Tink Kotek Wins Oregon Governor Race

Looking back on the 2022 midterms, I am amazed by own coverage.

1. On the one hand, I am pro-White and really do want White people to succeed and get their act together everywhere. I was hoping that states like Oregon and Nevada were “going red.” I defined a spectacular night as Tiffany Smiley winning in Washington. This also genuinely appeared to be happening in the polls. For most of the year, it seemed like there was going to be a big backlash on the West Coast against the crime, homelessness, inflation, insane gas prices, cultural insanity and so forth that we associate with the region. Portland, Seattle and San Francisco are synonymous with this West Coast model.

2. On the other hand, I have spent months arguing with various people in the comments about White Nationalism. I have insisted on stressing the importance of cultural differences between Whites. A major reason why I dropped the label is because it struck me as hopelessly naive. White people in different parts of the country have opposite views on race and most cultural issues. Trying to build a White ethnostate with millions of White libtards is doomed to failure because they are so dead set against it. These people won’t even vote for milquetoast conservatives in New England or on the West Coast.

Oregon is a very White state on paper. Portland is one of the whitest metros in the country. Harold Covington wrote novels urging White people in other parts of the country to move there. I was the villain in one of his novels. I was the little voice in his head reminding him that he was surrounded by White libtards who had other ideas. That’s why he kept pleading with us to “Come home, White man.” The relative whiteness of the Pacific Northwest is complicated by the reality of its cultural geography.

At some level, I always knew better, but I didn’t want to be too cynical. I try to remain hopeful. I want to be surprised in a good way. We have enough demoralizers. There is a reason why they prefer to live like this though. They are true to their own values. They just don’t have the same culture or values that we do. They make choices which are incomprehensible to us. Those values might come under stress from things like inflation, gas prices, crime and homelessness and other negative consequences of their progressive worldview, but at the end of the day it is their values that matter more than reality.

After everything we saw with COVID and the George Floyd riots, Oregon wants to live under anarcho-tyranny. Measure 114 passed by two points which requires a permit to purchase a firearm and bans magazines which hold more than two rounds of ammunition. Can you imagine something like that passing in a Southern state? Can you imagine someone like Tina Kotek getting elected here?

In fairness, it obviously isn’t everyone in Oregon and Washington who wants to live this way. It is the White libtards who live near the coast in Seattle and Portland and college towns. In fact, most of the sane people in eastern Oregon have already voted to secede from Oregon and join Idaho. Even if it goes nowhere, I will continue to pull for those who want to escape from the dystopia that is Oregon.


  1. She (Tina Kotek) is a lesbian and another midwit liberal arts female who, unable to do little more than have conventional, media-approved opinions, went into politics (link).

    But toxic masculinity is the problem.

    >This also genuinely appeared to be happening in the polls.

    You place too much importance and emphasis on polls, which typically have small, unrepresentative sample sizes (it’s better to weight likely voters more heavily, e.g. women are significantly more likely to vote than men), and therefore understate their margin of error vis-a-vis predicting the outcome of an election.

      • It seems that excessive prosperity produces the libtard mentality, ie. Seattle, Portland, SF etc.

        People with excess funds can indulge in harmful fantasies/acttions.

        • There is a certain amount of truth to this, at least since relatively recent times. The destructive fantasies of the earlier eras involved military adventures and colonial exploits. By the late 19th century we start to see shitlibbery in its putrid flowering. Last June, we visited the Dana-Thomas House in Springfield IL. The house was Frank Lloyd Wright’s first “blank check” commission, which cost Susan Dana 60,000 in 1902 dollars (= ca.5.4 million in today’s fake-dollars).

          The visit was basically a hectoring sermon delivered to 15 whites, including a couple from the UK, by an obese middle-aged white female on how Susan Dana was a saint in the Church of Woke and included a fair number of outright lies about the treatment of negroes in 1902 Illinois. She really was an insane shitlib, which one can get a sense of even in the official bio on the site.

          Wright was pretty much crazy himself. After leaving his wife in 1909 (who only granted a divorce in 1927) and kids for a client’s wife – Mamah Borthwick Cheney he moved with his paramour to his Wisconsin campus Taliesin. Not being content to hire only local whites as servants, they had to hire some negroes, including a new import from Barbados, who set fire to the place and killed seven trying to flee with an axe after working there a few months – including Mamah and two of her kids by Mr. Cheney. This massacre took place in 1914 Wisconsin. Far more honorable than most negroes, the Barbados servant tried killing himself and ultimately died of self-starvation in jail some weeks later.

          • ” killed seven trying to flee with an axe after working there a few months”

            In reading history, it seems to be a recurring theme, blacks killing those who generously befriend them.

            A long time WHITE resident of several African countries advised “don’t give gifts or befriend the blacks, they see it as craven weakness”.

    • >polls, which typically have small, unrepresentative sample sizes

      link… the GOP would defy history and fail big time in the midterms because they ignore whites and generally suck on most other issues as well. … If anything, we allowed tightening polls to cloud our judgement, we were more accurate on their prospects 3 months ago.

      Besides ignoring Whites (they do of course), one of the issues the GOP ‘generally sucks on’ is student debt relief.

      • The polls were largely accurate.

        Nationwide, the GOP is winning the popular vote by 4 points, which is what the polls had predicted. The GOP had a great night in most states. Democrats were crushed in states like Alabama and Florida. Georgia was an extremely close race which is what the polls had said it was all along.

        It is things like cultural geography, redistricting, candidates, ticket splitting, differences in election laws and campaign spending which are determining the outcome. It just wasn’t the same election in New England or the West Coast that it was across Florida, Appalachia and the Deep South.

        In Florida, the result of the election was known within hours, but Nevada, Arizona and California are incapable of counting ballots. Brazil is better at counting ballots than Western states

    • Re: “They want to live in Hell”:

      Someone told me the election results show that “people want the freedom.”

      The so-called “freedom” to be licentious, intoxicated, etc. is allowed by the elites because it keeps the “liberated” masses distracted from thinking about or resisting, their systemic exploitation. People can have their opiates as long as they keep working and paying their rent, taxes and other debts. There will be no revolution by people who enjoy this so-called “liberation.”

  2. White is not really a useful category for the future. The White American race is bifurcating into two distinct taxonomic groups: White libtards and White people. It will probably branch further into three groups, as White Judeo-Christian contards continue to breed with Judeo-Christian Afro-Latinx and create a hybrid octoroon-mestizoid-contard race that self-identifies as White, through the “Whiteshift” phenomenon.

    Libtards are a separate race and should be treated as such in the future. There is already a genetic distinction between libtards and humans, but it is growing larger into a full genetic discontinuity between the two races due to assortative mating (already, libtards and humans almost never mate together). The libtard race has a higher average IQ, so open warfare will be difficult against them. Normal people should be focused on exploiting libtard weaknesses. Strategy aimed at convincing them to sterilize their children by trannifying them, convincing them to murder their children by way of abortion, convincing them to take various psychotropic medications and commit suicide, convincing them to enter a “child free” lifestyle and sterilize themselves, and so on. After their numbers dwindle enough, the remainder can then be cleaned up with empirically sound Cambodian libtard-removal methods.

    • While some of this is tongue in cheek you are onto something. Encouraging the most dysgenic things (dick chopping, mating with apes, abortion, hysterectomy) among THEM while encouraging eugenics (large families with an emphasis on men making good salaries) among US is the correct path. I think overturning Roe v Wade further reinforces this on a state by state level. Might as well be two species. I do think the supremes should have done this after the midterms though. It’s not like well indoctrinated white women have that many abortions in Idaho, Texas or Alabama etc anyway.

  3. “Portland is one of the whitest metros in the country. ”

    Because of the ancestors.
    When Oregon became a state, it was on condition that blacks and mulattos would be forbidden to enter or reside in the state.

    Again, an instance where ancestors provisioned well for posterity and the future generations turned into decadent brats, just as in the greater USA.

  4. “In fairness, it obviously isn’t everyone in Oregon and Washington who wants to live this way. ”

    Both Oregon and Washington are bifurcated into eastern and western parts. West of the Cascades is the libtard latte sipping wacko, East of the Cascades is rural farm and ranch conservative, which is the reason for the Greater Idaho movement.

    • > East of the Cascades is rural farm and ranch conservative, which is the reason for the Greater Idaho movement.

      That’s true and those counties are going to have to split from Washington and Orgeon to join Idaho. Part of the issue here is the one Sam J. mentioned previously of states being ruled altogether by the urban enclaves. Illinois is somewhat similar. Chicago rules the entire state. Pritzker, a filthy Jew with all the charm and appearance of Jabba the Hutt, was re-elected despite forests of “Pritzker Sucks” signs festooning the downstate for two or more years. The state as presently constituted is irreformable. Breaking off and joining Missouri and Kentucky is a better option for the counties outside of shitlib central (Chicago and neighboring counties).

      • With Illinois, the county that even includes the state capital (Springfield) went red this election. The other reliably blue county (outside of the greater Chicago area), Champaign, is home to the Champaign-Urbana state university and thus no surprise. The county-by-county election results show that, by land area, Illinois is a red state.

  5. This is why I clap back at this notion that the Alt-MSNBC crowd in our sector peddle, that these people will somehow come around to white nationalism if we just concede on their boutique liberal social issues.

    Are we seriously to believe that people like Tink Kotek are anxious to become white nationalists but are just waiting on 100% of white nationalist taking the absolutist pro-abortion position?

    • Alt-MSNBC is a joke.

      They outed themselves as libtards. They either changed their politics or became more honest about their politics. No one else in the world was persuaded and they have shrunk into a marginalized laughingstock

  6. Guaranteed plenty of the wealthy libtards in Portland have already left for Couer d’Alene, Nashville, Raleigh and Richmond. They don’t learn they just distance themselves from reality.

    Consequently the same racial strategy American Whites have always had after 1865. Leave, don’t fight.

    • Everyone has some version of the same story. THEY arrived like locusts and changed the politics and culture of our state. It happened in Virginia and Colorado. People who live in Appalachia say the same thing about Asheville. People who live in the Ozarks say the same thing about Eureka Springs

      • They flee the disaster they’ve made, to make a new disaster. Leaving behind the victims of their disasters, poor working WHITES.

          • “I’ve watched them emerge in Auburn.”

            It shouldn’t be necessary, though it probably is, to point out, as I’ve probably already pointed out, the connection between this and the so-called student loan programs. They are the lymphatic system through which this is metastasizing.

  7. The big values split may be worse amongst whites due to a ‘universalising’ tendency in the white mind, but we are not the only ones

    Other ethnic subcultures also have divisions between people focused on the advancement of their own ethnos, and those who try to kiss up to a foreign or excessively liberal culture

    There is the traditional black community scorn for the ‘Uncle Tom’ catering to whites, or the ‘oreo’ (white on the inside), and now we have people like Kanye talking about black submissiveness to Jewish power against actual black interests

    Ethnicities around the world are bedevilled by locals eager to serve rich, powerful foreign ethnic interests, or promoting destructive liberal ideas that seem powerful and modern due to global mass media

    Too often countries have had groups which kissed up to Americans and Americanism, given Hollywood movies and TV carrying seductive images of Americans living luxuriously

    Such a deceptive slander in the ‘white supremacy’ type of epithet, when most of us just want to maintain our cultures in peace with no desire for lordship over others

  8. Having grown up in the PNW in the ’70’s and 80’s I have fond, though damp and muddy, memories of a rather idyllic life among the evergreens with other hardscrabble white families beyond the urban sprawl of the “keep Portland weird” progressive rot.

    Like a toddler painting the walls with the fillings of his diaper, these people see themselves as creative types, rebels to the confining and archaic order of the Christian West that laid those bridges and dams upon the bedrock of that in which they reject. Because they are smarter, which they will tell you time and again, those old ways must give way to Progress!

    And like the toddler, their smallness – and emergent hindbrain murmuration, are sometimes cute (think “Portlandia”), even though the stench can’t be removed from their creations.

    To the rancher on the arid side of the Cascades – or my parent’s generation of loggers and fishermen and paper mill workers stuck among them in the thick of timber hanging along the coast, it’s always just been sh*t on canvas. A good spanking of reality would fix it but the overarching culture of white agreeable nature defaulted to “live and let live” libertarian delusions instead. And here we are.

    That once quaint divide is of course now amplified across the nation in these urban/rural, dirt/cloud, left/right, White/white divides that, short of a rollback to 1800, are intractable. The progressive toddler is now in charge of all the lands.

    Their small world is coddled by the heritage of a better people; many of their ancestors actually crossed the prairies and the Rockies facing constant death to carve out a life in the verdant pacific. Yet the current year genetic mutations of this founding stock are spoiled by the shade and heritage fruit of their betters.

    With the forgiveness of fertile soil and favorable environs, manicured with the momentum of actual builders of empires, they are a living paradox of masochistic infantile narcissism against the grain of White ingenuity and mettle.

    Like the rings in the center of that tall fir, the progress of their ancestors was small. The relentless duress of nature’s arbiter made for very tight rings. The tradeoffs of a proximity to the truth dispensed easily back then and the mettle of able hands holding crude but honest tools meant those the spoils were lean but strong.

    The Progress long after has solved only for big rings, quick and obvious gains to be harvested and eaten in one generation – and so that fir has fattened itself with wide rings that reinforce the righteousness of eating one’s seeds for growth. But of course, the trade-offs of life ignored for too long mean the fat rings of Progress are mistaken for strength and the truth of its brittleness merely waits for the Pacific wind to shear it all to the stump.

    They will coast on that goodwill and good fortune planted in those tall timbers long ago until they are eaten by their wild pets and their cancerous hubris.

    My dissident friends who had the fortune and foresight to carve out redoubts those forests repeatedly tell me to “come home brother” but I cannot shake loose the Covington mythology from my own experience there. Which is that those whites are no longer my Whites, but rather fat rings of Progress. The danger of those falling trees is real.

    And so I cannot go home. My home town is now a Mexican barrio anyhow. The mills are long gone. Timber is nationalized regulatory capture like all else. Paper went to China. Nobody can fish, but for the Asian and Russian dragnets offshore. I love my home. That past like a foreign country. But I love my People more. And so I live among other Whites now. Planting trees for great-grandchildren to sit beneath. The sorrow of my loss burns a fire in my belly that I aim to dead reckon on our enemies when that time comes. Until some new archipelago of Whites emerges from the ashes, I wish my PNW brothers great fortune and fortitude in holding those redoubts.

  9. This divide is nothing new in history. From what I’ve read, Russia had a similar problem with urban, middle class and upper middle class libtard Russians (i.e. non-Jews) supporting the Communists prior to the revolution. Reform and all that. Until it was too late, of course. Same in Weimar Germany between the Communists and National Socialists.

    The question is, how will it be resolved here, as the divide deepens and the economy and life in general decay as the empire decays? The best way would be for a peaceful separation. If that doesn’t happen, it comes back to how the victorious side would deal with the losing side. Libtards have been propagandized since kindergarten and are not reform-able. And we certainly won’t give up our morality, Christianity and family values. Russia and Pol Pot did it brutally with concentration camps as did Germany, although more humanely. What would happen in the USA? Some libtards have already said concentration, excuse me, re-education camps will be necessary.

    • Burgerland has all the elements of a totalitarian (communist) society already in place: children ratting out their own parents to the feds(!) after J/6, radical hostility on ideological grounds up into the highest institutions of power (Michael Hayden, Mark Milley, Biden, Neocons, etc., the entire hostile elite), the politization of the police force (FBI+ADL), the assault on your first and 2nd amendment and private property for the middle class, an actual financial and political oligarchy, a unity party state with an army of technocratic and permanent apparatschiks, the replacement of freedom of religion with an official state ideology with religious mimicry. I think greater Yankeedom, Airstrip One and the state media of Germany are the furthest ahead in this despicable aspect.

      I also think that the treatment of the J6 Yahoos and James Fields verdict were small Nuremberg Trials (just in case you forgot they were also run by a Stalinist judge who did show trials a few years prior), red flag laws as an early taste of the “Spitzel society” – everybody becomes an informant for the state and ruling ideology. Covid lockdowns and the stigmatization of ‘the unvaccinated’ as THE other whose rights could be taken and could be officially discriminated and agitated against were a testing balloon for how far the state can go. Then there’s the entire security state apparatus that was build post 9/11 (also very scary stuff!). And there’s even more in store for the great eye of Sauron.

      It’s just that mostly they are still in the beginning, or for now restrained by remnants of the rule of law. Tbqh though, the old totalitarian measures were crude compared to the rather sophisticated managed society. Especially the psychological conditioning and nudging of ‘the masses’ through entertainment is light-years ahead of anything that existed in the Soviet Union. I think ‘the elites’ would prefer it, if you just stopped caring, go consooom, slip into the great awokening/great replacement, maybe become a troon and go watch Netflix and then how Hitler liked to peed on on the History Channel or how Germans are inherently evil and drink the blood of Jewish Children. You know, with the other 50 million people in your 15 minutes of actual hatred https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux8GZAtCN-M – Oh, but that’s not hate though of course! It’s just dirty Krauts who murdered Jews.

      I can’t lie to you about your chances…Isildur… but Dixieland has my sympathy.

  10. Southern Oregon is pretty conservative too, like Eastern Oregon, about until you hit Eugene. There’s a huge drug and homeless problem in the entire state though. That was one of the major talking points in the governor’s race. Portland is practically a ghost town now because of the antifa insurrection in 2020. Many, many businesses are boarded up and closed in the downtown area. There used to be a vibrant downtown vibe, but now a lot of people refuse to set foot there from the surrounding suburbs because of the murders and general crime explosion.

  11. At one time that thing would thing would be fitted for a straight jacket but in the new and improved America it can become governor of a state. According to these sickos they are discriminated against because of their “sexuality”

  12. Feel free to explain this to our fried eah.

    He insists that White libtards are a “manageable problem.”

  13. Oregon is a very White state on paper. Portland is one of the whitest metros in the country. Harold Covington wrote novels urging White people in other parts of the country to move there. I was the villain in one of his novels.

    I read that book. weren’t you governor of half of Montana?

  14. I want to retire to Idaho or Montana (I have even heard Idaho described as a ‘White Power State) but what do I do before I can retire and leave?

    Obviously with Lesbos in Salem now voting for Republicans is out.

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