Ben Shapiro: Chuck Schumer’s Great Replacement Theory

Thanks for noticing, Ben.

You were calling Pat Buchanan a Nazi for saying this twenty years ago.


  1. Ben the little jew sees what going on with the blacks calling out his tribe so he is trying to make nice with the goyim.

    I’m sure none of those beaners are going to jewish neighborhoods, only Whites.

    I don’t trust that little heeb as far as I could throw him. “America is a nation of ideals”-little Ben Shapiro a few years ago.

    • Yes, ideals that came from the White European racial character. Ideals which brown and Semitic peoples do not care one whit about.

      • HW is precisely right as always: where w re guys like Shapiro decades ago, when Pat Buchanan spoke the truth? I’ve occasionally listened to Dennis Prager over the years, a Jewish “conservative” talk show host. Way back in the early 1990’s, Prager would either ignore Buchanan or make smug, pettily contemptuous remarks about him, along with another Jew that Prager absolutely adored, Charles Krauthamner.

  2. Pat Buchanan, David Duke, Tom Metzger, and William Luther Pierce are or were awesome. God bless these men.

    • Yes, it was those four gentlemen who “radicalized” me. Fortunately I had the opportunity to communicate with all of them!

  3. Only China and India have larger populations than the imperial “homeland” now. The logic of the U.sury S.ystem requires that its homeland base becomes even more populous, because there is power in numbers, the most slaves and cannon fodder.

  4. I’m going to go out on a limb here.

    I have no delusions about Ben Shapiro, but I think at this point we do harm to ourselves (in the eyes of people who may be swayed by our arguments) by publicly criticizing him. He just called out a fellow tribesman for “the great replacement”. Sure, in Shapiros rhetoric this is more of a CivNat thing, with illegal aliens replacing heritage Americans (including blacks and 2nd/3rd generation Jews). He would also say it’s the elites replacing conservative voters with reliably liberal voters. Oh He might pay a little lip service to the fact that this also heavily leans toward replacing white populations, but he’ll make those observations sparingly.

    But this really doesn’t matter. People naturally understand that this ain’t a genocide directed at blacks. Many immigrants are black. The CivNat arguments about cheap labor are just as compelling as white nationalist arguments. The end result is to make people more aware that these policies are not random or accidental. As long as Ben is funneling people into these lines of reasoning, we should sit back and let it happen.

    I honestly don’t think Shapiro is as intentionally subversive as some of you guys think. I definitely think he obscures and deflects Jewish power and influence, which is natural for him to do. But that doesn’t always mean it is against the interests of dissidents.

    • “I honestly don’t think Shapiro is as intentionally subversive as some of you guys think. I definitely think he obscures and deflects Jewish power and influence, which is natural for him to do. But that doesn’t always mean it is against the interests of dissidents.”

      Yes, Memebro – I agree with you.

      Shapiro is an observant Orthodox Jew.

      What that means to The American Left (many secular American Jews, in particular) is that he is an SS man with a golden yellow star next to his collar diamonds – not Germanic runes, but, for them, it’s all the same.

      What that means to the Far Right is he is another Yiddish Horse from Rothschild’s Troy in the media.

      What is actually means is that Shapiro shares a lot of attitudes with the Gentile Far Right, (Constituionalism, Confederateism, anti-LGBTQ-ism) whilst being very wary of their desires to subjugate Jewry.

      Shapiro advocates for the same point of view that my daddy’s people, Hungarian/American Jews) held, none more so than my grandmother Szylvia, she who, already by the 1970s, thought that this country had gone to hell in a handbasket.

      She, my grandmama Syilvia, so hated the Liberal direction of this country in the post WWII era, that I have many fond memories of her jumping up from her chair, during the evening news with Walter Cronkite, and walking off in disgust, her monologue chocked full of epithets in both English and Yiddish.

      This accounts for me – Hungarian Jews, like my grandmother, on one side – Confederates and Klansmen on my mama’s side of the family.

      Okay, okay, I know! : – my life is an American story…

    • I’m convinced the Israelis need a certain amount of non-jews in their shitty little country for 1) cheap, menial labor 2) organ harvesting and 3) as “human shields” to prevent neighboring enemy states from launching nuclear missiles at Haifa and Tel Aviv.

  5. These kikes want to recreate the Mideastern Bazaar environment from whence they came. Good for them, bad for everyone else.

    • Their goals are far beyond that.

      Think ancient slave market of unlimited cruelty.

      You don’t know their doctrine.

    • They are marked in multiple ways, yet the goy continue to ignore the marks nature has made.

      Go ahead and pet it, the rattle on its tail is just there to entertain you.

  6. Everybody knows about Cloward-Piven and the cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt School.
    Let them get arrogant in the belief that the Long March is over.

  7. In actual fact we are saving the Jews – from themselves. I’m not holding my breath for a “thank you” though.

  8. Tecumseh tried to warn the Injuns about their Great Replacement. Told them that only a Pan-Red alliance had a chance to save them. Now, just maybe, a small minority of racially aware whites are doing their own ghost dance and just don’t know it. Minus any prior physical resistance at all.

  9. Leftist whites are the greater parasite.
    In my country, and I’m sure yours as well, they’ve played a major role in destroying our sovereignty and social stability.
    Leftist unions have resulted in us deporting all our manufacturing, and leftist activists keep pushing for us to import more dieversity, and embrace nonsense crap like trans rights.
    If you look at everything that’s wrong with your society, it’s likely they were at some point, the cause of it.
    Feminists have made modern women undatable career gals, resulting in fewer births among whites. Asian women have now largely taken the place of white women for many men who want families.
    Yes, Jews have been a major force in our destruction……..and so have many whites.
    An external threat is nothing without an internal traitor assisting.
    The white race disappoints me. When we go extinct, it will be because most of us either wanted it, or didn’t stand up. I can say and do things……but I’m one person.
    Many of the things we’ve pushed are now in the mainstream domain………but it won’t change the outcome.

    • Goose: Don’t despair. Five hundred years ago we faced destruction in Europe at the hands of the Muslims. Nevertheless, we prevailed. What we must do now is return to our God, because through Him all things are possible.

      The destruction of the white western peoples, the peoples of what was once Christendom, is a satanic endeavor. Only though Christ will we have the power to defeat the Evil One and his followers.

    • Hello Goose;

      What did Juvenal say: “Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt.”

      How right he was. The problem in the modern world is that bread and circuses require an ever increasing supply of fiat money with consistent purchasing power. Inflation is making the system too costly and will crash the whole thing.

      In the U.S. the population is especially sensitive to the price of gasoline. Prices had been increasing since the Ukraine War which was hurting the Democrats’ chances of success in the recent elections. Dementia Joe (really his keepers) ordered the release of oil from the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve to keep the price of gasoline below $4 – $5/gallon. The price had been rising rapidly which was hurting the Democrats’ chances of winning in the recent elections.

      It worked. The price of gasoline fell to about $3.20 – $3.80/gallon in most of the country, California being the exception. Prices there remained about $5 – $6/gallon because of state regulations but it didn’t matter because the state is reliably Democrat anyway. That is the proxy for bread and circuses, the single biggest thing, if it fails, that will cause revolt, the price of gasoline.

      This may sound crazy but many people drive more than a hundred miles a week for work, shopping, school etc. $10/gallon gasoline would mean driving would go from perhaps 200 miles a week to 50 miles a week. This would wreak havoc on daily life for most people, lead to massive unemployment and cause other prices to explode. That would be the end of U.S. bread and circuses and the ruling class knows this, at least the Democrats do.

      That day is coming, I just don’t know when. Another war in the Near East for Our Greatest Ally will probably do the trick though.

      • @12AX7, Roland,
        Yeah but I’m not too optimistic. How do you defend a race that deports it’s manufacturing, imports the hordes, marries into other races at record levels, goes to war with countries we know nothing about instead of dealing with domestic issues, have a culture where an obese male Asian trannie can win a female beauty pageant, and allow deadly drugs from Asia to just destroy our societies?
        We deported Jews from our countries what 131 times? How did they always make their way back? They’re like termites that you sprayed six months back, only to have them return and continue devouring your house.
        Mini EV production has just been switched from once Great Britain to China…….yet the British public will continue buying these cars, regardless.
        We just accept these subtle and gradual assaults on our identity and future as we’re being salami sliced into oblivion. And whatever you give the Left, you CAN’T please them. They always call for more change, more concessions, more refugees, etc.
        When you vote in elections, you have a choice not between one traitor and one great leader that will have your back, but two traitors.
        Unless something changes in a huge and positive way, I just can’t be too hopeful.
        I want what’s best for every race……….in their OWN countries!

  10. We need a real flesh and blood #1 enemy “This is the Enemy”. It’s principle of effective propaganda – put a face on the enemy, don’t just complain about supposedly all powerful groups, associations, forces.

    Hungary Victor Orban started a new party which quickly shot up to #1 in Hungary. Victor Orban Hungarian populists/nationalists made Hungarian born ethnic J Goerge Soros – history’s most infamous money changer/speculator, anti White, anti Christ cultural marxist as the #1 enemy of Hungarians. Victor Orban’s #1 party made very effective, street posters showing George Soros as identical to the old, evil Emperor in Star Wars. This propaganda campaign was very successful.

    As usual our White American Conservative GOP tend to suck at political propaganda as we do in pretty much everything that matters – let the J media, anti White media, homos, Blacks define the midterm elections as “Stopping MAGA White racist Racism” that want to force Americans in to back alley abortions, again – or else they want everyone in the WORLD to be able to purchase and use AR15 military assault rifles (even the entire populations of Somalia and Haiti, El Salvador? Yep, or else American conservative Constitutionalist just haven’t thought about that).

    Last year American Renaissance didn’t name one specific White traitor of the year, instead they named an institution CPAC for purging immigration patriots and White identitarians like Ann Coulter and Peter Brimelow, Michelle Malkin (very popular CPAC speakers) from ever speaking again at CPAC.

    You’ve heard the expression – “You can’t fight City Call”. Well, we can’t fight all of CPAC, all of Conservative Inc, all of the tops of the cuckservative Mormon, Baptist churches.

    But, we most definitely can and must fight specific real traitors at the top of CPAC, National Review, Wall Street Journal. Notre Dame, BYU.

    The as* hole at CPAC who made that decision to purge all White defenders from ever speaking at CPAC – he should have been identified and Doxed, same as William F Buckley after an old WFB took the J 30 pieces of silver and purged all our folks from National Review.

    Again, these White traitors like Romneys, Bushes, Chaney, Buckleys never pay any price for their racial, cultural treason. Why not bus AIDS infected, TB, Covid, bubonic plague infected Illegal Alien migrants to the Bush, Romney, Cheney country estates – target them on their private golf courses.

    In contrast the anti White Left, the Js punish their enemies (us) and their traitors.

    • @Jaye…

      “Again, these White traitors like Romneys, Bushes, Chaney, Buckleys never pay any price for their racial, cultural treason”

      Yes, and it is precisely the white-collar criminal, from inside, who is most difficult to get at, unless, of course, one wishes to become a devil, and, the overwhelming majority of people do not wish to do that.

  11. @Jaye…

    “We need a real flesh and blood #1 enemy “This is the Enemy”. It’s principle of effective propaganda – put a face on the enemy, don’t just complain about supposedly all powerful groups, associations, forces.”

    Very true, and, I suspect, that, with the campaign against ‘hate’ the ones behind those who so publically advocate for it, are the very ones who know that, if you cannot identify anyone in particular, it’s hard to know where to point your cannons.

    This is why White Gentiles have such a hard time fighting against The Jewish World
    Order – because it does not identify itself, does not fly a flag, does not identify as any particular land, and, as well, forbids anyone to even think it.

    A clever sleight of hand.

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