Axios: Democrats Hold U.S. Senate

As I said before the election, I was judging the midterms by the outcome of the Senate races. By that standard, this is a disaster. We will dive into what went wrong for Republicans.


“Democrats will keep control of the Senate after winning key races in Nevada, Arizona and New Hampshire and flipping a Republican-held seat in Pennsylvania, as the House remains too close to call.

Driving the news: Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) defeated former Nevada Republican Attorney General Adam Laxalt, the AP reported Saturday, one night after Sen. Mark Kelly (D-Ariz.) defeated venture capitalist Blake Masters. Both GOP candidates were backed by former President Trump. …”

Is it a total disaster?

If Herschel Walker loses the Georgia Senate runoff in December, it will be. If Walker defeats Warnock, trading a Pennsylvania Senate seat for a Georgia Senate seat won’t change much. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema who are up for reelection in 2024 will continue to pour cold water on Democrat ambitions in the Senate, but if Warnock returns to the Senate then Fetterneck’s vote offsets Joe Manchin.

If Republicans had won the Senate races in 2022, then it might have been possible to get to 60 votes in the Senate before 2025. Now, even if Trump or DeSantis is elected in 2024, Democrats will just use the filibuster to block their agenda and the stalemate in the Senate will drag on forever.


  1. Watch them also “keep” the House. MSM is already signaling that “might” happen despite the “odds” it won’t. What this tells me is the powers that be are more likely than not going to make sure it happens. The remaining key races are in shitlib-run states. That is no accident.

    • If Republicans win control of the House, it will be due to New York and California where they did better than expected. New York was a disaster for Democrats. From what I have heard, Republicans outperformed expectations in California of all places while blowing it across the Midwest. So weird.

      • I suspect New York and California did better than expected because the Democrats didn’t have their eyes on them. Those states caught them by surprise. As you no doubt know, Republicans need 7 out of 20 undecided races to control the House. Of those, 11 are in California and 1 is in New York. The libs are most certainly “watching” them now. Except for 1 undecided race (trending blue) in Alaska, the rest are in Arizona, Colorado, Maine, New Mexico and Oregon. Good luck, GOP, with any of these.

      • Majewski could have beaten Kaptur, but, he exaggerated his military record and got caught doing it. It was pretty thin, he could have said I loaded and unloaded planes for Afghanistan in Oman. Which was the truth, rather than saying he was in Afghanistan.

  2. I think now we can write a pretty complete history.

    Trump 2016 was the disaster. A workable narrative at the time was that he had deployed the Sailer Strategy and so discovered all these new Republican voters. The result would be an enduring shift towards a new and revitalized GOP, which would start by closing down immigration and rolling back the leftist culture war. Massive pent-up political pressure would explode outwards and the Democratic edifice of ideological control would shatter, collapsing back in on its strongholds of New York and SF. This new GOP would cement its dominance by expanding the tent via a populist focus.

    The actual reality was that Trump barely squeaked in due to Hillary being an awful candidate, and especially due to Comey’s October surprise. The well-organized, high-IQ left responded with total war fought with utmost savagery from every level of society. The Deep State also mobilized against him due to his perceived threat to the GAE system. Trump crashed and burned due to his own crippling personality flaws, and an almost total lack of support for any populist agenda from the Republican establishment. His final act was to play right into his enemies’ hands by inciting Jan 6th.

    Today, the Left is far more radical and far stronger than in 2016. The so-called alt-right has been crushed and bankrupted. White America’s history has been abolished, with blacks and homosexuals replacing the Founding Fathers and Jesus as totemic examples for society to honor and follow. Discrimination against whites, and especially white men, in hiring, employment, and promotion is now routine, open and institutionalized. Companies are actually fined (via higher interest on bank loans) for employing too many white men. In much of the country (not all of it, but stay tuned) perverts walk around in girls’ locker rooms with their dicks hanging out. Men become famous and are lionized by the Left as stunning and brave by publicly claiming to be women, and then beating the shit out of women in boxing, swimming, and other sports. Urban downtowns across the country are open-air homeless camps and drug markets.

    The Right by contrast has been totally unable organize around a coherent ideological program, nor deploy the financial or intellectual firepower to see it through. The substitute has been an utterly self-destructive personal loyalty to Trump on the one hand, and scattered ad-hoc efforts by individual politicians on the other. Sometimes these work, sometimes they don’t. Electorally, the upshot is that Republicans today win *less* of the vote of each racial group than the moronic tradcon cuck monkey-man George W. Bush managed way back in 2004.

    About the only exception to this dismal picture is that, once again through lucky breaks and quirks in the system, Trump’s freak victory let him appoint enough rightists to the Supreme Court to abolish Roe, and probably abolish affirmative action. Of course affirmative action hasn’t been abolished yet, and abortion is now a serious millstone around Republicans’ necks in swing states as every single election is now, in part, a referendum on abortion. In any case, the Left’s total-war machinery will be coming for the Supreme Court soon.

    • I see typical Soviet collapse scenario.

      “””….A referendum on the future of the Soviet Union was held on 17 March 1991 across the Soviet Union. The question put to voters was Do you consider necessary the preservation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics as a renewed federation of equal sovereign republics in which the rights and freedom of an individual of any ethnicity will be fully guaranteed?…”””

      77% voted yes, 113 million people. More, that in US 2022 midterms R and D combined.

      Yet 6 months later, Soviet Union was gone. Coup in august 1991 was actually based on this referendum and hope that a lot of those 113 millions coming to the streets to support the coup. Nobody came out, so both coup and Soviet Union went down in flames.

      So what happened ? Soviet economy was in ruins, inflation made people savings worthless, criminal violence was rampant, infrastructure collapsed, even nuclear power station exploded. And 113 million people still voted for keeping madness going.

      Well, in the hard times, people tend to be hyper conservative and prefer known devils. Every tyrant knows this and uses fearmongering that the other guys are worse than me so you will lose last good things you still have, Now the tyranny issues became symbols of preserving last good things.

      Abort became a symbol. When those bad guys go after abortion, they can go also after my part time shit job and evict me from my rat infected small dark bunker what I call home. Also opioid supply chain may broke So I will fight until I still have my shit job and bunker and opioids.

      Normie does not think, normie is only afraid. They take abortion away = they take last good things in my life away. This process is global. In my home country there is also Nazi Party and main counter argument from the opponents is that when Nazi Party comes to power, then all things go only worse.

      What happens next, is very rapid 180. Scared people are very erratic so “we must keep at every price” becomes “we must jump the ship immediately” .

      In Hitler Germany fanatic National Socialism died overnight. After Hitler death was announced, everybody became Good German who always opposed Nazis. Now Putin waiting the same moment. We must support Ukraine becomes I never supported this bloodbath and madness. .

      And we must relax and wait until economic and political disaster becomes so big that everybody jumps the ship and screams that he was anti abortion and anti communist entire life. Worse is better as one man said. And this man actually pulled off real successful revolution.

      So nothing went wrong with those elections. Sit back and enjoy how self appointed Titanic captains handling the collapse of financial system and entire economy. and Jew Word Order in general.

    • Picture perfect encapsulation of America, circa 2016-2022, and beyond. Must be the initials.
      Seriously, looking at the results of the Red Wave that Wasn’t, it is now crystal clear that any assumption that nationalist/populist public policy can be secured from the federal Leviathan is a false hope. The built-in advantages of the Uni-Party within the socio-political-economic complex in creating a false consciousness among the normie/griller work hard /play by the rules/get shafted anyway clan, combined with absolute control of the communications apparatus and urban election machinery, assures continuation of the Empire of Evil.
      As the same dynamic seems to be true on the state level among two thirds of those jurisdictions, with exceptions such as Florida, it appears that working on the local level to built livable modest-sized towns is the only option. Or just dropping out completely. At this point, stepping out to fight is a fool’s errand.

  3. How many baby mommas does Hershey have? It speaks volumes about our plight that this washed up mentally ill niggerballer is (some claim) the “lesser evil” choice that whites in a Southern state face.

    • Apparently, Donald Trump endorsed Herschel Walker because he used to play football for him in the New Jersey Generals, and he endorsed Dr. Oz because Melania liked him. That was his reasoning. Trump tried and failed to destroy Brian Kemp and told his supporters not to vote for Loeffler and Perdue in the Georgia runoffs. Then he tried and failed to destroy Brian Kemp for defying him after the 2020 election.

      It is what it is though. If Warnock is reelected in December, Fetterneck’s vote nullifies Joe Manchin’s vote which could be disastrous if Democrats somehow hols the Hous3

    • At least two have claimed that Hershey paid for their abortions. But hey, the God Emperor of Grift endorsed the football star so he’s got to be good. One would think southern whites would have tired of dindus given the appalling record of Lady G’s house-nigra in SC.

  4. The game has changed, polls can be thrown out the window from here on out. Public opinion doesn’t win elections, ballots do. With the advent of mass mail in voting, the GOP needs to evolve. Relying on election day votes clearly doesnt work. The strategy needs to be to harvest as many ballots as possible in the White rural areas of swing states. We’ll need Assad like margins in these areas to flip them. This is the only way Trump can win in 2024.

  5. At this rate, the Democrats will hold The House, as well.

    Now they are saying that The House comes down to seats in California, and, if that is the case, I have a hard time seeing the real results ever surface.

    As someone who grew up in a country with reliable and prompt elections which, for the most part, were reflective of the constituencies voting in them, I see that elections in many states and counties have degraded.

    The very same method that got Governor Roy Cooper into the NC governor’s mansion (closing and reopening polls, endlessly delayed tallies, is the same method I put president Biden in office and now is putting Democrat senators back into the senate who I sincerely doubt are faithful reflections of their constituencies.

    We need Republican candidates with more spine – and that includes President Trump

    When Arizona Secretary of State, Miss Katie Hobbs, finishing cheating every GOP candidate out of office, in Arizona, I hope that every Republican stands up and refuses to accept this – come what may.

    We must not sit silent and abide lawlessness that calls itself the law.

  6. “The 2020 election was stolen.

    The 2022 midterms were stolen.

    They laundered your taxes through the Ukraine, back to FTX, on to the DNC to fund it.

    They cheated in the same way, in the same places as last time.

    The same jewish media has ran cover for it, preparation pieces, propaganda explanations as to how and why.

    You don’t vote your way out of corruption on this scale.

    Corruption of this level is executed out, not voted out.”

    – Real Six Million

    The GOP/RNC do not deserve to be in power being the absolute cowards, cuckolds, and traitors they’ve always been. Regardless, the harsh and brutal reality needs to be shined into our consciousness. This will be One Party Rule on the federal level going forward. We have lost the constitutional right to vote and be represented. Widespread taxation now exists without representation. Everything has fundamentally changed since 2016. Hyper-radical and hyper-extreme measures are now the only possible route to renewal. This is not fed-posting. This is the basic reality we all know to be true now.

  7. This is better for us long term. The only solution to this historical situation is a New Nation, nothing else matters.

  8. linkIt is genuinely shocking to me that this race went from +2% Laxalt with only 20% left to count to +0.5% Masto

    Actually, it’s not shocking at all to anyone familiar with 2020: the large, early next morning vote dumps in both WI and MI, nearly all for Biden, that erased Trump’s significant overnight lead in both states — this was one of the major voting and vote counting anomalies highlighted by serious people who undertook a responsible analysis of something that confused literally millions of people: how they all went to bed on election night thinking Trump had won, and woke up next day to the news that he was the likely loser.

    The political and media establishments then closed ranks to block any investigation and explanation of this and other odd, statistically very improbable things about the 2020 election.

    • >from +2% Laxalt with only 20% left to count to +0.5% Masto

      Basically every late precinct broke incredibly heavily for Masto

      To emphasize: this is exactly what happened in Wisconsin and Michigan (perhaps in other locales too; off the top of my head I cannot remember) during the 2020 election: long after the polls closed. i.e. when it was clear Trump was heading for a win, a large drop of votes virtually entirely for Biden came in and flipped both races (WI and MI).

      Reasonable people asked at the time: how and why did such a statistically anomalous thing happen? — there was never an explanation.

      The same question can and should be asked here: why did the later votes fall so heavily for the Democrat, after the Republican held a sizable lead? — 2% is not large, but it is a sizable lead with only 20% of votes left to count.

      Accepting that this is all just a sequence of coincidences ought to challenge anyone’s ability to suspend disbelief — but I think one purpose of the heavy media campaign against ‘election denial’, including warnings of a ‘danger to democracy’, is to make it a LOT more difficult for people to consider that there might be something going on here.

  9. Why am I not surprised the red wave turned into kiddie pool ripple?

    The definition of insanity is voting over and over in corrupt system and excepting different results.

  10. MAIL-IN FRAUD. Incumbents sitting on as big a dog turd as the Dems have done for the past two years invariably get punished. The only was they didn’t this time was fraud. There’s no other reason to take several days to count ballots. America is officially a banana republic.

  11. >We will dive into what went wrong for Republicans.

    You ought to spend your time doing something enjoyable rather than trying to analyze why a bunch of losers lost — losing is what losers do.


    When I suggest that women, particularly ‘women in the workforce’, are at the center of the cultural/social deterioration in the US, it is due to a long accumulation of evidence, both anecdotal and empirical (e.g. published social and behavioral science research).

    Then there is also sad data like this:

    linkNEW DATA: A study of nationwide hospital databases found that at least 1,130 adolescents between 2016 and 2019 received “gender-affirming” chest surgeries in the U.S. An overwhelming majority (1,114) of the adolescents were female (98.6%).

    It’s obvious that women absolutely dominate among those pushing gender nonsense.

    And the info above can be seen as some evidence that modern society has a destructive effect on the fragile psyches of young women — their souls are in constant, visceral conflict: a natural maternal and nurturing instinct versus mass societal propaganda (e.g. feminism) denigrating those roles, pushing them to ignore and suppress their very natures.

    • linkThe saddest thing in the past 24 hours are the very women I’m describing here insisting that they’re proud and happy with this lifestyle. I don’t say any of this with scorn or judgment or condescension. It’s a tragedy what our culture is doing to young women and girls. Men too.

      Unless you counteract the cultural forces pushing women away from their traditional and natural roles in society, you will find it much more difficult to fix the problems in America, including a low white birthrate that has led to more white deaths than births in more than half of US states.

  12. I have to think how we fought a two-front war, more of a three-front one actually, against the three world-spanning dominant empires of their time at, or near their peak, the British Empire, the USA and Stalinist Soviet Union, and almost won. The American “conservative” gets conquered by charges of racism and defeated by lesbians and troons. His most strongly held believe is that he loves Israel more than even the Jews. And when the American-British bombers burned millions of German civilians alive, when the Red Army and their penal batallions murder-raped even more millions of German women, the entire German race said as if with one voice: “KAPITULIEREN? NEIN!”

    Americans today: bugmen, morbidly obese negresses, spinsters, consoomers, Ashkenazi nu male Brahmin, Hipster atheists, and Christians always on the retreat. Victory has defeated you. Flight from the university, flight from the city, flight from the cultural industries. Those bunkered in the religious country-side often waiting for the end, awaiting end-times. Radical rhetoric always reactive, a sign of despair and helplessness. Few, like Andrew Torba, capable of reconquest, capable to rekindle the pioneer spirit that felt the great red woods, fought Indians, built cities into the wild… If you got a global empire and its privileges can be taken from you at any time, was it ever truly yours? Even though I live in your official vassal state and you in the official overlord, I can’t tell who is more occupied by this empire. So very different from the Roman patricians who embodied not only a spirit, but a race which was one with their empire. It is hard to believe this century is to belong to such an eternal contradiction whose last utopia is the last man. It is such an empty tyranny and absurd world order. And the great destiny of humanity wasted, an insult to the creator.

  13. This is a transparently engineered outcome, aided by traitorous leadership in the GOP.

    I don’t accept the outcomes in Arizona or Nevada as legitimate. Who knows where else ballot harvesting has been harnessed to stuff the ballot boxes.

    The Democrats were right. Democracy has ended.

  14. Why is that?

    Is it because there is massive fraud going on in full view of Republican observers from Masters and Laxalt’s campaigns, OR, is it because of the election laws of those specific states? What are the election laws in Arizona and Nevada like compared to Florida?

    In the 2000 election, the Bush v. Gore presidential race was a disaster in Florida which went on for a lot longer than this and was decided by the Supreme Court. Florida changed its laws though and now the votes are tabulated before election night and the results are known very quickly. In the 2020 election, it took days for Georgia to be called for Joe Biden, but in Georgia passed its Election Integrity Law in 2021. The vote in Georgia was counted much more quickly in this election. The Warnock/Walker race was a tie. All the polls had it either as a tie or a slight advantage for Walker. Warnock led the polls for most of the race.

    Did Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada and Arizona reform their election laws like Georgia? Did the Democrats control those states? I know they just won control in Michigan. They still don’t control the Wisconsin state legislature. Arizona had a Republican governor and state legislature.

    • >They still don’t control the Wisconsin state legislature.

      Lawmaking and laws are one thing — adherence to laws is another, as is the will and ability to uncover wrongdoing, especially in the face of massive, coordinated efforts by politicians and the media against the idea that there could have been election fraud.

      Let me put it to you this way: if authorities in Wisconsin were audacious enough to put Kyle Rittenhouse on trial for murder, with obvious video evidence showing he acted in self-defense, then authorities there and elsewhere are probably audacious enough to act similarly in ‘defense of democracy’.

      I have no doubt that due to secular moral absolutism these people would feel their actions are justified.

      • What does it say that these governors were reelected in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan after the George Floyd riots? In Michigan, the COVID nanny was reelected in a landslide. It wasn’t even close.

    • Have you taken the time to understand what ballot harvesting is?

      If you manufacture ballots to stuff the boxes, toss out the ones that don’t go your way, then hand them in to be counted, there isn’t much reason to think they would catch that at the count. These ballots are manufactured to pass the smell tests, obviously.

      • Yep.

        The problem is that there are 50 states with 50 different election laws. It is like playing a football game with four quarters and one set of rules in one state and traveling to a different state where a football games last six quarters with different rules and penalties. In order to understand what has happened, you have to be familiar with state laws on things like drop boxes, mail-in voting, ballot harvesting and so forth. Is ballot harvesting legal in Nevada?

  15. The “stolen election” stuff is just bullshit. Trump made it up on the spot because he couldn’t accept that he lost.

    Yesterday a leftist family member told me “ironically Trump saved Democracy in this election, and now he’s going to keep the Republicans out of power for a decade”. I couldn’t agree more.

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