Blake Masters Loses In Arizona

It is disappointing.

It is not that disappointing though for the following reasons:

1. Blake Masters was losing in the RCP average for nearly the entire race. Thus, this result doesn’t come as much of a surprise. I wanted to him to win and it would have been great to have him in the Senate, but I was under no illusions that he was crushing it or running away in his race.

2. For as long as I can remember, Arizona politics has been a disappointment, so this defeat is really consistent with my impression of the state. Arizona used to be represented by Jon Kyl and John McCain in the Senate. Arizona then elected Jeff Flake to the Senate. Then Kelli Ward and Martha McSally lost to Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly. The amazing thing is that this state could have elected Blake Masters which just struck me as being a sharp break from what I had seen in the past.

Note: As for the chaos with the elections in Arizona and other Western states, I will have a lot more to say about that later. In some states, we have quietly gone from an “Election Day” to an “Election Season” where voting goes on long before and after the actual election.


  1. Phoenix is a lot of transplanted white Angelinos. They don’t change patterns of voting. Reaganite or McCainite GOP. Not much can move that dial.

    • Boomers abound there, and are liberal in nature. Most are not affected by millions coming over the border, except their insurance goes up, to cover the “migrants”.

    • Granted, there are election shenanigans, but 50 states have 50 different election laws. Some of those key swing states are or were also controlled by the GOP which shit the bed in the last two election cycles.

      • > GOP which shit the bed in the last two election cycles…

        It’s more than two cycles. They did it on 2018 – even in Alabama. D-jerseys bussed in voters to elect Doug Jones that year from St. Louis and Chicago, among other urban enclaves. Shitting the bed is not a bug with the Washington Generals, but a built-in feature. They signed a consent decree to not contest any vote fraud nationwide in 1983, which only expired in 2018. There could very well be others in place I am unaware of.

    • Agreed. Dobbs lost us the election – and ever since we gave all women the vote, it’s no use trying to use Constitutional Reason with a very large percentage of women voters, no use trying to teach civics that the courts aren’t supposed to make laws, they are just supposed to enforce the Constitution as it’s written.

      Might as well try to use strict Constitutionalist reason with those huge crowds of screaming teen girls at a Beatles Concert in 1964,

      Maybe Islam in some wealthier place like Dubai or Malaysia is better than this sh*#&

  2. As noted in the clip, what I don’t understand is how Kari Lake’s opponent gets remain Secretary of State and control the election process and run for higher office at the same time, at least it’s extremely unethical and at most it’s blatantly corrupt.

    • Sometimes I have to smile when Americans worry they might turn into the Soviet Union. When your empire has been the more advanced version of Bolshevism all along.

      “No one is more hopelessly enslaved than he who falsely believes himself to be free.” – Goethe

  3. The vote count will go on until there are enough “votes” to put Kari Lake out of business. Paul Laxalt next door in Nevada will get the same treatment too if it’s a close enough vote. Have any of these close elections with late counting ever gone in favor a Republican? Axing for a friend.

    The Democrat trick of constantly bringing in new ballots always works if it’s a close election. The Democrats changed voting systems in 2020 in many states by instituting early voting, drop boxes, mailing ballots to everyone registered, automatic voter registration etc. (did I miss a trick?) to tilt the needle in the Democrat direction of victory. Next will be mandatory voting like in the USSR.

    In 2021, the NJ Governor’s race was exceptionally close with the Republican slightly ahead of the Democrat Phil Murphy; ex Goldman Sachs, ex BHO’s butt boy. The “experts” had predicted an easy Democrat victory across the ballot so they didn’t anticipate the need to cheat, similar to the 2016 election when the Dragon Lady lost to Trump but just barely.

    To the horror of the Democrats and their stenographers in the Lügenpresse, not only was the loathsome Governor of NJ losing but the Democrat president of the State Senate actually lost. A Republican truck driver who spent $2,200 on his campaign and made his only campaign video himself with his cell phone won the second most powerful position. No way were the Democrats and their Lügenpresse allies going to suffer the humiliation of also losing the Governor’s office.

    After the counting stopped and the Republican had a slight lead more ballots were “found” and counted giving ole Filthy Phil the win. Sop me if you have heard this one before. The Republican tucked tail, rolled over and conceded. Shocking!, Just shocking!

    The Republicans, as usual, did nothing. After all, those measures i.e. drop boxes, universal ballot mailings etc. are only “temporary” because of the Covid hysteria, aren’t they? Aren’t they? I’m sure the the Democrats will do away with those “temporary” Covid measures soon, any day now, any day.

    • Look what they did to Mr. Pillow…. Poor chump. GOP puts up zero resistance to all of this. Thus you end up with one party states like NY, CA, NJ, IL, etc. Before too long all 50 will be one-party states.

  4. Live Fox TV at an election centre

    man marking whole series of mail-in ballots till he realises camera is on him

    yeah don’t worry about vote fraud it’s no biggie

    • Supposedly that’s in Wisconsin, not Pennsylvania as the news coverage leads you to believe, where poll workers are required by law to circle their ward number and initial the ballot. A second worker later initials again to indicate that’s been done correctly before handing the ballot to a voter. The “I voted” stickers on the table and the voting screens in the back are consistent with the idea this person is associated with handing out ballots.

  5. The guy was just doing his job helping people who were confused vote the right way. Wonderful democracy in action.

  6. >where voting goes on long before and after the actual election

    linkVoters in Pennsylvania were permitted to begin submitting ballots for the US Senate race as early as September 19. The first and only debate between Fetterman and Oz took place on October 25

  7. I have no idea whether Blake Masters lost or not.

    I have no faith in their electoral system that, time after time, takes days and weeks to tabulate votes.

    ‘Tabulate’ is not the word, ,but, ‘doctor’.

    I think they, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, is doing everything she can do to steal the governor’s mansion from Kari Lake.

    I would be shocked if Lake, who I am sure won the election, actually is inaugurated.

    • Just so you know, she publicly stated that her children and husband are Latinos. She’s very big on Latinos.
      So she would never close the border or deport anyone.
      She would do just like Trump and build more processing camps.
      She has stated she feels bad for those at the border.
      She only talks about keeping “violent criminals” out.
      Since no one knows anything about the people crossing, where they are from, what they’ve done or not done, etc., how could they ever know who is “a violent criminal”?

      • @Fox…

        If you mean to suggest that Kari Lake is not a White Nationalist, I agree with that.

        That does not mean, however, that she is not a good candidate.

        We need straight-talkers like her, and Arizona needs to have it’s election process cleaned up.

        Miss Katie is not going to do either of that, but, Miss Kari will.

        Thank you for your thoughts.

        • Neither would close the border or deport anyone. You aren’t listening to the messages in her talks. She said she’d stop “violent criminals” from coming in. But no one knows who or where these people are from, what they were like, etc. There’s no record on them.
          So what she’s saying is, the only people she’d stop are the drug dealers. The other millions can walk in and live off of us. I doubt she is pro white at all. Maybe she’s a Latino too. “Straight talkers”. Right.
          If you believe everything politicians campaign-promise you, you’re too trusting and naive. Most of them never expect to do any of those things if elected.

  8. I think Miss Kari is putting on a brave face.

    That said, she does not really think that she is not going to be cheated, does she?

  9. I don’t trust any candidate by what they say. Only by what they do.
    People need to realize that candidates know exactly what to say, to win people over, and Americans are too trusting of either party.

      • I liked the idea at first – a rival to the Federal Reserve J banking cartel monopoly. But, it just became a ponzi scheme. What was/is needed is some distinct group of White, non Jewish, non Arab people doing their own currency, crypto or other and not allowing anyone (js) to speculate on the currency like George Soros. The Soviet Union from the 1960s until the end had extremely strict laws against anybody (js) speculating on the Russian Ruble. The penalty was the death penalty.

        This is another reason American and international Js turned against Russia, the Soviet Union and supposedly made a big conversion to Reagan era Neo Conservatism. White Slavic Soviets were on to the js and the end before the drunk Boris Yeltsin handed most of the Soviet State enterprises over to typical J Oligarch insiders. Putin put a stop to most of this, but kept a few loyal J Oligarchs around but put them on notice.

        I do year talk now of the Orthodox Black Hundred coming back in mother Russia. It’s pretty much an open secret that Js in Ukraine and American J power is behind the anti Russia war in Ukraine.

        What a terrible time to be alive.

    • Seems to be the same old pattern.
      Jwz take gullible goy deposits and steal gullible goy funds. It’s been going on for centuries, since Moses told the jwz to “borrow” all the gold and silver from the Egyptians that they could.

      Centrust, American International, Michael Milkin, Bernie Madoff, David Paul, Sonny Bloch……….endless.

      • You can always count on the jew to scam the gentile and when the heat is on, make an aliyah to Israel where our “greatest” ally has no extradition treaty with the US.

        If they do get caught they do very little jail time and usually in a minimum security in Otisville NY called club jew because most of the shysters are put in that place instead of doing hard time for their crimes of extortion.

  10. Just for kicks, the Democrats should, in all apparent seriousness, put up a candidate with Downs Syndrome, and accuse anyone who questions it, or even points it out, of being ‘ableist’ — from what I’ve seen of him, via personal experience it seems to me that many people with Downs Syndrome are verbally just as functional as Fetterman is — that would be an interesting America 2.0 social experiment.

  11. Arizona is another state that used to be heavily Republican that has been transformed into a Democratic leaning state through the miracle of mass immigration. The Republicans think they can win by being against abortion and crime.

    There are times when I think the GOP is just playing the Washington Generals, i.e. the patsy team the Harlem Globetrotters bring around with them play in their games, of course the Generals lose night after night.. Its set up that way..

    Thats the way it looks to me now.

    • Just wait, Arizona is almost half Latino. Lots of whites marrying Latinos, too. Soon it will be all about them, and whites will disappear into the woodwork.

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