Massachusetts and Oregon Elect Lesbian Governors


You live in a bubble of rural and small town evangelical Christianity. White Christian Nationalism doesn’t sell in other parts of the country. Christianity is holding us back.


“Democrats Maura Healey and Tina Kotek will make history as America’s first openly lesbian governors, with Healey easily winning her Massachusetts race on election night and Kotek fending off a strong Republican challenger in Oregon.

Healey, currently the attorney general of Massachusetts, made history in more ways than one, also becoming the first woman to be elected governor in her state. Long considered the frontrunner, she faced Republican Geoff Diehl, a former state representative who was endorsed by Donald Trump. …”

I know!

Look at how different our politics are in the South!


  1. Katherine Hepburn, known for her appetite for young women, always hated the term ‘Lesbian’, because she felt it dimeaned her.

    I agree – a person’s sexual preference can never be the basis for a person’s humanity, anymore than can be your preference for how you take a crap or season your omelette..

    This is what is sad about the LGBT – that they are actually convincing folks to identify as sexual tastes instead of as people.

    Miss Kate was right : It’s dehumanizing.

    That said, what goes on in Massachussetts or Oregon is no more pertinent to me than events in Kazakhstan.

    It’s not my country.

    If y’all want to elect albino squirrels, up yonder, it’s no skin off me and mine.

    If Rural Yankees can’t abide it, come down here and live with us. We have kept a lot of our traditions and we are just now setting out to restore some.

    We have lovely landscapes of every kind to suit y’all’s particular druthers.

    • Didn’t Hollywood try to convince the public that Kate Hepburn had something going on with Spencer Tracy in an attempt to quash the lesbian rumors? There are so many strange and sordid tales associated with Tinsel Town. FBI Director Hoover must have kept files on every major figure in the entertainment industry. He even had a file on Eleanor Roosevelt.

    • They are mentally ill which makes them fanatics for all sorts of absurdities such as ridiculous “Climate Change”, LTGBQXYZ, suffering Third World types etc.

    • They seem to just line up for anything and everything that will help to destroy civilization, and they are too stupid to see the consequences of their actions.

    • Marcel- it’s not manic, it’s SATANIC.

      P.S. NO WONDER two Oregon counties want to be ‘Greater Idaho.’


  2. This is sad, i don’t like being pessimistic, but there isn’t enough intelligence among the current generation of WHITES to protect our cultural/racial inheritance, it’s going to take the terror of natural forces to change things, ie. massive civil collapse.

    • It’s coming, every day brings it closer. Dementia Joe and his crew are doing their best to give der Volk, at least the good “Liberals” what they have chosen, good and hard, too.

    • @Arrian…

      You are old enough to give thoroughgoing realistic assessments and be honest about that.

      Good on you.

      But, you are not old to realize that what God hath made in White Gentiles no man can put asunder.

      Yes, things are bad now, but, always in the depths of Winter lay the glints of Spring.

      There are many signs in the air. That said, if you do not like the Whites here, you can study a foreign language and move to a White Nation that you feel best resembles how you feel a White tribe ought be.

      Cheer up – we’ll get out of this, one way or the other.

  3. Re: “Christianity is holding us back”:

    TRUE Christianity holds people back from…total licentiousness. Someone explained to me the reason for the “surprising” (s)election results:

    “Today people just want the freedom.”

    I say: their so-called “freedom” is the removal of prohibitions and restrictions of licentiousness (including pedophilia) and drug addiction.

    The Oligarchy can use, allow and promote that so-called “freedom,” as a means to distract the “liberated” from thinking about the exploitation and class system. But the “liberated” must still work, consume and fight (if drafted to war) so the so-called “freedom” can’t be limitless. If this so-called “nation” ever needs to be put on a war footing to fight one of our wars (if we run out of foreign proxies to do it for us) the so-called “freedom” would need to be limited more.

    Proles and the lower middle class have only two choices for the future: (1) real revolution, or (2) more fake “liberation” (debauching). Voting in the Empire’s (s)elections is making the second choice.

    • @Methyr…

      I totally agree with your assessment.

      The politics of people under 40, in particular, is not complex – remove all obstacles to our hedonism and remove us from as much responsibility as humanely possible.

      According to Jimmy Dore, they really got played by President Biden’s order to eliminate college debt, for he knew full well that would never go through.

      I agree with that.

      Got ’em to the polls though.

  4. Something meaningless and incidental is historical to the shitlib. Do these narcissists really believe 100 years from now some historian is going give 2 shits about a woman who fucks other women winning a governorship?

  5. Kotek is a Jewish name and Healey is Irish are you picking up a pattern here? The people in power are promoting these freaks into higher elective office not because it is good for America but because it is good for their own kind, namely the Jews and the Irish. And God does not approve. How could he, with all the physical, mental, emotional and pyscho-sexual maladies attached to incestous blood? Did you know their are over 200 Jew only genetic maladies, over 200 and some are common to the Irish too ( cystic fibrosis, celiac disease, and galactosemia).

    • Do we need two Roman Catholics in leadership positions in Congress after the poor mid-term performance? Scalise and McCarthy are both ethnic Roman Catholics. We need White Protestant fighters in leadership—not Catholic wimps.

      • Northern Euro White Prots prefer to be left alone and leave others alone for the most part. That’s how the levers of power in this country were all taken over by hostile groups.

      • @Orange—There has never been a Lutheran president and when was the last time you heard one of them bitching about it? My point being there is a difference and the difference is in the blood. Lutherans and protestants are more towards minding their own business and trying to live their lives in peace were as the Irish want to tell every body what to do and judge everybody on their terms and standards. Who are better to live with and be among?

      • Orange, you can take that protestant/Catholic shit stirring back across the water, we are not putting up with that in the Southern Republic and also, you are better than that, act like it…….

          • Well, I am Roman-Catholic. Anti-Catholicism once upon a time was part of Bismarck’s Kulturkampf. But that was part of the politics of over a century ago. Biden has a personal Rabbi, afaik all of his children are married to the tribe. If you take only a superficial glance at Biden’s cabinet and think “it’s those darn Papists” you need to have your head examined. What Biden DID viciously hate was Afrikaaner South Africa, who are unquestionably my people, too.

            And yes, the Church is down bad. Like pretty much every single institution, too. There’s plenty to be said about Vatican 2 and who benefited the most from it. I also believe there was a coup against Pope Benedict XVI. Bergoglio is what you can expect from a Jesuit and South-American liberation theologian. And well, the Jesuits have a history with Conversos, so …

            Nevertheless Cardinal Sarah gave every European the right to be a nationalist and called for them to reject Islamic Mass Immigration. As did the Dalai Lama. Religion is not the reason why the International Libtard is the way he is. Even if most of them weren’t atheists in the first place, looking at their absolute state, makes all debates about Calvinists, Papists and Puritans totally moot. Millions of these people are ideologically so entrenched, no argument will convince them. Not a religious one, not a call for duty to preserve their heritage, not racial pride, no FBI crime statistics, certainly not race realism. What white nationalists only can refer to as brain washing IS their identity. They very much want all of it. The troons, the abortions, the divorces, the matriarchy, the godlessness, the crime and chaos and riots, even the filth and ugliness.

            In a way trannys are sacrificing themselves for the matriarchy while rejecting the last essentialism of femininity which terfs are mad about, but which is inherently part of the modernist march. They burn themselves up before the effigy of the great WAHMEN. Which has most likely in the shape of a morbidly obese negress, twerking. There’s something deeply primordial about all of it. It’s the savagery of the jungle. It’s the end-goal of all decolonization. But if the great pan-Western Haiti race riot happens, you can smugly lean in to your white nationalist friend just before you both get macheted and tell him: “I knew this would happen!”

          • The Catholic Church was infiltrated at the Second Vatican Council & has done a nose dive since then, along with all the Mainline Protestant sects.
            I grew up in a Catholic ghetto in Northern NJ. I saw the tail end of the old America.
            It was awesome to live in a cultural homogeneous area. We were pretty much all on the same page. I never really knew what a Protestant was (I’m sure I heard about it in school & on tv but it never really clicked) until I joined the USMC.
            Divorce was shocking , homosexuality was unheard of. Swearing in public would get your butt whipped.
            How things have changed, just about all the people I grew up with have left The Faith.
            In my life I lived in many areas in this country ; Pennsylvania, California, West Texas, Idaho …. I’ve worked , hired and managed people from all over the country.
            I hate to say this to you southerners ( my mother is from New Orleans, so I’m familiar with the south) but people all over the country are equally decadent.
            Yes they may vote “conservative “ but many have this “libertarian “ attitude of live & let live. The overwhelming majority may go to a “church” but it’s an inch deep. They really think & acted like Jews. All they care about is $$$$ and will literally abandon their own children if it meant an easier life.

            Bottom line is people do what they are told to do. Period. Facts don’t matter. Unless we get control of the media , it’s a lost cause. The left understands this , that is why they have tightened up the internet, they will do whatever they have to do to control the message going out to the public.
            I know this will probably get me laughed off this site, but restoring The Catholic Church is a necessity if we are to keep not only our country, but Europe, Canada, Australia etc.
            Again the left understands this. It’s shocking that most you don’t get it, probably because of the hatred you have been taught. But ironically without the Catholic Church, your little sects are easy pickings , as we have been seeing the last 60 years.
            What’s amazing is that a lot of you are confederate lovers , but don’t know that a good percentage where Catholics, of course Louisiana, but also Alabama. Several leading Confederates were Catholics including Secretary of the Navy Stephen Mallory and General Pierre Beauregard who led the attack on Fort Sumter that opened the conflict. Confederate president Jefferson Davis, though a Protestant, had been educated by Dominicans and had a lifelong sympathy for the Church.

          • @Thumbs…

            Yes, the Roman Catholic Church was ‘infiltrated’, but it was many centuries before Vatican II.

            Study the history of the church and you’ll see the signs of usurpation in orders like The Jesuits.

            That said, The Russian Orthodox Church was infiltrated by Jewish subversion, centuries ago, but, they managed to throw it off, and when the Jews came back in 1917, despite all the hell and destruction they wrought, The Russian Orthodox Church came back 75 years later and is once again at Czarist levels..

            God leaves humanity a long line, in fisherman’s terms, so to speak, but, in the end, he reels everything in.

          • @Thumbs…

            Yes, having lived in 13 states, I agree with you – Hedonism, Narcissism, Lunacy, and Decadence is pandemic in this country.

            As to Catholics in The South, yes, most Southern Baptists have a discomfort with Roman Catholicism that ranges from moderate to morbid.

            Yes, your comments about Jefferson Davis was well taken and well-informed.

            President Davis was a very cosmopolitan man far ahead of his time.

            If he felt someone had something to offer The Confederacy they got put into positions of responsibility, all except Nathan Bedford Forrest, that terrible mistake Davis later bravely admitting to in his autobiography.

            Thank you for your reply.

            It was a fine one.

    • God does not approve of spiritual/physical bastards.

      And if anyone is sick they are to go to the elders in the church who will anoint and pray over them and they will be healed, Mr. Hibernophobe,

      James 5
      14) Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:
      15) And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, THEY SHALL BE FORGIVEN HIM.

      I guess you demons are just out of “luck”. Try harder again next time…

      • Uncle Ted solicited sex in the confessional. Can you give me four hail marys and…..and…….some gayanal? How TF do you do that? It takes an Irishmen, right or wrong Mick?

        • And just who is this your “Uncle Ted” you keep referring to, Pee-wee Browning? You assume everybody’s mind is full of sexual filth as yours, you pervert.

          • Sexual deviancy is a product of incestuous breeding. The irish and Jews are inbreds. There are other blood characterisitc that are common among Jew and Irish inbreds, a desire to have and hold power over others, an inability to see themselves objectively as flawed imperfect human beings and an unwilling to criticize their own and accept criticism of their own group members from others, outsiders. Do you defend those who critique whites in the same way as those who critique the Irish? BAHA

          • Nice try Satan.

            No! Sexual deviancy is a result of not being close to and obeying God and not praying to not allow one to be led into temptation. Christ is to live His life in you. But you are a filthy lying bastard cut off from God and you want to condemn the Irish to put them in the same category as you are — without any hope — it has all been decided — these people have no future but to commit suicide — their blood is tainted forever — just give up — you are no longer sons of God but bastards cut off from God like this worthless pervert who thinks about sexual perversion 24×7 — Robert Browning. You would kill all the Irish to satisfy your own personal lust.

            And you are the one who wants to hold power over others and offer them no hope of salvation and laugh at them with your maniacal satanic laugh. You are doing the work of Satan who accuses the Saints day and night. Get lost, Satan.

            Revelation 12:10 (KJV)
            And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: FOR THE ACCUSER OF OUR BRETHREN IS CAST DOWN, WHICH ACCUSED THEM BEFORE OUR GOD DAY AND NIGHT.

        • @Brobert Rowning,
          It seems you can’t string a post together without saying the word ‘Irish’.
          I’m sorry it’s come to this, but I can’t hold back any longer, and it must be said:- you’re a slightly unsavoury character! 😉

          • @Goose—-Is God a racist? If racism is the blood hatred, hatred of the blood. And God hates incestuous blood, incestuous breeding. Then it follows God is a racist who hates those who practice incestuous breeding, the irish and the Jews. Who TF am I to argue with God, right Mick?

          • @”Dr” Browning

            Mark 5:25-29
            25 And a certain woman, which had an ISSUE OF BLOOD twelve years,
            26 And had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse,
            27 When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment.
            28 For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole.
            29 And straightway the FOUNTAIN OF HER BLOOD WAS DRIED UP; and she felt in her body that she was healed of that plague.

            So, the eminent “Dr” Browning was stunned when someone pointed this out. What? How could this be? How could this filthy unclean incestuous inbreeding wretch be divinely healed since her whole worthless life was a product of wrath and punishment from God for her incestuous inbreeding. She didn’t deserve to be healed but to die a hideous death. My experiments prove conclusively this should have been the outcome. Some monk/scribe must have altered the text and inserted this fake story into the scriptures. I must get this removed from the New Testament with a new translation at once. It just can’t be true! I know because I am an expert in these things! These morons…

            The mad enraged scientist/physician just stomped away into the night…

  6. The people living in those two states are in for a REAL treat. If you want to experience the true definition of MISERY; just let a Lesbian have control of your lives. On the bright side; Lesbians don’t reproduce; so they will soon fade into oblivion. And all the straight children they have groomed; will shed their misery and return to heterosexal well being.

    • “they will soon fade into oblivion”

      This would be true if we were existing under the natural order. In case you haven’t noticed, we aren’t living under the natural order anymore. The system we are now under is deliberately creating more of these creatures, along with all of the other un-natural things it is churning out.

      • America has become Babylon
        Her judgement is certain and close at hand!!
        As in the days of Noah…so the coming of the son of man

    • @Roberting Brown,
      How many Americans, whether black or white, have partial Irish heritage? Similar story throughout the West:- literally tens of millions.
      Doesn’t appear to be too much inbreeding going on from where I sit.
      Brad and I are both partially Irish, as is most in the commentary section, I’m guessing.
      The key word here is ‘partially’.

  7. The remnant of actual Christians – I do not count believers in the Scofield heresy as Christians except in name only – needs to take back the churches. That’s going to be a long and hard fight as even the ‘conservative’ SBC is massively infested with both the above heresy and Church of Woke lies about feminism, race, equality, etc. HW’s Missouri synod Lutheranism is better off than the SBC but subversion is found there as well. ELCA is no longer Christian. Nor are the Episcopalians, United Church of Christ, most Presbyterians, most Methodists, and others. Catholicism under Vatican II is in total free-fall and even sectors of Orthodoxy are subverted in the west.

    That which is collectively referred to as Christianity is effectively a zombie-golem in the west – serving its Synagogue of Satan masters. Not much point in talking about the influence of a decaying corpse, apart from the putrid stench it puts out. Thankfully Christ (not the Judeo-Christ skinsuit of the devil) overcame death. The good news is that it only took twelve faithful to get the ball rolling and bad as it is today’s remnant is far bigger than 12. The real revolution requires the proles to have faith in something greater than themselves.

    • @Exalted Cyclops…

      “The real revolution requires the proles to have faith in something greater than themselves.”

      Are you optimistic in this?

      • In the long run. What would it take to cause the young whites who’ve embraced the materialist-nihilist vision of life promoted by the gaslight media and entertainment to stop having faith in lies? I suspect a massive economic crash would be a serious dose of reality. Some would die of course. Others would live and learn – however painfully – that the things they put their faith in were all lies.

        Someone on another thread pointed out that the Amish by and large do not appear to have been poisoned as extensively as whites in general. One of the likely reasons for this is that they don’t watch television or go to movies, nor do you see them in universities. Academia is literally nothing but a Church of Woke seminary, even at ostensibly “Christian” schools. Children of Evangelicals often come out as Church of Woke minions because the indoctrination there is so ruthless at all levels. The subversion has been going on for over a century now. It’s unlikely that this will be undone in the short term and it could very well get much worse. Whites might end up having to flee to other places just to survive. The Amish are scattered all over the place, some are even in South America.

        • @Exalted Cyclops…

          Excellent reply.

          Yes, of course The Amish have not been so penetrated by Organized Jewry as the rest of Whites because Modernity is owned by International Jewry, and The Amish gave up on Modernity a long time ago.

          Yes, some Whites will have to relocate.

          Actually, many already are – as it is amazing how many Rural and smalltown Yankees we are receiving in my part of the Olde Confederacy.

          That said, many White areas will hold successfully, for the signs are everywhere.

          You know, this fight back really only began with the formation of the Tea Party in 2009. transformed to MAGA in 2015, and now is moving onto Christian Nationalism.

          Give it a few more years and it will simply be pure undistilled White Nationalism, of various sorts and sectors.

          One already sees this broadly manifested in places like Russia, the Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, The Baltic States, etc, etc

          But, yes, our institutions have been subverted and rotten out at the core.

          Whose fault is this?



          Because this has been going on for decades, but, few have been willing to stop the long party that began in the late 1940s and get serious about our collective well-being.

          That said, things are well underway now, but, we have a long way to go – decades of work.

          All the best on this evening!

  8. Yes, the majority is quite simply bad people these days. I saw a white woman around 30 with white kids and starting to put on weight yesterday at Walmart. What was on the back of her neck? A tattoo. This is just one small example of the slide of the quality of the citizenry, these tattoos that seem ubiquitous on everyone under 40 these days. Since when did tattoos become OK? It was always seen as something on the seedy side of life when I was a kid, now that along with even more extreme stuff like this piercing and holes in earlobes defiles the youth. These aren’t the people who build the Jetson’s type house of tomorrow future that is still assumed to be on our way by these bastards.

    • You forgot to mention all the Left-leaning liberal moms who bring their young to queer readings and gayday parades

    • @John…

      What is going on in this country, in 2022, is far beyond what went on in Germany in 1922 – those things to which you refer principally occurring in Berlin.

      • Post WWI Germany was demoralized but not broken. There were still a lot of fiercely patriotic elements among the people and military. By contrast Biden’s America is nothing but weakness, cowardice and depravity.

        • @Spahn…

          The average German of 1930 was in much better psychic shape than we are.

          They knew who they were, they knew Christ was their king, and they knew that every day they had a duty to perform.

          Just the German Work Ethic, alone, has classically been something to admire.

          I know, I lived there long ago and saw it in person, – both in their military and civilian sector.

          The Germans are an admirable people, though, having lost their sovereignty in 1945, they have fallen upon very bad times.

          Scholz, Harbeck, and Baerbock are a collection of willfully malicious idiots who if there be any justice in this world, will be returned to the private sector this Winter.

          They are so bad they even make Biden look conscientious and competent.

  9. All I can say is that there’s gonna be a lot of rug-munching celebration tonight among the two newest governors. Sick!

    • @Rocka…

      You have not even begun to see the end of the Blue State descent.

      It’s just now getting going…

      Wait until they do not have The Red States to slow them down – they’ll become a hell of insanity on this earth.

  10. The Roman Catholic Church has been loaded with pedophile priests for many, many decades. Paying off lawsuits for their priestly abuse has virtually bankrupted diocese’ around the country. Go ahead, take Communion from your local RC priest, never knowing where his hands have been last.

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