1. IDK man, virtually every remaining close race to be counted is in a state run by shitlibs. At this point, I won’t be surprised if they “keep” the Senate and House. The only reason much of Long Island flipped in the House races is they weren’t expecting that.

  2. I read someone claim that one of the crypto currencies just collapsed. Something called FTX and that most of the money the US was sending to the Ukraine was invested in this FTX that just went poof. The Chief of FTX was a Sam Blankman-Fried, this guy was the second biggest donor to the democrats this election cycle. Only Soros was bigger. So was this money the democrats were sending to the Ukraine just a big money laundering scheme to transfer taxpayer dollars to fund their campaign?

    • Good thing FTX waited until just after the elections to go bust. Now the $50 million USD (not 50 million in Bitcoin) Sam Bankman-Fried dropped on the Democrats to leave him alone isn’t a political issue. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

    • You must have seen Sailer’s post at Unz. Yet another Jew economic genius in the mold of Bernie Madoff – just try and imagine my total shock. As Sailer notes, Soros (the biggest donor) is just a right-wing conspiracy theory. The funniest joke of all are the utter morons who still think the Repukes are the ‘party of the rich’ and that the D-jerseys are the ‘party of the working class’. The lower the IQ the more likely they would fall for such an obvious lie. Even so, like the legendary Colt-45 Malt Liquor, it works …. every time. An electorate this stupid have truly earned their Darwin Awards.

      • >You must have seen Sailer’s post at Unz.

        LOL — believe it or not, no one needs to read Sailer’s bullshit to know what’s going in the world, including with FTX — there are many much better sources of info on that.

        As I said before (ahem), despite all his writing on the irremediable nature of human differences (HBD), Sailer is a civic nationalist faggot and one of the biggest intellectual frauds on the internet (link).

        And by the way, he says he’s an ethnic Jew (link).

        No wonder white people never get anywhere — they keep allowing themselves to be influenced and led by Jews, frauds, and gatekeepers (Trump is probably the latest and greatest example of the latter).

  3. OT (‘Something called FTX’)


    At the link above is an interesting Twitter thread detailing the people involved with FTX, as well as their connections — basically, a bunch of Jews and hangers-on, many very well-respected members of America’s elite, the kind of people who manage to become wealthy without ever doing an honest day of work — the thread also provides yet more evidence of how the Democratic Party has become allies and servants of this plutocratic elite, as they both plunder the US.

    The country can and will never be put right until this parasitical class is flushed, and never allowed to rise to power again.

    Also take a look at the replies to the tweet below — all the faggots who recoil at the mention of Jews like Dracula before a crucifix:

    Look up the religious affiliation of everyone involved in the FTX collapse … Kanye was right

    • Looks like they already liquidated the troublesome negro for noticing “Ye” was right. I agree with you about Sailer, I just happened to notice the headline when it appeared over at Unz. Sailer’s schtick is to state the obvious in a quirky way – nothing more. He never comes out and names the jew but likes to hint at it. He comes closer to naming them than Jared Taylor ever did though.

    • @Mr. Confederate…

      Good point.

      The reality is that ‘The Justice Democrats’ were bought out, whereas The Freedom Caucus has refused that.

  4. “…In exchange for supporting Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker, we need to get something in return like cutting off Ukraine…”

    That’s not enough and they should not elect him in any event.

    “If” the House Republicans had the balls, and they probably do not, they could derail the whole steal and turn the country around using existing laws.

    The House can raise militias legally. Nancy did this during the election by bringing in all these Nat. Guard people if I’m not mistaken. So the House raises a militia from States that favor our cause..

    The Constitution provides that…

    Article I, Section 5, which provides “Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members …”

    Fraud being an obvious disqualification. We don’t have to put up with this. I go over this in exhausting detail in this comment and links from it.


    All the Representatives that they elected in the resent steal, the House refuses to seat them and demands controlled re-elections. The Democrats already did this once after Nixon was impeached.

    They put Trump in as Speaker, impeach Biden and Kamala. Trump is President. Trump declares all the surveillance, and there’s a huge, extraordinary amount of people involved in this, under his control and details Gen Flynn to run them. They in turn follow only the Jews and Democrats and any other pozzed deep State types.

    Fire all the top of the FBI. All of them. The top ten percent should do.

    Now unravel the steal in Senate and jail all these people. Have new Senate elections. Put in place new voting rules as I outlined on the link and undo the illegal Supreme Court decision that took away regional representation from the States,

    We now own the country from top to bottom.

    Could this happen, yes, but it’s likely they don’t have the balls to do it. If it were the Democrats doing this it would already be done, they use any power they have. We could do the same. I’m just outlining a path we could follow.

    • > “If” the House Republicans had the balls, and they probably do not, they could derail the whole steal and turn the country around using existing laws.

      You’re probably correct about a possible course of action and (as I’ve stated before) you’re one of the very few posters here who has tried to come up with a possible viable strategy for fighting our enemies. If Trump had a brain (fear not, he doesn’t) he would hire you today. HW, I again endorse giving Sam J. the opportunity to do an entire article on his ideas on fighting.

      That all being said, the whole strategy falls because the GOP geldings have no balls. As I’ve noted before, this is not a bug but a feature of the system. As the Unknown Man sayeth:

      “Team R versus Team D is an intra-squad scrimmage, mounted by players from the same team, meant to distract the screaming throng from the fact that the stadium is on fire and their cars are being stolen in the parking lot.”

      • “…whole strategy falls because the GOP geldings have no balls…”

        I’m not unaware of this but it appears to be that we are directly following the path of Russia and the attempted coups in Germany and Hungary. Maybe my grasping at straws to stop this is futile but if what has happened before happens here, people will have wished they had done differently. Myself included, as I will likely be ground to dust during this. It’s causing me great anxiety.

        Large amounts of our so-called leaders are blackmailed or have been chosen because they were pliable. They have taken a long time to do this and vast numbers of the “gelded” as you say have been put in place over decades. It doesn’t look good.

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