2022 Autopsy: Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma

In Kentucky and Oklahoma, Democrats lost ground in the state legislatures, but Democrats gained ground in the Missouri House due to a more favorable map drawn by a bipartisan commission. There was no change in the House and Senate. Republicans already dominate all three states.


In Kentucky, Republicans won 5 out of 6 House races. Thomas Massie won by the narrowest margin. He won 65% of the vote in his district. The swings from the 2020 election were in R+7 in KY-01, R+7.1 in KY-02, D+1.6 in KY-03, R+1.9 in KY-04, R+5 in KY-05 and R+19.2 in KY-06

In the Senate, Rand Paul was easily reelected with 60.1% of the vote. 52.4% of voters in Kentucky rejected a pro-life amendment to ban abortion in the state constitution. Abortion in Kentucky is already banned by statute and both sides are preparing for a fight at the Kentucky Supreme Court.

The national media has celebrated the defeat of Amendment 2 as a huge victory for abortion rights. No attention has been given to the more boring state legislature races where Republicans expanded their supermajority in the Kentucky House by flipping five seats or winning an extra seat in the Kentucky Senate. In other words, Kentucky voters gave the Republicans who banned abortion more power in the state legislature, as they have done everywhere else across the South.

Turnout in Kentucky was 44.1%. In both West Virginia and Kentucky, it is clear that a significant number of Trump voters didn’t turnout because Trump wasn’t on the ballot. This effect can also be seen in Ohio in places where Trump is very popular and J.D. Vance won while underperforming.

Rand Paul:

Rand Paul could have used those Ultra Mega MAGA Republicans in Appalachia who voted for Trump, but sat out the midterms. Amendment 2 went down because they didn’t show up.


In Missouri, Republicans won their usual 6 out of 8 House seats. St. Louis reelected Squad member Cori Bush and Kansas City reelected Emmanuel Cleaver. Missouri votes like Tennessee outside of Kansas City and St. Louis. The swings from the 2020 election were R+9.9 in MO-01, R+4.1 in MO-02, R+4.2 in MO-03, R+5.4 in MO-04, R+1.9 in MO-05, R+5.7 in MO-06, R+2.8 in MO-07 and R+2.8 in MO-08.

Eric Schmitt was elected to the U.S. Senate with 55.5% of the vote. Missouri voted to legalize marijuana with 53.1% of the vote. The legalization of marijuana has gotten the most attention from the media.

Republicans won every statewide office in Missouri. Democrats, however, flipped three seats in the Missouri House because of a new map drawn by a bipartisan commission. Republicans retained their supermajority in the Missouri state legislature and all their seats in the Missouri Senate.



In Oklahoma, Kevin Stitt won the governor race with 55.5% of the vote which turned out not to be the toss up that the media was expecting.

In the House, Republicans won all 5 House seats. The swing from the 2020 election was R+5.1 in OK-01, D+4.3 in OK-02, R+6.3 in OK-03, R+2.6 in OK-04 and R+3.1 in OK-05

In the Senate, James Lankford was reelected with 64.3% of the vote and Markwayne Mullin was elected to the Senate with 61.8% of the vote and will replace Jim Inhofe.

By Oklahoma standards though, Stitt, Mullin and Lankford all underperformed. Kevin Stitt appears to have weighed down the ballot even though they all won comfortably in the House and Senate races.

Republicans swept all statewide races and picked up an extra seat in the Oklahoma Senate while losing one seat in the Oklahoma House and maintained their trifecta in state government and their supermajority in the state legislature. Oklahoma voters chose to retain all four justices on the Oklahoma Supreme Court for another six year term.

Voter turnout was 40.1% in Oklahoma. As in Kentucky, Democrats were energized by abortion, but lots of Republicans didn’t show up because it really didn’t matter.




The thing that stands out the most to me about the elections in West Virginia, western North Carolina, northwest Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, the Ozarks in Arkansas and Oklahoma is that there seems to be a Trump effect where Trump voters who love Donald Trump didn’t show up because he wasn’t on the ballot in places where he is known to be unusually popular. This seems to have happened in Ohio as well where a lot of Trump voters didn’t show up for J.D. Vance.


  1. Trump voters don’t seem to care about house and senate races. I’ve barely heard any mention of last week’s elections out of people. They think everything is just a function of who is president. For example, all the gay shit, they all just say something about Obama doing all that when he was in office. They don’t understand media cultural conditioning and decades long efforts by schools, etc., to brainwash people. Most rural people just do not understand all this. Period.

    • Trump is getting blamed for spoiling the midterms and he does deserve a share of the blame in states like Pennsylvania and Georgia (he picked Oz and Walker), but it is also clear that there was a distinct turnout problem across Appalachia and the rural Midwest. That’s the area where Trump lifted the GOP. Those are people who live there and who love Trump and voted for Trump didn’t show up across the whole region. It didn’t matter in Missouri and Kentucky. It mattered a little more in Ohio. It mattered a lot in the Upper Midwest.

      • “…but it is also clear that there was a distinct turnout problem across Appalachia and the rural Midwest. …”

        It’s not clear this is true. It may be the Jew media spin but how do they prove this. The real truth could be that they dumped all these people’s votes or changed them to something other than what they voted.

  2. When Fox News put that goofy Brian Kilmeade on in place of either Bill Cain or Pete Hegspeth, I knew things were going sour. That colored boy is no prize either.

  3. The Nation is officially about 60% White, and unofficially it’s probably more like 50% or less. That means about 30% White male and 30% White female. Assume half the White females are married and vote like their husbands (a very conservative estimate). That means about 45% of the total population is a likely GOP voter. Excepting a major impetus (like Trump in 2016),that’s also about the same percentage of voters likely to go GOP. Notwithstanding fraud; with early, extended, and mail-in voting, the GOP can basically never win a Nationwide election.
    Plus all demographic trends in regards to race, age, marriage status, and downright normalcy are steeply pointed in the wrong direction.
    Secession is a pipe dream. It will not be permitted, that was decided in 1865 and later reinforced in places like Waco.
    Our only hope is to somehow elect a “Trump”, one with principles and a brain, who immediately declares a state of National emergency and exercises true authority to correct the situation.
    Of course the deep state bureaucracy won’t go along with that and a true civil war is the likely outcome.
    Bottom line, we ain’t getting out of this without pain and bloodshed. We all better put away our bibles and get real.

    • “…Secession is a pipe dream. It will not be permitted, that was decided in 1865 and later reinforced in places like Waco…”

      I don’t think we could win this. They control the large military assets. Sure we have lots of guns but if they don’t care about casualties our side they could crush us. They could blockade all the ports, while they would be able to gather supplies and Men from all over the world on the two coast.

      “…Our only hope is to somehow elect a “Trump…”

      I don’t see how this can happen. I have said over and over that if we could get control of Congress and had people on our side with the same fortitude as the Democrats we could legally control the whole country. It’s likely this would not trigger a civil war if done correctly. I talk about this here and in the links of the comment.


      This latest election appears to be a huge steal. This has greatly chastened me on the idea that we can get Congress to act. If they steal all the seats except those sufficiently blackmailed or corrupted to do nothing, we can’t get change through Congress. It seems to me our only path short of war is to scream bloody murder about the corruption in the elections and force valid uncorrupted elections with verified voters. It’s highly possible that the left doesn’t want their votes stolen either because it is fact that the far lefts votes appear to be stolen from their candidates also. We could use this to demand “real voting”, a good name for the campaign, and force the end of the machines, drop ballots, mail in ballots and all the cheating mechanisms.

      • Correct me if I am wrong, but don’t the Republicans control the Arizona state legislature? Doesn’t Arizona have a Republican governor? Did they sit on this and allow this to happen?

      • {“…Secession is a pipe dream. It will not be permitted, that was decided in 1865 and later reinforced in places like Waco…”

        I don’t think we could win this. They control the large military assets. Sure we have lots of guns but if they don’t care about casualties our side they could crush us. They could blockade all the ports, while they would be able to gather supplies and Men from all over the world on the two coast. }

        The only way I could see getting Washington off our backs is waiting for them to get into a major war with another power, Russia or China, for example.
        I really believe a huge military humiliation is in the US government’s future. Once we see that things are going bad for the US military, we can make a move to side with their enemies & get a country out of this mess.

  4. Thumbs, From your point of view, things look bleak, you heard all about , ” it’s always darkest, before the dawn” and it is, ” get a/our ? Out of this mess” we voted, as is proper, don’t worry about doing anything more, except your duty as a man, being personally prepared, prepared if called upon, it’s s out of our hands, these devil’s we war against, it’s out of their hands, God’s word, Revelation chapter.18, tells us where we are, what time it is and what’s coming, p.Trump was a brief respite, a timeout so too speak, a courtesy, too our righteous forbears from God, a moment for us too consider ourselves, before chastisement begins and he put’s his boot, knee-deep in the ass of this Harlot, soon too be known as ‘ The Late Great United States “, Mystery Babylon’s time is short, in this nation, we bit the hand that fed us, even as we have been Blessed more than all the other’s, God has reserved judgement of this nation, unto himself, when he moves on this nation, the whole world, will know it was he, who did it, in the mean time, when do the best we can, when Babylon gall’s, ” The Southern Phoenix Rises” The Republic lives and breathe’s Free once again, if we obey and try too do right the best we can we will have a nation, if we don’t do right, we will have failed our children, our elder’s, those that came before us and most of all, we will have failed ourselves, buy that is not going to happen, Look who we have too lead is,.If god be for us, who can be against us!?……..

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