………….morons.

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