2022 Autopsy: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana

Culture is king.

I was confident that a Red Wave was going to hit in the midterms. I assumed that Republicans would easily take back the House and probably win a few Senate seats. I was wrong.

This wasn’t a normal midterm election. The Red Wave crashed into cultural balkanization, redistricting, millions of dollars in negative advertising, an Election Season in key swing states and a major backlash against the Dobbs decision and Trump’s claims about the 2020 election.

As things stand today, Republicans are still winning the popular vote by around 4 percent. 52,142,213 people voted Republican. 47,127,174 people voted Democrat. There was a Red Wave in 2022 and it is going to translate into a Congress that is split nearly 50/50. How did this happen?


How did I get this so wrong?

In my own state, I didn’t get this wrong. It was a great year for Republicans.

Kay Ivey was reelected governor with 67.4% of the vote. She won in 2018 with 59.6% of the vote. She picked up another 7.8% of the vote. In my home county, Kay Ivey won Barbour County by 59.5% in 2022 compared to 52.3% in 2018. She flipped Tuscaloosa, Marengo and Russell County.

In the U.S. Senate, Katie Britt won easily with 66.8% of the vote.

In the House, Republicans easily swept every House race. The swings from the 2020 election were R+56 in AL-01, R+10.7 in AL-02, R+12.1 in AL-03, R+8.9 in AL-04, R+10.7 in AL-05, R+59.4 in AL-06 and R+2.6 in AL-07. Republicans won by greater margins everywhere.

Republicans won the Lt. Governor and Attorney General races.

Alabama Republicans retained the supermajority in the state legislature and picked up more seats at the local level. In the words of Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, “I didn’t anticipate that there would be that poor of a performance among Democrats statewide. It was the worst in the history of this state. It’s not even close.” Alabama had the lowest turnout in a midterm in 36 years. Democrats weren’t inspired to vote after electing Doug Jones to the Senate in 2017.

There were no screw ups in Alabama. There was no fraud. It was a normal election and the results were reported on time and the outcome was known almost instantly. Nothing changed.


Next door in Mississippi, it was a similar story. Nothing changed.

There was even less going on … no governor race, no U.S. Senate race and state legislature elections are next year. Mississippi had the lowest voter turnout in the country. Only 31.1% of eligible voters showed up. Republicans easily won 3 out of 4 House races. Bennie Thompson was reelected in the Mississippi Delta. The swings from the 2020 election were R+13.2 in MS-01, R+6.8 in MS-02, R+17.6 in MS-03 and R+12.3 in MS-04. There were no screw ups in Mississippi. It was an uneventful night.


Over in Louisiana, the status quo also prevailed.

John Kennedy was reelected to the U.S. Senate with 61.6% of the vote and won every parish in the state except Orleans Parish. Republicans won 5 out of 6 House seats. The swings from the 2020 election were R+8.1 in LA-01, D+1.4 in LA-02, R+20.4 in LA-03, R+75.9 in LA-04, R+21.5 in LA-05 and R+53.3 in LA-06. Turnout in Louisiana was 41.4% which was slightly down from the 2018 midterms.

Why start here?

Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana are Deep South states.

These states all have full abortion bans, large black populations and large populations of White evangelical Protestants. They are all culturally Southern. Republicans dominated all three states. Abortion was on the ballot and there was no major backlash against the Dobbs decision.

Note: It is a peculiar type of White voter who is animated by abortion.


  1. You continue to deny election theft in the blue states, but you will see it happen in Alabama before too long.

    That filibuster in the Senate isn’t going to last forever, and when it falls the democrats will enact their goal of federal control of all elections.

    The 2026 or 2028 elections in Alabama will takes weeks to “count the ballots” and the results won’t be to your liking

    • I’m sorry, but election theft doesn’t explain why a gay Jew was just reelected as governor in a landslide in Colorado or why a lesbian was elected as governor in Oregon or why another lesbian was elected as governor by a comfortable margin in Massachusetts or why a Jewish fanatic was elected as governor by over 10 points in Pennsylvania. It didn’t make sense in 2020. It makes even less sense now.

      • It can be both. There could be a synergy of just a little (just enough) strategically applied electronic and mail-in fraud (with digital instead of permanent paper records it may be impossible to rule out such fraud) – and also the very well-known, urban-cosmopolitan tendency to vote for the most-evil, immoralizing (pro-abortion) and most un-White candidates.

        But do any of these details matter? Not much in the broad view of the system as a WHOLE that needs to be replaced. It’s not only some trees (states) in one region that are dead, the forest itself is dying with the same disease.

        • Fraud is things like fake ballots or changing totals on voting machines.

          It is not the same thing as states where it is LEGAL to have all these drop boxes and ballot harvesting and early voting that goes on for months and where huge numbers of mail-in ballots and absentee ballots have become the norm and where those ballots are opened and counting begins on election day.

          I want to stress that this is my initial impression. States like Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin don’t have the same election laws as other states. That’s the difference. In Florida, the result was known early on election night because millions of ballots had already been tabulated.


      Methyr Rising said … “It can be both. ”

      I agree with that.

      The election results are part of a complex brew – a major constituent of which is cheating in key Blue States or Blue Counties of so-called Swing States.

      No surprise there.

      What I do not get, however, is The Republican Party and their candidates, or their voters.

      They say nothing and do nothing about it.

      They seem to think that silent passivity will change the cheating.

      If that is the assumption, I don’t share it.

      • “ What I do not get, however, is The Republican Party and their candidates, or their voters.”

        The Republican Party is just false opposition.

        In the Soviet Union they had elections too. You had your choice of two Communists.

        Both parties in the US are funded by the same people. You can’t even run unless they approve of you. It’s all fixed. But I think since Trump a crack appeared that needs to spackled over. Hence the ballot box stuffing in the last two elections.
        Something definitely smells bad….everything & I mean everything was for a red wave. But the Democrats still win ?? Just too outrageous to believe imho.
        They can & will get away with this because they control the media & now the internet ( another crack that was fixed), they are also the ones counting the votes lol
        So they just keep putting out stories of how only crazy people think there is voter fraud & the population by & large buys it.

        • @Thumbs…

          Yes, I agree with your analysis that, at the top of the Republican heirarchy they regard the people as their opponents – not the other party.

          That said, not everybody is that way – starting with The Freedom Caucus.

          I do not think everything is fixed, but, if you were to change that statement to ,’those who fund both parties fix a lot and then some’, I would agree with that.

          Yes, I agree – I simply do not believe the overall results.

          Some states are notoriously bad – Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, and Arizona.

          Georgia and Florida were bad but, they’ve been improved.

          Yes, I agree that, after everything, a large part of the populace still believes too much of the script they are given.

          Many of our fellow countrymen simply cannot imagine how bad is the character of the ruling class because many of our fellow Americans do not know megalomanics and habitual liars – except those who appear on TV.

          Thank you for your comment!

  2. I’m waiting for Mike Hill to don his War Chief kilt and proclaim a provisional Christian Southern Republic any decade now.

  3. Someone pointed out in another thread that Repuglicucks NEVER seem to win any of these drawn-out “election season” dog & pony shows. I can’t think of one, either.

    I’d bet the coon tune that nig Warnock returns to da Senament.

    • Have any of these close elections with late counting ever gone in favor a Republican? Axing for a friend.


      The thought occurred to me after the NJ gubernatorial elections in 2021. The loathsome Governor of NJ, Phil Murphy, ex Goldman Sachs, ex BHO’s butt boy was losing and the Democrat president of the State Senate actually lost to a Republican truck driver who spent $2,200 on his campaign and made his only campaign video himself with his cell phone. The “experts” had predicted an easy Democrat victory across the ballot so they didn’t anticipate the need to cheat.

      After the counting stopped and the Republican had a slight lead for Governor more ballots were “found”, counted and mirabile dictu, ole Filthy Phil won. Stop me if you have heard this one before. The Democrats had to let the State Senate seat go to the Republican truck driver, there is only so much cheating they can do on the fly.

      If there has been a similar situation where votes have been counted, a result declared, the Democrat won and yet, more ballots suddenly “found”, counted and the Republican declared the winner I am unaware of it. Perhaps such a miracle has happened. If so, like the miracles of Lourdes, very few examples are attested to.

      I would venture that there are more miracles attested to at Lourdes by the Catholic Church (very, very few BTW) than there are examples of Republicans winning as I described above. The take away is you have a better chance of getting healed at Lourdes than you do of a Republican winning a “close” election. Then again, the character of the people at Lourdes is many orders of magnitude better than U.S. politicians, particularly Republican party officials.

      BTW, the Democrat mayoral candidate for LA Mayor in California is pulling this same “close election” bullshit now. Karen Bass (D.), a negress, is winning against the White guy, Ray Caruso, the hapless and hopeless former Republican candidate. The top two winners in primary votes compete against each other in the general election in LA for mayor.

      ” . . . Until Friday, Caruso had a tiny lead on the congresswoman of one-half percentage point, or 2,695 votes, but results from about 60,000 ballots released Friday and Saturday showed Bass overtaking and then widening her lead.”


  4. Lady G, obviously under orders from those she serves, announced he’d support federal legislation supporting abortion restrictions nationwide. Considering the source, this was obviously every bit as bogus as Shitpants Joey and the D-jerseys talking about debt relief. Helped to get out the vote in shitlib strongholds though. The Gay Old Pedos helped rig the election in other ways, kind of a variant of Cheetohead the clown’s Platinum Plan for the Kangz of Wokeunduh. How much R-jersey effort and funds spent in failure to boost these clowns could have gone to more viable whites like Masters in AZ? Those running the show didn’t have to use the massive level of fraud they did in 2020, but they used enough to ensure there would be no change in congress this year.

  5. There are reports that the voting machines were giving 100s or thousands of additional votes to the dems. Other reports that machines broke down and people had to use the write in ballets.

    I believe as with many others the system is rigged and corrupt or the people voting are just plain stupid that like inflation and paying over the top prices for their gas and food among everything else.

  6. many right-wing voters: lots of Dem election fraud again like in 2020

    Hunter: no it was legit but voters had a backlash against complaining about election fraud (!)

    really, I can’t even … that’s first class copin’ there

    also some playin’ with words, saying ‘election fraud’ does not encompass ‘harvesting’ etc … it’s a continuum, you harvest and you fill ’em out, you cherry pick which ones get turned in

    election fraud is like JQ, lots know but there’s great discomfort and fear talking about it

    media shuns the election fraud theme, courts are useless … depressing to discuss cuz seems nothing can be done

    voter turn-out was historically modest because big-party candidates were too similar … now it will be low because people in many places know it will be rigged

    News media phrasing taunts us: “A decisive new batch of ballots from Las Vegas’ Clark County …” ballots suddenly found, like magic

    • Let’s think about this.

      Is election fraud the reason why every Republican candidate in Georgia except Herschel Walker won statewide by 50%? Is election fraud the reason why Stacey Abrams lost her race?

  7. @Brad Griffin, you sound like a mainstream newbie. Voting Republican is NOT the answer to our problems. Evangelical Protestant Nationalism is a deadend and is just muh Libertarian which is all horseshit too. You will never learn.

    • Well, I disagree.

      From my perspective, I used to be out of sync with my swath of the population, but gradually those people have largely come around. The people who are “waking up” are White evangelical Protestants and mainline Protestants. They want to restrict immigration like I do. They oppose the Great Replacement like I do. They support a National Divorce. We agree on a lot more than we disagree now. Hopefully, these people will continue on their current trajectory, especially if Biden is reelected in 2024.

      • Mark Collett did a podcast a few years ago about going door knocking , asking people their opinions on certain issues & then trying to get them to vote for whatever British Nationalist Party he was in at the time.
        What he found is that yes, people agreed with him on 9 out of ten issues, but when he asked them to vote BNP they would say something like ,” my family has voted Labor for generations & will continue to do so”
        People vote like they are watching the NFL , they love their team good or bad.
        We saw this in California when gay marriage was put on the ballot. Blacks , who vote 90% democrat, voted against Gay marriage, because it wasn’t in a democrat package.

        If the actual issues were put up to a vote , we would win across the board on most issues, even among non whites.
        But because of the control our enemies have on the media & both parties; I just don’t see a political solution.

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