Election Season

This was eye opening.

Do you remember what I said in the comments?

In some states, we have elections which are like normal football games. There are four quarters and a clear set of rules. In other states, we have elections where there are like six quarters and a different set of rules. This is why so many people feel like they smell a rat or sense there has been fraud.


This is how we hold elections in Alabama.

This is how Michigan holds elections.

This is how Pennsylvania holds elections.

This is how Florida holds elections.


  1. Under the antiquated system, pull the lever, close the curtain and vote and you knew the results the same day except if it was in the west coast than maybe the next day tops.

    Today, under the new and improved system with advanced machines that can count votes faster than humans , you have to wait days or maybe weeks for the results. Than again, when I grew up it wasn’t a multicultural shithole and the politicians couldn’t use computers to count and rig machines to cheat and both sides weren’t as corrupt like today’s sellouts.

    • @John…

      In my area of the state the overwhelming majority of folks want one day voting with a visual I.D.

      We had the visual I.D. law, but, it was overthrown by the Supreme Court before what’s her name died.

      That said, when we vote here, you step up to the poll worker and give her your name. Then she asks you for your corroborating information, so it’s less easy to cheat.

      That said, there still are the polls of Durham County, that place which I am not sure can be cured by anything other than bedsheets.

    • “Uncle Joe told us all about that”:

      Stalin was referring to voting procedures disputed among factions (think: Trotskyites) in the Party, not to popular elections (in which he had very little interest).

    • @12AX7…

      Yes, many years ago, we in the army used to joke about Soviet style elections.

      We laughed a lot then, we aren’t laughing now.

  2. So I guess the plan is after John Franken-Neck becomes Senator he will be forced to step down because of his health and his scheming Brazilian wife replaces him?

  3. I been thinking about how we can beat the steal and yes I think it’s a steal. I think they bundle large amounts of fake ballots and refuse to count Republican ballots, and likely switch many of them when counting with their magic machines.

    I was reading some articles on Vox Days “Corporate Cancer” book. This is what we have but it’s political cancer with “woke” people doing whatever they “feel” like because that’s the only important thing, to them. I believe that Vox Days rules which are used to fight the “Rules for Radicals” bunch could provide a lot of hints on how to defeat them. Hopefully with their own rules. Courts in woke places have been ruling really fake rulings that do not correspond with the actual laws. They are sticking their asses out doing this. One thing to do might be to remind them of this with public letters notifying them that it’s noticed. I think some keys might be to really look at every rule, and I bet there’s lots of them, and constantly challenge them to live up to them. I fear if we do not bring these people under control, they will soon be murdering us in camps. Never forget even in the good old USA there are horrible people who will do horrible things to you if they think they can get away with it and these people are being moved into power. Here’s some links on Vox Days book “Corporate Cancer” and how some people have used it to drive out the woke and get their organizations back on track instead of being hijacked for woke purposes. I have constantly said that what we have going now is not natural. The country was stolen with illegal court decisions and if we can get the balls to change these back to a former status then all these assholes will lose all power. They will not elect anyone. I also provide a link to comments I made showing what went wrong and how to change it.




  4. “This is why so many people feel like they smell a rat or sense there has been fraud.”

    Yeah its just a sense. Smell of a rat.

    There is no fraud though. Just a process that should boil down to arithmetic being turned into a byzantine exercise in hairsplitting faggotry by lawyers and judges everyone knows are owned by the establishment.

    Its just a sense we have. The elections are fine! No fraud!

    The Left is willing to murder viable infants in the womb, groom our children into sexual perversion, cut off their dicks and tits and chemically castrate them, censor all speech online to suppress their political opposition, weaponize national response to a once in a century pandemic event to pad their donors pockets with endless vaccine money, subvert the military with queers to undermine the national defense etc.

    But they would NEVER do something like stuff a ballot box to cheat in a state election they don’t even recognize as legitimate in the first place because they only think in terms of the accumulation and retention of power they already feel rightly belongs to them!

    Elections are legitimate you Conspiratards!

    Always trust what the mainstream media insists upon! Like with the lockdowns! You have a RESPONSIBILITY TO UR NEIGHBORS!1111!!!

    Pardon me all to hell for not trusting anything that Jews and Establishment politicians have their hands all over. Its just the whole anti White thing they are engaged in that makes me not trust their good intentions.

    Oh and wtf is with these sportsball metaphors? Hard disavow.

    • If this is due to voter fraud, explain how Stacey Abrams decisively lost to Brian Kemp in Georgia. Why did Republicans win every other statewide race like Ag commissioner? Why didn’t voter fraud benefit Democrats in other races? Why did it hurt Herschel Walker alone?

      In New Hampshire, why did Chris Sununu win in a landslide while Maggie Hassan was reelected by over 8 points?

      In Ohio, why did JD Vance underperform Mike DeWine by such a large margin? Why did he ultimately win though?

      In Arizona, why did State Treasuer Kimberly Yee win comfortably? Why did she get more votes than Kari Lake and Blake Masters?

      In Nevada, why did Lombardo win the governor race? Why did a Republican win the Lieutenant Governor race too? Why did only Laxalt lose?

      If it is voter fraud, why did people vote for all these other candidates in other races? Why didn’t Democrats take the Georgia state legislature? Why didn’t they win House races in Arizona? Why would someone steal the election in Arizona only to guarantee that Republicans would win enough races there to take the House of Representatives in Washington?

      The obvious explanation is ticket splitting. Lots of people who voted for Kemp didn’t vote for Walker. More people voted for AZ State Treasurer than Kari Lake and Blake Masters

      • The answer to your questions state by state is that the extent of those efforts will of course vary by state. Just because they are dishonest doesn’t mean they are competent. They aren’t masterminds. Because they don’t succeed in all cases isn’t evidence against their efforts in any case.

        Idk man. I don’t struggle with understanding these nuances. Things aren’t black and white, either or, and straightforward absolutes.

        Orange man can be bad and elections fake and gay simultaneously.

        Tell me why I SHOULD accept the legitimacy of elections that are run, arbitrated and decided by establishment janissaries, whom we all agree have nothing but bad intentions towards Whitey?

        Since when did we get shoehorned into being principled losers? Should we swallow another charlie brown aww shucks better next time election where the establishment lucy yanks the ball from in front of us before we can kick it? Or for once could we kick that slut in the teeth instead and not just take it like good “conservatives”?

        Theres my sportsball metaphor…

        • In the South, which is where I presume we both live, there were thousands of federal, state and local races on the ballot. Across 15 states, Democrats tested new bottoms in the region. The sole exception in our entire region is Herschel Walker in the U.S. Senate race.


          Look at the results.

          Brian Kemp and like 6 or 7 other people won statewide in Georgia. Republicans didn’t lose any House races in Georgia. Republicans didn’t lose the state legislature. So, if there was massive voter fraud in Georgia, it was designed to ensure that Stacey Abrams lost and Republicans won everything else in the state AND that there would be a runoff. Alternatively, Georgia is a state where Trump HAS NEVER been popular and where the same group of Republican and Independent voters who live in the Atlanta suburbs voted in all of these other races for Republicans and split their tickets and chose not to vote for Herschel Walker in order to own Trump.

          In the 2020 election, Trump ran behind David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in Georgia and Biden won the state because those people in the Atlanta suburbs either voted for Joe Biden or split their tickets. Then in the runoffs both Perdue and Loeffler lost Trump voters in places like northwest Georgia stayed home. This is the second or third election in which this has happened in Georgia and the simple explanation is that people who don’t like Trump don’t vote for him or his candidates.

          Trump voters are voting straight ticket. Anti-Trump voters are splitting their tickets. Pretty simple. It is happening everywhere.

          In New Hampshire, Maggie Hassan was reelected by 9 points to the Senate, but Chris Sununu was reelected by over 15 points as governor. Also, Republicans kept control of the New Hampshire Senate and lost a few seats in the New Hampshire House. If there was massive voter fraud in New Hampshire, then whoever rigged the election made sure that the Republican governor won and will likely maintain control of the New Hampshire state legislature.


          In Nevada, Republicans won the governor race and the lieutenant governor race statewide, but Adam Laxalt lost the Senate race. The candidate for lieutenant governor won more votes than Laxalt.


          In Arizona, Kari Lake and Blake Masters lost. Masters lost by a wider margin than Lake. Kimberly Yee won statewide in Arizona with 55% of the vote and won more voters than Kari Lake and Blake Masters. Also, Republicans won 6 House races in Arizona. If the election was stolen in Arizona, then whoever stole it made sure that Republicans won the two House races they need to take control of the House from the Democrats.


          In state after state, the same pattern can be seen in races which were won or lost. MAGA voters are voting straight Republican. Establishment voters and Independent voters are splitting their tickets. This is also why Vance won by 7 points in Ohio while Mike DeWine won by 25 points in Ohio. The difference is that DeWine won the MAGA vote and the establishment vote in the suburbs while Vance only got the MAGA vote.

          • Yep, white women don’t like Trump and they don’t like the Dobbs decision. However, are the total number of votes in both races the same? Or are there some ballots that only voted on a few key congressional candidates and didn’t vote on the down ballot races? Like there were allegedly all these ballots dumped in Detroit in 2020 that only voted on a single race, all for Biden.

        • Vance ran a weak campaign. “Chester the Molester” DeWhine always runs a strong campaign, and DeWhine gets out there, even when he looks stupid.

          Then too, DeWhine was running against a WO-MAN named Nan. So between choosing between “Big Johnson” DeWhine and a WO-MAN, DeWhine won.

          DeWhine proves that in politics even creepy little guys can win, if they can lick their eyebrows on TV.

      • Your article on the independents brought everything into focus for me: their voting patterns this cycle prove they hate MAGA and anyone associated with it. Non-MAGA GOP candidates did fairly well with them. I assumed the Dark Brandon speech would make them roll their eyes at this “danger to democracy.” Apparently not. Never underestimate the power of sustained propaganda to sway even “independent” thinkers, I guess.

    • “Its just a sense we have. The elections are fine! No fraud!”

      I very respectfully disagree, Mr. Ironic.

      I voted for decades without ‘this sense’, and since I’ve gotten this ‘sense’, I’ve been investigating into how both Republicans and Democrats cheat.

      It’s complex and involves many methods.

      That said, what I have found is that I was wrong before to not have ‘the sense’ that we were being cheated.

      President Nixon was cheated in Illinois on election night in 1960.

      Al Gore was cheated by George Bush in Florida – 2000.

      Stacey Abrams was cheated by Governor Kemp in 2018 – by the very same methods that are being used to cheat gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake in Arizona or Miss Lorraine Boebert in Colorado.

      I am sorry to report this to yo, but, even though you may be very well informed on many issues, in this issue you are not.

      If you want more information on what’s going on I recommend you listen to the many interviews election-fraud journalist, par excellence, Greg Palast, has given to Leftist pundit Thom Hartmann, on YouTube.

      We are being cheated and have been cheated – many times, but, yes, many elections are still reliable.

      You have to keep an eye out for what is going on.

      • That was a sarcastic response to Hunter sounding like an election denier denier, lol.

        I pretty much agree with everything here you’ve said on the issue. To me its clear, the elections are being engineered in places for certain candidates at certain times, and there’s no reason to think thats a new phenomenon though the mail in ballot scam has certainly made it alot easier.

        • Thank you, Dear Ironic, For your kind reply.

          I’m sorry that I was so unsubtle as to miss your sarcasm.

          One thing that frustrates me is that many of my fellow Southerners do not understand point-shaving rackets and how common they are in certain areas of this country.

          In places like Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York, point-shaving is a regular part of life – from filling out forms to elections – not to mention that entire industries, such as insurance, are built out of the principle of point-shaving

          I am sorry it is this way, and, no, I do not impugn everyone who lives in this places – far from it.

          Yet, point-shaving, I know from many reliable eyewitness accounts in my daddy’s family, is as common in these areas as is hunting in November in The Rural South.

          Thanks again for the kind reply!

  5. The Deep-State Dems had one objective, and you yourself stated the importance of it before the election: Control of the Senate. Deep-State includes a number of Repukes here – basically the entire establishment (think Mittens Wormney, Lady G and her house-nigra Mr. Tim – not to mention Mitch the Kentucky Undertaker).

    They simply did not need to pull off the massive level of fraud they did in 2020. They might even be able to afford to allow the Repukes to enjoy a razor-thin majority in the house to keep up the illusion – though this looks increasingly unlikely. This way they can enact the agenda of those who operate the retarded ventriloquist dummy who is the nominal president (who presides over nothing, not even his own bowels). Their agenda is to impose all manner of evil things nationwide. They can abolish the filibuster, expand the war in 404 (draft whites to go and fight Russia and China), impose abortion, CRT and transgender grooming nationwide. They can pack the supreme court so their permanent rule will be established. Say goodbye to the second amendment as well. You’re thinking locally, they are thinking globally.

    Oh and they will continue to flood the country will foreigners, most of whom don’t even come from Mexico any more. The Sodomite Jew Berthold Brecht stated it a lifetime ago: “We’ll elect a new people”. They’ve been busy doing this since 1965 and with no opposition whites will soon be a permanent minority in Murika. The red state enclaves you’ve been featuring this past week will be short-lived once flooded with foreign invaders to join the local black and shitlib fifth column. Alabama and the others will be dark blue in a few years – unless those there have the balls to say no. As they’ve done with California already, they will do to the entire country.

  6. What was once unique, thru out the world, they have turned into a scam, a racket, a hustle……….Good!!……..for those with eyes too see, the Evil publically incriminates and publically indict’s itself……..even better……..we know where , we all stand………..Let the clean, be clean and……….let the filth,be filthy

    • Nothing changed in my state.

      Republicans won by a larger margin than usual. The House is also about to fall which is all that really matters. Gridlock was the objective. Nothing else was in the cards.

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