Jimmy Dore: Bernie Sanders Turned Progressive Movement Into Rotting Corpse

So true.

I used to think we had some common ground with the populist Left on foreign policy. Ukraine has shown us otherwise. They have changed their tune and now support endless war and imperialism.

Note: Jimmy Dore and Tulsi Gabbard are the exceptions to the rule.


  1. Shit hippies ruin everything that they come into contact with.
    Useful idiots will get the hammer and sickle good and hard while the apparatchiks like comrade Bernie live large in multiple dachas and drive red hot sports cars that aren’t lithium battery powered Zil Trabants.

    • “Zil Trabants”:

      Note that the body of the Trabant people’s car is biodegradable, made of pulp and cotton fiber instead of metal or plastic. I consider it an excellent design, because, like the Ford Model A, it had not one more part or feature than what was absolutely needed to make it go.

  2. The Left is led by jews, so naturally they will always support wars that promote jewish world domination. Fighting the Vietcong and Ho Chi Minh didn’t meet that criterion, so they were against that particular conflict.

    • “…Fighting the Vietcong and Ho Chi Minh didn’t meet that criterion, so they were against that particular conflict….”

      In fact they changed the whole narrative of the war to be negative. They say that North Vietnam beat us. This is a complete lie. A total fabrication. There is no “we” in the loss of South Vietnam. In fact the Democratic Party deliberately allowed the North Vietnamese to take over the South. I repeat this frequently because people continuously keep the lie going that we were “always” doomed to lose in Vietnam. It’s part of the Left’s mantra playbook, so they won’t be, rightly, blamed for the whole debacle.

      Here are some things you should know to put the war in Vietnam in perspective.

      1. The Tet offensive where the oh so fierce, or so we were told, viet cong were supposed to take over the whole country was a big bust. The left hailed the VC as showing we could never win the war. Tet was a total, complete, massive disaster for the viet cong and the vast majority of them died. They were completely wiped out and ceased to exist as an organized force.

      2. The US Army in Vietnam gets a totally undeserved rap that in no way responds to reality. They said they were going to shoot the living hell out of the commies until they were done with fighting and I say they almost did exactly that. They blew the living hell out of those commies. They completely destroyed the Viet Cong and almost, damn near almost, killed off the NVA.

      3. From Pournelle,”And in Viet Nam the North sent 150,000 men south with as much armor as the Wehrmacht had in many WW II engagements. That was in 1973, and of that 150,000 fewer than 50,000 men and no armor returned to the North, at a cost of under 1,000 American casualties. Most would count that an outstanding victory. (Alas, in 1975 North Vietnam had another army of over 100,000 and sent it South; the Democratic Congress voted our South Vietnamese 20 cartridges and 2 hand grenades per man, but refused naval and air support; Saigon predictably became Ho Chi Minh city as we pushed helicopters off the decks of our carriers in our frantic evacuation; but that is hardly the fault of the US military).”

      4. When the North attacked the South in 1975 their forces were strung out all along the limited highways north to south. If we had kept to our word about making sure they had air support and supplies, they would have been slaughtered. A serious blood bath. We could have bombed them from the air, bombed them from the sea, as we still had battleships off the coast to do so, and placed artillery on the mountains to blast them from all sides. Total annihilation. I think it was John Paul Vann who said he spent years looking for them in the jungle and now when they are out in open we’re doing nothing.

      Now commies can make people fight by threatening them and their families but there’s a limit. A second blood bath destruction after the loss in 1973 might have either triggered full scale intransigence in the North or the North deciding not risk it again. As it was, the Democrats told Pres. Ford if he supplied air support they would impeach him and I think they would have. This was after Nixon was booted out and the Democrats had total power in the legislature.

      The Democrat party said over and over, and still say, that we could never win in Vietnam and when they had the power to do so THEY made it happen. They are solely responsible for the debacle. The facts show unequivocally the North could not have conquered the South without cutting all support to the South. Just simple basic logic will tell you that the 1975 invasion would have failed with the South having US air support. Not even mentioning the rest.

      5. The whole time the Vietnam War was going on insurgencies in all of Southeast Asia were, mostly, being defeated. The stated goals of the war were that if Vietnam fell it would embolden the commies in all Southeast Asia and they would all fall.

      In fact fighting in Vietnam tied up the commies there and in a large part of Southeast Asia the commies were defeated. So we didn’t win it all but look at countries where the commies “won”, like Cambodia. The commies murdered 25% of the population. I say that that while the Vietnam War was not a total win it did save many, many millions of lives in Asia.

      While many Vietnam vets believe that they totally wasted their lives there, I do not believe that at all. I believe as messed up as it was, what they did was noble and saved millions upon millions of others lives just exactly like what they were told they were there for. Many commie insurgencies were crushed while the war kept the commies occupied in Vietnam. How can anyone not believe this after looking at Cambodia, China, the USSR and all the cases where the commies won, I don’t know.

      • Thanks for your intelligent and interesting reply. A Vietnam vet once told me the CIA/military intelligence assassinated American officers who were doing too good of a job killing the enemy, because it was a war we were not allowed to win ( per order of Henry Kissinger and the Paris Peace talks?). I take it you’re sceptical of the Pentagon Papers and Daniel Ellsberg’s release of them to the Times?

        • The Vietnam vets were demoralized and attacked constantly by the Jew press. That the Vet recognizes that they could have won but some inexplicable circumstances they didn’t. It’s reasonable for him to grasp onto whatever to explain it. The facts I commented above are 100% true and you can see if you strip away all the Jew gas-lighting that the story is very different from what their constant bleating media horn is telling you.

          I don’t remember what all the Pentagon Papers said. I used to know but…can’t remember. I do know that everything they said as an overriding strategic interest, the Vietnam War made damn good sense in the context of a global struggle against commies. They killed a shitload of people. Likely 60 million in Russia, 100 million in China??? All over the world they were funding guerilla groups. Now what the US is doing now with it’s Jew run government I don’t support but I did support a fight against the mass murdering Jew religion of communism and anyone with good sense, and able to count bodies, would see that it was not foolish to try and stamp this out.

          In a lot of cases, and even if this theory is wrong it’s worth thinking about, If the Jews are attacking you then you are doing the right thing, Vietnam. If they are not, Iraq, then you’re doing the wrong thing.

      • I always maintain that most Americans do not repent of their imperialism but love their imperialism, and your comment is more evidence.

        • @Merthyr…

          Americans are like their fathers – the English – some being against empire, others unaware of it, others still proud and unrepentant of it.

          Americans, in general, like everything that is big.

          How it gets to be that is not of much concern…

  3. A political realignment has occurred in America and parts of Europe.
    The right has become a bit more populist and the left more elitist.
    The left has made nice with the bigs; big brother, big business, big pharma, the military.
    There’s little room for populism on the mainstream left, so people like Jimmy and Tulsi are being marginalized while others like Bernie are selling out.
    As for AOC, she never really was populist, she’s woke, so she fits in with them perfectly.
    She’s also a spoiled histrionic narcissist, like Amber Heard, one of the most unlikeable people in politics.

  4. Senator Sanders got too close to those with whom he set out to fight.

    His income tax forms reveal that he did not do it for money, so I am left to suspect that, in the end, he just wanted to be accepted and thought of well of by those he knew.

    This is a reason in favour of term limits – they become so chummy up there they forget why they went, if money does not relive them of that sooner.

    He could have made a big move to help this country, by leaving the Democrat Party and taking his followers and supporters out to a 3rd party.

    Instead he chose to allow himself to be twice cheated.

    In the end he just became an empty symbol – mostly wind with very little steel.

    Except for those collegiate students majoring in political science,History will not remember him.

    • “His income tax forms reveal that he did not do it for money, ”

      Don’t be deceived by what’s received and what’s reported.

      Taxes are for little people …… ((Leona helmsly))

      • Thank you, Dear Arrian, in general I agree, though, it is not only his income tax returns, but, as well, his holdings that convince me that Senator Sanders has not done what other senators have historically done – pad his wallet for years and years.

        In the end, however, he has become a tool of the very people he spent decades purporting to fight – and that means that his public life has turned out to be little more than a farce.

        Of course, he may still be a success in his private life, as I would hope, but, professionally, it is very sad what he has become.

        Fortunately, there still are people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Tulsi Gabbard, Rand Paul, Lorraine Boebert, Jim Massie, Matt Gaetz, and Jim Jordan who demonstrate that they are out to represent their consitituents.

        Have a great day!

  5. He’s been called “Bernie the Bomber” since he voted for the F-35, years ago. He is very pro-Zionist and pro-war, and effectively (if not rhetorically) anti-socialist and anti-communist. He is the epitome of fake “left” in the imperial homeland. As it says here https://thepeaceresource.com/2019/12/16/bernies-war-votes-yes-virginia-he-has-them-a-long-list-of-them/ he is “no socialist and no friend of the working class”!

    I don’t agree with Dore that Bernie “turned progressivism into a corpse.” The fake left, which takes the place of true left that is illegal in the imperial homeland, was dead to begin with, long ago.

    • For a brief time it looked as if The Squad (Alexandria Cortez, Ilhan Omar, et al) were ideologically driven Social Democrats. But it didn’t take long for ZOG to buy their cooperation. Now they support endless war in the Ukraine just as much as Schumer and McConnell.

  6. The Dore Show quotes Southern politician Margie Greene saying: “We must stop letting Zelensky demand money & weapons from US taxpayers while he is trying to drag us into WW3.” Margie LIES! The U.S. was never “dragged in.” The war against Russia using U.S.-trained, armed and supported Khazarkrainian proxy forces is the U.S.’s war, entirely, and from the very beginning.

    The Jimmy Dore Show and the Tucker Carlson Show both appeal to the same low intellectual level.

    • Merthyr rising1831, “appeal to the same low Intellectual level” Your comment reek’s of Classify, Eletism, clearly demonstrating your Heartfelt opinion I am sure, of the very people, you wish too lead in a Marxist Revolution, you publically mock tht people you wish too use in your power grab, the old world commies, were better with their Discretionary moves, you and your kind, will find, no fertile ground in the.Southern Republic, the only place for your kind, would be in a seldom visited museum……..

      • Terry, I respect your views and sincerity. I wanted to say one can’t be well informed by watching Tucker Carlson and Jimmy Dore, or CNN and MSNBC.

        There are better sources of information. Seek, and ye shall find! Let us all come to the same conclusions. Opinions may vary, but truth and facts are the same for all.

        • Merthyr Rising 1831, Thank you for your reply, certainly no cnn, or msnbc, if Tucker has on someone like ye west, might check it out for a bit, only time I checked out jimmy dore, is when the host of this site, will feature him, as a Southern Nationalist, I rely on Occidental Dissent, for a lot of my news filtering,certainly no mainstream news outlets, nice too hear from you as usual Mr.Merthyr Rising 1831……

    • ZOG has been fighting against Putin since he assumed power in Russia 20 years ago because he won’t allow his country to be surrounded by hostile NATO forces and robbed of its valuable natural resources. Nor will he abandon support of his Syrian ally, something which has frustrated US/Zionist attempts to bomb the Near East into submission.

    • @Methyr…

      “The Jimmy Dore Show and the Tucker Carlson Show both appeal to the same low intellectual level.”

      With all due respect, and I mean that – it has nothing to do with intellect, but research and awareness.

      #1. Most people still have no idea that the establishment is a predator – NOT a caretaker; that they lie constantly, and, that so, they do not take the time to do the independent research that you, I, and everyone else here does.

      Moreover, Jimmy Dore and Tucker Carlson are standing right on the line, perhaps even over it, where they will be thrown off mainstream media.

      These two have relentlessly told the truth, and deserve to be appreciated for that, not cut down.

      The American public has not a clue what has happened in Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union, other than Putin became Czar.

      As it stands, half of the people my country do not even know that The Ukraine is not a mixed drink, much less be able to find it on the map!

      Have a good evening!

      • “Jimmy Dore and Tucker Carlson are standing right on the line, perhaps even over it, where they will be thrown off”:

        I remember when the previous Fox News populist-conservative hero, Glenn Beck, had a reputation for “relentlessly telling the truth,” and was thrown off. Dore and Carlson offer “delicious meals” of truths and facts, mixed with a few crucial untruths that negate and outweigh all the good information! I only wish they DID “tell the truth relentlessly.” But populists are mere reformers and apologists, and thus, conservers/preservers of the system. They are NOT revolutionaries.

        Populism is tolerated, even encouraged, by the elites when needed, and shut down when its period of usefulness is over. Carlson will be shut down and thrown out when his usefulness in controlling his target audience is over. There is also a limit to how high populist politicians can rise in politics. They are certainly barred from reaching the Presidency. They must be “made examples of.” Bernie Sanders of the fake left and Ron Paul of right-wing, libertarian populism are examples whose campaigns were destroyed.

        • Thank you for your reply, Dear Methyr.

          I do not think that The Elites in this country are ‘tolerating’ Populism, but, are hating it with every fibre in them.

          As to shutting it off : I am sure that they would love to have that control.

          Don’t forget that in this country there are more armed people than anywhere else in the globe, and that just the total number in the militias probably exceeds the numbers under arms in all other countries, save for Russia and China. the number in.

          Never forget that when you are analyzing what is going on here, for is there were no armed citizenry here we would be in as bad a situation as y’all are in – maybe even considerably worse.

          Yes, we would be worse – far worse.

          I agree that one day Mr. Carlson’s day at Fox will be over – probably the day he dares to talk about Organized Jewry.

          That said, that event won’t stop him.

          He’ll merely do as Savage, Beck and O-Reilly did – take his audience to another medium.

          Things are changing in this country, particularly in the last two years, and this change beckons a future quite different than the recent past decades we have lived.

          May I ask what shire you live in, or, if failing that, what region of The Mother Country?

          All the best to you!

          • Ancestry in Gwynedd, Ivan.
            The land of my fathers, the land of my choice,
            The land in which poets and minstrels rejoice
            The land whose stern warriors were true to the core
            While bleeding for freedom of yore
            Old mountainous Cambria, the Eden of bards,
            Each hill and each valley, excite my regards;
            To the ears of her patriots how charming still seems
            The music that flows in her streams
            My country tho’ crushed by a hostile array,
            The language of Cambria lives out to this day;
            The muse has eluded the traitors’ foul knives,
            The harp of my country survives….

          • @Merthyr…

            Sorry I am just know getting to this.

            I’m confused – this seems like a stanza from an older bard, yet, at the same time, it seems like you are claiming to be a Welshman, not so far from Cumbria.

            If you are, then let me wish you a hearty salute.

            When my wife and I were looking for a country to enjoy retirement, we would have selected your area of Wales – if the English were not there, or, more specifically, the English government.

            We both have highly sensitive noses and we can smell them all the way out here!

            God bless you!

    • “…The war against Russia using U.S.-trained, armed and supported Khazarkrainian proxy forces is the U.S.’s war, entirely, and from the very beginning….”

      Here fixed it for you.

      The war against Russia using U.S.-trained, armed and supported Khazarkrainian proxy forces is the “Jews” war, entirely, and from the very beginning.

      The above is typical Jew blame shifting.

      I’m sick of being blamed for the Jews actions. Like the Jews bringing Blacks to the US, being the most prolific slave owners, then blaming Whites for it.

  7. Re: “I used to think we had some common ground with the populist Left”:

    You as a populist conservative do have some common ground with “left” populists, because all populists are capitalists, reformers and apologists of the system, not true left revolutionaries who reject the system and work to replace it with a better system. For example, in Germany the “left” (fake left) populist GREEN PARTY that claims to be “environmental” but supports business, private profit, private banking, privatisation of common goods and services, austerity, etc. is the most warmongering of all the parties in the Parliament. The Greens are the most enthusiastic supporters of nuclear armament of Germany!

  8. Strauss and Alinsky would be so proud.
    All of it part of by any means necessary on the road to National Bolshevism.

    • Yes I believe you are correct, Strauss and Alinsky would be proud of Bernie and the Squad today.

      But I disagree that they were leading toward national bolshevism, They were globalists or cosmopolitans, not nationalists. If they were sympathetic to “bolshevism,” it was the Trotskyite kind. They opposed Stalin and Russian ethno-national socialism.

      Note that “kulak” means a well-off, middle-class landowner who employs poor people to work his land. The parents of Trotsky (real name Bronstein) were very successful kulaks, buying additional farms, increasing employment and making large profits when most of the peasants, the vast majority of famers in Russia, were struggling to survive. The kulak class was an obstacle to equality and food security.

      • I agree, National Bolshevism is more like Menshevism or Strasserism. Alinsky and his comrades would not have supported that!

  9. What happened to medicare for all? How did health care fall off the agenda? That would greatly help the lives of all the working poor. People would also be a lot more mobile as you wouldn’t be stuck in a job because need the health care? I don’t know labor laws, but when I was in the Chicago area in the 90s all the grocery stores were unionized. (UFCW) We didn’t get much in the way of pay, but one rule they had was only a certain percentage of employees could be “part time” you couldn’t run whole stores on nothing but “part time” labor, you had to provide people with regular work they could depend on and get enough hours to pay their bills. I’d like to see a national law on a similar scale, say you had 50 employees, 75% would have to be full time 40 hour positions. You could’t run the place on 25 hour a week part time positions and have your employees all having to find second jobs at weird hours, juggling schedules, etc. That’s how the GOP Mitt Romney types love to run businesses, then preach about “free enterprise” with fetish type terms like it’s the force in star wars or something. The whole service economy needs to include national healthcare and be regulated into full time positions.

    • I agree with you on the need for a national healthcare system but I don’t think it could work in a country like ours that has 40 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS feeding from the welfare trough without paying anything into it.

    • What happened was the republican party. I think people know this but am not sure these days.

      We were staunch republicans until covid. Doesn’t matter where you stand on the pandemic or “plandemic”.

      We watched the greatest opportunity for Whites to stay home with family, collect Covid related benefits to save and stock up, barter, co-opt with family or neighbors to buy land & generally think… squandered.

      Why? Because the republican party was so bent out of shape over their donors losing billions that they did not give a rats about the workers & in fact, designated the poorest as “essential workers” to keep the gravy train flowing as much as possible. And we are reliable republican voters.

      Homeschooling, family, neighborhoods, none of it mattered because we were so invested in attacking “The Left”.

      Even now with Trump back on Twitter… No one is talking about what he would do, they’re gleeful over “liberal tears”. It’s silly, because there are no liberal tears.

      The left may think about us once a week if ever, and yet we spend hours and days wondering what they will do next. What are we going to do?

      Republicans took the house & their first hearings are on a laptop computer. Not gas, food prices, or let alone… “Great Replacement”. When will we learn?

  10. Bernie was right about a lot of things.

    Keep them dumb & poor. Thats how we start a revolution.

    Bernie is no different from the others, but he’s right about this. Let’s shoot our way out of this situation.

    But let’s ask Ye first.

  11. This is why people sour on politics and tune it out. Sanders didn’t live up what he said he stood for. There is no anti war movement on the left anymore. the anti war sentiment is on the alt right, not the conservative right.

    The liberals don’t care about the little guy, with them it’s all posturing from one yuppie snot to another yuppie snot. They don’t know what it’s like to be poor, not be able to find a job and join the army as a way out. Then you go off and get blown up in some third world crap hole.

    The liberals won’t control the border either, hundreds of thousands of people die of drug overdoses, the yuppie snot noses don’t care, these are just street people to them, white trash or niggers. Another yuppie snot might call them racist if every Latino in the world didn’t get to come here, so it’s better to let thousands of people die from fentanyl poisoning.

  12. “imperialism”

    Fake criticism. Weak logic. Thee’s in no doubt at all that the North was attacking the South. Anyone who disputes this is a liar. There’s also no doubt that the commies were finding guerilla war all over Asia. Disputing this is a lie. That we funded the other side is not Imperialism. We got nothing from the Vietnam War by routing out commies. Those that did not, Cambodia. Well in your eyes is that not Imperialism? If we were fighting against this, is it good or bad in your eyes?

    This is typical hate US stuff we’ve all heard before. The Jews were all against Imperialism in Vietnam but all for it when they attacked us on 9-11 and then got us to kill their enemies in the REAL IMPERIALISM wars in Iraq. The Jews were all for killing off counties leaders in South America so the Jews could financially rape them. That Imperialism I am not for. John Perkins book. “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”, is a good read on this.

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