2022 Autopsy: Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas

Culture is king.

How did the midterms go in other Southern states?


Sarah Huckabee Sanders was elected governor in Arkansas with 63.1% of the vote. John Boozman was reelected to the Senate with 65.8% of of the vote.

Republicans won the Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General races and increased their supermajority in the Arkansas House and Senate.

Republicans won all four House seats in Arkansas. The swings from the 2020 election were R+7.9 in AR-01, R+11.07 in AR-02, R+7.4 in AR-03 and R+9.6 in AR-04. Marijuana legalization was on the ballot and was defeated with 56.3% of the vote. Turnout in Arkansas was 41.4%.




In Tennessee, Bill Lee was reelected as governor with 64.9% of the vote.

Republicans maintained their supermajority in the Tennessee state legislature which they expanded it in the Tennessee House. The Tennessee Senate remained unchanged.

In the House, Republicans won 8 of 9 House seats. Jim Cooper’s old seat in Nashville was gerrymandered out of existence during redistricting. The swings from the 2020 election were R+4.4 in TN-01, R+6.6 in TN-02, R+6.1 in TN-03, R+7.1 in TN-04, R+2.3 in TN-05, R+2.9 in TN-06, R+6.5 in TN-07, R+12.2 in TN-08, R-9.3 in TN-09. Tennessee had the second lowest turnout in the country.


In Texas, Greg Abbott thumped Beto O’Rourke by 11 points who lost by only 2.6 points in his Senate race against Ted Cruz in 2018. Beto also ran for president in 2020 and lost.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick won by 11 points. Attorney General Ken Paxton won by 10 points. Republicans swept all three Texas Supreme Court races. Republicans also expanded their majorities in the Texas House and Texas Senate and won a bunch of local races in South Texas.

In the House, Democrats won 13 races and Republicans won 24 races, which reaffirmed the status quo. Mayra Flores narrowly lost her seat in South Texas due to redistricting. Monica De La Cruz won a different seat in South Texas. Henry Cuellar and Vincente Gonzalez held on in South Texas which is now a battleground. Republicans picked up an extra seat in Texas due to redistricting.

The swings from the 2020 election were R+10.3 in TX-01, R+9.7 in TX-02, R+9.3 in TX-03, R+10 in TX-04, R+7.9 in TX-05, R+76.1 in TX-06, R+2.4 in TX-07, R+12.6 in TX-08, R+0 in TX-09,R+10.8 in TX-10, R+59.7 in TX-11, R+10.4 in TX-12,R+5.3 in TX-13, R+9.6 in TX-14, R+5.67 in TX-15, R+8.9 in TX-16, R+10.5 in TX-17, R+3.5 in TX-18, R+34.2 in TX-19, D+3.7 in TX-20, R+6.1 in TX-21, R+10.8 in TX-22, R+10 in TX-23, R+7.4 in TX-24, R+68.8 in TX-25, R+50.8 in TX-26, R+6.6 in TX-27, D+6.2 in TX-28, D+5.9 in TX-29, R+3.8 in TX-30, R+79.8 in TX-31, R+2.4 in TX-32, R+3.5 in TX-33, R+7.1 in TX-34, R+0 in TX-35, R+8.1 in TX-36, D+3.2 in TX-37.

Turnout in Texas was 42.4% which around the level of California and New York.

In Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas, there were also no issues with the election.

These states all have full abortion bans, large black populations and large populations of White evangelical Protestants. They are all culturally Southern. Republicans dominated all three states. Abortion was on the ballot and there was no major backlash against the Dobbs decision.

Texas has one of the largest Hispanic populations in the country. It has the largest black population in the South. 84.7% of people in Texas live in urban areas. It has the second largest population in the country. In spite of these unfavorable racial demographics, a total ban on abortion and $164 million dollars in campaign spending across three election cycles, Beto O’Rourke lost by 11 points in Texas.

White Texans don’t vote libtards for ethnic, cultural and religious reasons.


  1. White people who believe in God are the backbone of the Republican Party.

    For weeks I saw talking heads on Fox saying the Republicans are creating a populist multi racial party. What have they won? four seats in The House? None in the Senate? Un agite roja, magnifico!

    • @BlackKnight…

      No, the Confederacy is still on the East Coast – its just that, until the last several decades, the kind of Yankee, mass-migrating to Virginia, North & South Carolina, and Georgia, was the kind who wanted to escape high taxes and snow – but wanted to impose everything else on us.

      They, combined with Negroes and our class of scalawags, have given us trouble, but, fortunately, the Yankees who are now flooding our states are those who we refer to as ‘Copperheads’.

      This is changing the situation just in the nick of time.

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