Twitter 2.0 Is a Dumpster Fire


Yoel Roth who was the chief Jewish censor at Twitter before quitting his job has a new op-ed in the New York Times calling for Google and Apple to censor Twitter by threatening to remove the app from their app stores like Gab.

New York Times:

“Longer term, the moderating influences of advertisers, regulators and — most critically of all — app stores may be welcome for those of us hoping to avoid an escalation in the volume of dangerous speech online. Twitter will have to balance its new owner’s goals against the practical realities of life on Apple and Google’s internet — no easy task for the employees who have chosen to remain. And as I departed the company, the calls from the app review teams had already begun.More on Twitter.”

Meanwhile, Elon’s definition of “free speech” is keeping Alex Jones banned on the platform and shadow banning people for “hate speech” to the point that the platform is useless. In other words, the app which has been garbage for five years because of censorship will remain garbage, but you can pay $8 a month for a blue check for the privilege of being completely shadow banned on the platform.

The guy who attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan is on Twitter, but small accounts who never did anything but offend the ADL are banned for shitposting. The app is a joke.

Kathy Griffin is back though.


    • Regardless, Jones is not the issue. US contitutionally free speech is the issue. Anybody who says AJ shouldn’t be on twitter is missing the point.

  1. Mr. Musk wanted to play the hero. Now he finds out that is not so easy.

    Moreover, he seems to lack any sort of moral rudder, beyond that of achieving a financial success.

    Twitter, however, is not just a business model, but a complex amalgam of commerce, culture, and politics.

    That so, it will be a very hard thing to have it flourish when the flukey combination of the circumstancial factors that once favoured it seem to be disappearing into the sands of time.

  2. Hate speech bad, trying to assassinate former president Reagan not so bad. This nation really is upside down and backwards.

    Mush showed his true colors as many knew he would.

      • Or, as a great man known as “Frank from North Carolina” (God rest his soul in peace) in the dissident-Right talk radio world would often say, “Truth is hate to those who hate the truth.”

  3. Alex Jones mentions the anti-white racism coming from the left and criticizes both the ADL and SPLC regularly now.

    More importantly, he was right about the clot shots. Excess mortality shows about 2000 more Americans dying daily than otherwise would be just a few years ago. Our kike media isn’t going into hysterics about that though, so like the opioid/meth/fent crisis, it’s being swept under the rug.

    No surprise our Heeb overlords are intent about him remaining deplatformed.

    • He’s a money shitty. Just like Dump, they say what we want to hear and fold when it counts. In AJ’s case he got bad lawyers and cucked to the Sandy Hook conspirators. An event, case that has never been physically proven to have taken place.

      • The judge in the case REFUSED to let him bring any evidence to the case that proved his point. He had to sit there while they maligned him and the jury heard not one single reason he came to the conclusion it was fake. He was set up. An immense miscarriage of justice.

        • Hey, don’t disparage American justice.

          Epstein got to pimp underage girls for over 20 yrs without jail.
          Michael milkin got to keep 500+ million after only 2 yrs at club fed, sampling gourmet meals and improving his tennis.
          America is a beacon of justice.

    • I don’t have a good opinion of Alex Jones. He is ridiculous but nevertheless, how is that not protected by the 1st Amendment? He has the right to be offensive, to believe and propagate ridiculous things. He wasn’t calling for violence AFAIK. He should have made his defense a max 1st Amendment case.

      Compare and contrast with Antifa which used Twitter and other platforms to instigate riots all over the place and was never shut down under that idiot Trump’s Presidency. The fix was in against AJ but his legal team could have held the Government’s feet to the fire and showed them for the hypocrites they are. The argument that these were civil cases is just a thin veneer for the U.S. Government’s war on it’s real and perceived enemies such as AJ.

  4. I’ve said before that Twitter could have fired almost everyone in their workforce, and it looks like that’s what Musk is doing. They had ~3700 employees, and apparently most of them were females occupying fake jobs as libtard commissars enforcing diversity and equity or censorship. The 25% doing real work are Indian and Asian men on visas. This is how many major companies are. 25% Asian visa slaves keeping the company running, 75% White female parasites with humanities or social science backgrounds in make-work fake jobs. If Musk does nothing else at Twitter, it is at least nice to see someone cutting off the gravy train for these less-than-worthless females.

    • I wonder where all these laid off lay-abouts will be headed, now that next month’s rent in San Francisco is due. Where will they be “needed”? Biden will probably give most of the new IRS auditor jobs to a bunch of negresses with attitudes, so I don’t think the IRS is an option for the pink haired HR harridans.

      • “…I wonder where all these laid off lay-abouts will be headed, now that next month’s rent in San Francisco is due…”

        Maybe they can learn to mine coal or work in fertilizer plants. We seem to be having a gap in fertilizer. There’s a deficit of truck drivers. Oil prices are up, maybe they can train being roughnecks on oil rigs.

  5. So George Herbert Walker Bush’s neighbor John Hinckley is starting the National Redemption Party, whose platform is indistinguishable from that of the Democracts with the possible exception of claiming they oppose the (((mob))) that controls the music industry. Old Poppy’s neighbor kid ain’t very smart at grifting, but he doesn’t have the genes to really do it well. I’m a Cthulhu Party man myself now, no longer content to settle with the lesser evil.

    The nearly perfectly named Sam Bankman-Fraud has much superior skills in the Kayfabeland ‘free-market’ as one can see from the listing posted here. The faster the great golden tower of coprolite implodes, the greater the chances of whites surviving as a people. Shitlibs will get to experience the end result of Darwinian evolution up close and personal when the EBT payments suddenly come to a halt. St. George of Fentanyl is alas locked away in his massive gold coffin, so they can’t call upon him for salvation (though they’ll no doubt try to).

  6. Lauren Lee Goebbels Himmler Boebert has won her re-election in Colorado. Expect a Beer Hall putsch in Colorado Springs any day now.

  7. You know Kathy Griffin is Irish and her brother was a pedophile. from Kathy’s wiki page———–

    Griffin’s eldest brother Kenny was a drug addict and homeless at various times; she said she was “afraid of him until the moment he died” because of his violent, abusive nature. When Kathy was seven, Kenny—who was thirty—would climb into her bed and whisper into her ears; Kathy did not tell her parents until she was in her twenties, at which point he admitted his pedophilia to them.

    • Quite sure many of your “relatives” are just as bad or worse but since you are a BASTARD you live in your make-believe world that all your people were/are “good”. There probably is a “Dahmer” somewhere in that “fallen tree”. Go join hibernophobes anonymous.

    • You know Rowan Hamilton was Irish.

      He was one of the greatest advancers of mathematics and physics in human history.
      He developed the hypercomplex numbers among other great advancements.

      • @Arrian——–You are speaking to my point. God loves variety. Not all Irish are math geniuses. But because of Irish breeding practices throughout the centuries there are shared traits common to Irish blood. And they are on display in American and on this website by people such as yourself. A desire to have and hold power over others. An unwillingness to see themselves as flaw imperfect human beings. And a desire to silence all out group criticism of the failings of Irish blood. Uncle Ted Irish Mick,and traitor to God, a man who took confession from so many sinners is unable to admit to us all that he is a sinner himself. Why? Because he is Irish and his blood won’t let him.

    • “The guy who attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan…”

      That sounds like something you would do, RB, since Ronald Reagan was Irish. Are you a member of Hinckley’s National Redemption Party?

  8. Elon Musk, like all billionaires, cares about two things, 1 Elon Musk, and 2 Elon Musk’s money, and that’s it.
    Populism can’t come from billionaires, it can only come from working, and middleclass people.

    • But power and control come from money. The working/middle class don’t have enough money to affect their goals.

      • @Fox Snooze, neither did the Brown Shirts. Most were dirt poor & unemployed. But, they openly took on the tribe of (((abraham))) & won (till stabbed in the back by our foolish forefathers who implemented the Hellstorm/real “Holocaust,” which sadly few ostensibly pro Aryans even bother to mention).

        National Socialism=outdoor politics

        Everything else=indoor impotence

        • National Socialism existed well before the Austrian painter (and world’s most famous vegetarian) got interested in it. It needs to go back to its roots, which are to be found in the writings of Sun Yat-Sen and others of his era. Also, it’s important to do some thoughtful historical analysis as to why Hitler ended up such a total failure when he started off with such promise. If he’d stopped in around 1937, Germany might well be a major power today. Yes the Banksteins declared war on him in 1933. He should have taken this very seriously when they did so. If he’d bided his time so as to actually deploy nukes, we might be looking at a very different world today. Learning from the errors of others is an important aspect of achieving victory in the long term.

    • His actions for decades are just the opposite from what you have said. He had multiple hundreds of millions of dollars and he bet it all, every bit, on electric cars, solar power for houses and rocket ships to Mars. Even though EVERYONE around him told him he was crazy for doing so. If he were only interested in money, he would not have done that. Just how long does someone have to do something not in his short term interest for you to recognize that he has a larger long term goal? And for how long does he have to tell you what this goal is and follow that to a T and you not realize he’s doing exactly what he said he was going to do? So he’s been putting every dime he has into something, telling you what that something is and working over 80 and 100 hours a week for decades, and you completely dismiss this?

      I’m certainly not saying he has no interest in money. He needs it to finish what he wants to do. To all those cursing him for not immediately denying the holohoax or doing whatever thing it is you demand, he’s not going to commit economic suicide to ft into your purity spirals. The left is not the only one that pushes purity spirals. People have been killed for less than what he has said already.

      I’ve been watching this guy for a long time and everything he has done has in a long term way been a boon to the human race, and everything he has said and done has been congruent with this.

      There are things he knows that I don’t think people pick up on. His father, I believe, is almost certainly a psychopath. The things Musk says about him…this means that he is especially sensitive to the psychopathic Jews and knows how to maneuver around them without them noticing. The Jews believe they know everything and see everything because of their narcissism and psychopathy. And yes I believe a VERY LARGE amount of Jews are psychopaths. Their actions scream psychopath and have for thousands of years.

      So what you see musk doing many times appears to you to be one thing but in recognizing his life and how he has maneuvered around obstacles, to me, it appears he is doing something else. It is subtle. Of course, I could be wrong but so far every single thing he has done has been to help humanity as a whole and he announced exactly what he wanted to do and has been doing it for decades. That he made a wad of cash from it shows it was something we needed all along. It was a need that was not being filled and he filled it.

    • “…Populism can’t come from billionaires, it can only come from working, and middleclass people….”

      Wrong. Julius Caesar was a populist, and the Senate killed him for that.

  9. I doubt any of Twitter’s problems will benefit Gab, because that place is the Fawlty Towers of social media.

  10. “Who thought it would be a good idea to have any idiot connect to any other idiot”

    PJ O’Rourke regarding social media.

    • “Who thought it would be a good idea to have any idiot connect to any other idiot”

      Sounds like the US congress.

  11. Elon Musk is much more of a repugnant character than Jack; Jack knew that those with power and control controlled, and it made him sick to live a lie and pretend Twitter was something it was not. The same thing happened to Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. So they stepped down.

    Musk on the other hand puts the lie back in place. You could say he’s pivoting slightly more to circa 2010s social normal, fine. But that the illusion of free communication is upheld is the result. It was better when, for example, everyone knew Twitter was a useless muzzle land.

    Meanwhile, we already see it’s apparent he’s satisfied more by a jingle – “freedom of speech not equality of reach dur hur” and buzzword box checking. Being confined to speaking in a sewer where nobody can hear you is not a public forum, and it’s an embarrassment to the concept of a free marketplace and exchange of ideas. Musk I fear is much like these same folk who want to slim the 2A so that any and all functional purpose of 2A is totally lost – Only I fear musk is too stupid to actually know that he is partaking in that process.

  12. Seems Elon Musk is Trump ll. You praised him before he delivered, only to be let down.
    Remember this:- billionaires never have our values. We’re not billionaires because we have values and standards.
    Musk pretends to care for the environment and human race, yet has a Tesla plant in China using cheap labour and probably belching out untold amounts of pollution due to that countries lack of environmental regulations.
    Tells you everything you need to know.

  13. @ Exalted Cyclops,

    The banks get a cut of every EBT and only a 1929 style wipeout will correct that.
    The precious indispensable diversity pets consider themselves entitled and will take by force what they need in the Marxist war of all against all law of the jungle survival of the fittest Hunger Games that are coming.
    Think Bosnia x Rwanda for the Kwanstain.

    • ” . . . The precious indispensable diversity pets consider themselves entitled and will take by force what they need in the Marxist war of all against all law of the jungle survival of the fittest . . . “

      This is a fatal weakness on the part of diversity. They lack intelligence, social capital and cooperation therefore planning and preps. Even stupid, naïve Whites, the vast majority, will immediately separate from their precious diversity when society implodes.

      Stupid, naïve Whites know instinctively that diversity is a mortal threat and the time for childish pretending is over when GloboHomo breaks down. Whites have much more potential social capital which is a big strength in adversity. Diversity’s attempts to attack Whites, especially in suburban and rural areas will not end well for them as too many Whites are heavily armed, even in “liberal” areas.

      Diversity’s dependence upon Government means when EBT stops the rage starts. They will burn down everything in their own neighborhoods then have nothing. The U.S. Government won’t be coming to the rescue as in the past. Without Whites, who will be busy looking out for safety and their next meal, not their various “causes” the whole Left Wing Establishment and their “Conservative” allies crashes.

      When the various frauds, rackets and scams that constitute much of the U.S. economy e.g. FTX finally implode it’s the end of the current regime. It is floating on a sea of fake money, printed endlessly, constantly losing value. The major beneficiaries of this are The Usual Suspects through their control of finance, not the diversity hordes who get the scraps.

      Diversity is a luxury good, like a Rolex or a Tesla, made possible only by the endless supply of fake money. The money going bad means all these useless parasites including the Wall St. types will be on their own. Money is the life blood of the U.S. Government and its demise means the current system implodes, taking its dependents with it.

  14. I was banned on Twitter 2.0 without making a single post. I merely clicked ‘like’ on a few posts. This was my fastest permanent suspension yet. I’m kind of glad to be encouraged to ignore twitter totally though since it’s an enormous waste of time. Real life, even the most mundane parts of it, is a much better use of one’s time.

  15. Elon haters just keep getting vindicated. I was as avid as everyone else about Elon but the writing has been on the wall for a couple weeks now. The free speech is not happening. Elon lied.

    I knew it sounded too good to be true from the start. I knew Elon giving a platform to dissidents to grow in popularity and normalize antisemitism sounded too improbable. By turning a platform as big as Twitter into a free speech haven for dissidents, Elon would be stepping on the heels of the regime he’s living under – a regime he’s deeply involved with no less. The establishment would unleash an all out war on Elon. It just didn’t seem plausible. But I suspended my disbelief anyways & got as excited as everyone else. I thought maybe Elon would defy the odds. But nah.

    Yeah, he’s firing everyone. But that’s not a sign he’s some anti-establishment crusader so much as a reflection of him being higher up in the foodchain & flexing on his lower level opponents. Who is Yoel Roth to someone who provides satellite service for the US military? This is why he’s acting so brazenly here: he knows he’s favored over them by ZOG. And he’s also firing everyone for the same reason he bought Twitter: he loves the platform & he hates the woke loons who are running it into the ground. He wants to see Twitter run the same way his companies are run. That is all. We’re not about to see a change in speech policy. It’s going to neoliberal censorship as usual but without the erratic heavy-handed decision-making of deeply unstable & psychotic shitlibs who everyone is fucking sick of. All in all, it will be same old Twitter but run with better taste & competence – hence Elon telling his employees to embrace a “hardcore culture.”

    Functionality improvements will come, but the range of free expression fundamentally will not change much. Elon probably won’t even get rid of the bot situation since that would interfere with ZOG operations like astroturfing that hack Lex Fridman.

    On top of it all, his false claim to free speech will largely go unnoticed. They’ll lax the censorship regarding COVID & transgenderism and that will be enough to placate conservatives and convince them free speech was restored. Everyone who would call out Elon has already been purged a long time ago. And this issue will be further exacerbated with the removal of anonymity via the verification system. Dissidents will no longer be able to respawn with burner accounts. So speech could actually worsen under Musk. Someone aptly noted the removal of anonymity will essentially turn Twitter into LinkedIn.

    In all honesty, I do still like Elon and I’m willing to believe he was being sincere earlier this year about turning Twitter into a free speech platform and that he was just wildly naive about the implications behind the idea. That initial naivety could explain why he spent the summer trying to get out of the deal. He probably realized the compromised Twitter he would end up with wasn’t worth $44 billion but then got pressured into finishing the deal.

    That they were willing to sue Elon for backing out of the deal should’ve been a red flag for the DR. They *wanted* Elon to finish the deal. Probably because the platform was tanking, and Elon, being the black sheep he is, could do the dirty work of liquidating the overblown Twitter workforce of overpaid useless wokesters and reforming the company as fit. Together with Bill Maher’s comments on trans shit, this may ultimately be some effort by the ruling elite to rebrand neoliberalism for fear of losing the working class to the far right.

    On the plus side, it looks like Trump might be reinstated but they’ll probably shadowban him or some shit. Elon wouldn’t have run that poll if he wasn’t willing to restore his account. To maintain credibility of Twitter & mitigate migration to TruthSocial, Parler & Gab, they probably figured Trump’s account would have to be restored. And if Trump’s latest speech is any indicator of where he stands these days, he’s hardly a threat to the establishment anyways.

    Ultimately, if you’re part of the dissident right, there’s no place for you on Twitter, and its gonna stay that way for a long time. Elon might be a good guy who genuinely hates woke loonery but he’s still an integral part of the ZOG regime and he’s not gonna defy his masters with the free speech stuff. He wouldn’t even stop providing Ukraine free Starlink service, imagine thinking he’s gonna give you free speech. Not a chance. So I don’t know why you guys don’t just move on from the topic of Twitter. It’s a lost cause. Maybe Elon will surprise us later on down the road but it seems silly to be holding out for that.

    • “…They’ll lax the censorship regarding COVID & transgenderism and that will be enough to placate conservatives and convince them free speech was restored…”

      WTF is wrong with you people. Before we had 100% of nothing now we have a little something and…we failed, he’s evil, we’re all going to die, Catastrophe! You people get a little good news and shit all over yourselves and anyone trying to make things better.

      • Someone like Alex Jones is too radical for Musk’s Twitter. I’m sure antisemites will be allowed though. Certainly.

      • The only convincing case I can see for Musk right now is allowing Kanye on there. I’m fairly certain that DR individuals like Keith Woods or Andrew Joyce are never being reinstated. And they’ll keep banning DR accounts to alleviate pressure from the media establishment. But it won’t amount to much if someone as famous as Kanye is allowed to spread antisemitism. So I guess we have to wait and see what Elon does about Kanye.

        They’ve already locked his account & deleted a tweet of his a couple weeks ago. But now its unlocked – and after Elon cleaned house & fired everyone too. Is Kanye free to keep talking about (((them))) now? Will they shadowban his tweets? We will see.

        Whatever the case, his refusal to reinstate Alex Jones is a bad omen for Twitter. And that the one case for Based Musk hinges on a famous black rapper (who could change his mind about Jews) is kinda lame.

    • “…He wouldn’t even stop providing Ukraine free Starlink service…”

      They put him on a dissident kill list. No joke.

  16. >Elon Musk squandered billions of dollars on this

    LOL — considering that shortly after you returned to Twitter you retweeted someone who used the slur kike (Alex Linder, as I recall), that’s a pretty stupid thing to say — multiplied across the platform, slurs increased the pressure on Musk to implement ‘moderation’ (a euphemism for censorship) policies closer to what the Left wants than what the Right and dissidents would like (which I said was the most likely outcome).

    And the money wasn’t ‘squandered’ — Musk is the frontman for a consortium of investors (link, ‘My guess 2-3x return or more next 4-5 years if successful’) — along with loans collateralized by his TSLA holdings, they provided the money.

    I’m sure the goal is the same: 1) complete the acquisition, 2) restructure TWTR: cut costs significantly (headcount), stabilize/grow revenue and average daily users, revamp the idiotic ToS in a way that’s compatible with advertiser retention and consistent profitability, and 3) take the company public again — the point of all such PE style takeovers is to tap unrealized profit potential, which considering other social media companies seems to exist at TWTR, which as an ostensibly for-profit business has been poorly managed.

    Given the indebtedness, from the start it was never a vanity free speech project, as some naively believed.

    I personally have no problem with kike — but if you want maximum freedom of expression on TWTR, you should not use or amplify slurs.

    You ought to return to TWTR and post content similar to what you post here — I do not see why that would be a problem, except if they still have a policy about evading a permanent ‘suspension’ (another euphemism).

    • ‘My guess 2-3x return or more next 4-5 years if successful’

      The upside could be really, really high if he moves in banking, PayPal type payments, web services and financial serves. He’s already said he will move into YouTube’s market. I talk about the numbers and compare them to present day companies profits below.

      It’s a lot of money. Just getting a small percentage of twitters users to move to his payment service as opposed to PayPal could gush profits.

    • @eah, my god…

      So, obey thy executioner’s rules to “defeat” thy enemy, eh?

      If you’re claiming to be pro white, you really should gtfo & join the SPLC, or something. You’re just the type of guiiiy they need.

      Because, you’re the worst kind of supposed dissident.

      You enshrine cowardice & portray it as a sort of “wisdom,” & even as a sort of “courage.”

      You openly rebuke pro whites for breaking your executioner’s verbal taboos.

      If we cannot even break verbal taboos, we dont stand a chance of winning a war against a species as formidable as are the jews.

      Its the fact “the movement” is absolutely infested with proud cowards like you that i know we wont be making any headway against jewry (at least so long as prevailing trends remain intact…so long as there’s no massive collapse).

      We all should be ashamed to merely talk when we’re still the majority in these lands. Even considering that we’re a minority of Aryans consciously pro-Aryan, we still outnumber jews & their literal enforcer mercenaries.

      And even if we didn’t outnumber them, we’d still have nothing to fear, other than the possibility we may never organize to fight openly.

      If Aryans get to the point where they’ll stop acting like miserable impotents, to the point where we openly fight, then there’d be no-thing to fear.

      Because Aryans are the best fighters of our open style of warfare. We’re losing this war because the jews form of warfare is very possibly superior to our own…at least so long as it effectively conceals the fact they’re waging warfare.

      Jews tried fighting us our way 3 major times (that we know of). And they got btfo’d every time. But, they evolved. They recognized how foolish it is to fight us our way.

      • >So, obey thy executioner’s rules to “defeat” thy enemy, eh?

        It’s a corporate takeover you fucking retard — what the hell did you expect? — that Musk would saddle himself and Twitter with tens of billions in debt so midwits and idiots could say nigger, kike, faggot, etc on Twitter?

        How infantile.

        I didn’t tell anyone to do or not do anything — I said if people are going to use slurs, they will just be making things more difficult for Musk — which is a stupid thing to do, since I think the political Right, including White Nationalists, will have more freedom on Twitter under Musk than they did before, so why not try to maximize that? — I think you will be able to discuss Jews/the JQ, as well as promote the interests of Whites, as long as you refrain from slurs and other pejorative rhetoric, e.g. Musk just allowed Kanye West to use Twitter again.

        So yeah, Alex Linder was an idiot for using kike when he got back on Twitter, and OD should not have retweeted it.

        Why not accept a few small restrictions in order to use Twitter as a platform? — as a tool to raise awareness it is useful — back in 2015/16 I found following Twitter timelines interesting (unfortunately nearly all of those accounts were banned).

        People who want to use slurs or pound the JQ hard can go on Gab — it’s a technically inferior platform, with far less reach at the moment, but there you can say anything you want, as long as you don’t call for violence — many of those banned from Twitter are on Gab — Telegram is another alternative, but I think you have more freedom on Gab.

  17. “…Google and Apple to censor Twitter by threatening to remove the app from their app stores like Gab…”

    They could lose billions to anti-trust laws with that.

  18. “Note, this applies just to the individual tweet, not the whole account
    — Elon Musk”

    As I said,

    “The glass is at the least over half full with Musk running twitter.”

    We need to step back and see that this is a positive for us. The internet, his global everywhere Internet satellite system and this take over of twitter is a good thing. If you don’t get 100% of what you want right away, It’s certainly not a negative.

  19. Musk’s (and the CIA’s) Starlink enterprise is not only a space junk hazard, it is also a powerful hybrid war weapon, and Musk and all who invest in it and support it have the blood of thousands of innocents on their hands.

  20. What dumpster fire? Faggots and retards crying? I’ve been on there past couple days.
    Running fine with 7500 people fired.

  21. Alex Jones is all over the map. He got banned for (I think) saying the Columbine massacre never happened or something like that.

    There are two cults that always lurking, coming in and disrupting any and all mainstream American nationalists, populist, White intensity politics, magazines, blogs etc.

    1) Weird Conspiracy nonsense where nothing is as it seems, so nothing can be done – our racial, ethnic, sexual, national enemies don’t think and act that way that’s why they win and we lose.

    2) Race denying Libertarian constitutionalists, covert the entire world to some form of American Christianity and Conservative, free market economics.

    These 2 are devastating cults. Like all Cults the Cult leader gets some fame and and money and makes the lower level cult members support him/her and the cult make it extremely difficult to leave.

    If you or anyone you care about is falling down in to one or both of these cults, get help get out. For the rest of us, don’t let these two cults in your life, don’t welcome them in to your homes like Vampires or they will never leave.

  22. Alex Jones is all over the map. He got banned for (I think) saying the Columbine massacre never happened or something like that.

    Now, I don’t know if he actually said it didn’t happen, but the controversy was about the Sandy Hook school shootings. There is much evidence that it never happened. I don’t believe it happened, but I followed it years ago when it was alleged to have happened., In my view, it was just a gun grabber hoax. We’re supposed to have constitutionally protected free speech here in America. Someone claiming some event did not happen seems to me to be protected speech. That AJ is not being protected for his opinion in this matter just stinks of jew subversion of the jewdicial system

  23. Strategic Culture published an excellent article on Musk (and Gates and other, similar, superwealthy charlatans): “Like his confreres Soros and Gates, Elon Musk is also using the vast quantities of fiat money put at his disposal to aggressively interfere in every conceivable domain, from organising coups in South America for the plunder of local mineral resources, to injecting himself into the Ukrainian conflict with the satellite technology he controls, and – as we have seen above – twisting the minds of his besotted audiences with the claptrap about extra-terrestrials.”

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