Mo Brooks: Donald Trump Is “Dishonest, Disloyal, Incompetent, Crude”

Mo Brooks is correct.

Trump’s claims about the 2020 election were a massive albatross in the midterms. Independent voters were duped by that messaging into voting for Democrats in state after state. The real issue all along was ballot harvesting and mail-in ballots and an “Election Season” in key swing states.

“As you might expect, Mo Brooks says Donald Trump should not be elected president again.

It’s a Republican relationship that began imploding more than a year ago when Brooks – the outgoing congressman from Huntsville – said at a Trump rally in August 2021 that voters should take the Trump-objected 2020 presidential election and “put that behind you.”

The deterioration continued when, Brooks said, Trump repeatedly asked him to forge a path in Congress for President Joe Biden to be removed from office and be replaced by Trump. And it culminated in March when Trump retracted his endorsement of Brooks’ Senate campaign. …

“It would be a bad mistake for the Republicans to have Donald Trump as their nominee in 2024,” Brooks said in an interview with “Donald Trump has proven himself to be dishonest, disloyal, incompetent, crude and a lot of other things that alienate so many independents and Republicans. Even a candidate who campaigns from his basement can beat him.”

A reference, of course, to virtual campaign events Biden held from his home in Delaware during the pandemic.

“It’s just the way it is,” Brooks said. …”

I can speak from experience.

This is exactly why I voted for him enthusiastically in 2016, but was too depressed to vote in 2018 and too disgusted to vote for Trump in 2020. I voted in the 2022 midterms though.

Over the last five years in Alabama politics, Donald Trump endorsed Luther Strange to replace Jeff Sessions in the Senate. Strange lost to Roy Moore. I voted for Roy Moore who lost to Doug Jones in the Senate. We were saddled with a Democrat representing Alabama in the Senate for two years.

When Jeff Sessions announced he was running for his old Senate seat in Alabama, Trump endorsed Tommy Tuberville and worked to destroy Sessions who lost his race. Tuberville went on to win his Senate race. Trump endorsed Mo Brooks in his Senate run to replace Richard Shelby. He later unendorsed Brooks for “going woke” and endorsed Katie Britt. I endorsed Brooks and voted for him in the primary.

Today, Alabama is represented in the Senate by Tommy Tuberville and Katie Britt. I voted for Katie Britt because Tuberville hasn’t turned out as bad as I expected. It feels like we have been living through five years of Trump-induced chaos in Alabama politics. It could have been worse. It could have been as bad as it is next door in Georgia where HERSCHEL WALKER is the candidate in the Georgia runoff.

Why was Herschel Walker the Senate nominee in Georgia? It is because Trump endorsed him. Trump endorsed him because he has known Herschel Walker since he played for the New Jersey Generals in the 1980s. It had absolutely nothing to do with ideology or whether he was the best candidate to win the race or advancing any agenda. It was all about a personal relationship with Donald Trump.


  1. No argument. After last week’s disaster, at least some of which is thanks to Cheetohead the Clown sticking his clown-foot in, the number of folks running away from the grifter (the one thing he’s actually good at) has increased. If Garfinkel arrests him, will anyone care? He had his chance to do something and he failed.

    • “He had his chance to do something and he failed”

      TWO ENTIRE YEARS, to build his “great big beautiful fence”.

  2. I agree completely with Brooks. Dump is for Dump and he is dishonest as the day is long and a conman to boot. Unfortunately, his bloated ego won’t let him walk away.

    The little wigger at DS is shilling for him again and is back on the Dump train.

    • I listened to some of Ethan Ralph’s interview with Colonel Wang Lin today. What an unsavory character. Actually they’re both unsavory. Why does HW insist on hanging out with ’em?

      • I’ve never been on Ralph’s show.

        Surely, you are joking that I hang out with Anglin. BTW, I heard a warrant in Montana was issued for Andrew’s arrest.

        • The Montana arrest warrant is quite real, linked to one of the three US court ‘judgements’ Anglin has against him, totalling $18.7 million that courts say Anglin ‘owes’ to various parties – article on these below

          There is lots of unfair bizarre stuff going on with in America’s courts so any ‘court orders’ like this need to be viewed suspiciously, especially when the target is a political figure like Anglin … If Anglin was rudely harassing people the scale of these ‘debts’ is still absurd

          Though all 3 were just ‘civil lawsuits’ against Anglin, it is quite easy for judges to jail people on ‘contempt of court’ charges, including if they claim you are hiding assets somewhere

          Anglin openly admits to holding crypto sometimes, so the judges can jail Anglin for ‘contempt of court’ until he turns his crypto assets over to the court and plaintiffs … lots of 4channers think Anglin is in Philippines again, or maybe Thailand

          In one infamous ‘contempt of court’ jailing case, there was a guy Beatty Chadwick who got divorced, wife said he had secret money in overseas bank accounts, didn’t have evidence but judge believed her … Chadwick said it was a lie, but stayed in jail for 14 years (!) with no trial or criminal charges, because the judge thought he might have the money hidden … iirc Sotomayor now on the Supreme Court was one of the judges who rejected Chadwick’s appeals

    • @John…

      I like what comedian Dave Chapelle said about President Trump in his recent SNL routine – ‘the reason why country folk in Ohio like him (where Chapelle lives) is because he is an honest liar. Trump says things they’ve never heard before and that has them.’

      Something along these lines…

  3. A guy national populist (relatively) like DeSantis would get as much or more done than DJT with much less drama, narcissism, pomp and toxicity.
    And DeSantis was better on ‘covid’ than Trump was.
    And DeSantis is young, so sick of boomers, it’s time for boomers to retire on mass and let Xers take the reins.
    I don’t hate Trump, he’s alright *shrugs*, but he had his day, he needs to largely retire from public life to his golf clubs and yachts.

    • He had his day, but he didn’t do anything worthwhile. He increased immigration, from what Obama had done.
      He had his chance to deport them, and he didn’t. It’s like everyone is so afraid of Mexico.

    • @Karl…

      One of the worst things about President Trump’s presidency was his lack of focus.

      His attention span flits about so constantly, weeks go between when he attends to issues – even if they are major issues.

      He’s always been this way, and, sadly, he never got a course in mindfulness of meditation.

      If I ever saw someone who needed some meditation, it is President Trump.

  4. Away with the insufferable, backstabbing asshole-fool. He’s a LOSAH, and a millstone around the neck of pro-White politics.

  5. The majority in the House is still undetermined. There are enough districts out West still undecided for the Democrats to win 218 House seats and control the House. Since they already control the Senate this would be a disaster. No doubt the Democrats are figuring out how to count just enough ballots to flop over the finish line with 218 House seats then let the Republicans have the rest for appearance sake.

    The AG in California is a Filipino Democrat who will not investigate and certainly wouldn’t prosecute fellow Democrats for violating California election law to ensure a Democrat victory. After all, that’s how they do things in the Philippines so why not in the Third World state of California? Merrick Garfinkle isn’t about to derail the Democrat train to victory either.

    No doubt the Democrats are getting ready for a close election in Georgia next month so they can count just enough ballots for Herschel Walker to lose. With his hideous record Herschel may lose anyway, no special ballot counting necessary either. Things are not looking good for Republicans and divided government.

    Events will be in the saddle anyway as the economy and the financial system begin to crumble. Add in one or two foreign policy crises and the U.S. Government will fail spectacularly showing the gross incompetence and corruption of the ruling class. This is the only thing that will change the direction of the U.S.; catastrophic failure. Self-inflicted defeats on multiple fronts will destroy the legitimacy of the ruling class and its government and put the fear of God into the idiots who believe in the current regime, nothing else.

    Voting wont help anything at this point, the most it can do is limit some of the damage.

    • Good diagnosis. The U.S. Government is so “spectacularly” dysfunctional it will figure out a way to crucify itself. All anyone needs to do is hurry up and wait.

    • @12AX7…

      “Voting wont help anything at this point, the most it can do is limit some of the damage.”

      Yes, the only thing that can really help is the continued passage of time and the further march of the states away from each other.

      I do not feel that we will have a violent civil war because people prefer pornography, booze, and shopping extravaganzas to venturing anything so arduous and potentially self-sacrificial.

      In the end, I think the country will split as softly as someone leaving a job after 40 years – they pack a few things, walking out the door, and that is that.

  6. Trump had his chance and he blew it. Millions of his former supporters will never vote for him again, myself included. Can this criminal empire even survive another two years?

    • @Spahn…

      Lamentably, it, ‘the union’, could still go on quite a long while.

      Never forget that half of the citizenry is on the government dole, one way or the other; that others are too hedonistic, or drugged, out to care about anything other than what is in front of them, and, as well, long relationships are very hard to break.

      Old habits die hard, and sometimes that can be fatal, or, if not that, then torturous…

      • Hello Ivan;

        ” . . . half of the citizenry is on the government dole, one way or the other . . . “

        Indeed but that is both a strength and a weakness for the corrupt Empire. Those Government checks and other benefits arriving like clockwork buy loyalty and that loyalty may be a mile wide but it’s also only a millionth of an inch deep. When, not if, the Government fails to deliver the goods all Hell will break loose.

        The EBT people aren’t known for their delayed gratification, patience, acquiring useful skills or saving for a rainy day. Their specialty is righteous anger directed at their own neighborhoods, burning down what they need to survive when the urge strikes, such as in Baltimore. So far the Government has rushed in aid immediately to replace what the bruthas destroyed. In a time of national failure this will not be possible.

        When failure comes it will be on a national/international basis. Perhaps the massive indebtedness will result in hyperinflation destroying purchasing power and disrupting supply chains. It may be a war with China over Taiwan. Even the U.S. military is skeptical of victory and has given oblique warnings of defeat.

        U.S. Government failure will destroy its own legitimacy. That is how systemic change will take place, not through useless voting. The U.S. Government has feet of clay and when its façade of power is shattered the current ruling class will be gone. It happens after every catastrophic national failure in history.

        • @12AX7…

          Yes, you are right to point out that it can be a double-edged sword.

          Yes, I agree with your implications that we are on the precipice and that the ledge will not stand anymore weight.

          Thank you for your good and in depth thoughtful reply.

  7. Re: “as the economy and the financial system begin to crumble. Add in one or two foreign policy crises and the U.S. Government will fail spectacularly showing the gross incompetence and corruption of the ruling class. This is the only thing that will change the direction of the U.S.; catastrophic failure. Self-inflicted defeats on multiple fronts will destroy the legitimacy of the ruling class and its government and put the fear of God into the idiots who believe in the current regime, nothing else. Voting won’t help anything at this point…”:

    I agree. So well said. The system’s (s)elections are meaningless and inconsequential. Voting “harder and better” accomplishes nothing.

  8. Holding the conviction that there is no fraud in the elections, because Trump says there is (and orange man bad), is logic of the most caved in head order.

  9. I definitely do not wish to nominate President Trump again.

    Because, if he is elected, our Fellow Southerners will breath a sigh of relief, think the(ir)republic is saved and, voila, 4 years will be wasted.

    That said, if President Trump is elected again is elected, the upside will be watching how Blue States handle that, because I seriously doubt they will remain still.

    • If Trump were elected, the blue states might actually secede. The repukes, spineless jellyfish as always, would allow them to do so without even a court battle. It would actually be a good move. I don’t want to live with shitlibs who vote for assholes like Gavin Newsome and Nancy Pelosi. Let them burn and rot in their self-created dumpsters. Might well be the only thing which would cause them to re-consider their insane religion.


        “If Trump were elected, the blue states might actually secede. ”

        Yes, that, for me, is the only upside with another Trump term.

        If things turn out to be better than that, in another Trump term, that would be great, though, I think it very unlikely.

      • The Blue States would bitch, moan, clutch their pearls and do nothing. They have neither the balls nor the imagination for decisive action.

        There is also the fact that even in Blue States there are large numbers opposed to the Empire. They would constitute a fifth column in rebellious Blue States trying to implement their Marxist utopia.

        • @12AX7…

          Very interest what you say here.

          I’ve often pondered what a bunch of crooked women and weak leftist Beta-males would do.

          The reason why I am less bullish than you, on them being completely cowardly, is because I think the weak find strength in crowd – and when it come to crowd warfare, I think The Left is very very good.

          Concerning your second remark I would say what I say to everybody concerning the inevitable future of this nation – states are not just going to divide, but,. many areas within states – as we see, for example, with Western Oregonians, Washingtonians, and Northwestern Californians aspiring to become ‘Great Idaho.

          All the best to you and yours!

  10. For me it’s Trump or bust. He’s not perfect, but he is preferable to a NeoCon like Ron DeSantis. I’d rather have a Democrat president than DeSantis because it would radicalize the right and further fracture the union. DeSantis would just be a return to the Bush years which would be terrible for the movement.

  11. I was surprised when Dump endorsed Mo Brooks. Not at all surprised when Dump retracted it. Brooks is a great man. Nice to see him now telling the people the truth about that dishonest, disloyal, crude, incompetent, and corrupt Bronx developer.

    DeSantis, as we now know, is a good governor, but a fanatical supporter of a foreign state and its domestic fifth column numbering 2% of our population, which controls our banks and media and the current leadership of both political parties. A fifth column that hates us and wants to replace us. He is a globalist shill. And Havid, oh yes, a Havid man. Ugly as sin. A supporter of the TPP, which Trump killed. Make no mistake, DeSantis is a dangerous enemy.

    Ron Johnson is a fairly decent man. That probably makes him unelectable on the national level, but if he goes for it, I am with Ron.


      “Make no mistake, DeSantis is a dangerous enemy.”

      It’s either going to be Trump or DeSantis who confronts someone like Governor Whitmer in 2024.

      Considering that every candidate has things we do not like, whom will you support, and why?

      • One thing I would like to say to you both : The Hungarian Nationalists (Mi Hazank Mozgolom) have repeatedly made the same charge about Viktor Orban as is made here about Governor DeSantis.

        What do the Hungarian Nationalists say about Orban? : that he is a member of the WEF, a Globalist who is only a poser, someone hopelessly corrupt and in the hands of The Jews.

        And yet Hungary has very little non-White immigration, is profoundly Christian, rated the safest country in Europe, and is doing a better job at protecting it’s culture and traditions than any other in Europe.

        So, what gives?

        Something for both of y’all to think about : y’all may not trust DeSantis, but, one thing y’all must not fail to calculate : how much him being in The Oval Office would disturb Blue States.

        I will conclude with this : Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Putin, Jefferson Davis, Ignaz Paderewski, Franco, Mussolini, Ivan the Awesome, and Napoleon are not going to be on the ballot, so we might have to take a lesser man.

        • Your list of those not on the ballot should have included Old Hickory, Ivan Ivanovich. So far Desantis hasn’t really said or done anything to make me suspicious of him, other than putting on the jew beanie and prostrating himself in front of the “Wailing Wall” (which is actually part of the Roman fortress Antonia). But let’s face it, the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale-West Palm Beach Gold Coast has the third largest population of jews in the country, right behind New York and L.A. One cannot be a governor of Florida without acknowledging that fact.

          • Yes, Dear Spahn – shame on me for having forgotten the greatest president in the history of The United States!

            Yes, ‘my campaign endorses’ your statement about DeSantis and his constituency.

            In fact, I would go you one further (without wishing to seem unseemly) and that is this : Jewry owns and runs The United States. So how can an ambitious politician make it to the upper echelons without bowing an curtseying to that?

            Look at Viktor Orban – the man put Hungary in an alliance, which causes the not insignificant number of Jewry-sceptics of Hungary to denounce him as a Ziolinist/Globalist trojan horse, and yet : Orban has constantly spat in the eye of the very policies that arise from those who were the ones supposedly to have bred him in Troy.

            There are a certain percentage of Populists who, if a candidate does not arise as a holy relic from Hitler’s grave, will immediately smell a rat.

            Is DeSantis is a rat, how come so many constituencies in Florida like him – including many Southern Nationalists, such as the League of the South’s Michael Tubbs?

  12. Starting to wonder if Trump is getting senility.

    Recently he attacked DeSantis AND Youngkin.

    DeSantis just had a massive victory over Crist. Youngkin was able defeat a Clintonite incumbent, no easy feat.

    In addition to that Youngkin actually came out here to the Pacific Northwest to help campaign out here and help swing some moderates and independents onto the Red Team. Like he is actually doing something to help and work on getting rid of CRT out here.

    If Trump ends up on the ballot in 2024 I will vote for him based on judges, but that will be the only reason (very similar to my vote for Shrub in 2000, I didn’t vote for Shrub in 2004 because of the Patriot Act tho.)

    • Trump might be losing his marbles, the way he’s been lashing out at traditional friends and supporters lately. I think his star is fading fast. He won’t be able to recapture/recreate the momentum of 2016, that’s for sure.

  13. Well, the first time I heard about this bizarre Hershal Walker senate bid was flipping the dial and catching Hannity gushing over the prospect. It’s pretty much over for whites, they do not vote as a block the way blacks do, or Palestinians would. Could you imagine Palestinian women turning against their men and openly siding with the Israeli’s the way these BLM supporting sanctimonious white women do? So many white women don’t get married or live single for a very long time, trudging up and down the apartment complex stairs with their bastard child. They’ve got their “career” all right…stocking shelves at the box store for minimum wage, 32 hours max a week, and no health care. Why would they vote for what Paul Ryan is serving up? The left was right about killing off the family, they created a huge dependent consistency by doing that.

    • I think Herschel might win the runoff.

      From what I can tell, Republicans did a better job of getting their base out than Democrats. It was Independent voters that made the difference. Lots of Independent voters in Georgia chose to vote for Democrats to punish Republicans for the Dobbs decision. There was a backlash among some Independent women voters. Those people might not be as motivated to show up in the runoff as partisans.

      • IDo you think the people who voted Libertarian show up for the runoff? If Walker had those votes, he would break 50%. Libertarians are a fickle bunch though, and they break differently from state to state.

        • Who knows?

          It could go either way.

          1.) The lolbertarian candidate got a small, but significant protest vote. You never know with those people.

          2.) Democrats won’t have as much time to bank votes in early voting in the runoff.

          3.) Republicans will be angry about how the Senate races played out. Democrats could rest on their laurels.

          4.) Dump is announcing he is running for president which could be a gift to Warnock.

          5.) There was definitely a backlash against Dobbs among Independent women which played out in Georgia and across the country, but those people might not turnout as much in a second round now that they feel like they have gotten their point across.

          6.) Maybe Kemp can convince the people who voted for to drag Walker across the finish line?

  14. >“Dishonest, Disloyal, Incompetent, Crude”

    The truth is, there’s a fine line between being a populist and a prole — and too many rightwing (wannabe) populists tread rather too close to that line.

  15. And Mo Brooks is fake and gay, and, just like Hillary and CNN, is trying to make bank by playing off of people’s current, (right or wrong), disaffection with Donald Trump.

  16. Vote by mail has always been known to be a method to facilitate vote fraud, as is ballot harvesting. PRI kept power in Mexico for 70 years with “democratic elections.” Republicans signed consent decree in 1983 making it impossible to target fraud where blacks are numerous. Trump claiming 2020 was stolen did not hurt the Republicans. Sure, plenty of people strongly dislike Trump, including myself, but Trump is a sideshow and distraction from what happened. Stating that claims of fraud are the reason Republicans lost is in fact the polar opposite of the truth. It was Republicans consenting to fraud that has allowed this. Exit polls attributing Democratic victory to “independent voters” are simply an ex post facto tweaking of data to fit with the fraudulent results. Republicans heavily led among independents in polls leading up to the election, and Republicans heavily led in the popular vote. The only reason elections go on and on now as opposed to in the past is that more time allows for more fraud to take place. This is a government occupied by officials “elected” through fraudulent means, these office holders on the Democratic side do not legitimately hold their positions. This is why Biden made his speech saying that our side was “semi-fascist” and the election counting would go on as long as necessary. It was announcing they would use whatever means necessary to win, and they have the means, because they control the government. The votes on our side might as well be thrown in the garbage because the Democratic party is the only “Party of Democracy.” When such statements are made publicly, deliberately with a villainous red background, they should be 100% presumed to be engaged in a conspiracy to rig the vote. The idea that this threatening talk encouraged independents to vote Left is crazy, yet I’ve heard people say that.

    We all know that Republicans would have won many more seats if the older, timely, and more reliable systems were in place. And the difference is not that voters for the Democrats outnumbered voters for the Republicans. The difference is that Democrats have months to buy and manufacture votes. And weeks to keep “counting” after the election until they get the result they want. This is not a legitimate system.

    The polls going into the election were more correct than the so-called “election results.” Voters for the Republicans outnumbered voters for the Democrats by a substantial margin.

    The bottom line is that the whole federal government is stacked with supporters of the Democratic Party, the whole media is stacked with supporters of the Democratic Party under Jewish ownership, big business is “woke.” The opposition is censored on major platforms, the “dissident right” is cowed with threats and manipulated and controlled by groups like the feds, ADL, etc, so we see the predominance of the “approved” message (“it wasn’t fraud!”) about these elections. Trump is playing the role of the the scapegoat for RINOs who are owned by the Jews who are happy to punish “the base” that they would prefer to NEVER represent. The easiest way to refuse to represent the base is to let the other side cheat in exchange for personal enrichment.

    Without transparent elections we will never win again. We do not have transparent elections, and we have our own side telling us to not point out the elephant in the room, that the other side cheats, the Jews are unwilling to let the Republican party be in power because they represent white Christians opposed to their agenda of globalist control.

    We don’t hear about the vax injuries being a factor in the elections, but they surely were. It’s not a small number of people who’ve had family members affected by vax injuries. Huge numbers of people have been. Among MANY other factors that make this Democratic victory practically impossible. The vax is of course an albatross around Trump’s neck, at this point should be presumed to be at the mercy of the people who might prosecute him, and his stupidity (unprovoked name-calling of DeSantis) in concert with the former “alt-right’s” and “alt-lite’s” canned message seems contrived and directed. The Democrats could not afford to cede power when there is this war in Russia and the vax death and injury crisis.

    No votes for Republicans who do not call out vote fraud or the vax injuries and deaths!

    No legitimacy from our side for fraudulent elections. Or be prepared to never win again.

  17. Like your typical politician Mo Brooks does not take a crap without weighing the risks and rewards. A republian speaking out against Trump when no other republicans are willing to do so, what are the benefits, inducements and offers for such a move? Brooks sure is on Hannity alot and it is all free advertising. He does not have to pay a dime.

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